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The disappearance of Mu Yiqi did not become public because Mu Yixi had taken some preventive measures in advance.

After the incident, he followed up as soon as possible, so he still had some clues.

Mu Yixi gave Mu Yang, the leader of the people called by Uncle Chong, an object of suspicion: the Feng family.

Since Mu Jiurong and Mu Yiqi both were absent from the South Island Project Bidding Meeting in Haicheng, the Feng family became the biggest winner and won several projects in one go.

The biggest one was the one that Mu Jiurong was going to “compete” with the Feng family.

Knowing this news, Mu Yixi even thought that Mu Yiqi’s disappearance was on their heads.

The Feng family’s actions in the South Island were bigger than he had imagined.

They were looking at a piece of engineering that was connected together, not just a piece of contention with the Mu family.

The amount involved was tens of billions.

If they were cut off and they took away the key piece (it was estimated that Mu Jiurong saw through this, on purpose), their plans would all be in vain.

No wonder they dared to resort to kidnapping for such a huge benefit.

The Feng family wanted to use Mu Yiqi to threaten Mu Jiurong to give up the bid, but Mu Jiurong also disappeared, which was obviously more in line with their wishes.

However, the possibility that the Feng family kidnapped Mu Yiqi and then kidnapped Mu Jiurong was relatively low.

The risks and implementation difficulties of the former were much lighter than those of the latter.

Because of the direction, Mu Yang and his team quickly gave Mu Yixi the answer.

While investigating the background of the companies participating in the Haicheng bidding fair, they hacked into the traffic system to check for suspicious vehicles tracking Mu Yiqi’s car.

After locking on a suspicious vehicle, the information processing expert quickly found out its driving route, and also called up the photos of the driver and co-pilot through monitoring along the road.

Based on this information, the target was concentrated on a gang called Snakehead.

After a few orders, all the important figures of the gang were controlled.

In less than six hours, the confession arrived at Yilian Garden.

It turned out that the Feng family did not use their people to make a move.

They murdered with a borrowed knife and used a real estate company called Haoyu in the south.

This real estate company had a gangster background.

The boss, He Qiang, was a ruthless man who started his business by illicit means.

The other party was a local snake, and he had some involvement with the Mu family.

He knew from the Feng family that the Mu family intended to get involved in the business of the South Island, and even step on his head.

He Qiang decided to show the Mu family some color.

He was also cautious, instead of using his own power, he gave a message to the smugglers who had been wanting to rely on him, asking them to kidnap Mu Yiqi, the purpose was to act as a warning.

The Snakehead Gang received photos and messages, and even the time and license plate of Mu Yiqi’s travel were provided.

They didn’t need to seek money or kill someone.

They just had to tie people up for a period of time, so they thought it was a simple matter.

Unexpectedly, the idea was too hard, and the meat ticket group could fight and resist, forcing the people of the Snakehead Gang to take out their guns just in case to complete the task.

The confrontation between the two gangs suddenly escalated into a shootout!

The people of the Snakehead Gang were seriously injured, and Mu Yiqi’s people was also injured, but fortunately it was not Mu Yiqi.

The people of the Snakehead Gang couldn’t bear it, so they had to retreat in a hurry.

As for what happened to Mu Yiqi and the others, the people of the Snakehead Gang didn’t know.

They were busy rescuing the wounded, and this time they definitely lost their wife and lost their soldiers[1]!

When Mu Yang’s people came to the door, the Snakehead Gang got to know that they had provoked the Mu family, and everyone was stunned!

The Mu family was so powerful, how could they be provoked by a small gang like them They really wanted to go south to join He Qiang, but they were not prepared to risk their lives! This time, they were really killed by He Qiang!

They didn’t dare to hide it at the moment, and said everything they knew like a leak, without any help from Mu Yang and the others.

The confession of the Snakehead Gang reassured Mu Yixi a lot.

Although there was no news on Mu Yiqi yet, they repelled the Snakehead Gang.

After that, they probably didn’t know if there were any reinforcements behind the Snakehead Gang, so they left with them.

The children of the Mu family had received some professional military training and knew a lot of anti-reconnaissance methods.

If Mu Yiqi was safe, there should be news of him soon.

Mu Yang and the others began to pay attention to the movements of patients in the hospital near the highway, as well as news from the police station.

In the evening of the day after Mu Yiqi disappeared, the police chief’s car drove into Yilian Garden in a low-key manner.

Mu Yixi strode out to greet him, and saw that Mu Yiqi got out of the car neatly, neat and unscathed, still the second young master of the Mu family with high spirits.

Mu Yixi choked a lump in his throat and hugged him fiercely!

“You’re finally willing to come back!”

Mu Yiqi hissed and grinned: “Brother, I’m fine…”

Mu Yixi let go of him and glanced sharply at his body: “Injured”

Mu Yiqi moved his right arm and whispered, “The arm is scratched, it’s fine, don’t tell mom.” He had specially bandaged the wound, washed and changed clothes before coming back.

“Xiao Qi!” Mrs.

Mu also came out, shouting with red eyes.

“Mom.” Mu Yiqi hurried forward and was hugged by Mrs.

Mu excitedly.

Mu Yiqi, who had rarely gone so close to Mrs.

Mu after getting older, turned red all of a sudden!

Mu Yixi smiled and looked at them for a moment, then turned his head and extended his hand to the police chief: “Thank you for your hard work, Chief Liang.”

Police chief Liang Jing was less than fifty years old.

But facing Mu Yixi, who was much younger than him, Liang Jing had no airs of an elder at all, and held his hand kindly and said, “Eldest young master is serious, it should be like this.

If I can help, just tell me.” Mu family was not involved in politics but had insisted on doing good deeds for hundreds of years, with special emphasis on supporting orphans and poor children.

Liang Jing’s family was poor when he was a child, and he relied on the Mu family’s funds to support himself until he reached adulthood.

It was just that the Mu family’s kindness was not expected to be repaid, and his behavior was too low key so his bias was not obvious.

However, Liang Jing knew who he had benefited from, and was always grateful for it.

After he took the position, he always offered convenience to the Mu family, intentionally or not.

Over time, the Mu family also reacted and had a layer of friendship with him.

“You have helped us a lot.” Mu Yixi said politely.

The two chatted briefly, and the words were sharp.

Mu Yiqi was probably instructed to contact Liang Jing if something went wrong.

He was a trustworthy person.

So, after this accident, he took the injured to the hospital without any risk, and immediately called Liang Jing.

Liang Jing immediately sent someone to pick him up and protect him.

After Liang Jing and Mu Yiqi met, they told him the news of Mu Jiurong’s disappearance.

With the disappearance of the head of the Mu clan, the severity of the incident suddenly rose to a higher level.

The Mu family had issued a gag order so nobody could publicize it, otherwise the entire Mu family would be in turmoil and would be deeply involved.

Mu Yiqi was going to hide it from Mrs.

Mu to keep her from worrying about it.

He thought he would quietly contact Mu Yixi and take care of everything.

But Mu Jiurong disappeared, and the Mu family reacted, so he certainly couldn’t hide it.

Mu Yiqi, who was worried about Mrs.

Mu, wanted to rush home as quickly as possible.

Liang Jing personally sent him back.

Because he didn’t want to hide it, Liang Jing said it one by one.

Mu Yixi expressed his gratitude again and again.

Liang Jing had had little contact with the children of the Mu family.

This time, he had a rare chance to meet Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixi one after the other and had the opportunity to observe them closely.

Needless to say, Mu Yiqi was the official heir of the Mu family, the true prince, smart, steady, young and courageous.

When encountering a shootout, he still did not forget to take care of the wounded in the midst of the crisis, he also led people out of danger in an orderly manner and found the most appropriate person for assistance.

Mu Yixi was said to be the adopted son of the Mu family, but he looked like Mu Yiqi, more like a real brother.

His reputation in the outside world was not very loud, but people who had seen him couldn’t help but cryptically say “the future is terrible”.

Liang Jing also speculated that Mu Yiqi’s almost kidnapping might have had something to do with Mu Yixi.

After all, the wealth of the Mu family was too moving, and Mu Yixi’s true identity had yet to be verified.

But when Mu Yiqi appeared just now, Mu Yixi’s every move was full of true feelings, and Mu Yiqi made no secret of his trust and closeness to this brother.

Mu Yixi looked at Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi with real feelings in his eyes.

Although he had a friendly attitude when he met him, he had seemed to put on a mask immediately.

Liang Jing felt that he was not dealing with a young man in his early twenties, but an old fox who had been rolling around in the mall for many years.

Mu family really lived up to its reputation.

The Yilian Garden looked loose on the outside but was tight on the inside.

Based on Liang Jing’s experience, some forces within the Mu family should have been mobilized, and there was no place for him for the time being.

After chatting with Mrs.

Mu, Liang Jing quickly left.

Mu Yiqi returned safely, and Mrs.

Mu became half alive, so she held him and refused to let go.

She also found that something was wrong with him, so she forced him to admit that he had injured his arm, and his clothes were lifted up to reveal a circle of gauze, but fortunately it was not serious.

Mu Yiqi reported his own experience and downplayed the thrill of it.

When Mu Yixi got the confession from the Snakehead Gang, he prevented Mrs.

Mu from reading it, and when he repeated it, it was also simplified.


Mu knew that they didn’t want her to worry, and there was nothing she could do about them.

But seeing that the people were safe, she was relieved, and she cheered up for the two brothers and brought them in to eat and drink.

They had worked hard these two days.

Mu Yixi looked calm and steady, but he stayed up all night long, and only stuffed a few pieces of bread in his mouth indiscriminately.


Mu tried to persuade him but he didn’t listen.

The process of finding Mu Yiqi was smooth but changing it to Mu Jiurong, it was not so smooth.

Mu Jiurong was accompanied by bodyguards, but he still disappeared silently in the hotel.

The Mu family’s personnel in the south had already controlled the bodyguards for interrogation, and they had also called up the hotel’s surveillance video to investigate, but unfortunately there was no progress.

Mu Jiurong had been missing for more than three days, Mu Yiqi had to return to Mu’s to preside over the overall situation, and Mu Jingwei also came forward to suppress the movement of the Mu’s senior management.


Mu was distracted, and she stayed in a daze for longer and longer.

The joy of Mu Yiqi’s safe return had been replaced by worries about her husband’s safety.

Mu Yixi felt uncomfortable for a while.

He didn’t expect Mrs.

Mu to care about Mu Jiurong so much.

On the fifth day of Mu Jiurong’s disappearance, Mrs.

Mu said to Mu Yixi, “Xiaoxi, can you walk with me”

Mu Yixi said happily, “Of course.”

The mother and son walked slowly around the yard, but neither of them spoke.

When they reached the greenhouse, where there was no one else but the two of them, Mrs.

Mu asked slowly, “Xiaoxi, your mother never asked you, do you… hate your father”

Mu Yixi was a little sad: “You… suspect that I kidnapped Mu Jiurong”


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