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Back at Yilian Garden, Mu Yixi walked quickly into the house.


Mu was arranging flowers.

Before Mu Yixi came back, she was feeling restless and had to do something to divert her attention.

So, although her hands were trembling slightly, she still patiently and meticulously cut the flower branches from the greenhouse and inserted them back.


As soon as Mu Yixi’s voice sounded, the flower branch in Mrs.

Mu’s hand was cut off.

She put down the scissors, looked at her son who came to support her, and asked, “Is there something wrong with Xiao Qi”

When had Mu Yixi seen Mrs.

Mu so complacent, his heart ached.

Seeing that he couldn’t hide it, he avoided the key points and said lightly about the situation he had now: “Xiao Qi will be fine, he will definitely lead someone to find him.”


Mu silently took out a small box and handed it to him.

Mu Yixi’s heart was beating wildly, he opened the box and saw a gilt ring with a flawless jade in the center.

He knew what the ring represented.

Although he took over the Mu family in the last life, he was never recognized by some heavyweights in the clan, precisely because he did not have this ring.

He asked Mu Jiurong and searched countless places, but he still couldn’t find the ring.

He didn’t expect to find it so easily in this life.

He didn’t expect Mu Jiurong, who was so suspicious, to give such an important thing to Mrs.

Mu for safekeeping.


Mu said: “This is the patriarchal ring of the Mu family, which has been passed down in the Mu family.

I’ll give it to you.

You can contact a man named Uncle Chong, let him see the ring, and he will follow your command to dispatch people.

Get your father and younger brother back.”

The patriarch ring of the Mu family could only be possessed by the patriarch of the Mu family in China, and at a critical moment, he could use the resources of the entire Mu family to make all the children of the Mu family obey his orders unconditionally.

This ring was the only proof to command the huge forces of the Mu family that were not visible on the surface.

When Mrs.

Mu handed him the ring, she temporarily surrendered the power to him.

Knowing that her husband and son Mu Yiqi were missing, Mrs.

Mu did not contact Mu Jingwei or Mu Jiu’an and Mu Jiuqing, but called Mu Yixi back first and gave him the patriarch’s precepts.

This action made Mu Yixi’s eyes hot.

“I’ll go to Grandpa immediately.” Mu Yixi said.

The news of Mu Jiurong and Mu Yiqi’s disappearance would not be kept secret for a long time.

It was best to find a person with a lot of weight.

This candidate was Mu Jingwei.

Mu Jiu’an and Mu Jiuqing had their own positions, and it was impossible to determine whether they were involved or not, so it was best to hide it for the time being.

Moreover, the patriarch’s authority and precepts were of great importance.


Mu gave it to him out of trust in him, but in the eyes of others, Mu Yixi was just a child.

It would be reckless to hand over such an important thing to him.

Afterwards, Mrs.

Mu would have to be blamed.

Having Mu Jingwei’s endorsement would be different.

“It’s up to you.” Mrs.

Mu had no objection.

She had handed it all to him.

“Mom, take care of yourself, I will get Xiaoqi… and Dad back.” Mu Yixi gently hugged Mrs.

Mu and said firmly.


Mu patted his arm and nodded slowly.

Mu Yixi helped her to sit on the sofa, put on the ring and went to find Mu Jingwei in person.

The Mu family’s old house was quiet and peaceful.

When Mu Yixi arrived, Grandma Mu and Tang Yanhua, the mother of the Xu siblings, were sitting in the front yard chatting.

When Tang Yanhua was seriously ill, no one expected her to survive until now, and her condition had improved because of the return of Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli.

Grandma Mu took pity on this old sister, and asked Mu Jiurong to let Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli stay, and took the children of Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli to the old house.

The company of her children and grandson made Tang Yanhua happy and invigorated.

Grandma Mu saw Mu Yixi and asked with a smile, “Why is Xiaoxi here at this time Stay and eat together!” Now Grandma Mu was more and more concerned about the outside world.

Come and be happy, they must leave room for sugar.

Mu Yixi smiled calmly and said, “Grandpa called me here and said he wanted to check my handwriting.

After I finish that, I will accompany you to dinner.”

Grandma Mu said, “It will definitely pass.

If you can’t pass, you come find grandma.”

Mu Yixi laughed: “Okay! You are the only grandma in the world who can beat Grandpa!”

Grandma Mu couldn’t help but pat him with a smile.

Mu Yixi coaxed her a few more words, and finally got out and went into the house to find Mu Jingwei.

During the whole process, Tang Yanhua watched with a smile, wondering what he was thinking.

Mu Yixi found Mu Jingwei in the study.

He didn’t beat around the bush, just said the thing directly.

After Mu Jingwei listened to him, his expression was extremely calm, his joy and anger were indistinguishable, and the majesty of the patriarch was revealed.

It was not until Mu Yixi took out the patriarch’s ring of authority that Mu Jingwei’s face changed slightly, and he gave him a meaningful look.

Mu Yixi understood everything.


Mu believed him, but it didn’t mean that Mu Jingwei also believed in him.

After all, Mu Jiurong and Mu Yiqi had an accident at the same time.

If Mu Yixi could get rid of them, he could get great benefits.

At least he was a direct descendant and could be promoted to run for the patriarch.

He would be the only one left.

From now on, the gigantic Mu family was going to follow the illegitimate son who was once nothing.

Could Mu Yixi resist this temptation

Mu Yixi’s mouth evoked a disdainful and cold smile.

If it wasn’t for Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, he wouldn’t even take a second look at the Mu family’s extermination.

Mu Jingwei personally took him around to the backyard, opened the rusty door, walked through a long dark and narrow passage, opened another door, and suddenly opened up.

A small temple in disrepair stood there quietly, with a kind of independence from the world.

Nearly fifty years had passed since Mu Yixi had come to the Mu family, and he had been to the Mu family’s old house countless times, and it was the first time that he got to know that there was this place in the old house.


Mu had asked him to find Uncle Chong, who turned out to be an old Taoist priest with a bald head.

He looked eighty or ninety years old.

He was sitting under the grape trellis in front of the small temple, and the rocking chair on which he sat swayed slightly.

He was obviously an old man who was about to die, but Mu Yixi took a closer look, but he didn’t dare to give up and take it lightly.

There was a terrifying aura about the old man.

Mu Jingwei’s attitude was quite cautious and polite: “Uncle Chong, the patriarch is gone.” Then he motioned Mu Yixi to take out the patriarch’s ring.

Uncle Chong stared at the patriarch ring for about a minute, and said in a hoarse voice, “It’s okay.”

Mu Jingwei pointed to Mu Yixi and said, “He is Mu Yixi, the son of the patriarch.

He is responsible for this matter.”

Mu Yixi did not expect that the adopted son status he had been wearing for so many years would suddenly change at this time.

Mu Jingwei spoke in person and admitted that he was Mu Jiurong’s son.

Uncle Chong nodded slightly.

After that, Mu Jingwei didn’t talk nonsense, and took Mu Yixi back the same way.

Mu Yixi pondered the dialogue between Mu Jingwei and Uncle Chong in his heart, and realized that the patriarch ring was only used at critical moments.

Mu Jiurong was the patriarch, and his disappearance was a major event, so he could use the Mu family’s dark forces to find someone.

That was to say, if only Mu Yiqi was missing, not Mu Jiurong, they would not intervene.

Thinking of this, Mu Yixi felt uncomfortable for a while.

Back in the study, Mu Jingwei said, “I’ll leave it all to you.

Don’t disturb your grandma.” Drive him back.

It was not that he had a big heart, but one must use people without doubt.

Mu Yixi knew the whole thing better, and with the support of Mrs.

Mu, if Mu Jingwei stepped in and acted as a commander, he was more likely to cause bad things.

Before Mu Yixi left, Grandma Mu held him and nagged her, and he coaxed her a few more words, as if he was not in a hurry at all.

After leaving the Mu family’s old house and returning to the car, Mu Yixi seemed to have found nothing.

But when he returned to Yilian Garden, he felt a grim atmosphere when he got out of the car.

In the house, many people were busy.

The one in the lead saw Mu Yixi walk in, stepped forward and said respectfully: “Master Xi, the patriarch is missing, what should we do next, we will follow your instructions.”


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