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Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming reached a consensus, intending to work together in the overseas Mu clan.

Although Mu Jiuqing was a little surprised and reluctant to learn about Feng Weiming’s decision, after all he didn’t really want his son to inherit his mantle, but he couldn’t help it, Feng Weiming was not a flower in a greenhouse, his ability needed a larger platform to be displayed, and it would be very challenging to maintain a competitive and cooperative relationship with Mu Yixi, which was a very attractive proposition to Feng Weiming.

The main battlefield of the overseas Mu clan was abroad, so Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were bound to go abroad to gain experience.

Before going abroad, after careful consideration, Mu Yixi decided to completely hand over the domestic arena to Mu Yiqi.

Handing over the affairs on Hu Qin’s side was an experiment for Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi was not stupid, Mu Yixi had already pointed out the involvement of Hu Qin, Xu family, Feng family and others, so this matter would not just be as simple as Hu Qin wanting to use Mu Yixi to profit from the Mu family.

At the same time, Mu Yixi had already expressed to Mu Yiqi his attitude towards the mother and daughter Hu Qin and Wei Anqi – he did not admit that these two women were his relatives, and his desire for the “family affection” given by them had completely waned over the years.

The exploitation squeeze had thus disappeared.

Mu Yiqi didn’t need to be merciful to them because he was scrupulous about his feelings.

As a disciple of the Mu family philosophy, there was only one attitude to be shown towards the enemy.

Mu Yixi’s idea, of course, was to take the plan and cooperate with Mu Jiurong in the air to pit Hu Qin to the end.

Although Hu Qin had asked him to steal the reserve price of the bid, Feng Kun didn’t trust him very much.

The insider on Hongda’s side had told Mu Yixi that now Hongda’s operation was not just about Feng Kun’s petty troubles, but there was also Feng family’s shadow behind it.

It was estimated that it was precisely because of this that Mu Jiurong decided to personally go into battle.

In recent years, the differences between Mrs.

Mu and Mrs.

Feng had become more and more serious.

Mu Jiurong knew exactly what Mrs.

Feng felt for Mrs.


Of course, Mu Jiurong would not let go of such a good opportunity to attack his opponent this time.

Mu Yixi had reason to believe that he was only one of Feng Kun’s lines (he thought), and Feng Kun would not bet all his resources on him.

Feng Kun, or the Feng family behind him must have other means.

The most likely one was that they had installed someone inside the Mu family.

This person still had access to the confidential senior management of the Mu family.

Mu Yixi immediately aimed at Xu Zhao, who had returned to Mu’s head office – if there was no reminder from Mu Yixi, everyone, including Mu Jiurong, would not have doubted him.

And if Xu Zhao was involved, the Mu family would not be forgiving.

Mu Yixi needed to cooperate with Mu Jiurong, not only to find out Mu’s inner ghost, but also to ensure that the “floor price” handed over to Feng Kun was the same.

But Mu Yixi was not willing to contact Mu Jiurong, so he simply handed the matter over to Mu Yiqi.

With Mu Yiqi there, even if Mu Jiurong had other ideas about Mu Yixi, he had to think twice before taking action.

You must know that in recent years, the father-son relationship between Mu Yiqi and Mu Jiurong had become colder than before.

Mu Jiurong truly loved Mu Yiqi and was determined to repair the father-son relationship, so he was more tolerant of him.

After hearing all this, Mu Yiqi said, “Brother, leave it to me, don’t interfere.

I will communicate with my father.”

Mu Yixi stared at him in surprise.

Why Abandoning him so quickly so he won’t interfere He didn’t think Mu Yiqi was the type to break the bridge after crossing the river.

Mu Yiqi stammered and said, “That… is after all your biological mother.

You are willing to deal with her personally for us.

I, I don’t want you to do this… It should be my responsibility…” He didn’t want Mu Yixi to take on the infamy of theft and unfilial piety for his sake.

Even if it was fake or an act, it won’t work.

His brother had suffered too much, it was time for him to stop getting his hands dirty.

Mu Yixi was silent for a moment, feeling quite touched.

Seeing Mu Yiqi insist, he finally nodded: “Okay, I promise you.”

Mu Yiqi did what he had promised Mu Yixi, and he and Mu Jiurong publicly stated that he would do his part, whether it was for Mu Yixi or for the Mu family.

So far, he had been used to seeing the light and the moon in the Mu family, but he had little contact with those swords, lights, swords and shadows that could not be seen.

Mu Yiqi was not naive enough to think that the so-called business warfare was all about you and me.

Although he did not have the talent that seemed to be innate in Mu Yixi, since he wanted to take over the mantle of the Mu family, he needed to learn it.

After listening to his confession, Mu Jiurong could not find a reason to refuse, and readily agreed.

But in addition to agreeing, he also felt a hint of depression in his heart.

Mu Yiqi was his son.

According to reason, he should perform the duty of preaching and teaching him.

He didn’t mind slowly teaching Mu Yiqi everything in his hands, but it turned out that his teaching with all his heart was not enough.

Compared with the stimulation that they wanted Mu Yixi to give Mu Yiqi, Mu Yiqi was more able to accept what Mu Yixi taught him intentionally or unintentionally.

Now Mu Jiurong looked at Mu Yiqi’s way of doing things, and always felt that he had the shadow of Mu Yixi on him.

It was clear that Mu Yixi had left the Mu family, but his figure seemed to still be there, making Mu Jiurong inexplicably feel complicated.

In May, Mu Jiurong and Mu Yiqi went south one after the other, and they were going to Haicheng to participate in the bidding meeting for the South Island Project.

The itinerary of the two father and son was very low-key, and they even set off separately to avoid being too grand, but in the eyes of those who cared, the joint action of President Mu and the heir showed their confidence that they were bound to win this project.

Mu Yixi could feel some tension inside Hongda from the phone calls Hu Qin made to him.

Compared with the occasional good face that she would occasionally give him before, Hu Qin had showed her true colors after he refused to steal Mu’s reserve bidding price, calling him again and again, then calling him a white-eyed wolf, weak and incompetent, all the while ordering him to “do something” to ensure that Hongda could successfully win the bid.

Every time Hu Qin called, Mu Yixi pressed the speakerphone and let her say enough, then he asked her what he should do.

But once Feng Weiming was right next to him and heard her, then his face sank, he picked up the phone and threw it against the wall.

If Mu Yixi hadn’t responded quickly enough, his phone would have been scrapped on the spot.

Even Hu Qin, who only ate and did not work, was anxious about this, which showed how much importance Hongda attached to this project.

Mu Yixi warned the former subordinates who had gone south with Mu Yiqi in advance.

Half of the people Mu Yiqi used in the Mu family were former subordinates of Mu Yixi.

Only Mu Yiqi had the heart to continue to use them without any scruples, so as not to let them be excluded because of his departure.

Several of these subordinates had a background in martial arts and could act as temporary bodyguards in case of emergencies.

Just when Mu Yixi expected Mu Yiqi to arrive in Haicheng, he received a call.

The person who called Mu Yixi was the one he had assigned to pick up Mu Yiqi in Haicheng.

He happened to have some connections in Haicheng.

The other party said: “Xi Shao, we didn’t receive anyone.

After checking the boarding records, Qi Shao and the others did not board the plane.”

Mu Yixi’s heart sank slightly, but he remained calm: “Okay, I see, it’s been hard on you.”

Then the other party said: “If you need help, just tell the second master.”

“Well, I will.” Mu Yixi hung up the phone and looked at Feng Weiming, who looked over with concern when he saw his face change, he shook his head slightly, then several calls were made quickly.

“Uncle Wang, tell me the license plate number of the car that took Second Young Master to the airport today… Well, I wrote it down.

It’s fine, don’t tell Mrs.

Mu, I will tell her in person.”

“Xiaoyun, help me find a license plate number, I want the whereabouts of this car.”

“Brother Ling, send a team to me.

I’ll give you an address later, someone near you should go to see the scene first…” After hanging up the phone, Mu Yixi looked up at Feng Weiming, Feng Weiming held his hand: “I’ll go with you, don’t panic.”

Mu Yixi laughed: “I’m not panicking… Xiaoqi will be fine.” If they wanted the Nandao project, and had taken away Mu Yiqi to cause trouble for Mu Jiurong, Mu Yiqi would be fine.

The Feng family did not dare to hurt Mu Yiqi, otherwise they would face revenge from the entire Mu family.

A project worth several billions was not worth the Feng family having to fight against the Mu family like a dog jumping over the wall.

Mu Yixi was confident in his prediction.

But Mu Yixi, who was confident, didn’t see his own frown.

His important relative was missing, how could he not worry

Feng Weiming didn’t pierce his assertions, and quietly accompanied him downstairs.

After a while, an unremarkable car and a van stopped at the entrance of the community.

The rear window of the car rolled down, revealing half a face, which was also wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses.

The man with sunglasses said angrily, “Get in the car.”

Feng Weiming felt a sharp gaze glance at him through the sunglasses.

Mu Yixi took Feng Weiming into the car: “Mingming, he is my friend, Brother Ling.

Feng Weiming is my person, so put away your occupational disease and don’t look at him, I could always gouge out your eyes.” Mu Yixi was in a bad mood and thus chatted with people impatiently.

“Okay… let’s go! You bring someone and don’t introduce them to me, why don’t you just hide him” Brother Ling was wearing a loose shirt, so nobody could tell his body shape.

In addition to wearing sunglasses, the lower half of his face was also surrounded by a high collar, so he couldn’t see his face clearly, and his voice was weird.

Feng Weiming guessed that he was using a voice changer.

Mu Yixi ignored him and explained to Feng Weiming in a low voice: “He is a private detective and has some people on his hands.

Before confirming the situation, I don’t want to disturb the family.

Brother Ling is used to taking advantage of others, and his external name is Brother Ling, you can ignore him if you don’t like him.”

Feng Weiming nodded slightly.

Brother Ling whistled when he saw their closeness.

“Linlu entrance of Huancheng Expressway, 23 kilometers north.” At this time, Mu Yixi also received a message from Xiaoyun.

This was the last time Mu Yiqi’s car could be seen in the traffic cameras.

Brother Ling said, “It’s not far from here.

Let’s go straight over without sending another person.”

The car and van immediately accelerated simultaneously.

Half an hour later, the group stopped at a distance of one kilometer from the location reported by Mu Yixi.

They found a deformed car parked on the side of the road, its door lay open, and the roadside guardrail was smashed.

Mu Yixi looked ugly when he saw the license plate number.

He didn’t move, but Brother Ling got out of the car immediately and walked over to check.

After a while, the information he returned with was not optimistic: “There are bullet holes, there are bloodstains, and the people in the car are missing.

It’s tough for them to be alive…”

Mu Yixi’s face was sinking, he and Feng Weiming got out of the car and walked over to see the wreckage together.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang.

Seeing the caller ID, Mu Yixi was stunned, and immediately connected: “Mom” His first reaction was that Mrs.

Mu knew that Mu Yiqi was missing Who had so many mouths!

But Mrs.

Mu only said a few words on the phone and Mu Yixi raised his eyebrows in surprise, then he said, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

He hung up the phone, pulled Feng Weiming and said in his ear: “Mu Jiurong is missing!”


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