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Mu Yiqi fidgeted like there was a needle under his butt and couldn’t help but look at the back of Mu Yixi who was busy in the kitchen again and again.

Feng Weiming sat comfortably on the sofa, with a book spread out on his lap, his slender fingertips were pressed against the pages of the book, white and flawless, and his whole person looked clean and beautiful.

In contrast, Mu Yixi was simply like the abused little daughter-in-law who was being oppressed, but was still willing.

How often had Mu Yiqi seen his smart and capable brother wash his hands and make soup for someone The Mu family’s education may include a gentleman who cooked.

But Mu Yiqi still felt that Feng Weiming had wronged Mu Yixi.

“Do we really need not go in to help” Mu Yiqi asked again.

When Mu Yixi asked him to come over for dinner, he never imagined that his brother would cook in person.

He was moved but seeing Feng Weiming look like a noble young man waiting to eat, and even forbidding him to help, Mu Yiqi was a little unhappy.

Feng Weiming saw through his thoughts at a glance but was completely unmoved.

He just pushed the fruit bowl towards him and greeted coldly, “Speak less and eat more fruit.” He wanted nothing to do with this brother who was completely brainwashed by Mu Yixi.

Even though it was not nice to say.

Who was Mu Yixi A bastard who ate everything but suffering! If you want to enjoy his attentive service, you must pay a price, whether you enjoy it first and then pay, or pay first and then enjoy.

Feng Weiming’s waist was still sore.

He couldn’t toss Mu Yixi, then at least he could make Mu Yiqi uncomfortable.

Who let him be Mu Yixi’s beloved brother

Anyway, in Mu Yiqi’s heart, Mu Yixi was good at everything.

Feng Weiming showed a cold face, so Mu Yiqi had to shut his mouth in anger because of his experience from childhood to adulthood.

When Mu Yixi came out, he saw his lover and his younger brother seemingly arguing, one was expressionless, the other was angry, and were ignoring each other, while the atmosphere was stiff.

“What’s the matter” Mu Yixi asked with a smile, walking to Feng Weiming’s side and pinching his face.

Feng Weiming tilted his head to avoid it, and said coldly, “Don’t touch me, it’s all soot.”

Mu Yiqi snorted heavily: “It’s all soot, who is it for Brother, ignore him, I’ll help you, what else is left to do”

Mu Yixi rolled his eyes, guessing that they were making trouble, but he couldn’t help but feel funny.

Well, it would be false to say that he didn’t mislead Mu Yiqi and inadvertently fan the flames.

However, the beautiful lover and the lovely younger brother were obviously grown up, and they still fought over such a trivial matter… It was really interesting!

He ignored Feng Weiming’s refusal, and ruffled his hair maliciously: “Hmph, I’m going to touch it, I’m going to touch it! Xiaoqi is right, who is all the soot for”

Feng Weiming’s face flushed with anger, then he lost his mind for a while, grabbed Mu Yixi’s hand and bit hard!

“Ouch!” Mu Yixi exclaimed bitterly!

“Pfft! Pfft! Hahaha!” Mu Yiqi was surprised at first, then laughed! Feng Weiming, who had always been noble and clean like a prince, looked like a puppy with a chicken coop on his head and Mu Yixi’s hand in his mouth.

It was completely ridiculous! It completely overturned Mu Yiqi’s usual impression of him.

Mu Yiqi didn’t expect Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming to get along like this in private, which made him feel completely relieved all of a sudden.

His brother would not suffer!

Feng Weiming’s face darkened.

Mu Yixi hurriedly surrounded him, coaxing him softly like he was the treasure of his family: “The dishes are all ready, we have your favorite diced chicken, cod steak and Caesar salad… I made it all afternoon… and, I’ll sleep on the sofa for the next two days, eh”

He didn’t know which sentence made Feng Weiming feel relieved, but his face quickly softened, and there was a faint satisfaction in his eyes.

Mu Yiqi was amazed, and envy rose in his heart.

He began to think that his brothers were openly showing off their affection in front of him.

It was really a happy thing to be able to flirt with someone you like…

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were both talented people.

Seeing Mu Yiqi show a smile that they hadn’t seen for many days because of their interaction, and then him seeing to be lost, just with a little guess, they knew the reason for his emotional change.

The engagement ceremony of Mu Yiqi and Bai Ying had already been held at the beginning of the year.

The wedding date for the two had been decided and when getting along in front of people, they also had the standard appearance of a loving couple.

But precisely because it was too standard, it was distorted.

But Mu Yiqi had already made up his mind, and Yan Yu had no intention towards him, so he had to figure it out by himself.

Mu Yixi gently patted Feng Weiming’s hair and said to Mu Yiqi, “How are you and Bai Ying recently I thought you would bring her here.” That’s weird.

Bai Ying was also a student of Ya’an, but her behavior was relatively low-key before.

She did not become known until her engagement to Mu Yiqi.

Apart from the occasions when the couple needed to attend events together, both of them lived their own lives.

Although he had guessed that they should have an agreement in private, Mu Yixi was quite critical of his sister-in-law who could not even be a good helper.

He couldn’t help provoking Mu Yiqi, hoping to subtly make him change his mind.

Even if he couldn’t find someone he liked, he should find someone who liked him and was willing to work hard for their common family, so that it was possible to impress Mu Yiqi and give him a chance to change his mind.

Mu Yixi still hoped that Mu Yiqi could live happily.

“She had something to do, and we both like to have our own space from each other.” Mu Yiqi put away his overly exposed emotions away and replied naturally, with an appropriate amount of pampering in his tone.

Mu Yixi thought to himself: During this time, Xiao Qi has really grown up very quickly.

Seeing how easy this faking of emotion is for him, if it was someone who didn’t know him, they would surely be fooled by him.

“Come over to eat, I have something to tell you after eating, Xiaoqi…”

After dinner, fruits and desserts were placed on the coffee table, Feng Weiming sat on the sofa to read a book, Mu Yixi took out a thin blanket to cover his lap, then he put the hot tea in his hand.

Mu Yiqi looked at the whole picture and was blinded by their love.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Mu Yixi served Feng Weiming, he sat down and said to him, “I have always been in contact with my biological mother, Hu Qin.

Wei Anqi is Hu Qin’s daughter and Feng Kun’s fiancee.

You know this.”

Mu Yiqi opened his mouth in surprise.

In recent years, the relationship between Mu family and Feng family had gradually become estranged.

Mu Yiqi and Feng Kun no longer had a childhood rivalry with each other, and now they only had a nodding acquaintance.

But after all, the Feng family had a position in the circle, so Mu Yiqi would inevitably get to know some things, and even participate in it, such as Feng Kun and Wei Anqi’s engagement banquet.

Mu Yiqi still knew something about Wei Anqi, because her younger sister Mu Yixuan once mentioned this woman, saying that she had some inexplicable hostility and sense of comparison towards her, and she once even wanted to seduce Qin He.

However, Qin He and Mu Yixuan were only friendly and kind to Mu Yixi and her brothers, but to outsiders, the couple was a figure in the cloud, and their usual behavior was a bit out of tune with others.

In Qin He’s eyes, except Mu Yixuan who he saw as a woman, everyone else was of another gender, and he didn’t even give Wei Anqi a look out of the corner of his eye.

Furthermore, the illegitimate daughter of a Hong Kong businessman was too far away from Mu Yixuan’s circle of best friends, so Mu Yixuan also didn’t take her to heart.

Speaking of which, when Mu Yixuan mentioned Wei Anqi, Mu Yiqi felt inexplicable.

He didn’t expect Wei Anqi and Mu Yixi to have such a relationship, they were actually half-brother and sister!

In this way, when Mu Yixuan mentioned Wei Anqi, it was not for others, but for Mu Yixi.

No wonder Wei Anqi would later get engaged to Feng Kun and put all her attention on Feng Kun.

There must be Mu Yixi’s handwriting there!

If Mu Yixi knew what Mu Yiqi was thinking, he would definitely lament that Mu Yiqi really thought him too omnipotent.

Wei Anqi, that woman, had always been “surprising”.

Ever since she knew of Mu Yixuan’s existence, she had hated Mu Yixuan very much.

She knew that Feng Kun liked Mu Yixuan, so she did her best to hold him back.

One of the reasons was that Feng Kun was the most likely candidate to become Mu Yixuan’s fiancé (I don’t know where she got to know the news), etc.

When the news of Mu Yixuan and Qin He’s engagement came out, Wei Anqi repeated the old tricks and wanted to lure Qin He out.

Her tricks disgusted Mu Yixuan.

Mu Yixi sneered after knowing her thoughts.

He didn’t let her and Qin He meet at all, but pushed Feng Kun up and let them “love” and kill each other.

When Wei Anqi got to know the amount of wealth Feng Kun would inherit, not to mention herself, even Hu Qin would try her best to keep this son-in-law.

Mu Yixi properly told Mu Yiqi the reason why he and Hu Qin entrusted their money to Feng Kun.

Because of his existence, Hu Qin and Wei Anqi always had a greed for the Mu family.

He didn’t want them to annoy Mrs.

Mu, so he blocked it first and gave them some small money as beggars.

Later, it was found that they were in contact with Xu Qingli, Xu Zhao’s wife and others, and they were intermittently led out towards the line of Hong Kong businessman Wei Dong, as well as the Feng family.

“What did you think of” Mu Yixi examined Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi was stunned by these intricate relationships, especially with the Xu family.

The relationship between the Xu family and the Mu family was very close.

His grandmother still regarded the Xu family brother and sister as her own children.

How could they be involved with Mu Yixi’s birth mother Aside from their relationship with Mu Yixi, since he knew Hu Qin, he had understood that she was not a good mother.

It was precisely because of her disappearance that Mu Yixi was abused as a child.

The same was true for her daughter, and her character was evident.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Hu Qin was equated with the words “third party” and “trouble” for their family.

So how much effort did Mu Yixi put in to stop them from looking for trouble with the Mu family

“Why didn’t you tell us” Mu Yiqi blurted out.

After so many years, that was to say, when Mu Yixi was a child, Hu Qin had already come to the door.

Mu Yixi must have suffered a lot of grievances from his biological mother.

Why didn’t he ask an adult to deal with it He believed that if Mu Yixi said it, Mrs.

Mu would definitely protect him.

Even their father, Mu Jiurong, was by no means a timid person.

Hu Qin couldn’t make waves in the Mu family, but it was different for Mu Yixi as a child!

He had completely digressed from the topic, while Mu Yixi felt powerless, it also warmed his heart: “Don’t worry, these are just trivial matters, I can handle them.” What was really worth worrying about was who was behind them ending up together.

Mu Yixi once thought that Wei Dong was the figure, but since Mu Yixi came into contact with him, Wei Dong completely changed from a dark line to a bright line and had even married Hu Qin and recognized Wei Anqi.

A person with wealth like Wei Dong could be commanded freely, so the strength of the person behind really made Mu Yixi vigilant.

What was the other party’s purpose Breaking down the Mu family

“Is it because I said you were the child of the third party when I was a child…” Mu Yiqi suddenly thought.

There was that quarrel before, if the little Mu Yixi met his biological mother, got to know his life experience, knew that he was really an illegitimate child, plus the threat of his biological mother, he would definitely not dare to tell the truth to adults, for fear that the matter would be exposed.

And the brothers and sisters with whom he had a great relationship would hate him and stop playing with him.

Mu Yiqi made up his mind that in order to prevent his true identity from being exposed, Mu “Pitiful” Yixi was servile to his biological mother who bullied him wantonly.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case.

No wonder Mu Yixi had let them go everywhere when he was a child, taking care of them in everything, as if he owed them.

It must be because of Hu Qin! He found that his biological mother was of bad character, and wanted to plot against the Mu family, so he felt sorry for them!

The more Mu Yiqi thought about it, the more guilty he felt, and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became! How could any mother do that! His brother was so pathetic!

Mu Yixi (in the heart showing Erkang’s hand[1]): “It’s not what you think…” At this time, he finally tasted the evil result of his usual pretentiousness – making his younger brother feel that he was strong and capable, but also that he was weak and could be bullied…

Feng Weiming: Pfft.

Mu Yixi turned his head, Feng Weiming covered his lips with the book, slightly tilted his head and looked indifferent, as if he was not the one who had laughed just now.

Mu Yiqi’s eyebrows wrinkled, bringing out a bit of suffocation: “Is that… what was she forcing you to do” There is a big “brother, don’t be afraid, I will protect you” hidden in his words.

Mu Yixi: “…Hu Qin asked me to enter Mu’s to steal the reserve price for a project bid on the South Island.”

Mu Yiqi was angry: “I knew it!”

“This bid was submitted by your father as bait…” Mu Yixi continued.

Mu Yiqi: “Huh”

Mu Yixi nodded.

As soon as Hu Qin said it was a South Island project, he knew there was a problem.

From Mu Jiurong’s point of view, he would never touch the mess in the South Island.

It was more likely to be a bait pit.

Thinking that he had reminded Mu Jiurong to pay attention to Xu Zhao, and soon after the Mu family had a project bid for the South Island, it was not difficult for Mu Yixi to think about it.

Mu Yiqi looked at his brother: “So, what do you mean, brother”

Mu Yixi: “I’ll leave this matter to you, you can handle it.”

Later, Mu Yixi was very glad that even though Yiqi said that he could do it, but secretly people were still keeping an eye on him.

Otherwise, when the news of Mu Yiqi’s disappearance came, he would definitely regret down to his bowels!


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