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“Young Master Xi, she’s here.” Fang Xiaoyuan whispered to Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi nodded gently: “I see, thank you.”

Fang Xiaoyuan shook his lips and forced a smile: “It should be, it should be…that, that, if there is nothing else…”

“You go back first.” Mu Yixi said sympathetically.

Seeing this, Fang Xiaoyuan was like he had been granted pardon, he hurried away as if a tiger was chasing him, and Feng Weiming, who was dragged by Mu Yixi to accompany him to class, tapped the page of the original Latin book: “What have you done to him” Fang Xiaoyuan was their classmate in high school, and before Feng Weiming dropped out, Fang Xiaoyuan was the monitor.

He came from grassroots and had entered Ya’an with excellent grades.

He relied on a scholarship to maintain his daily life, and then he was successfully admitted to Ya’an University.

He was Mu Yixi’s classmate.

In the past, Fang Xiaoyuan was full of arrogance, and he didn’t kowtow before the wealthy children.

Why was he like this now

Mu Yixi said casually, “He was too greedy.

He took Hu Qin’s money to spy on me.

If I get rid of him, there will be a second Fang Xiaoyuan, so I just keep using him.” As for what method he used to convince people, there was no need to elaborate.

Feng Weiming didn’t ask any further questions.

Mu Yixi’s use of people could be described as eclectic.

In order to show his ability, Mu Yixi once told Feng Weiming that before he was a minor, the “hero” who was the “hero” who had a car accident with Mu Yixuan and saved people that year was the one who was instructed by him to help him manage his finances —  It turned out that this person was bribed by Xu Qingli to hit Mu Yixuan, but he became a hero who saved people by accident.

Because of this relationship, Mu Yixi used the other party’s guilt to successfully play with him.

Now he had become one of Mu Yixi’s most loyal subordinates.

Feng Weiming asked, “That woman is looking for you” He didn’t like Mu Yixi’s biological mother, Hu Qin.

In his opinion, Hu Qin had no right to call herself a mother when it came to her treatment of Mu Yixi.

“Yeah.” Mu Yixi thought of the phone call he received this morning.

Hu Qin habitually called him over in an imperative tone on the phone.

Mu Yixi made a random excuse to say no and made Hu Qin so angry that he was scolded by her, but he hung up the phone very neatly.

Then Hu Qin reluctantly found him at the school – of course, it was Mu Yixi who asked Fang Xiaoyuan to reveal his whereabouts.

It was time to let Hu Qin know that he was no longer at her mercy, but his obedience over the past few years had given her too many illusions, causing both her and Wei Anqi to think that he was easy to bully, and that he was born to do his best for them.

“Are you okay” Feng Weiming looked at him.

Every time Mu Yixi saw Hu Qin, he was in a bad mood.

Hu Qin always had one purpose: to keep sucking his blood like a vampire.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go when I wish to go.” Mu Yixi hooked his finger: “She doesn’t deserve my attention.” His tone was cold and indifferent.

If it wasn’t for the use he had for Hu Qin and the others, Mu Yixi would no longer want to deal with them.

However, their use value was almost gone.

A coldness flashed in Mu Yixi’s eyes.

“Mu Yixi!” Hu Qin, dressed as a lady, stopped Mu Yixi, who was walking alone, at the side gate of the school.

“What’s the matter, Mrs.

Wei” Mu Yixi asked.

Hu Qin never let him call her mother.

After she married Wei Dong, in order to distance herself from the past, she hated seeing Mu Yixi even more.

It was just that for one reason or another, she had to contact him.

“You dare to hang up my phone!” Hu Qin said dissatisfiedly.

She didn’t notice the change in Mu Yixi’s attitude.

She always felt that Mu Yixi was feeling unsatisfied in the Mu family and could only seek solace in her biological mother.

She also used this to control Mu Yixi and pressed him to be obedient.

So, she took Mu Yixi fulfilling her demands for granted.

Mu Yixi said, “I had something to do.”

“What else do you have to do Mu Jiurong has kicked you out of the Mu family!” Hu Qin scolded him.

Hearing the news that Mu Yixi was no longer working at Mu’s, Hu Qin almost fainted! Didn’t they all say that Mu Yixi was very capable and appreciated by the top tier members of the Mu family Didn’t it mean that Mu Yixi could beat Mrs.

Mu’s own son, Mu Yiqi Why was Mu Yixi kicked out now, but Mu Yiqi had begun to show up as the heir

“Are you sure you want to continue shouting here” Mu Yixi asked.

Hu Qin looked around as if awakened and shouted to Mu Yixi: “Come with me!”

Mu Yixi said coolly, “What can you do if I don’t go with you”

Hu Qin finally realized Mu Yixi’s change, and she widened her eyes: “What nonsense are you talking about I’m your mother, you must listen to me!”

Mu Yixi said, “Really, Mrs.

Wei Why don’t we go together and say this in front of Boss Wei.”

Hu Qin’s biggest taboo was to mention his past in front of Wei Dong.

She finally got what she had today, and she didn’t want anything that would affect her current life in the slightest to take place.

“What do you want” Hu Qin asked through gritted teeth.

She suddenly realized that the situation seemed out of her control.

How could Mu Yixi not listen to her

Mu Yixi shrugged: “It’s nothing, let’s go.

Where do you want to go” He just wanted to see Hu Qin’s face change and remove all the righteousness from her face.


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