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“I don’t understand today’s children.” Mu Yixi sat in the back row of the private car and said emotionally to Feng Weiming, who had his legs crossed and his chin in one hand.

Feng Weiming’s expression was a little lazy.

Last night, he was “served” by Mu Yixi (Feng Weiming insisted that he was “served”), and so he slept late.

At this time, he was a little sleepy.

He was taking the time to close his eyes and rest.

Hearing Mu Yixi’s old-fashioned words, he opened his eyes and did not hide the disapproval in his eyes.

Mu Yixi was only 20 years old.

In the eyes of many people, he was also a child whose hair had not yet grown.

It was strange of him to use such an elder’s tone to say when he was only four years older than him.

However, Feng Weiming knew that he, like himself, was very precocious (), had a high eye for people, was decisive in his work, and had common topics only with people who were a bit older than them, so he could not judge his tone.

What Feng Weiming disapproved of was Mu Yixi’s superfluous actions, so he stayed in the car even after being pulled along by Mu Yixi and did not go to see Yan Yu.

“Could it be that you really want Mu Yiqi to be with him” Feng Weiming asked slightly sarcastically.

Unlike them, Mu Yiqi was burdened by being an orthodox heir, and even if there was scope for resistance, it was limited.

Now the future of the entire Mu family direct line pointed to him.

Couldn’t he see that since Mu Yirun had given up his right of inheritance, Mu Jiu’an, who fought with Mu Jiurong for half his life, had quieted down It was precisely because of Mu Yiqi’s identity change.

He had too many connections and could not act arbitrarily.

Mu Yixi was very confused.

He hoped that Mu Yiqi would get everything he wanted and live a happy life.

But when what he wanted was a man, a relationship that was not tolerated by the world, and which would definitely bring shame to Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yixuan’s faces, so Mu Yixi couldn’t quite agree with this path.

On the other hand, Mu Yixi, who was also a person who was going to live a new life, looked down at Yan Yu from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing that he had a new move this time, he thought that he had finally changed his mind because of Mu Yiqi and wanted to be strong, but he didn’t expect that he would stop even trying, and his slightest concern for Mu Yiqi was always inferior to his desire for comfort.

Mu Yixi was also unwilling to hand over his beloved younger brother to such a person.

As Yan Yu said just now, Mu Yiqi was not him.

And Yan Yu didn’t have the same confidence as Feng Weiming.

Even if they got together because of a momentary spirit, it was estimated that they would not be able to escape the end in the future.

Compared with Mu Yixi’s swaying because he cared, Feng Weiming’s position had always been firm – he did not approve.

“Regardless of his responsibilities, Mu Yiqi has had a long-term relationship with him, and it took him five years to get out of his so-called first love.

Yan Yu’s personality and appearance are okay, and Mu Yiqi will remember him for a lifetime, but it’s a pity he is the wrong gender.

This way it’s better to isolate themselves early while the relationship is still shallow.”

These words of Feng Weiming shocked Mu Yixi!

Was that not right In the last life, Mu Yiqi had wasted his whole life for Xia Weiwei, and he had never even seen Yan Yu who could make him empathize.

Mu Yixi witnessed his unhappiness with his own eyes.

Feng Weiming didn’t know this passage, but he was very thoughtful and often read more deeply and accurately than the average person.

Mu Yixi was also awakened by his words! In this life, Mu Yiqi would embark on the path of liking the same sex, was there no influence from Xia Weiwei’s betrayal on him

Secretly stamping Feng Weiming with a “virtuous helper” tag, the balance in Mu Yixi’s heart tilted towards the opposing side.

It was just that he didn’t see Yan Yu care even once, and he always felt sorry for Mu Yiqi.

As a result, Mu Yixi found that he had no room to intervene at all.

In fact, Mu Yiqi and Yan Yu had already made up their minds and chose a path that was good for everyone, without embarrassing anyone.

His younger sister Mu Yixuan was like this before, and then his younger brother Mu Yiqi was like this as well.

Mu Yixi was a good young man, and suddenly he had a feeling of “being a big child”.

He pulled Feng Weiming’s slender fingers to play, and sighed sadly, “Mingming, I only have you…” From now on, I can only take care of you, and my life is as lonely as snow.

Feng Weiming closed his eyes, completely ignoring his convulsions.

However, Mu Yixi was still unfinished: “Mingming, talk to me, don’t sleep.” He got closer and closer, almost lying on Feng Weiming’s body.

From this angle, he could see a trace of a bite on Feng Weiming’s collarbone, and his voice became softer until he was whispering: “Are you tired We didn’t do it many times last night…” The last sentence was evil.

Feng Weiming moved his head and avoided his breath, but he was not angry, instead he said slowly, “Do you know where we are going now”

Mu Yixi blinked.

He just got out of the work of the Mu family, and had a lot of time.

It happened that Feng Weiming was also free, so he naturally thought that after seeing Yan Yu, the two would go on a date.

The driver was Feng Weiming’s driver.

Mu Yixi thought that with their years of tacit understanding, Feng Weiming thought the same as him.

So, he thought wrong, wasn’t their next trip going to be a date

Hearing some malicious intentions in Feng Weiming’s words, Mu Yixi became curious: “You want to… pull me to sell it Are you willing” His mouth was still cheap.

Feng Weiming was not angry at all, he said calmly, “My father is here, he wants to see you.”


Mu Yixi petrified instantly.

The world was quiet, and Feng Weiming was very satisfied.

The car was parked in front of an art deco house.

It took Mu Yixi fifteen minutes to change his clothes and straighten his hairstyle.

He was in high spirits, and he seemed to be rushing to the battlefield.

Feng Weiming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “…Is it all necessary” He had seen him so many times.

Mu Yixi’s eyes lit up: “That’s different!” In the past, when Mu Jiuqing returned to China, he would go to Yilian Garden to see Feng Weiming.

Because Feng Weiming played well with them, Mu Jiuqing was also very kind to their nephews, and when he brought gifts for Feng Weiming, he never missed their share.

And although Mu Yixi was an adopted son, the treatment that Mu Jiuqing gave him was no different from that of Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan.

Mu Yixi’s impression of Mu Jiuqing was much better than that of Mu Jiurong.

But in any case, it used to be an unimportant relative relationship, but now it was a “father-in-law” meeting “son-in-law”.

Thinking of Mu Jiuqing’s love for Feng Weiming, and the murderous reputation of “Third Master Mu”, Mu Yixi had to cheer up.

“Just to meet…” It was not about marriage.

Feng Weiming looked at him speechlessly.

“Did you tell third uncle that you are with me” Mu Yixi asked.

Feng Weiming nodded: “Dad knows.” When he returned to France two years ago, Mu Jiuqing knew that he had someone in his heart.

But his mouth was tight and he refused to say anything until he finally confessed to Mu Jiuqing not long after he returned to China this time.

Mu Jiuqing’s reaction was unexpectedly calm and flat, and he didn’t want to fly over to beat him immediately, but just when he was returning to China, he called Feng Weiming and asked him to bring Mu Yixi over to meet.

After listening to Feng Weiming’s words, Mu Yixi didn’t feel relieved, but raised his heart even more.

Because of Mu Jiuqing’s love for Feng Weiming, if he had wanted to kill him, it would have been understood.

But he was so calm, and if something went wrong, then Mu Jiuqing must have a plan.

“You don’t have to be nervous.

Dad respects my wishes.” Feng Weiming couldn’t help saying, it was the first time he saw Mu Yixi so nervous and solemn.

“He is your father, I hope he can identify me in that capacity, so I have to be serious.” Mu Yixi took his hand and looked at him seriously: “Mingming, I like you, I will try my best to make you not fall in a dilemma.”

Feng Weiming was stunned for a moment, and suddenly began to realize that this meeting had different meanings for Mu Yixi and him.

They were managing a relationship as adults, which was not so visible to the world, but they were serious and hardworking.

It was not for fun, it was not casual, and a disagreement from his father’s side could divide them.

What they were blocking was the feeling that they had grown up together for so many years, and they had crossed the line because of their heart.

For the sake of more than ten years of relationship, in fact, from the very beginning, they were very careful and serious.

Behind the laughter and scolding, Mu Yixi’s feelings for him were no worse than anyone else’s.

Feng Weiming once walked away because of a misunderstanding.

He had seen Mu Yixi’s kindness to Mrs.

Mu and the others with his own eyes, so when someone saw this and provoked it, he said that he believed in Mu Yixi, but in fact he believed it without hesitation that compared with Mrs.

Mu and the others, he would be the one who was abandoned.

Now it seemed that he was too arrogant.

Even Feng Weiming suddenly felt that Mu Yixi didn’t know that he cared about him more than he thought.

This was fun.

So, Mu Yixi was surprised to see a clear and moving smile on Feng Weiming’s face amidst his habitual sweet words.

He knew that Feng Weiming was very good-looking, but he was still shocked to the point of losing his language function, feeling dizzy, and having a dry mouth.

Even Feng Weiming’s voice suddenly became gentle: “Stop what you are thinking about, we are here, let’s get off.”

Mu Yixi, who had been accustomed to Feng Weiming’s cold eyes for more than ten years, had a feeling of being flattered, Feng Weiming pulled him out of the car, and he was drifting as he walked.

Feng Weiming said, “Mu Yixi, if you see my dad with such a silly expression, he will strike you out immediately.

Be normal, don’t let my dad doubt my vision, eh”

Fortunately, Mu Yixi deserved it.

Mu Yixi, you cannot perform a gaffe at this moment.

He clenched Feng Weiming’s hand and smiled softly: “Mingming has grown up! Don’t worry, I will definitely perform well, and let the third uncle rest assured to hand you over to me.”

Feng Weiming’s eyes flashed with a smile: “I’ll wait.”


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