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Mu Yixi leaned over slightly and carefully observed the sculpture on the display shelf.

This carving was the size of the palms of an adult, and the carving was of one of the four ancient beasts.

It was said to be an extremely greedy animal.

Its appearance was also strange: it had a human face, the body was like a cow, and its eyes were under the armpit.

Based on the book records and his own imagination, the author carved it into a hideous and majestic shape, with extremely complex and delicate lines.

Even though Mu Yixi was used to seeing good things, he was still amazed.

When Yan Yu walked up to him, Mu Yixi didn’t look at him, he just reached out and stroked Taotie’s surface, seemingly loving it.

Yan Yu had always been quiet and patient, Mu Yixi also didn’t speak, so he just accompanied him silently.

However, his previous company always seemed gentle and distant, but this time, for some unknown reason, a silent confrontation seemed to be taking place between him and Mu Yixi.

Speaking of which, Mu Yixi and Yan Yu had known each other for many years, and their younger siblings had even become fiancées.

In the end, it was Mu Yixi who spoke first: “Congratulations on the opening of your new store!”

Although Yan Yu’s carving shop was originally opened in the urban area, there were few small works in the shop, and only one clerk was invited to watch the shop, and the business was half-dead.

Yan Yu’s father Yan Kai wanted to help him expand the scale, but Yan Yu refused vehemently.

Unexpectedly, the words of the past were still ringing in his ears, but recently Yan Yu seemed to have become enlightened.

Accepting Yan Kai’s financial support, he not only changed the storefront, but also carefully renovated it inside and out.

His craft was put there, and it quickly attracted a lot of business.

Yan Yu was not good at this, thus Yan Kai hired a competent manager to assist him, so that Yan Yu could focus on the creation of his own works.

Such a change was quite intriguing.

“Thank you.” Yan Yu said, flattered.

“Won’t you invite me in for a cup of tea” Mu Yixi stood with his hands behind his back, no longer concealing his aura of having been in the top position for a long time.

Yan Yu was silent for a while, and said, “I have this intention, please come in.”

The newly built tea room was much more spacious and comfortable than his previous dwelling.

But Yan Yu’s posture of sitting and brewing tea was no different from before.

No matter what environment he was in, it seemed to have little effect on him.

Mu Yixi said coldly, “Next year, Xiaoqi will be engaged to Bai Ying.”

Yan Yu’s hand holding the cup did not move, and he steadily pushed the elegant cup filled with tea towards Mu Yixi.

“I congratulate him.” Yan Yu said calmly.

Now Mu Yixi was a little unsure of his mind, and simply glared at him and asked, “He likes you, what about you You don’t like him” The end tone rose in surprise.

Did he know how likable his Mu Yiqi was! How could anyone not like him

Yan Yu was stunned for a moment, as if he had not expected Mu Yixi to be so straightforward.

He went silent again, and said softly, “I don’t hate him.”

“Do you know that Xiaoqi likes you, does it feel disgusting Did you reject him” Mu Yixi asked in a different way.

Many gay people had an instinct to see through their peers.

Although Mu Yixi was probably not a pure homosexual, but with his keen observation, he could also see a difference.

But on Yan Yu, Mu Yixi couldn’t see anything.

Rather than saying that Yan Yu was a heterosexual or homosexual, it was better to say that he seemed to be asexual, he was so pure that he could almost become a monk.

Since he wanted the monk to be moved, Mu Yixi felt embarrassed for Mu Yiqi.

No wonder he forced himself to give up so desperately.


Refused.” Yan Yu answered Mu Yixi’s questions one by one.

His being so calm and indifferent made Mu Yixi feel uncomfortable.

But what could he do Yan Yu had already made his attitude clear, and he didn’t even care about Mu Yiqi’s engagement.

Could he still knock him out and throw him on Mu Yiqi’s bed And even if Yan Yu liked Mu Yiqi and could accept Mu Yiqi, did he really want his most important brother to follow this path

“Yan Yu, in these two lifetimes, have you ever liked anyone What are you living for” Mu Yixi couldn’t help asking.

In his opinion, Yan Yu simply wasted the opportunity to live another lifetime! Others saw him as gentle and uncontroversial, quiet and far-reaching, but Mu Yixi saw him as just getting by, mediocre, cold-hearted, like a walking dead, a twilight old man, where his life had no taste at all.

To say it nicely all he wanted was to avoid the world, to say it badly he was a coward.

Yan Yu was stunned again.

The two lifetimes, it should be the most secretive topic between him and Mu Yixi.

At this moment, when he heard Mu Yixi mention it, he suddenly felt a depression that could not be vented.

“I’m not you.” Yan Yu said, “I’m not like you either.” His character was there.

He had experienced too many dark and terrifying things, and he had also done a lot of terrifying and resentful things.

After getting the opportunity to relive his life, he felt that all his grievances had ended in the previous life.

As long as he was not the source of tragedy, everything would be fine, and he could have a long and peaceful life.

He had never been a winner, and he had no heart to strive to be a winner.

As long as he didn’t ask for it, he won’t lose it.

His goal was to live his life in peace and loneliness.

“Why don’t you fight for yourself You never thought about making yourself better than the last life” Mu Yixi looked at him incomprehensibly.

“I’ve had a better life than my last life.” Yan Yu said.

The current life was his dream life, and he didn’t want to change it at all.

“Then what’s going on with this store Why do you, who has never been interested in money, suddenly change your storefront and want to expand your business” Mu Yixi stared at him closely: “Why did you want to participate in the auction” Mu Yixi came over only after he found out that Yan Yu had put up his work in an auction and sold it for a good price.

Yan Yu would never have done such a thing before.

This matter was what gave Mu Yixi the confidence to come to talk to him.

Yan Yu did not speak.

He didn’t know what to say.

He was not tempted by Mu Yiqi, nor was he ready to challenge the mainstream of society with him.

But even if he wanted to guard his comfort zone, he could not forget the desire for freedom of marriage in the eyes of the child who always had energy and enthusiasm emanating from him.

He said he wanted to marry someone he liked and have children.

A child who came from a big family but still had such a naive ideal was different.

And Yan Yu couldn’t help him.

Even if he sold his most beloved works, it only sold for one million, which was not helpful for the freedom Mu Yiqi wanted.

Afterwards, Yan Yu even thought it was ridiculous that he had such a “helpful” idea.

“Mu Yiqi is not you, Mu Yixi.” He didn’t have his shrewdness and ability, he didn’t have his initiative to go his own way, and he didn’t have his courage to break the boat completely.

The relationship between Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming was acquiesced because they were not Mu Yiqi, and they were both strong and tough enough that others couldn’t stop them.

While Mu Yiqi, the only recognized eldest grandson of the new generation of the Mu family, and the only biological son of Mrs.


The entire Mu family, and even Mu Yixi who appeared in front of Yan Yu at this time, who would allow him to be with a man Even in Mu Yiqi’s heart, he didn’t dare to think about it, so how could he

Otherwise, where did Bai Ying come from Since when did Mu Yiqi start staring at this “prospective fiancee”

While he liked Yan Yu, he chose a future fiancee for himself

Couldn’t Yan Yu see all this clearly

No, he saw too clearly.

So, he could only continue to be a coward.

Couldn’t Mu Yiqi see clearly

No, he saw it too.

So, he took Bai Ying home.

Yan Yu and Mu Yiqi, from the beginning to the end, none of them could afford the other.


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