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Mu Yixi thought that Mu Yiqi would talk to him after he got to know the truth, but unexpectedly, Mu Yiqi did not.

He went abroad to attend a seminar with a professor in the university.

He had never heard that Mu Yiqi was interested in this seminar before, but he knew that it was a habit he had developed since childhood – when there was something he couldn’t figure out and didn’t want to tell his relatives and friends, he would choose to disappear for a short time and figure it out by himself.

(It was of course impossible to really disappear, his whereabouts were still under the control of his family, and the truth was he just wanted to stay in another place).

In recent years, because of Yan Yu being his close brother, Mu Yiqi’s habit had basically disappeared.

Now that he had reappeared in the arena again, it was sure that something must have gone wrong with Yan Yu.

Mu Yixi was thinking about talking to Yan Yu.

But Feng Weiming had come back, and Mu Yixi’s withdrawal from the Mu family was officially put on the agenda.

The previous behavior of Tianxing against Mu Yixi had already paved the way for this day.

Mu Jiurong’s inaction against the incident before had also caused Mu Yixi’s position in the Mu family to change quietly.

Mu Yixi’s stunning performance in the Mu family became a flash in the pan.

Mu Yixi told Mu Jiurong that he wanted to reduce his working time at Mu’s and focus on his studies.

Mu Jiurong looked at him, not knowing what to say for a while.

Mu Jiurong had always felt complicated about this son.

Their relationship was not so much father and son as it was strangers who cooperated invisibly because they were people who shared common concerns.

In the past two years, Mu Yixi had proved to everyone that he was amazing.

Mu Jingwei had even hinted that he should treat both sons equally, but Mu Jiurong couldn’t do it.

Mu Jiurong didn’t trust Mu Yixi.

Although he didn’t seem to have any malice towards the Mu family, but apart from caring about Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan to a certain extent, he didn’t have much affection for the Mu family, and he never tried to win over recognition or goodwill from Mu Jingwei or Mu Jiurong.

He also did many small actions in private, such as his meetings with his biological mother Hu Qin, and the grand cooperation with Feng Kun.

Mu Jiurong had even realized that he was intentionally letting them discover those clues.

Although Hu Qin didn’t use Mu Yixi’s identity to interfere in the Mu’s family because she married Hong Kong businessman Wei Dong, but if Mu Yixi really achieved something in Mu’s family and became an indispensable person, how that greedy woman and the people who had become the forces behind her would make a fuss, no one knew.

Mu Jiurong couldn’t allow his family to be the talk of the upper class.

And Mu Yixi was in constant contact with them, and his attitude was ambiguous, so Mu Jiurong had to be on guard.

After all, he knew that Mu Yiqi had deep feelings for Mu Yixi.

If Mu Yixi took advantage of this feeling, it would be a blow to the Mu family.

On the contrary, at the most deviant point, Mu Yixi actually got together with Feng Weiming.

Mu Jiurong was shocked and relieved.

If Mu Yixi was gay, it was definitely a good thing since he could not choose to use the background of the Mu family to marry someone’s daughter, and then use the power of her family to fight against Mu Yiqi.

This was also the most important reason why Mu Jiurong did not finalize the marriage between Mu Yixi and Lin Pei’er.

Mu Yixi’s ability was too strong, and Mu Jiurong’s relationship with his son was weak.

Once Mu Yixi had resentment towards him, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Originally, when Mu Yixi’s ability was highlighted, Mu Jiurong wanted to use him to work for the Mu family, and also wanted to suppress him so that he could not threaten Mu Yiqi’s status.

The only person who might force Mu Yixi to do anything was Mrs.


But the couple had been married for many years, and Mrs.

Mu’s character was there, and Mu Jiurong was not willing to force her.

This son, after all, was of no use to him.

“Handle the relationship with Miss Lin, and the rest, you can do it yourself.” Mu Jiurong said to Mu Yixi, agreeing.

The timing of Mu Yixi’s exit was right, and Mu Jiurong couldn’t pick a thorn.

Mu Jiurong couldn’t control how Mu Yixi wanted to live in the future.

Anyway, even if he failed miserably and returned to Yilian Garden, his wife would not be stingy with an extra bowl of rice, and maybe would even comfort him gently and lovingly…

In fact, Mu Yixi just came to tell him, he didn’t need Mu Jiurong’s agreement.

But since Mu Jiurong had nothing to say, he didn’t need to spend any more time here.

Mu Yixi said, “This time when Xu Zhao comes back, will you keep him in the headquarters” When Xu Qingli was expelled from Mu’s family after the incident happened, Xu Zhao suffered from association and automatically requested to be transferred from the headquarters.

Mu Jiurong hated Xu Qingli, but he had no ill feelings towards Xu Zhao, who was like his brother, and he felt that it was a pity that he had lost his right-hand man.

Now that both Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli had been recalled because of the serious illness of their mother, Tang Yanhua, though he would not care about Xu Qingli, Mu Jiurong should have a good idea of Xu Zhao’s future arrangements.

“Why ask this” Mu Jiurong asked.

When the Xu family brother and sister left, Mu Yixi was still young and had no chance to contact them after that.

Why did he suddenly pay so much attention to them Besides, Xu Qingli was related to the car accident that injured Mu Yixi back then.

If Mu Yixi should pay attention to her, he should pay attention to her.

How could it be Xu Zhao

Mu Yixi looked calm: “I just found out that his wife has something to do with me.” Xu Zhao’s wife Gu Ling was Hu Qin’s half-sister.

It was estimated that Mu Jiurong did not know this.

Something to do with him What was the meaning

Mu Jiurong looked at him thoughtfully.

Why did Mu Yixi only speak of himself Mu Jiurong really hadn’t checked the background of Xu Zhao’s wife.

However, Mu Yixi had lowered his eyes and said nothing.

If he mentioned this and Mu Jiurong was still indifferent, then he would be betrayed by others in the future.

The atmosphere was stagnant for a while.

An invisible pressure was released from Mu Jiurong.

He didn’t like Mu Yixi’s tricks.

Mu Yixi didn’t realize it.

He didn’t want to waste time with Mu Jiurong, and said, “If there is nothing else, I’ll go out first.”

Mu Jiurong nodded slowly and said, “You all come back for dinner tonight.”

Mu Yixi: “We” After college, he spent most of his time boarding at Ya’an University, and often worked overtime on weekends and didn’t go home.

Therefore, Mu Yixi went back to Yilian Garden to eat a lot less often.

He and Mu Yiqi went back to accompany Mrs.

Mu at staggered times, but there was still not much time to meet.

Fortunately, there was Mu Yixuan who often accompanied Mrs.


Mu Jiurong: “Well, bring Mingming.”

Mu Yixi hesitated for a moment: “Why…why”

Mu Jiurong: “Xiao Qi said that he wants to introduce a girl to us.”

The news that Mu Jiurong dropped was like a bolt from the blue!

Here Mu Yixi had just begun to suspect that Mu Yiqi liked Yan Yu and was about to talk to Yan Yu to find out about the situation.

On the other end, Mu Jiurong said that Mu Yiqi had a girlfriend, and it was even to the point of him taking her home to meet his parents

Mu Yixi didn’t know when Mu Yiqi got a girlfriend!

With such a question, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, who was also astonished, returned to Yilian Garden early to wait.

This was the first time that Mu Yiqi had brought a girl home.


Mu and Mu Yixuan were very serious and dressed up specially.

But he didn’t know if it was Mu Yixi’s illusion, however Mrs.

Mu didn’t take advantage of the situation to care about his love life, and say things like “Xiao Qi has brought her girlfriend home, how are you and Miss Lin now” – in fact , even though the outside world had a lot of ideas about him and Lin Pei’er getting closer, Mrs.

Mu’s attitude had never been positive, and she had never urged Mu Yixi to settle down quickly.

She looked at him and Feng Weiming come back together with a very calm expression.

On the contrary, Mu Yixi felt a little guilty.

Luckily the focus of tonight wasn’t on him.

Mu Jiurong also stepped back.

He had to check on his son’s choice.

After a while, there was movement outside, Mu Yiqi held a girl’s hand and walked in with a smile.

The girl was well-dressed and had an excellent temperament.

She was full of ladylike demeanor every time she raised her hands and feet.

Her name was Bai Ying, the young lady of the Bai family in Jiangling.

The power of the Bai family was in the south, and it was one of the top families in the south.

In terms of family background alone, Lin Pei’er was inferior to Bai Ying.

Mu Jiurong’s expression suddenly softened.


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