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Feng Weiming stood in front of the door and hesitated for ten seconds before taking out the key from his pocket to open the door.

As soon as he walked in, he heard Mu Yixi’s laughing voice saying, “Dear, have you come The slippers are in the cabinet, and they are new.”

Feng Weiming opened the shoe cabinet, saw the fluffy slippers, and was speechless for two seconds.

However, following the proper etiquette for a guest, he changed his shoes before stepping into the room.

The dining room was open, Mu Yixi wore an apron with Winnie the Pooh (Feng Weiming’s favorite cartoon character when he was a child) and held a large plate of baked lobster with cheese which he placed in the middle of the dining table.

At this time, the dining table had been set up in a very warm and romantic way.

Dim lights, lit slender candles, beautiful tableware, food such as steak, salad, bread, etc., as well as sobering French red wine…

The brightest out of all of it was Mu Yixi’s gentle and affectionate smile: “It’s just time, Mingming, come and sit down!”

With such care, Feng Weiming’s two days of avoiding him seemed so heartless.

When Feng Weiming received the key from Mu Yixi, he knew that this person was annoyed and was waiting to settle the account with him.

Feng Weiming was not a coward either, he came bravely.

After all, did Mu Yixi dare to use force Besides, he also had other weights.

Unexpectedly, he was blinded by the strong affection he could see as soon as he arrived.

Feng Weiming finally had the feeling of “in playing tricks, I’m not as good as him” in his heart.

You must know that there had never been a person who could convince Top Student Feng to admit defeat.

He knew it was a sugar-coated cannonball, but when he saw everything in front of him, his eyes softened slightly.

The young man with the gentle expression of lying to the dead came over, leaned over and kissed his cheek, and said indulgently: “What are you doing standing here Come and taste my craftsmanship.” After speaking, he embraced him and helped him to a seat, then very gentlemanly, he pulled the chair for Feng Weiming.

Sitting down calmly, Feng Weiming asked, “When did you learn this skill” Why wasn’t it mentioned in the “love letter” In those “love letters”, Mu Yixi wrote everything in detail, as if he wanted to report every meal he ate.

Mu Yixi smiled without answering, picked up the red wine, and poured a glass for Feng Weiming with impeccable posture.

Then he also poured himself a glass, sat down, took a sip of wine slowly, and spat out three words softly: “These two days.”

Feng Weiming’s movement of picking up the tableware stopped abruptly.

Mu Yixi very thoughtfully divided the cheese-baked lobster onto two small plates, pushed one to Feng Weiming, and looked at him with a smile.

Feng Weiming glanced at him, slowly forked a piece into the mouth, and chewed it expressionlessly.

Mu Yixi couldn’t wait to ask: “Is it delicious”

Feng Weiming nodded silently.

Mu Yixi was immediately suspicious.

He said that he had learned the craft in the past two days and he really did not deceive Feng Weiming.

He was usually very busy with work and had too many things to consider.

Learning cooking was really not one of his interests.

Feng Weiming refused to see him for the past two days, and Mu Yixi was indeed a little annoyed, because he could finally see him again after a long absence, and he even broke through the last layer, according to him this was the time for them to be sticky.

Mu Yixi was like a person who had just tasted a bite of food, watched the food slip away and was then refused to even eat a few more bites.

That feeling of itching was like heartburn.

In this meeting, Mu Yixi held back and wanted to “punish” Feng Weiming.

On a whim, he prepared a candlelight dinner himself, and also took the opportunity to celebrate the entry into his new house, which he had bought for several months but had not moved in to.

The dinner was made according to the recipe temporarily, and was worthy of the phrase “gold and jade are ruined in the outside”.

It looked beautiful on the outside, but the taste was very ordinary.

Mu Yixi could enter, but because of Feng Weiming’s pickiness, he was definitely not qualified.

Mu Yixi was ready to take advantage of “although it’s not delicious, but it’s my heart” when Feng Weiming disliked it.

But Feng Weiming said it was delicious…

Mu Yixi saw Feng Weiming eating piece by piece, he quickly ate all the lobster in the small plate, and started cutting his own steak again, without any reluctance.

He forked a piece of lobster and ate it.

… Barely edible, but the taste was really not good.

Mu Yixi asked Feng Weiming again: “Is it really delicious”

Feng Weiming said, “Yes.” He ate the steak quietly, just like he usually ate, and was in fact two times more serious than usual.

The conspiracy and tricks in Mu Yixi’s head gradually dissipated, and he said, “Don’t force yourself if it doesn’t taste good, there is a good western restaurant downstairs.” This was the plan B that was not intended to be used.

Feng Weiming said: “What you made, I can’t waste it.

The taste is good.” He used his actions to prove that what he said was true.

Mu Yixi watched him eat up the portion of food that belonged to him, and also eat another small plate of lobster.

Mu Yixi was absent-mindedly eating his share, which tasted the same.

Tonight Feng Weiming ate more than he usually ate.

After eating, Feng Weiming also took the initiative to wash the dishes.

His reason was: “You cooked, so I’ll wash the dishes.”

Mu Yixi looked at him strangely, as if he had horns on his head, but he couldn’t help but be swayed shamelessly.

Mingming was so self-conscious, virtuous wife…

Mu Yixi didn’t let Feng Weiming wash the dishes alone, instead he washed with him.

Two tall, straight-legged youths, who seemed to have nothing to do with housework, stood side by side washing dishes together, while chatting with each other.

“…Why haven’t you seen me for the past two days”

“Just came back, things on the Tianxing side need to be sorted out.”

“Meeting Mu Jingwei and Mu Jiurong, did they embarrass you”

“No, but Mu Jingwei said…” Feng Weiming repeated Mu Jingwei’s puzzling words.

Mu Yixi sneered: “What’s the point He was worried that there will be no successor to the Mu family! At that time, Mu Yirun had no talent and went out early.

The two sisters and me were not interested in the Mu family.

You had no ambiguity, even if you were interested, there were also arrangements from the third uncle, and it was not their turn.

Xiaoqi was the only choice, but he had not been determined yet.

He was dispensable for the Mu family, as he was not enthusiastic enough to work hard.

The new generation of the direct line was all stagnant water, could they not worry They value the Mu Clan more than anything else.

They used some means to separate us, who won’t be angry after that Look at my performance in the Mu Clan, look at the Tianxing you established, and look at the progress of Xiaoqi! Who won’t be proud Their purpose must have been achieved!” He didn’t react at first, but then he gradually understood.

This kind of tortuous situation was definitely Mu Jingwei’s idea, and Mu Jiurong couldn’t think of it yet.

Only Mu Jingwei had this mentality, not afraid that they will be rebellious after they understood it.

Because he saw through Mu Yiqi’s sense of responsibility as a person, Feng Weiming’s sense of responsibility to Mu Jiuqing, and Mu Yixi’s sense of responsibility to Mrs.

Mu and the others.

Now that Mu Yiqi had been vetted, even if Mu Yixi left, he could hold on.

Even if Mu Yiqi couldn’t hold it in the future, with Mu Yixi’s current wealth, could he bear not to help Mu Yiqi Even if he didn’t help, Mu Yixi was still the son of the Mu family from the direct line, and he couldn’t get rid of this banner wherever he went.

Moreover, there was Feng Weiming…

Old fox!

Feng Weiming was also speechless.

This kind of “revenge” was really not easy to repay.

Mu Yixi could see it openly: “They think we are made of mud, they know that we can’t do it.” In the past two years, they had secretly exploited the Mu family, and they had developed a real skywalk that belonged to them.

Mu Yixi had enough funds to back him up and after leaving Mu’s family he could be like a bird flying high in the sky.

Mu Jingwei and the others wanted to bind him with blood and surname, but they absolutely misunderstood their hearts.

Not to mention that Mrs.

Mu and the others were not people who asked for favors.

Even if they were, they would then become the opposite of his previous life.

He could help once or twice, but too many times would also exhaust his patience.

Moreover, Mu Yixi changed his mind in the past two years.

In the past, he always wanted to protect Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan as best he could.

But Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yixuan rarely bothered him.

They arranged their lives in an orderly manner.

Instead, it was Mu Yiqi, who he had been helping secretly, who seemed to be hitting the wall and was not aggressive enough.

Unexpectedly, in the past two years, under the pressure of Mu Yixi’s sudden change in attitude and ability, Mu Yiqi’s progress was faster than ever!

Obviously, frustration education was much more effective on him than love education.

Mu Yixi decided not to run around Mu Yiqi like an old hen, and the corners of Feng Weiming’s lips rose slightly.

Even if it was a real brother, if one’s lover attached too much importance to his younger brother, one’s heart would be uncomfortable as a partner.

“I told Mu Yiqi the reason why I left two years ago.” Feng Weiming confessed.

This was the main reason why he had not seen Mu Yixi for two days.

He couldn’t admit that he was guilty, but since he woke up Mu Yiqi, who had been kept in the dark, without communicating with Mu Yixi, he was a little embarrassed.

Mu Yixi almost missed and broke the last bowl.

He was stunned, put the bowl away, wiped his hands and asked calmly, “How did he react”

“He went to find Yan Yu.” Feng Weiming was afraid that he would be overly stimulated, so he asked people to follow him quietly.

There was a flash of thought in Mu Yixi’s eyes, and when he raised his eyes, he saw a rare trace of apprehension on Feng Weiming’s face.

Mu Yixi smiled, stretched out his hand and hugged the person: “Okay, no wonder you were so obedient tonight, so you did something wrong!”

Feng Weiming said lightly: “I just told the truth.” How old was Mu Yiqi! It was his business that Mu Yixi was willing to sacrifice for him, and he should not be implicated.

How dare he question him

“It’s so cold, Xiaoqi is going to be heartbroken.” Mu Yixi made a joke, and then said sternly, “It’s about time.” Mu Yiqi should stand on his own, and he already had enough ability.

When Mu Yixi encouraged Mu Yiqi to talk to Feng Weiming, he also had a hunch that Feng Weiming would talk.

He couldn’t say those words to Mu Yiqi, but Feng Weiming could.

Although the hunch came true, he was still a little shocked.

“What about you What are you going to do” Feng Weiming asked Mu Yixi.

“Why don’t you raise me” Mu Yixi said brazenly, burying his face in his neck.

“Tianxing uses your project, and you can take over.” Feng Weiming said lightly, as if what he was sending was not a company with a market value of nearly 100 million and a good profit, but a piece of cake.

“How can that be done” Mu Yixi was shocked: “Tianxing is the dowry gift I gave you!”

Feng Weiming’s face darkened, then his eyebrows raised: “Dowry.”

Mu Yixi replied shyly, “Also.”

Feng Weiming choked, and then said slowly: “I’m worth a day Your face is so big.”

“How could it be I even belong to you, you can do whatever you want to me.” Mu Yixi bit his earlobe: “I want my children and grandchildren…”

Children and grandchildren

Feng Weiming was confused for a while, and then reacted, his snow-white face turned red and angry!

But unfortunately, he had entered the wolf’s den and met a full and warm and lustful person.

I want to, but I can’t run even if I want to…


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