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“Your coffee.” Mu Yiqi put the coffee brewed by himself in front of Feng Weiming.

After being beaten by Feng Weiming, Mu Yiqi had become much more honest, and he couldn’t put on the air of asking for guilt.

But anyway, Mu Yiqi wanted to talk to Feng Weiming, so the two came to the coffee shop that Mu Yiqi often visited.

Mu Yiqi’s coffee-making skills were developed here.

The person who brought Mu Yiqi here at the beginning was Yan Yu.

Yan Yu was always very good at all kinds of elegant things, Mu Yiqi felt that there was nothing that he couldn’t do and he was a very strange person.

Knowing that Feng Weiming was picky, Mu Yiqi brewed a cup of Blue Mountain for him by himself.

Feng Weiming smelled the taste and could tell the difference.

He picked up the coffee and took a quiet sip: “Yes.”

“My brother likes cappuccino.” Mu Yiqi said, and Feng Weiming’s brows immediately wrinkled.

In fact, Feng Weiming hated sweetness.

Mu Yixi, that bastard, once drank a whole cup of cappuccino and immediately came over to kiss him.

He didn’t pay attention for a while, and indirectly tasted the sweet milky taste.

At that time, he almost lost his temper.

Now – this was still one of the black histories that Feng Weiming didn’t want to recall.

Mu Yiqi misunderstood.

Did Feng Weiming not like hearing about Mu Yixi so much But it was Feng Weiming who left without a word back then!

Mu Yiqi thought so, and asked the same: “Mingming, don’t you like my brother” They were so good back then, Mu Yiqi had been made a light bulb for so long, and he was almost blinded by them.

Especially Mu Yixi, as a “boyfriend”, there was absolutely nothing to say.

Mu Yiqi felt that if he was a girl, he would definitely be fascinated by Mu Yixi as well.

Feng Weiming was expressionless.

How should he answer this question Saying he liked him seemed to be showing weakness, and there was no need to admit it in front of Mu Yiqi.

To say he didn’t like him He just rolled in the sheets with Mu Yixi not long ago.

According to the current development situation, it was estimated that he would continue to roll with him in the future as well.

He **ed someone he didn’t like, who was this insulting

“You can’t control it.” Feng Weiming said.

“What do you mean I can’t control it” Mu Yiqi fought for Mu Yixi: “Two years ago, you dumped my brother for no reason and left, and when you come back, you have to bring a girlfriend to make him sad.

Feng Weiming, aren’t you embarrassed”

“Sad, sad” Feng Weiming repeated it carefully, suspecting that he and Mu Yiqi did not know the same person.

The one who dragged him to bed as soon as he came back Would a bitter word like “sad” have anything to do with him If Mu Yixi was really sad, others should be crying bitterly, just after being tossed.

Although Feng Weiming had not reached this level, but with such a boyfriend on the stall, he had suffered no less than others.

The reason for not really breaking up was that Mu Yixi’s nostalgic tenderness and thoughtfulness were more than his hate.

Mu Yiqi sighed: “My brother is so cute and miserable for you.”

When Feng Weiming heard such an indirect “confession”, for the first time he did not feel moved, but felt pity.

What kind of delusional soup had Mu Yixi poured into his cousin, for him to come to such a “deafening” conclusion, although Mu Yixi’s usual behavior was really very confusing, but for Mu Yiqi’s sake…

Feng Weiming had to forcefully control his facial expressions so that his lips wouldn’t twitch.

“First, I didn’t dump Mu Yixi.

Second, Liang Wanyue is not my girlfriend.” Feng Weiming said lightly.

Even when he was deliberately angry with Mu Yixi, he only used the term “female friend” instead of “girlfriend”.

Some misleading words, Mu Yixi could say without pressure, but Feng Weiming couldn’t.

His principles were stronger than Mu Yixi, and the situation at the time did not allow Feng Weiming to continue to provoke.

After all, Mu Yixi had already expressed that he was very concerned, and if he continued to say that, then the person who justified the loss became him, and then Mu Yixi would have had an excuse to “punish” him.

How was this rhetoric similar to what Mu Yixi said

“Then don’t you care about Lin Pei’er” Mu Yiqi asked tentatively.

“Do you really know what Mu Yixi and Lin Pei’er are about” Feng Weiming said.

“You know everything!” Mu Yiqi was shocked!

Even if Feng Weiming didn’t want to know, Mu Yixi wrote so many “love letters” to him, that he knew everything he didn’t want to know.

Knowing was knowing, not caring was false.

Just as Mu Yixi’s reaction to Liang Wanyue was so great, he was also not uninterested in Lin Pei’er.

He separated from Mu Yixi two years ago, and Lin Pei’er played a certain role for him.

Liang Wanyue just accompanied him to a banquet, but Lin Pei’er had passed two years as Mu Yixi’s semi-public girlfriend.

This had nothing to do with the depth of the relationship.

Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi had not officially broken up.

Why should others stand by his side

Mu Yixi wanted him to be an underground lover, even temporarily!

Feng Weiming did not firmly reject Mu Yixi’s request for love this time, and half of the reason was this.

When it came to bed matters, one wanted to have a second or third time after one started, especially when one was young and impulsive, and it was novel and interesting.

But without solving Lin Pei’er’s issue, how could Feng Weiming give Mu Yixi another chance to get close He would let him suffocate.

Anyway, Feng Weiming had confidence in his self-control.

Always feeling that Feng Weiming’s expression was a bit malicious, Mu Yiqi asked: “Then what are you going to do Will you continue to be with my brother Then why did you leave two years ago”

Feng Weiming glanced at him: “Do you really want to know why I left two years ago No regrets”

“Why should I… regret” Mu Yiqi was at a loss.

Feng Weiming said, “Because Mu Jiurong forced Mu Yixi with your freedom of marriage, Mu Yixi agreed to marry Lin Pei’er instead of you.”

“Isn’t it funny You must be joking, right” Mu Yiqi hoped, looking at Yan Yu.

At this moment, his head became a mess, and he couldn’t think, so he could only place high hopes on Yan Yu, hoping that he would give him a positive answer.

It was a pity that Yan Yu didn’t give him a chance to deceive himself, and said softly, “You know the answer in your heart, so why ask me”

Mu Yiqi immediately felt like he was hit with a heavy sap, and was completely stunned: “How could it be… This”

Rather than saying he was asking Yan Yu, he was asking himself.

Two years ago, Mu Yixi’s attitude changed suddenly on the two issues of going abroad and working in Mu’s family.

And Mu Yiqi was not without doubts.

But out of trust in Mu Yixi, he believed his words.

Later, he got “together” with Lin Pei’er without any warning, and Mu Yiqi’s doubts rose to the highest point.

He was also someone who had been in a serious relationship.

Lin Pei’er really liked him before, and Mu Yiqi had been confessed to by her, he had no doubts about it.

Such a girl who liked him originally, how could she like his brother again And they said that they really feel for each other, and had since they worked together day and night in the student council.

But everyone said that Lin Pei’er liking him was just a pretense, who she really liked was Mu Yixi.

Lin Pei’er said this, and even Mu Yixi said it.

Over time, Mu Yiqi was shaken.

Or he also subconsciously hoped that Lin Pei’er had liked Mu Yixi, so that he would not have to bear such a heavy pressure of marriage.

He subconsciously avoided the possibility that someone was manipulating things behind his back, and blamed Lin Pei’er for everything.

Because Lin Pei’er liked Mu Yixi and she had a strong family background, Mu Yixi had to follow her in everything.

Mu Yiqi felt sorry for his brother and did everything he could to obstruct the marriage of Mu Yixi and Lin Pei’er without putting any pressure on him.

But just how much he played a role, almost everyone knew.

If it wasn’t for Lin Pei’er’s unspoken engagement, Mu Yixi and her would now have become firm fiancés, and they would be tied together for the rest of their lives.

Mu Yiqi had always had a feeling of “this is wrong”.

However, there was always a bit of blindness in his heart, until Feng Weiming shattered his blindness and revealed the truth in front of his eyes.

It turned out that he was the source of the problem.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming separated, and he had to be with Lin Pei’er because of him.

Because he was not good enough to satisfy Mu Jiurong, and he was unwilling to sacrifice his marriage, because he could not bear the responsibility that belonged to him…

So, he was so tired that his brother had to fight every day for him to stay in the Mu family that he did not even like.

He tried his best to work for the Mu family, because he broke up with Feng Weiming, and Feng Weiming ran away in anger.

In order to let him grow, he took the trouble to teach him…

Mu Yiqi felt ashamed.

Had he really been unaware of everything Was he really that innocent

If it wasn’t for Feng Weiming who finally couldn’t stand his “sluggishness” and broke through everything, would he continue to pretend to be deaf and dumb

Mu Yiqi stared blankly at Yan Yu.

Even facing this person, was he pretending

Mu Yiqi couldn’t remember when he realized his heart towards Yan Yu.

It seemed that once he saw Yan Yu and a girl laughing together and seeing him use his gentleness and patience on others, Mu Yiqi felt a strong sense of discomfort at that moment.

Afterwards, he was frightened by his own emotions, because the feeling was very similar to, or even stronger, than when he saw Xia Weiwei approaching other boys.

The relationship between Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming opened the door to a new world for him.

After Xia Weiwei, Mu Yiqi became wary of the relationship between men and women, and got closer and closer to Yan Yu, until he became attracted to him.

But at the same time as he became aware of his heartbeat, he was also aware of Yan Yu’s evasion and rejection.

This person who could see through the world discovered his affection earlier than Mu Yiqi himself, and the other party’s response was to push him to follow the social mainstream, fall in love with the opposite sex, get married and have children, and he used Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming’s example to remind him of how difficult this road was.

And Yan Yu did not want to challenge the world.

After finding that Mu Yiqi didn’t understand what he meant, Yan Yu gradually and skillfully reduced his contact with him.

Mu Yiqi used to be able to see Yan Yu as long as he came to Yan Yu’s store, but now he could only see Yan Yu once a month.

Mu Yiqi felt bitter in his heart, but he couldn’t control his feet.

There was a sense of optimism and stubbornness in his character, he was always thinking: Will Yan Yu change his mind one day and be willing to try it with him

If he had a reason not to give up, he would not allow others to dominate his life.

Until today, Mu Yiqi finally woke up: it turned out that not only Yan Yu was unwilling to try it, but he couldn’t even try it himself!

His so-called persistence was an exchange for his brother sacrificing everything for him.

“Yan Yu, my own responsibility should be borne by me, right” Mu Yiqi resisted the heartache and said, “I can’t be willful anymore, right”

Mu Yiqi was willing to give up his feelings for him, yes.

This was what Yan Yu wanted to see.

He always felt that this relationship was very sloppy and abrupt, just a temporary illusion and confusion.

But at this moment, Yan Yu found that it was not as easy as he thought.

He didn’t speak, and Mu Yiqi didn’t need his answer.

Mu Yiqi said, “Goodbye, brother Xiaoyu.”

T/N: FW planning to use celibacy to threaten and punish Mu Yixi is the height of hilarity….

Poor baby Mu Yiqi… 


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