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Mu Yiqi shook his head reflexively: “No, it’s nothing.”

Mu Yixi looked at him with a smile while holding the coffee.

Mu Yiqi whispered, “I’ve heard it all…”

“What did you hear”

Mu Yiqi hesitantly said, “Obviously, he came back, and he brought someone with him, uh…”

Mu Yixi said, “Liang Wanyue is not his girlfriend.”

Mu Yiqi slapped himself, complaining in his heart: But when we met each other, you even remembered the name of his girlfriend, this is not your usual style of keeping women at a distance! Sure enough, you still didn’t forget Feng Weiming…

Mu Yixi knew what he was thinking by looking at his face, and deliberately raised his face: “Why didn’t you ask how Mingming looked like after seeing Lin Pei’er” He was just worried about him being jealous and sad because of Feng Weiming, he looked down on him a little too much, didn’t he

According to the information of the “informer”, Feng Weiming felt much more indifferent than Mu Yixi, and his style was like a successful returnee, arrogant and noble.

Mu Yiqi didn’t see Feng Weiming in person, but he could imagine his cold face, and he sighed in his heart that he had managed to raise Feng Weiming to be livelier after so many years, but within two years, Feng Weiming turned back to the cold young master Ming.

Mu Yiqi pointed and stared at an inconspicuous scar on his lips.

After growing up, he knew that it was a bite mark, and the person who bit his mouth was not light.

With Mu Yiqi’s IQ, he naturally didn’t believe Mu Yixi’s statement that he had clenched his teeth too hard.

This was definitely evidence of some kind of counterattack that could only be understood and not spoken.

Mu Yixi was the one who was bitten and was obviously the “violator”.

Mu Yiqi had already made up a big scene of “the new love appears, the old love is not willing to be violently rejected”, and he really felt sad for his brother.

In any case, when Feng Weiming left without saying goodbye, Mu Yiqi didn’t quite understand his act of dumping people immediately.

Mu Yixi touched the scar on his lips, but what he recalled was the passion of the night before.

He showed a meaningful smile: “Then next time you see Mingming, you can ask him”

Mu Yiqi had exactly this intention.

He didn’t dare to teach Feng Weiming a lesson, but it was inevitable to ask questions.

Feng Weiming owed him a reason, he was also Feng Weiming’s brother! As soon as Feng Weiming left, not to mention whether he had thought about Mu Yixi’s feelings, he didn’t even care about the feelings of their family who had taken care of him for so many years.

It was too much!

“I’m going to see him, brother.” Mu Yiqi said solemnly.

Mu Yixi nodded encouragingly, without the slightest sense of guilt.

Mu Yiqi paused and asked carefully, “Brother, have you ever thought about getting back with Mingming”

Mu Yixi looked at him: “Do you want us to get back together”

A tangled look flashed across Mu Yiqi’s face.

He also hoped that Mu Yixi would marry and have children like a normal person and would not go against the mainstream of society.


“I hope you are happy, brother.” Mu Yiqi sighed.

Originally, he thought that the separation of Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming was right, but as close as he was to him, how could he not notice Mu Yixi’s unhappiness As soon as Feng Weiming came back, even though he seemed to reject Mu Yixi’s approach, Mu Yixi was not at all depressed, and his whole person radiated a long-lost interest.

This was something that neither Lin Pei’er nor any other woman could do.

… Mu Yixi really loved Feng Weiming miserably.

In this case, Mu Yiqi had no choice but to accept the fact that his brother had fallen in love with a person of the same-sex and he had to stand firmly on his side and support him!

“Thank you.” Mu Yixi said sincerely.

His younger brother was good.

Mu Yiqi suddenly said, “Brother, if one day I fell in love with a man, would you accept it”

“Have you fallen in love with any man” Mu Yixi suddenly concentrated.

Mu Yiqi was stunned for a second, then smiled and said, “No, I just asked.

Who knows, it’s hard to tell clearly about fate.”

Mu Yixi’s mind turned, and smiled, “I think you are in the bloom of spring.

Now, hurry up and find a girlfriend, don’t hold back!”

“Fuck you!” Mu Yiqi hissed.

The two brothers said a few more words, and Mu Yiqi went out with confidence when he saw that Mu Yixi was really fine.

Mu Yixi waited for him to go out, the smile on his face faded, and he fell into deep thought.

Feng Weiming was back, and it was time to visit the elders.

The first stop was the old house of the Mu family.

He hadn’t seen Grandma Mu for two years.

Grandma Mu was a little old, but she seemed to have become kinder.

Her greatest wish was for her family to be safe and happy.

She was as affectionate to Feng Weiming as before, and she resented him for leaving in a hurry.

“Grandma hasn’t lived for a few years, no matter where you want to go, let me see you before you go, so that I can rest assured, ah” Grandma Mu instructed, taking Feng Weiming’s hand.

Tang Yanhua, who had a servant relationship with her, but was as close as a sister to her, was seriously ill.

Now she was just recovering, giving Grandma Mu a great feeling.

The return of Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli was facilitated by her.

In any case, she couldn’t let her old friend not see her children for the last time.

Facing the earnest old lady, Feng Weiming softened his expression slightly.

In fact, Mu Jingwei and Grandma Mu really didn’t hold much weight in his heart, and the only thing was that Mu Jingwei set up a bureau to provoke the relationship between him and Mu Yixi, so that they had to separate.

However, Feng Weiming’s grievances were clear.

He didn’t hold grudges against the simple grandma Mu.

Even if he didn’t really regard her as his grandmother, he still had the patience to treat her as an ordinary old woman.

In terms of human relationships, Feng Weiming was now much better than before.

When it was Mu Jingwei’s turn, the atmosphere between the old and the young seemed to be the same as before.

Feng Weiming was indifferent and Mu Jingwei always smiled, but if you observed carefully, you would find that Feng Weiming’s eyes were indifferent, while Mu Jingwei’s eyes were deep, but his meaning was unclear.

What Feng Weiming said was a formal greeting, and Mu Jingwei answered him amiably, as if he didn’t hear the perfunctoriness in his tone.

During the whole visit, Mu Jingwei, in addition to responding to the greetings, only said one more sentence when Feng Weiming was leaving: “In the Mu family, it is better to be ambitious than to be indifferent to the world.

Grandpa is proud of your ability to come this far.

Go ahead, it’s your turn to play.”

As smart and clear as Feng Weiming was, he didn’t figure out what he meant for a while.

He paused for a moment and looked at Mu Jingwei, but Mu Jingwei waved his hand and walked away humming a pleasant tune.

The tall and thin back gave people a certainty of him strategizing.

Feng Weiming left the Mu family’s old house with a trace of bad feelings.

Not far from the door, he saw Mu Yiqi leaning against the car door with his arms folded over his chest, waiting for him.

Now Mu Yiqi’s appearance was only five points like Mu Yixi’s.

Visually, he was a little shorter than Mu Yixi, and his temperament was also very different from Mu Yixi.

He was Feng Weiming’s cousin.

In the past, Feng Weiming cared much more for him than Mu Yixi.

But the more he got along with the brothers, the more Feng Weiming felt that he was a little stupid.

Mu Yixi treated him like that, and Mu Yiqi was stupid.

Occasionally, he couldn’t help but feel pity for the stupid one…

“Mingming, long time no see!” Mu Yiqi turned to face Feng Weiming sideways, posing as if he was looking for guilt.

“Well.” Feng Weiming nodded coldly.

Mu Yiqi pointed at him dissatisfiedly and said, “This is your attitude after two years of absence Do you still see me as your brother”

The corners of Feng Weiming’s lips rose by 0.5 cm, and there was no smile in his eyes.

He grabbed Mu Yiqi’s fingers and pulled it back, stretched out his long legs and put him on the ground in the blink of an eye.

Mu Yiqi cried out in pain, “Feng Weiming, what are you doing”

Feng Weiming took out his handkerchief and wiped his hands slowly, Mu Yiqi could only see his slightly raised chin from his vantage point.

Feng Weiming’s tone seemed as if he was giving away alms: “I’ll give you a minute.”


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