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The children of the Mu family were instilled with the knowledge of financial management since they were young.

All the property received from birth was handled by a special person.

When they reached a certain age, they would open an account in the bank in their own name and deposit money in it in their own name.

Usually, they could also receive pocket money from their parents every month, which they could use freely.

Mu Yixi was adopted by Mrs.

Mu when he was six years old, and his food and clothing expenses were all at the same level as Mu Yiqi.

The pocket money he got every year and the property he received during festivals such as birthdays and the Spring Festival was also worth a lot of money.

Unlike Mu Yiqi, who had many hobbies, he spent money very sparingly, so before he found a suitable person to invest and manage money for him, he already had a small amount of savings.

When he found the right person to invest and manage money for him, the money on hand doubled and tripled, but just because it was not easy to publicize, and it was not operated by himself, so it was not too outrageous.

At the age of eighteen, Mu Yixi had only a little more than ten million property under his control.

This number seemed to be a lifelong worry for ordinary families, but for a behemoth like the Mu family, it was nothing at all.

Mu Jiurong alone had a net worth of more than one billion, but he was an invisible rich man, his property had not been disclosed to any institution, and his ambition was not to spend the rest of his life with a huge sum of money.

Even if he didn’t use the foresight of the previous life, with Mu Yixi’s ability to invest steadily, he would be able to catch up with Mu Jiurong’s wealth in twenty years.

But at the age of eighteen, the Mu family forced Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming to break up intentionally or unintentionally.

Mu Yixi finally realized that he was too stupid and sweet to the Mu family, so he suddenly changed his mind.

Although money was not omnipotent, if you had money, it was enough to make people look up, and it could also guarantee your right to speak – at least you could use money to kill people at critical moments.

So, in the past two years, Mu Yixi started to make money crazily.

Domestic and foreign stock index futures were his main source of income, a lottery jackpot was a boost, and the generous rewards and dividends given by Mushi for new project development were added, capital operation, recycling…

Unconsciously, Mu Yixi’s property was like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger.

He roughly estimated that, even excluding his shareholding in some companies that would be world-renowned in the future, his liquid capital had reached as high as 100 million US dollars, which was almost 1 billion in national currency.

Although it was still a bit less than Mu Jiurong, he could definitely smash people with it.

At least if he made up his mind to jump out of the Mu Clan and go at it alone, it would be impossible for the Mu family to cut off water and food for him, and it would take thirty years of thinking for them to block him.

After all, the project he proposed was not the most complete, and it was very likely that Mu Shi would need his continued help in the future.

Once there was an interest entanglement, the Mu family’s behavior could never be so decisive.

Attacking the son’s shield with his son’s spear, they would land in the middle of Mu Yixi’s arms.

Mu Yixi didn’t know which step he and Feng Weiming could take, but that step should be taken by the two of them themselves.

If the people next to them wanted to intervene, he would chop off the other’s paw first.

Mu Yixi held Feng Weiming’s hand and said affectionately, “Mingming, I have the ability to protect you…”

Feng Weiming’s frowning brows loosened and then tightened slightly.

Mu Yixi’s intentions were certainly touching, but this bastard was the best at acting.

On the surface, he was always gentle and considerate, and his face was always full of affection and friendship.

But when he turned his face, he didn’t recognize anyone in an instant, so this emotion needed to be discounted.

On the other hand, Feng Weiming also felt that he had obviously fallen behind.

He took into account both his studies and the operation of Tianxing, and he thought it was quite good to achieve the current results, but he didn’t expect Mu Yixi to reserve such a large amount of strength without saying a word.

You must know that Mu Yixi had to take care of more things than him in the past two years, and he was still under the eyes of Mu Jiurong and others.

This was the biggest gap between him and Mu Yixi so far.

In the past, even if there were wins and losses, the gap was only between equals.

Mu Yixi’s growth rate was too amazing, and he still relied on himself all the way, no one had supported him.

His relationship with Mu Yixi, even if they had gone to bed, he still wouldn’t take it for granted that Mu Yixi must protect him.

Feng Weiming was a man, and he didn’t have the concept of “being responsible when you go to bed” (two-way).

He didn’t like to rely on others.

Mu Yixi was right, if you want to be free, you must first become financially independent and strengthen yourself to the point where others dared not act rashly.

Seeing the ambition and fighting spirit in Feng Weiming’s eyes, Mu Yixi felt a burst of numbness hitting his tailbone.

The familiar and exciting feeling of being chased by someone came back to his mind.

For the first time in a long while, Mu Yixi’s adrenaline surged!

When working at Mu’s, although he occasionally felt nervous and excited, Mu Yiqi was not an opponent at all, and secondly, the high-level leaders headed by Mu Jiurong were always tricked by his nine-sentence and one-fake calculations.

Mu Yixi felt that it was not right, and sometimes even felt bored and uninterested.

If it wasn’t for the purpose that he had to accomplish, he didn’t want to waste time at Mu’s at all.

But Feng Weiming gave him a completely different feeling! A genius scholar, he was born with outstanding talent, was clear and precise, and he had realized that every catch-up and progress where Feng Weiming fell behind forced Mu Yixi to break through the self of his previous life, and it took a lot of effort to open up the distance again and not let the opponent catch up.

In the past two years, Mu Yixi had been calculating and planning in a multi-pronged manner, and he was still energetic and able to handle it with ease.

When Feng Weiming came back, Mu Yixi had a hunch that he might taste exhaustion.

What a wonderful prospect…

Mu Yixi couldn’t help hugging Feng Weiming, and say happily and emotionally, “Mingming, it’s really nice of you to come back!”

Feng Weiming: … What kind of madness was this

Thinking about it this way, the snow-white face went slightly red against its master’s will.

Although he knew that this kind of sweet talk needed to be discounted, the mood inside was at least five points true, and it continued to be broadcast…

As cold and indifferent as Feng Weiming was, sometimes he had to admit that he was not as cold as he seemed to act.

Back at the Mu family, Mu Yixi was blocked by Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi came in with a cup of hot cappuccino, and the sweet and greasy smell instantly filled the whole office.

Mu Yiqi didn’t like drinking coffee, but his skills in making coffee were top-notch, however very few people could taste it.

Mu Yixi smiled immediately: “What kind of wind is blowing today Is Master Qi willing to make coffee again”

Mu Yiqi looked at his brother vaguely, seeing his happy expression without any reluctance, half of the worries in his heart were relieved.

“If you want to drink it, ask me to make it.” Mu Yiqi said indifferently.

Mu Yixi took a sip of the coffee, and the rich coffee sweetness exploded in his mouth.

He narrowed his eyes and became even happier.

His whole body was suddenly filled with vigor.

In fact, since falling in love with Feng Weiming, Mu Yixi had become less keen on sweets.

Feng Weiming hated sweetness, and every time Mu Yixi ate sweet food, he refused to accept his closeness.

Although Mu Yixi would do evil and tease him with a mouthful of sweetness, but not many times, and in order to make out, he had to endure the pain and touch less sweets, then he got used to it over time.

However, Mu Yixi didn’t reject the occasional sweet taste.

Sometimes because it was rare, it appeared more precious.

Of course, it was impossible for Mu Yixi to ask Mu Yiqi to make coffee often for the sake of his own appetite.

But his brother’s filial piety was still heartening.

Mu Yixi said, “Xiaoqi, don’t go around in circles, what’s the matter”


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