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The warm sunlight filtered through the window, Feng Weiming’s long eyelashes trembled slightly on the luxurious hotel bed, as he slowly opened his eyes.

His whole body felt so soft as if it had been run over by a truck.

When Feng Weiming moved, he realized that his body had been cleaned up, and there were no dirty things on his body.

The stickiness of a liquid caused a tingling pain in an indescribable part.

Although the pain was not unbearable, it was enough to make his face flush with embarrassment.

Thinking of the madness last night, which was different from the one he had experienced before, he felt a helpless panic that was completely suppressed, and the uncontrollable pleas at the extreme pleasure caused even more excessive treatment…

The person who did the bad thing was not even there on the bed, he didn’t know where he was, and the pillow next to him was cold.

Feng Weiming shrank under the sheets, holding his fists and waiting to throw a punch…

Just as Feng Weiming was brewing his emotions, the door of the room opened, and Mu Yixi, who was in high spirits, pushed the dining cart in, and quickly closed the door, as if he didn’t want to allow the interior scenery to leak out even a little bit.

“You’re up, dear!” Mu Yixi completely ignored Feng Weiming’s dangerous expression, leaned over to kiss his forehead, and said softly, “I got up and saw that you were still sleeping, so I went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Are you hungry”

He turned around and lifted the lid, which was full of Feng Weiming’s favorite foods, almond bread, vegetable salad, bacon and eggs, yogurt, etc.

The one thing that stood out was a bowl of soft boiled red bean porridge.

Feng Weiming, who had become accustomed to the Western style breakfast in the past two years, did not know the meaning of red bean porridge, but the anger in Feng Weiming’s stomach dissipated unconsciously after seeing a breakfast that was made for him and was tailored to his taste.

As always, Mu Yixi was good at coaxing him from anger to tenderness and consideration when stepping on his bottom line.

Mu Yixi thoughtfully took a clean bathrobe and put it over Feng Weiming’s exposed shoulders, then he asked with a smile, “Eating in bed or in the living room” The room they had opened was a luxury suite.

Feng Weiming looked at the attentive Mu Yixi, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes.

Just as he was about to say the living room, he moved a little and felt the soreness of his body, so with a straight face, he said, “Here.”

Mu Yixi immediately arranged everything meticulously for him, with a face like a spring breeze, as if serving his lover was a very pleasant thing.

Feng Weiming ate silently.

Mu Yixi smiled and looked at him without blinking.

“…Aren’t you going to eat”

“I’ve eaten, don’t worry about me.”

“…I can’t finish it.”

“Hey, why is your appetite smaller, no wonder you lost so much weight, when I hugged you… “

“Eat, breakfast, meal.”

“Well, I’ll listen to you.”

After a breakfast in which he almost overturned the table, Feng Weiming ignored Mu Yixi’s eager eyes to “stay in bed for a long time” and dressed up while getting out of bed.

On the way to the bathroom, Feng Weiming stumbled a little, and Mu Yixi quickly supported him, one had his head lowered while the other had his head raised, their eyes were glued together, and the sweetness of long-lost love poured out instantly.

At this time, they finally remembered that although the process was a little confusing (mainly Feng Weiming was confused), they did spend a special night together last night and completed their first experience with each other.

Before he was almost kissed again, Feng Weiming coughed and looked away: “I want to go in…” His voice dropped twice.

Mu Yixi let go of him reluctantly.

Coming out of the bathroom, Feng Weiming had once again become the noble and indifferent Young Master Ming.

But Mu Yixi didn’t restrain his eyes that wanted to swallow him alive again.

He just stood outside the bathroom and thought in his mind – you should forgive an incompetent person who had never been exposed to meat in two lifetimes, so after finally eating the big candy, he thought it was not sweet at all.

And he felt unfulfilled all the time.

Feng Weiming handed out a black card.

This move was too much like paying the fee after having fun for a night, so Mu Yixi reflexively said, “Do you want to sleep without admitting it”

Feng Weiming’s forehead burst with blue veins, and he glared at him.

Mu Yixi knew right away that he was wrong, so he took the card with one hand and hugged Feng Weiming’s waist with the other: “What is this”

Feng Weiming said: “The project benefits.”

Feng Weiming suddenly returned to France two years ago.

Mu Jiuqing was both surprised and delighted, thinking that his son had finally changed his mind and returned home.

But once he reached there, Mu Jiuqing quickly saw that he was hurt by someone, and he had left the country to escape.

Regardless of who the other party was, in order to make his son happy, Mu Jiuqing was full of tricks.

When Feng Weiming revealed that he wanted to take revenge, Mu Jiuqing not only did not stop it, but also encouraged him very much.

The team of Tianxing Company could be formed so quickly, in it Mu Jiuqing’s support was definitely a great contribution.

Later, when he learned that Feng Weiming was targeting the domestic Mu clan, Mu Jiuqing’s reaction was just to raise his eyebrows and let him do what he wanted.

Mu Yixi was once amazed at Mu Jiuqing’s unrestrained pampering of his son, but now he had become numb to it.

Moreover, he deeply realized that once his relationship with Feng Weiming was exposed, Mu Jiuqing’s attitude would by no means be willing to accept it.

He had to be mentally prepared to be cleaned up.

Mu Jiuqing was much more hidden than Mu Jiurong.

Feng Weiming respected Mu Jiuqing very much.

It was estimated that Feng Weiming would not stand on his side, but secretly root for Mu Jiuqing.

He might think that if Mu Jiuqing could give him a hard lesson, that would be for the best.

Feng Weiming brought people back to China with great fanfare, apparently to retaliate against Mu Yixi.

In fact, he had already realized that two years ago, Mu Jingwei had played a game against him and Mu Yixi.

This game not only separated him and Mu Yixi, but also promoted the competition between Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi.

At that time, before he and Mu Yixi could start gathering their strength, they were caught off guard by Mu Jingwei.

And Feng Weiming had seen Mu Yixi’s good attitude towards Mrs.

Mu and the others for many years, so there was always a shadow in his heart, thinking that if his affairs ever came in conflict with Mrs.

Mu and the others, Mu Yixi would choose Mrs.

Mu and the others and would sacrifice him.

Mu Yixi really agreed to marry the Lin family, which hit the doubts in his heart, so he was convinced at the beginning and couldn’t stop being angry.

However, after thinking about it, even if Mu Yixi did not agree to marry, their next step might be to tell Mu Jiuqing about his relationship with Mu Yixi.

At that time, even if Feng Weiming did not take the initiative, Mu Jiuqing would also recall him.

Feng Weiming would not break up with Mu Jiuqing because of this, but it would take time to persuade him.

A brief separation between him and Mu Yixi was inevitable.

Therefore, for the first time Tianxing and the domestic Mu clan “contacted”, Mu Yixi immediately threw out an olive branch that coincided with Feng Weiming’s intentions in a timely and appropriate manner, and Feng Weiming accepted it after struggling for a while.

And a lot of information was revealed to him by Mu Yixi through the “love letter” style, including the cause and effect of the marriage incident, his plans, etc.

Of course, he also made a small apology.

But Mu Yixi knew how to irritate people the most.

He looked soft, but when he was pressed, he still had hard bones.

Feng Weiming had been apologized to, but he had to read through those disgusting love letters, and he could only recognize the important facts with his senses.

Another reason why Feng Weiming was not really so angry was that the marriage of Mu Yixi and Lin Pei’er never happened, and even the engagement ceremony was never held, which was enough to prove Mu Yixi’s determination to settle the matter to his satisfaction.

With Mu Yixi’s personality that never suffered, he would never fight an uncertain battle.

Therefore, Feng Weiming was more confident than the senior management of Mu’s in the project he proposed.

Moreover, Feng Weiming was also a unique visionary and he could see the value contained in these projects.

Tianxing’s profit was far more terrifying than many people imagined.

Feng Weiming didn’t intend to keep the money, and half of it was given to Mu Jiuqing as repayment of a loan to establish Tianxing at the beginning.

The other half was saved and was to be handed over to Mu Yixi, after all, his situation was much more difficult than his.

Feng Weiming had an adoptive father who thought about everything for him, but Mu Yixi couldn’t even count on his biological father.

However, Mu Yixi put the black card into Feng Weiming’s hand with his backhand, and said dotingly, “No need, you keep it as pocket money.”

As pocket money So generous Didn’t he know how much money Tianxing made There were 10 million in this card, and there was no problem, it was all real money.

Feng Weiming frowned and looked at him lightly: Are you rich

Mu Yixi lowered his head in embarrassment and stretched out a finger: “Currently, the assets under my name are about 100 million, um, US dollars.”


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