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Mu Yixi lowered his head, very satisfied that he was still half a head taller than Feng Weiming.

In the past two years, Feng Weiming had grown taller, and he had also grown taller.

But when they met again, it felt completely different.

This ruthless little thing was very temperamental.

He walked away without saying a word back then, and then when he contacted him again and asked him to send a photo back, he ignored it.

Mu Yixi could only imagine his cold face based on his memories, and then lamented at his own self-abuse.

At that time, he was also very angry, and thought about breaking up.

After being brothers for ten years, they became lovers for more than two years, and they were used to each other’s existence like air.

But just because it was an answer of expediency, Feng Weiming unilaterally cut off all contact without giving him any chance to explain.

Could it be that his status in Feng Weiming’s mind was so insignificant Did Feng Weiming’s trust in him stop there

Although Mu Yixi felt that he was indeed at a disadvantage, and he should not be so narrow-minded after living two lives, it was clear that the happy childhood in this life had brought him a little fresh breath, which had caused him to be troubled by certain problems and become less sensible.

After Feng Weiming had been gone for half a year, Mu Yixi really resolutely turned a deaf ear to his news.

Feng Weiming’s side was equally hard-hearted, and he didn’t show any signs of making peace.

Just when Mu Yixi began to wonder if the stalemate would continue and if the two were really over, a company called Tianxing intercepted his project without warning, and operated it at an unreasonable speed.

It was so well known that the Mu family could no longer operate the same type of projects.

After all, a large family business like the Mu family had its own strengths, and it was impossible for them to “plagiarize” a fledgling junior.

The internal thorough investigation of the project leak by Mu Shi did not go well.

Suspected candidates were informed earlier and evacuated, but the next project that was just taking shape was still leaked.

The situation gradually turned into a farce against him.

Mu Jiurong seemed to have an ambiguous attitude because of Mu Yiqi’s relationship, but Mu Yixi, who once served as the helm of the Mu family, immediately thought of something: the overseas Mu family.

The domestic Mushi and the overseas Mushi had been in a relationship of cooperation and competition for a long time.

Both sides would unite against the outside world, but both sides would still do their best to strive for the family resources.

Putting nails in each other was a common method in their respective headquarters.

Both sides had always turned a blind eye to this kind of behavior, but it was very rare to directly damage each other’s interests through these nails.

Only these kinds of nails could do things like stealing projects without anyone noticing.

If it was really the handiwork of the overseas Mu’s, it was obviously crossing the line.

Mu Jiurong would never let it go.

Unless this matter just had the shadow of overseas Mu Shi, but the actual operation had nothing to do with overseas Mu Shi.

Now that the overseas Mu Clan was completely under the control of Mu Jiuqing, who had such a big face to call on his manpower but completely let him play by himself

Feng Weiming.

This guess immediately brightened Mu Yixi’s mood.

He tentatively sent an email to Feng Weiming and sent him the follow-up plan for the first intercepted project.

Feng Weiming returned the email to him, so Mu Yixi affirmed that the person behind Tianxing was indeed him!

Emma, the person he was looking for really wasn’t a bun who was beaten and wouldn’t fight back! This was revenge against him, he wanted to make him the laughing stock of the Mu family while he couldn’t do anything.

Mu Yixi seemed to see through Feng Weiming’s intentions through the email: he wanted him to stay in the Mu family! He even offered him the freedom of marriage, and he was a lover first and then to pay!

But wasn’t this a different kind of “hero saving beauty” Mu Yixi wanted to sacrifice himself, had he asked Feng Weiming

Moreover, Mu Yixi’s project plan was submitted, and Mu’s senior management had to repeatedly discuss and review it, and it took a long time from affirmation to formal project approval.

When it came to Feng Weiming’s Tianxing, it was actually a direct decision!

It could be seen that Feng Weiming had no doubts about his ability!

It turned out that he clearly believed in him, but was just angry and did stupid things before, and he apologized in this way when he couldn’t step down.

What a little awkward tsundere.

Thinking of this, Mu Yixi was so happy that he almost floated up! (Feng Weiming: ¬_¬ is completely overdoing it.)

When the next project plan disappeared, Mu Yixi sent an email to Feng Weiming again, to the effect: Mingming, I know that the person behind Tianxing is you! Before you deny it, look at the attachment, this is the real plan of the new project.

The plan that was taken by your people is fake and will be lost if it is run according to script.

The fake plan was originally used by me to punish the thief, but knowing that it was clearly taken by you, I will never let you suffer.

Our separation was done by the Mu family, do you just want to take revenge on dear me and ignore the real culprit Let’s give them some color to see…

This time Feng Weiming still didn’t reply, but he didn’t return the email to him.

Mu Yixi sent him the follow-up plan for the first intercepted project that had been withdrawn before, and Feng Weiming accepted it silently.

After that, the two of them managed Tianxing prosperously with a tacit understanding that did not require much words at all.

Mu Yixi no longer blocked Feng Weiming’s news, so knowing that he went to the United States to study alone, according to their original common plan, he suddenly felt a little distressed.

He took time out of his busy schedule to write love letters every day and sent them to Feng Weiming by e-mail.

His words were changeable, sometimes subtle and tactful, and sometimes enthusiastic.

These letters impacted the three views of his sister.

Mu Yixuan deeply felt that she was being looked down upon, so she turned around and pestered Qin He to write her a love letter…

Not long ago, Mu Yixi learned from Mu Yiqi that Feng Weiming completed the course in the United States in two years.

So, Mu Yixi knew that he was coming back.

This day was coming soon.

Although it was a bit unpleasant to see Feng Weiming bringing a girl over, his impatient mood still prevailed.

Holding the person firmly, Mu Yixi leaned close to Feng Weiming’s flawless face and took a deep breath, as if breathing in the smell of Feng Weiming’s body.

And his and Feng Weiming’s bodies fit together through the clothes, the self-sustaining expressions and faithful body reactions made Feng Weiming’s face instantly redden.

“Mingming, I really missed you…” Mu Yixi murmured.

Feng Weiming’s influence on him was so great that he could suddenly make him hard.

The promise that Feng Weiming made when he turned eighteen did not come to pass.

It was frustrating to think about.

This expression of true feelings was just right to make the knee that had been raised to attack a certain part pause, and then Mu Yixi, as expected, cleverly blocked his unfinished movements and used aggressive taekwondo movements to stall him.

“Let go of me.” Feng Weiming’s expression changed slightly, and he stared at him coldly.

He shouldn’t have been soft-hearted!

Mu Yixi stared at him deeply: “This is the second sentence you said to the lover you have met after a long absence”

“Who is the lover You and I have not been related for a long time… uh!”

Mu Yixi kissed him fiercely! The turbulent emotions such as anger, injury, and longing for the past two years finally found an outlet and poured out mercilessly.

Feng Weiming was caught off guard and fell into a passive state for a while.

But he quickly reacted, with anger flashing in his eyes!

Wasn’t he too embarrassed to be angry!

God knows that when he had asked Mu Yixi two years ago if he agreed to marry the Lin family, and Mu Yixi answered “yes”, how he had felt! A moment ago, he had sworn in front of Mu Jingwei that he believed in Mu Yixi.

No matter what Mu Jingwei said, he was stubborn in his opinion.

He turned his head and Mu Yixi gave him a loud slap in the face!

That was the biggest humiliation Feng Weiming had suffered in his more than ten years of life, and that too from his closest brother and lover!

Mu Yixi agreed to marry the Lin family, so what was he

Mistress Third party

At that time, Feng Weiming really hated Mu Yixi, where did he put him

No matter how much helplessness Mu Yixi had, how many explanations, the moment he agreed to marry the Lin family, he betrayed Feng Weiming and their feelings!

When Feng Weiming left, he thought: You wait, Mu Yixi, I will never let you go.

… Although Mu Yixi’s unreasonable play of cards when he was smug about revenge was a little messed up, it didn’t mean that he had forgiven him!

Thinking of this, Feng Weiming was also angry and bit back hard!

Mu Yixi’s lips were bitten but he didn’t let go.

He kissed Feng Weiming’s lips swollen, stained with his blood, and touched him several times through his pants before letting go with a grin.

The two stared at each other breathlessly, their gazes so intense that they seemed to have fought several times.

“Don’t let that woman approach you again.” Mu Yixi warned in a low voice.

Feng Weiming snorted coldly: “Why She is my girl…”

“You dare to say this word, don’t even think about going out tonight.” Mu Yixi pointed to a certain part of himself, and said with a smile: “I’ve reached sixth level of taekwondo, how about you”

Feng Weiming closed his mouth.

In the United States, he spent all his time studying, and naturally didn’t have much time to practice taekwondo.

Just now he noticed that the gap between his and Mu Yixi’s force value had widened.

And Mu Yixi was crazy tonight.

The flow level refreshed his cognition, and a smart person would not provoke him knowing that the situation was wrong.

“Mingming, promise me, eh” Mu Yixi went to hold Weiming’s hand with affection again.

He only allowed state officials to set fires, not allowing people to light lamps[1].

He and Lin Pei’er still needed to act, but if Feng Weiming did the same thing, even if he was just acting for him, he was not allowed!

Apart from him, no one was allowed to approach his Mingming.

Feng Weiming couldn’t help trembling when he saw the strong possessiveness in Mu Yixi’s eyes.

After not seeing him for two years, Mu Yixi felt a little strange to him.

For a while, he didn’t know how to face him.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree, I’ll let her agree.” Feng Weiming didn’t speak, and Mu Yixi quickly thought of other ways.

Except for a few specific women, the words ‘tender feelings for women’ never existed in Mu Yixi’s dictionary.

Feng Weiming’s face went cold.

He had a hunch that if he opened his mouth to protect Liang Wanyue, Mu Yixi would go crazy, and then he would do what he had said.

Silence was the default, Mu Yixi smiled contentedly, and continued: “We will stay at Yilian Garden tonight, your room has been reserved, I have helped you clean it…”

This time, Feng Weiming’s expression finally softened.

But just when he was a little moved, he heard Mu Yixi say: “But it’s useless to keep it, come and sleep in my room! If you think Yilian Garden is inconvenient, we will move out…”

“Mu, Yi, Xi!” Feng Weiming interrupted him before he could say more and more outrageous words.

“I heard you call my name again.” Mu Yixi looked relieved: “Mingming…”





“Shut up.”

“You Promised”


Go to this stranger! He’s going to beat this bastard to death!


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