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On Saturday night, Mu Yixi came to the banquet scene with Lin Pei’er, who was dressed up, in his arms.

The hosts of the banquet, Feng Kun and his fiancee Hu Anqi, no, she should be called Wei Anqi now, greeted them with a smile.

“You are here.” Feng Kun nodded.

Feng Kun, who was over 20 years old, looked like a young talent, but the corners of his eyes were slightly hung, giving a sense of arrogance.

He was also a student of Ya’an University, but he was basically just going through the motions, rarely returning to school.

Because he had opened a real estate company, in which he speculated on the land and then sold it.

After two years of doing it, he became prosperous, and now he intended to get involved in the development business.

Among his peers in the circle, he was a rare leader, and Mu Yiqi and others, who were still steadily working in the family business, seemed to have lost two points of determination in front of him.

“Brother Xi, Sister Pei’er.” Wei Anqi, a little bird leaning on Feng Kun’s side, called out with a sweet smile.

Sometimes Mu Yixi had to admire Hu Qin and Wei Anqi’s enthusiasm.

In the past six months, they could be said to have become proud with the spring breeze.

Wei Dong, the “Uncle Wei” that Mu Yixi had known about before, turned out to be a rich Hong Kong businessman.

Hu Qin somehow got together with him, became his mistress for more than ten years, and gave birth to a daughter for him.

A year ago, Wei Dong and his ex-wife divorced.

Half a year ago, Hu Qin and his daughter became regulars and settled down in Xin’an City.

At this time, the identity of Hong Kong businessmen was very popular in China, and Hu Qin and Wei Anqi thus became upstarts in Xin’an City.

When the news of Qin He and Mu Yixuan becoming a couple spread in Ya’an, Feng Kun was so angry that he almost wanted to fight Qin He.

At this time, Wei Anqi quietly became Feng Kun’s little lover.

Feng Kun was just playing, but when Wei Anqi’s identity changed, Zhong Ruizhen made him and Wei Anqi get engaged.

Regardless of what people in the circle said, Hu Qin and Wei Anqi gradually gained a firm footing through Wei Dong and the Feng family.

Mu Yixi and Lin Pei’er greeted them and then Feng Kun said, “Mu Yixi, let’s talk.”

Lin Pei’er sensibly dragged Wei Anqi, who wanted to stick to Feng Kun to show ownership, away: “Angie, is this F&Y’s new product you are wearing Come and let me see…”

Wei Anqi dared to instigate Mu Yixi with her arrogance, but she lacked confidence in dealing with someone else’s daughter like Lin Pei’er.

Lin Pei’er’s praise to her would make her happy for a long time.

Hearing this, even though she was reluctant to let go of Feng Kun, she still followed Lin Pei’er away.

Feng Kun picked up two glasses of red wine from the tray of the passing waiter, handed one to Mu Yixi, and asked in a familiar tone, “Why didn’t Xiaoxuan come” The Mu family was not pleasing to his eye, let alone him getting along peacefully with Mu Yixi, the illegitimate child he despised.

But Wei Anqi had become his girlfriend, and her relationship with Mu Yixi was not a secret.

It was learned from Wei Anqi that Mu Yixi was coveting the Mu family.

Usually, those who were gentle and courteous were all illusions, but Feng Kun felt that he was the one who hooked him.

One of the reasons why Feng Kun had accepted Wei Anqi was that she and Mu Yixuan were both blood sisters of Mu Yixi.

Feng Kun, who could not get Mu Yixuan, had an indescribable obsession with her.

Wei Anqi’s identity gave him a strange satisfaction.

Of course, it was impossible to expect Feng Kun, a splendid young master, to stay with his fiancée forever.

Although Hu Qin and Wei Anqi’s identities had been elevated, just like Wei Dong, Feng Kun still had a lot of romantic debts outside.

This was why Wei Anqi stared at him so closely.

However, because of the problems she experienced, Wei Anqi was more accepting of Feng Kun’s indiscretions than the average daughter, and she tried her best to ensure her status as the “principal room”.

For this reason, Mu Yixi was asked to beat Feng Kun as his brother-in-law.

Even though Mu Yixi was “entrusted”, he just smiled at Feng Kun.

Feng Kun wanted to have a little more heart-to-heart with him.

“She and Qin He went abroad.” Mu Yixi said.

His plan to study abroad was put on hold, but Mu Yixuan’s wasn’t.

She and Qin He were going to go abroad together.

For this reason, Qin He even waited for her for two years to be her classmate in the same grade.

Qin He had not been idle for the past two years, he had been working in the Qin family, as he coaxed his grandfather Qin Shichang into submission.

In the past, Qin Shichang valued him half because of Yan Kai’s face, but now he regarded Qin He as the hope of the Qin family and believed that he was the only one who had inherited his ability across generations.

Feng Kun didn’t like to hear this, and his face became a little dark.

Mu Yixi took a sip of red wine gracefully, as if he didn’t realize it.

He originally wanted to add to the injury.

Was his family’s Xiaoxuan someone whom people like Feng Kun could think of

Feng Kun didn’t continue to bring it up, he changed the subject, and lowered his voice: “The relationship with Nandao has been opened up, and the project will start construction in a month.

What do you say”

Mu Yixi said lightly, “If I don’t agree, will you stop”

Feng Kun was speechless.

He was the legal representative of the Hongda Real Estate Company he was running now, but the shares were divided among several people.

With a registered capital of 10 million, he only contributed 4 million, Mu Yixi contributed 2 million, Wei Dong, Hu Qin and Wei Anqi contributed 3 million, and Zhong Ruizhen contributed the remaining 1 million.

Feng Kun and his mother held half of the shares, Wei Dong held 40%, and Mu Yixi held 10%.

The two million that Mu Yixi took out was all of his savings, and Hu Qin and Wei Anqi “persuaded” him with such a small share.

Moreover, at the beginning of the company’s establishment, they used the bank loan that Mu Yixi “borrowed the chicken to make the egg”, but they still thought of him as an empty-handed white wolf.

Feng Kun didn’t trust Mu Yixi at first, holding a cold-eyed attitude, until he tasted the sweetness, then he began to value his advice, and then gradually put all his energy into it.

According to Mu Yixi’s analysis, Hongda earned more and more money, and Feng Kun’s greed also increased, thus he was no longer satisfied with just this.

It was Feng Kun’s decision to switch from land speculation to development.

He was extremely optimistic about the prospects of the South Island, a coastal island, where the explosive profit growth was enviable.

The money that Mu Yixi invested was his entire net worth, and he preferred a stable operation method, but he couldn’t stop Feng Kun’s decision, because even Hu Qin and Wei Anqi were on Feng Kun’s side.

Feng Kun had done all the pre-work by himself, but thinking of Mu Yixi’s ability to develop projects, he couldn’t help but ask.

But he knew that even if Mu Yixi said no, he couldn’t stop now, because so much money had been invested in it, including the profits made in the early stage, the company still owed the bank more than 100 million yuan!

Besides, Mu Yixi didn’t object strongly, all his money was invested, and he wouldn’t just watch all the hard-earned money go to waste…

Feng Kun comforted himself and lost his interest in continuing to talk with Mu Yixi.

At this time, there was a commotion at the door.

Indifferent and extravagant, an extremely handsome young man walked in with a beautiful and moving female companion.

Wherever he went, he completely attracted everyone’s attention.

Feng Kun turned his head to look, and immediately recognized the person: “Feng Weiming” He looked at Mu Yixi: “When did he return to China” Feng Weiming suddenly dropped out of school two years ago, and Feng Kun was also one of the people who found it inexplicable.

But the two brothers Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi kept it a secret and didn’t say a word, and no one knew what happened.

Feng Kun remembered that Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi had a pretty good relationship with Feng Weiming.

But Mu Yixi, who had a good relationship with Feng Weiming, didn’t even look at him, and Lin Pei’er had come back at some point, and was holding his arm intimately.

Feng Weiming and his female companion walked to Feng Kun and greeted him, the host of the banquet, as if they did not see Mu Yixi.

Feng Kun greeted Feng Weiming and his female companion with the demeanor of a master.

“Feng Weiming, long time no see, is this your girlfriend”

Feng Weiming’s voice was cold and sweet: “Miss Liang Wanyue.” He did not deny it.

Feng Kun smiled and said, “It seems that you had a good time abroad.

I asked Mu Yixi just now, and he didn’t even know that you had returned to China.

You concealed it well enough!”

Mu Yixi inevitably confronted Feng Weiming’s eyes.

Feng Weiming looked at him and Lin Pei’er leaning closely together, but his face was calm: “I won’t know how.”

Mu Yixi’s eyes fell on Liang Wanyue, with a smile that was not a smile: “Well, I see.”

Feng Kun suddenly felt a little cold.

The atmosphere between Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming didn’t seem to be right.

But this was only a momentary feeling.

In the next minute, the two of them took their female companions to shuttle among the guests, and the river water did not violate the well water[1].

Feng Weiming’s arm was accidentally touched by the waiter, and there was a little cake crumb on the cuff of his shirt, so he walked to the bathroom.

As soon as he reached the corner, he was violently pulled into a lounge.

A man pressed him firmly against the wall, smiled and said, “You’re taller and thinner.”

Then he lowered his head…

T/N: Guess who that man is


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