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Mu Yiqi looked at Mu Yixi’s confident appearance, and his anger subsided slightly.

In the past two years, Mu Yixi had shown his sharp edge, and Mu Yiqi had fully understood his power.

Since Mu Yixi knew who the principal person over there was, it would only take minutes for him to deal with him.

But he was still a little curious: “Who is it”

Mu Yixi smiled but said nothing.

Mu Yiqi stopped asking.

Mu Yixi didn’t care about the master suffering, let alone his indirect beneficiary

Two years ago, Mu Yixi changed his mind and wanted to stay at Mu’s.

The trip to study abroad was also canceled.

He was promoted to Ya’an University as the number one scholar in the province’s liberal arts in the college entrance examination, majored in international finance, and minored in law and French.

This was all while he was working, in fact he had no university life.

He would occasionally go out with Lin Pei’er, but he kept a distance from everybody of the opposite sex except Lin Pei’er, was a gentleman and kept himself clean.

The two were acquiesced by the Mu Lin family as a prospective unmarried couple.

As if being unshackled, Mu Yixi’s performance in the Mu family could only be described as flying into the sky.

In the past two years, he had proposed no less than ten development projects, large and small, but all of them had received attention.

Two of the first proposed projects had been approved and operated by Mu’s, and he was one of the main project leaders.

When it came to the third project, Mus were still conducting feasibility assessments.

But a company called Tianxing seemed to have fallen from the sky, cutting everything halfway, and had developed this project first.

If it could be called a coincidence once, then the next few times had become malicious competition.

There was a certain project that Mu Yixi had just finished and which had not been disclosed even in the Mu family.

The other party had already got the news in advance like a hound.

Money and relationships that didn’t come out quickly build up.

Moreover, the other party only robbed Mu Yixi’s projects.

If Mu Yixi handed over the project to Mu Yiqi and left it alone, the other party would be silent.

This incident was only known to the high-level members of the Mu family.

It caused a great shock at first.

The high-level leaders headed by Mu Jiurong conducted a thorough investigation of the project leak, and really found out the insider.

It was a pity that there was no time to catch the person, and the other party had already escaped.

Later, knowing that it was aimed at Mu Yixi, things became more subtle.

Mu Yixi was Mu Jiurong’s adopted son, and there was an obvious difference in identity from Mu Yiqi, the real prince.

Everyone knew that Mu Jiurong wanted his son to become a dragon, but he was just ordinary in comparison to Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi had accumulated a lot after being mediocre for several years and had suddenly emerged.

The ability he had shown was no less than that of many business veterans, and his status had thus skyrocketed.

As a reference, Mu Yiqi used to be slightly better, but now he was completely eclipsed, and had no power to fight back in the face of Mu Yixi’s strength.

There was something special about Mu which had allowed them to stand for hundreds of years.

The replacement of each generation at the helm was not the replacement of one person, but the replacement of a group of people.

This increased certain operating risks, but also maintained the vitality of the enterprise.

Mu’s management was more receptive to new things than many established companies.

Nothing impressed them more than a viable idea or performance.

Therefore, the gap between Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi had become less obvious due to Mu Yixi’s strength.

Everyone communicated with Mu Yixi as a peer, but their impression of Mu Yiqi was still that of a junior who needed to study hard and practice constantly.

Under such circumstances, it was not impossible if Mu Jiurong, the father, who favored his own son, Mu Yiqi, might target Mu Yixi, although everyone thought that Mu Jiurong would not be so stupid and act so blatantly….

But this idea of high-level leaders was quite detrimental to Mu Jiurong and Mu Yiqi.

For a while, Mu Yiqi had to distance himself from Mu Yixi in order to avoid suspicion.

And he also got to know an amazing inside story: Mu Yixi was actually Mu Jiurong’s illegitimate son, his half-brother!

Although Mu Yiqi had long regarded Mu Yixi as his brother for so many years, a pure emotional relationship was different from a real blood relationship, and it still shocked Mu Yiqi! After all, such rumors had always been heard until Mu Yiqi had turned numb to them, and he always deeply thought that it was only a rumor.

He didn’t believe that Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu’s with their shrewdness would not know about this.

So, he went to Mu Yixuan and hesitantly mentioned the matter.

Unexpectedly, Mu Yixuan already knew about it!

Mu Yixuan had long since said that she treated Mu Yizi as if he was born from Mrs.

Mu’s womb.


Mu had said it in a glorified manner, but Mu Yixuan was not a child and had her own judgment.

She explained to Mu Yiqi like this: “No one can choose their parents, the eldest brother is the most innocent.

He has been living a very hard life, and his identity has not been recognized by the Mu family.

You know what he’s like.

You know what he’s doing for us.

Even our mother doesn’t mind and has always been good to eldest brother.

Whether it’s by blood or emotionally, I recognize him as my eldest brother!” She stared at Mu Yiqi, with a posture of “if you dare not recognize the big brother, I will tear you up”.

But Mu Yiqi’s two lines of tears flowed down without warning!

He remembered that when he was a child, he was instigated to think that Mu Yixi was the child of a third party, and he had justly scolded him and refused to play with him.

Thinking of how Mu Yixi had taken care of him for so many years, he had done everything possible to control him, worrying that he was going down the wrong path, standing by him anytime and anywhere to support him and encourage him, this must have been exhausting for him…

Did Mu Yixi know his identity early, feel sorry for them, and treated them like this as an atonement

So distressed… qaq

Mu Yiqi was so shocked by this truth that he couldn’t tell Mu Yixi, so as not to cause secondary harm.

But Mu Jiurong got it wrong, and thought that Mu Yixi stealing his limelight had hit him deeply, so he took the opportunity to educate him: “Isn’t it uncomfortable No matter how close a brother is, it is impossible to give in in the face of interests.

Today your status is more than Mu Yixi, so others will still be polite to you.

But tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, if you are still no match, others will ignore you and only see Mu Yixi! For a long time, you can only live under the light of Mu Yixi, and look at his face for a lifetime!”

Mu Yiqi subconsciously retorted in his heart: My brother wouldn’t do this to me! Before, he had no interest in the Mu family at all, and he deliberately hid his ability so as to not compete with him…

Then, Mu Yiqi suddenly had a vague understanding.

Before, Mu Yixi had no interest in the Mu family at all, and he deliberately hid himself so as to not to compete with him! Moreover, his and Feng Weiming’s love, they were so blatant that Mu Yiqi wanted to look away.

They were also happily preparing to go abroad.

However, not long after Mu Jiurong told him that he had to marry Lin Pei’er, everything changed.

Feng Weiming left without warning, Mu Yixi did not go abroad, Mu Yixi went back to work in the Mu family, Mu Yixi became better, and Mu Yixi and Lin Pei’er got together…

Mu Yixi always treated him in a way which was too good to be true.

He didn’t want to marry, so did Mu Yixi replace him

Mu Yiqi, who admired, respected, and trusted his father from childhood, had a little doubt about Mu Jiurong for the first time.

However, the attitudes of Mu Jiurong and Mu Yixi seemed to be very normal.

There was no tit-for-tat between the two, and no bow was drawn.

Mu Yixi didn’t seem to be forced at all.

Mu Yiqi was a little uncertain again.

However, Mu Yiqi started having reservations again when Mu Jiurong tried to wake him up with cruel reality.

He knew that Mu Jiurong wanted to motivate him, and Mu Yixi’s ability did put pressure on him, but Mu Yiqi was not an intolerant person.

He was upright and honest, and seeing Mu Yixi was so good, he was actually very happy for him.

Moreover, when he encountered the strong, he got stronger, and when he encountered the weak, weaker.

With Mu Yixi putting pressure on him, his progress was better than Mu Jiurong closing him in a little black house and opening a small stove for him.

It was best for Mu Yiqi to just let go, not to avoid suspicion, to learn business with Mu Yixi, and to retain his independence while learning from him.

When Mu Yixi threw the project to him, he also worked diligently, and rightfully accumulated experience.

In the matter of joint marriage, Mu Yiqi firmly opposed Mu Yixi and Lin Pei’er’s engagement.

And he had made remarkable progress, so Mu Jiurong’s attitude loosened, which made Mu Yiqi confirm his thoughts.

Marriage or something was not important at all, all everyone wanted was his self-improvement.

If he was good, no one would force his brother.

So, although Mu Yixi’s achievements in Mu’s are dazzling, Mu Yiqi’s progress was also visible to the naked eye.

Although the methods were different, Mu Jiurong and Mu Yixi had obviously achieved their goals, and they could be regarded as having the same goal.

Mu Yixi was especially pleased.

Mu Jiurong’s persecution made him angry and resentful.

Mu Jiurong wanted to use him as Mu Yiqi’s whetstone, so he approached him step by step, tit for tat.

Mu Jiurong wanted the two brothers to form a healthy competitive relationship.

Mu Yixi refused to let him do so.

He wanted to be at full power, so with the experience and foresight of the previous life, he knocked Mu Yiqi down at once and climbed to a height that he could not climb.

He had planned to deliberately provoke Mu Yiqi, induce him to be hostile to him, and provoke his relationship with Mu Jiurong when Mu Yiqi confronted him.

Unexpectedly, Mu Yiqi deserved to be brought up by him, without him doing anything, Mu Yiqi seemed to have seen through Mu Jiurong’s “conspiracy and tricks” (Mu Jiurong: …), although he didn’t hate Mu Jiurong because of it, but his trust in Mu Jiurong’s words had been compromised, and he was obviously more on his side (seems to be sympathetic and pity) – no matter what Mu Yiqi was thinking about, Mu Yixi, who was the best judge of the situation, deepened his impression with kindness.

The impression that he never spoke ill of Mu Jiurong, and occasionally forced a smile, which made Mu Yiqi feel that he was strong (in business), and at the same time had no difficulty in perceiving his vulnerability (poor, poor father).

Now Mu Yixi was sure that no matter what he did, Mu Yiqi would trust him and think he was doing it for his own good.

If someone spoke ill of him, Mu Yiqi would definitely be the first to rush to argue for him, and even if he couldn’t refute it verbally (for example, to Mu Jiurong), he would refute it in his heart!

Mu Yiqi also showed a serious demeanor, as he said to him: “Brother, if you want to be the patriarch, I’ll help you! Don’t force yourself!”

Mu Yixi didn’t regret protecting him for so many years.

When he thought about his own life before, he also felt that Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan also thought the same, and they definitely hoped that he would live well.

But once he heard Mu Yixuan say it in person, and once he heard Mu Yiqi say it in person, it really warmed his heart.

Mu Yixi thought: If he has a partner, and the other party can’t tolerate his love for his mother and siblings, he will give him up.

Looking forward to the banquet on Saturday night, Mu Yixi said gently, “Come on, Xiaoqi, let me tell you about this communication software project…”

T/N: Yiqi and Yixuan are really cuties and deserve to be so protected by Yixi…


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