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Chapter 7

Mu Yixi remembered Xu Qingli.

She was one of the important figures that helped Mu Yixi beat Mu Jiurong.

After several generations’ of effort, the Mu Company right now was well-known within the S Province.

It could be said that just a stomp on the feet would lead the country to shake.

However, this family was quite low-profile, especially the sons and grandsons of the Mu Family staying domestically.

They must accept strict and elite training, paying attention to their actions.

It was due to this that there were rarely any hedonistic and arrogant young masters in the Mu Family.

Even if they couldn’t shine in their careers or professions, they could find a suitable job and live steady lives.

Xu Family was mentioned whenever Mu Family was.

In the past, Xu Family was Mu Family’s servants.

Xu Family’s ancestors were born as Mu Family’s servants.

Because they were loyal, they were valued and supported by the head of the Mu Family.

After hundreds of years of development, there were countless of them.

However, Xu Family’s background couldn’t be compared to Mu Family.

This was because their scattered grandsons and sons didn’t value family nor were they united.

They did their own things and couldn’t unite to develop the family.

During that era, they suffered a lot as a result.

The Xu Family’s ancestors’ only great decision was that each generation always served upon the Mu Family.

The decision was to thank Mu Family’s leader for their protection, but also to leave a backup route for the Xu Family.

Truth proved that this decision had a lot of foresight.

Though the Xu Family wanted to break free from their lowly status for hundreds of years, they were still servants of the Mu Family in the end, getting the best treatment at least.

Now, the generation serving the Mu Family belongs to Xu Qingli’s father.

Xu Qingli’s grandparents died in order to protect the Mu Family back then.

Their only son, Xu Heng, received the treatment as half a member of the Mu Family.

He was Mu Jiurong’s father, Mu Jingwei’s trusted aide.

However, Xu Heng died early on due to overexhaustation, helping the Mu Family to the best of his ability.

He left his wife, Tang Yanhua, along with one daughter and son, Xu Qingli and Xu Zhao respectively.

Tan Yanhua stayed in Mu Family’s residence for Mu Jiurong’s mother, Xue Jing.

Xu Zhao obtained his father, Xu Heng’s 3% of Mu Family’s shares.

However, he still obeyed his ancestors’ teachings, staying by Mu Jiurong’s side as his assistant.

Xu Qingli was Xu Family’s precious daughter as her mother had her at an old age.

She was pampered and spoiled by the family.

The two families never thought of limiting her.

After she didn’t do well on her college entrance exam, she coincidentally became Mu Yixuan’s nanny.

While taking care of her, she self-learned the college courses; she was very hardworking and ambitious.

She meticulously took care of Mu Yixuan.

Even more, she protected Mu Yixuan during a kidnapping incident, injuring herself in the process.

As a result, Mu Yixuan relied on her very much.


Mu and Mu Yiqi also liked her.

Even Mu Jiurong treated her kindly.

However, she adhered strictly to her rules, not becoming arrogant nor using her status to bully others.

She didn’t attempt to get power over Yulian Garden either.

Besides learning, she devoted her time to taking care of Mu Yixuan.

Although she didn’t request anything, the generous Mrs.

Mu naturally wouldn’t treat her unfairly.

In the Mu Residence, Xu Qingli’s status was only second to the masters of the Mu Family.

This was only on the surface though.

In reality, ever since Xu Qingli matured, she started to fall in love with Mu Jiurong who was ten years older than her.

When she was young and innocent back then, she had said that she would become Brother Jiurong’s wife in public.

However, the elders of the Mu Family thought this was due to a child’s temperament, so they smiled and treated it as a joke.

However, Xu Qingli’s mother, Tang Yanhua, didn’t dare to neglect this.

In private, she scolded her daughter harshly.

At that time, Xu Qingli realized their difference in status.

Every generation of the Xu Family viewed themselves as “servants” for the Mu Family.

As servants, they shouldn’t think about seeking connections with their master.

They’d be disrespecting their superiors and considered disgraceful behavior.

In the ancient time, some servants were able to become concubines of the master.

But they were in the modern world where they had to abide by the new rules.

Seducing their masters was considered breaking the laws and ethics.

Although there were men that had affairs even after they got married, with Mu Family’s upbringing, they would never allow their grandsons to do so.

Mu Jiurong wasn’t the type of person to do this either.

The most important thing was that Mu Jiurong looked down on Xu Qingli.

Mu Jiurong was the typical young master.

He didn’t mean acting kindly to Xu Qingli because of what her ancestors had done for them.

He treated her like a half sister.

But in terms of marriage, he cared most about their status, lineage, and appearance.

Xu Qingli was nearly younger than him by ten years.

She was a “servant’s daughter.” In addition, he didn’t feel touched or moved by any of her features.

Mu Jiurong never placed her in the list of possible marriage candidates.

After recognizing this, Xu Qingli didn’t expose her feelings for Mu Jiurong anymore.

She didn’t give up and instead, waited patiently in secret.

She was successful.

Not only was she Mu Yixuan’s nanny, she also became one of the many competent assistants of Mu Jiurong in his career.

When Mu Yixi was scheming against the Mu Company, Xu Qingli was one of the first ones to support him.

Since Xu Qingli was unable to obtain Mu Jiurong with her status right now, then she’d pull Mu Jiurong down from his throne and let him drop to the deep bottom.

Mu Jiurong suffered a paralyzing stroke.

According to their deal, Mu Yixi allowed Xu Qingli to take him away.


Mu Yixi would never forget how Xu Qingli caressed the dead Mu Jiurong’s face.

She murmured as if in a trance, “You’re finally mine…” That scene made his hair stand up straight even now.

She was a smart, gloomy, terrifying and stubborn woman.

The woman right now was looking at him with a gentle and pitiful gaze.

If Mu Yixi hadn’t been reborn and was really just a tortured and beaten six years old, he would definitely be deceived by her actions and even harbor good feelings towards her.

Mu Yixi lowered his head bashfully.

Mu Family’s children’s rooms were on the third floor.

Mu Yixi’s room was next door to Mu Yiqi’s.

Mu Yiqi’s room was facing Mu Yixuan’s.

Her room was pink and the typical princess styled, full of dolls.

Meanwhile, Mu Yiqi’s room was mainly blue and white, his style bright and clear.

The furniture in his room was simple.

Mu Yixi’s room was basically arranged the same way as Mu Yiqi’s.

However, Mu Yiqi’s room was mainly filled with his personal items.

Since Mrs.

Mu chose to adopt him, she made sure to treat them all equally.

One could tell how much effort and thought she placed into decorating Mu Yixi’s room.

Even if she was facing a six years old and knowledgeable little boy, she didn’t treat him carelessly.

Mu Yixi tightened his hands into fists, his eyes slightly reddened.

People thought that he was just touched and emotional because of what Mrs.

Mu had done for him.

The latter patted his head.

Xu Qingli smiled, though it was unsure what she was thinking.

“Do you like your room” Mu Yiqi eagerly asked, his eyes sparkling.

“I do.” Mu Yixi nodded firmly.

Mu Yiqi smiled too, jutting his chest out.

“I like it as well!” He said with authority, “Boys like us have blue rooms while girls like our younger sister have pink rooms.”

Mu Yixi acted as though he just understood.

He looked at Mu Yiqi admirably.

Mu Yiqi was even happier now.

He pushed Mu Yixi’s wheelchair ahead and said, “We didn't put the things in your room yet.

Let me show you my room first.”

Mu Yixuan responded too slowly.

She could only watch as her new big brother was stolen away by her other big brother.

She stomped on her feet.

“I want to bring big brother teddy to pick out his big brother teddy!”

Mu Yiqi pretended like he didn’t hear, trying hard to push Mu Yixi into his room.


Big brother chick is a bully!” Mu Yixuan tugged on Mrs.

Mu’s clothes and pointed at Mu Yiqi’s room, complaining.


Mu smiled and said, “Go play with your big brothers.”

Mu Yixuan hurried into Mu Yiqi’s room and called out, “You guys have to play with me!”

In the world, Mu Yiqi was enthusiastically showing Mu Yixi his collection.

He had a shelf full of all sorts of toys, mostly of the intellectual type.

Thinking of how Mu Yixi’s room was bare and empty, he generously said, “Which one do you like You can have it.”

Mu Yixi looked around before his gaze landed on the limited edition advanced robot that was about half his height.

This was one of Mu Yiqi’s favorite collection items.

Up until he grew up, this robot was still in his room.

Mu Yiqi scrunched his face up.

“You also like ‘tiger’” That was the name Mu Yiqi gave the robot.

Because he had been called big brother chick by Mu Yixuan for a long time, he gave everything that he could name fancy and powerful names.

“I, I don’t like…” Seeing Mu Yiqi’s expression, Mu Yixi shivered and said in a low voice.

“Mommy said it’s not right to lie.” Mu Yiqi wore a straight face and said to Mu Yixi, “I know you like ‘tiger.’ Of all the toys, you only look at that one.”

Mu Yixi panicked and his eyes became teary.

“Sorry, it’s my fault...I like it but it’s yours.

I won’t take it…”

“Don’t cry.

You’re not a girl.

You can’t cry.” Mu Yiqi was startled by this, feeling guilty.

He hurriedly said, “I told you that you can have whatever you choose.

I don’t lie.” He took the robot out from its shelf and shoved it into Mu Yixi’s arms.


Mu Yixi shook his head frantically.

“No, it’s yours.

You like it.

I can’t…”

“Take it.” Mu Yiqi said with a domineering manner.

“You’re my big brother in the future.

I’m giving you ‘tiger.’ You have to accept it.”

Mu Yixi’s eyes brimmed with tears,feeling touched.

He wanted it but at the same time, he felt embarrassed.

“You have to take good care of it.

You can’t break it.” Mu Yiqi told him, not wanting to part with it.

Mu Yixi finally reached over to hug the robot, nodding firml at Mu Yiqi.

“You gave me this, so I’ll treasure it.

You can come to my room to visit it.

We can play together.”

Mu Yiqi agreed.

Mu Yixi’s room was next to his.

Even though he gave him ‘tiger,’ they could still play together.

He didn’t feel as gloomy anymore.

Mu Yiqi was in a happy and splendid mood once again.

When Mu Yixuan walked in, she coincidentally saw this scene.

She watched as the sensible Mu Yiqi gave his ‘tiger’ robot to Mu Yixi and the two formed a harmonious relationship as a result.

The two of them foolishly laughed at each other.

Mu Yixuan thought about it before she ran back to her room.

She dragged her Barbie doll over and lifted it at Mu Yixi, saying, “Big brother Xiao Xi, I’m giving my ‘Lu Lu’ to you! You can’t just get along well with my big brother, but also me too.”


Mu stood by the door and watched the siblings interact with each other peacefully, sighing in comfort.

Xu Qingli stood behind her, looking as well.

She seemed to be in deep thought.






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