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Two years later

“Miss Lin, I will help you to go in.” Wang Yanqing, now 25 years old, stood in a smart suit, said this with a smile, as if the person who stood in the way half an hour ago had nothing to do with her.

Lin Pei’er had grown more and more furious as she waited, but her past experience told her that getting angry would not only be useless but would even put her at a disadvantage.

Mu Yixi could deal with her with one hand.

The people who he had taught were as annoying as he was!

She snorted while holding her face, picked up her bag and walked into Mu Yixi’s office with her head held high.

Mu Yixi’s office was spacious and bright.

It was located on the 28th floor of the top floor of Mu’s headquarters, opposite the president’s office and the chairman’s office.

Being able to monopolize an office here was enough to prove how outstanding Mu Yixi’s performance in the Mu family had been in the past two years, as well as the change in his status in the Mu family.

This was a treatment that even Mu Yiqi, the eldest grandson of the Mu family, did not have.

It also had nothing to do with their Lin family.

Lin Pei’er gritted her teeth and thought.

But her resentment all turned into fear when Mu Yixi looked up from the document he had been focusing on.

“Why are you standing there stupidly, Pei’er Sit.” Mu Yixi said gently, with a very standard fiancé-like attitude, as if he had just been idle and her being forced to hang out for half an hour was just her illusion.

Lin Pei’er’s stomach began to ache.

She wanted to scream, “We’re not engaged, and I’m not related to you at all”, but her sanity as a smart person overwhelmed her hysteria.

Because she knew that her collapse and admit defeat would not gain Mu Yixi’s sympathy and would even lead to his intensified designs against her.

She had regretted countless times that she had provoked this evil star because of impulsiveness.

Originally, she was still complacent about the marriage, and at the same time taking revenge on the two brothers Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi.

Even Mu Yixi, who had always been clever, had bowed his head and compromised, and had to agree to the marriage.

But before she was happy for too long, when she returned to school, she found that she had lost all her same-sex friends!

Mu Yixi, a scheming man, had many admirers.

He had just gotten a little closer to her, and he had already made her lose half of her friends.

Everyone still thought she was hypocritical.

When she was in junior high school, she was obviously close to the water tower, but she seemed to like Mu Yiqi, and seemed to only spend time with Mu Yixi as a friend and colleague, and she was even willing to help everyone send love letters to Mu Yixi at ordinary times, but they didn’t know that it was all a false shot, in fact she liked Mu Yixi as well.

So, they thought that what she did in the past must have been to blur their vision and eliminate her love rivals.

But Mu Yixi was indifferent to her, always abiding by the way of a gentleman, and refusing to become lovers with her.

Lin Pei’er held a grudge and used her family background to force Mu Yixi, who was from a lesser background, to become her fiancé.

Poor Mu Yixi had to compromise for the future of his family.

Even if he was extremely embarrassed, he kept a distance from other girls and fulfilled the responsibility of a fiancé to Lin Pei’er.

As soon as this story came out, the other half of Lin Pei’er’s friends became his fans from passerbys, and they all sympathized with Mu Yixi and were dissatisfied with Lin Pei’er’s domineering nature.

The girl leader of Ya’an Middle School High School had changed from Lin Pei’er to Han Yuezhi at a very fast speed.

This woman was a loyal fan of Mu Yixi.

She paid equal attention to family background and beauty.

She was originally Lin Pei’er’s “successor” after graduation and the next female leader.

Lin Pei’er became the first female leader in the history of Ya’an High School Affiliated High School to be ousted from office without graduating, and she lost all face.

If there was no Mu Yixi’s help behind this incident, Lin Pei’er would never believe it!

But the president was the president after all, and Lin Pei’er didn’t find any evidence that he was involved.

And no matter how dismissive Mu Yixi was to her behind the backs of people, he would always be gentle and considerate in front of other people, with meticulous gestures, but occasionally inadvertently revealing a hint of “I can’t choose my lover”” I can’t control my life” type of regrets.

He even showed a sad loneliness sometimes, but when he turned his face, he would display his tolerance and love.

Lin Pei’er accidentally said something about this a few times and was aroused by him to become a mockery in front of everyone’s eyes.

Mu Yixi didn’t beat her or fight back, neither did he scold her or retaliate, he just acted resigned, always looking strong with a hint of fragility, such that all passersby felt pity for him and pointed at Lin Pei’er.

At this time, Mu Yixi stood up very responsibly and thanked everyone, while at the same time protecting Lin Pei’er.

“She is young and ignorant, I will teach her slowly.”

“It’s okay, I’m a boy, I should let her have her way.”

“Say it a few more times, and she will know everyone’s good intentions.”

All of a sudden, the labels such as “arrogant”, “willful” and “inexperienced” were put on Lin Pei’er’s head.

While Mu Yixi became known as someone stable and generous.

And Lin Pei’er had no way to refute even a single sentence!

The same was true in front of others, Mu Yixi took care of her in all kinds of ways but didn’t give her any face in action.

Like these people who worked under Mu Yixi, none of them gave her face because she was Mu Yixi’s “girlfriend” On the other hand, others had to admire Mu Yixi’s distinction between public and private matters.

Even Lin Pei’er’s parents praised him after Mu Yixi showed his ability, thinking that he was worthy of Lin Pei’er.

Lin Pei’er said bad things about Mu Yixi, and some people listened at first, but when Mu Yixi was called to confront, he immediately admitted his mistake, gently counted Lin Pei’er’s advantages, and said that he would correct it.

Then he would chat nonsense with the person who had questioned him, and after a series of combined punches came down, the other party only had appreciation for him.

After Lin Pei’er complained again, she would become unreasonable… Lin Pei’er felt aggrieved, very aggrieved, extremely aggrieved!

While Mu Yixi attacked her, he said that the engagement ceremony could be held as soon as possible.

Lin Pei’er thought of what he had said before, and when she really became his fiance, she was afraid that he would embarrass her more, so she resolutely disagreed.

When Lin Pei’er came back to her senses, she realized that Mu Yixi definitely didn’t want to get engaged to her.

The engagement time was actually her biggest bargaining chip, but before she could do anything, Mu Yixi threw her a stack of photos.

These photos were indecent photos of Lin Pei’er after being beaten by Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixi one after another.

That’s not to mention, the most fatal blow was that Mu Yixi told her that he was impotent.

So even if Lin Pei’er married him, she would have to live the life of a widow all her life, and she would die without children, and alone, because Mu Yixi would ignore her, and he, as a husband, would never allow her to step out on him.

She would only bear the title of Mrs.

Mu and live a life without taste.

No matter how clever and resourceful Lin Pei’er was, she kneeled for him, wishing to stay away from him and that they had never know each other.

But Mu Yixi didn’t let her go.

The handsome man said to her with a deep expression: “Pei’er is useful, how can I let you go You have always been the most suitable fiance candidate in my mind.”

He did not want to hold an engagement ceremony, but he let her occupy the position of invisible fiancée, so as not to let the Mu family choose another person.

At that moment, Lin Pei’er really understood Mu Yixi’s “weakness”, but she had no power to fight back.

After two years of being beaten by Mu Yixi from time to time, Lin Pei’er almost wanted to cry without tears.

Except for some occasions where she had to endure goosebumps all over her body to attend as Mu Yixi’s female companion, at other times, Lin Pei’er could not wait to disappear before him.

Every time she was “summoned” by Mu Yixi, she had to worry about whether the man was thinking of some tricks to deal with her.

——Which of her nerves had made her think that she could live with Mu Yixi for the rest of her life

Lin Pei’er sat upright.

Seeing this, Mu Yixi became gentler: “Don’t be nervous, I won’t eat you.”

Lin Pei’er: … She forced a smile, and her stomach hurt even more.


“How has Yu Jinze been recently” Mu Yixi asked.

Yu Jinze, Lin Pei’er’s new underground boyfriend.

This was the “welfare” given by Mu Yixi.

As long as Lin Pei’er cooperated with him, he would not interfere with her private life.

Because Lin Pei’er didn’t want to waste her youth at all, and Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixi were bound together endlessly, she was very active and quietly looked for a spare tire.

It was a pity that Mu Yixi still got to know.

So, Lin Pei’er broke the jar and told him.

To this, Mu Yixi said, “You have been very good lately.

Yu Jinze will be treated as a reward for you.

Don’t be polite to continue talking.”

Lin Pei’er took a small breath: “He’s fine.”

Mu Yixi was very relieved: “That’s good.

Falling in love is a pleasant thing.

I hope you will always be happy.”

Lin Pei’er smiled dryly: “Haha, hehe.” So, the dead man was still holding grudges, as she indirectly caused Feng Weiming to break up with him.

“There is a banquet on Saturday night, you can accompany me to attend it.” Mu Yixi said, “dress better.”

Lin Pei’er said, “You can just notify me of this kind of trivial matter with a text message.

I will definitely be there on time.”

Mu Yixi said more gently: “How can I do it Pei’er, you are very important to me.

I think it’s too rude not to tell you in person.”

He blatantly kept her hanging for half an hour! Lin Pei’er’s head began to turn rapidly, she was trying hard to make him think that she was very good and cooperative recently.

It had been a while since he had remembered to summon her, and she had forgotten on which tail she had stepped on…

Suddenly, the door of the office was pushed open, and Mu Yiqi hurried in with a stack of documents and said, “Brother, our communication software development project has been…” He looked up and saw Lin Pei’er, and his voice stopped.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s gentle face and Lin Pei’er’s ugly face, Mu Yiqi was a little unhappy and said, “Lin Pei’er, why are you here What do you want to do (to my brother)”

Lin Pei’er swallowed a mouthful of blood silently.

Mu Yixi said, “It’s not about Pei’er, it’s because I have a banquet that I need her to accompany me to, so I specially invited her to come here…”

Mu Yiqi frowned: “Brother, you are so busy, just ask Wang Yanqing to inform her about such trivial matters.

Why let her waste your time” Then, shaking his head: “Women are trouble.”

Lin Pei’er swallowed a mouthful of blood again.

“Since you have something to do, I’ll go back first.” Lin Pei’er tried her best to maintain her demeanor.

She could leave smoothly, she recognized everything Mu Yiqi said!

Mu Yixi: “Pei’er…”

“Walk slowly, I won’t send you.” Mu Yiqi said.

Lin Pei’er: “Goodbye.” She walked away quickly with small steps.

“Keep on pretending.” Mu Yiqi snorted.

Knowing that who Lin Pei’er really liked was actually Mu Yixi (…), and she had even used despicable means to force Mu Yixi to marry her (…), Mu Yiqi’s impression of her had become completely bad.

For Mu Yixi’s sake, he also hit the table with Mu Jiurong, saying that Mu Yixi could not marry this kind of woman, and even brought Mrs.

Mu as an assist.

Mu Jiurong asked Mu Yixi to speak for himself, but Mu Yixi was silent for a while, then said “I’m willing to marry” with a hint of fragility.

Mu Yiqi was angry, Mrs.

Mu frowned, and Mu Jiurong didn’t know what to say.

Anyway, Mu Yixi had repeatedly expressed his willingness to marry, but except for Mu Jiurong, Mrs.

Mu and the others were not positive.

Even Lin Pei’er, the object of the joint marriage, refused to let it go, and claimed to be Mu Yixi’s girlfriend.

Mu Yiqi deeply felt that his brother was delayed in finding his happiness by Lin Pei’er!

“Pei’er is also a last resort…” Mu Yixi sighed.

“Brother, you are so nice!” Mu Yiqi complained.

Mu Yixi shrugged: “Just now you said…”

“By the way, brother, our project to develop communication software was taken over there again!” Mu Yiqi said angrily!

Mu Yixi’s eyes flashed with light: “Oh”

“Is this the first time As soon as we have a good project, they will grab it there! Aren’t they in charge of the overseas business Why are they always staring at China This is incompatible with the rules!”

Mu Yixi concealed the smile on his lips: “In business, no one will look at the rules.”

Mu Yiqi said dissatisfiedly: “Brother, why aren’t you angry If only I knew who was behind the scenes, I will not let him go!”

Mu Yixi said, “Don’t worry, you will know soon.”

T/N: LP has really stepped on Yixi’s reverse scale… He will not let her go slowly…


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