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“You promised to marry the Lin family’s daughter”



The phone hung up.

The next sentence “Listen to my explanation” was instantly stuffed in his throat.

In the cafe, Lin Pei’er sat opposite Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi’s face had lost the gentleness and elegance he used to wear, and had become expressionless: “Why”

He couldn’t be careful.

As we all know, the Lin family loved their daughters like their lives.

Without Lin Pei’er’s nod, the Lin family would not have so clearly proposed marriage.

Moreover, the Lin family said that the object of the joint marriage did not necessarily have to be the eldest son Mu Yiqi, but it could also be the adopted son Mu Yixi.

This was really beyond Mu Yixi’s expectations.

Who Lin Pei’er had always liked was Mu Yiqi.

“President, you are no worse than Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi is unwilling, so I don’t mind changing to you.” Lin Pei’er said with a smile, “Anyway, I have decided to enter the door of Mu’s house.”

Mu Yixi’s expression became serious.

Looking at his former secretary general’s expression, he tapped his slender fingers on the table, and said sharply, “Do you want… revenge on Mu Yiqi”

Lin Pei’er’s expression changed slightly.

“He rejected you, you hate him, so you want to get revenge on him.” Mu Yixi said firmly, and then felt a little incredible: “Pei’er, are you only three years old this year” So childish!

Lin Pei’er froze and kept staring at Mu Yixi, before she spoke after a long time: “There is nothing to hide, right” After laughing at herself, there was some resentment in her eyes: “Why can’t I hate Mu Yiqi For so many years, I put aside a girl’s restraint and did my best for him.

Everyone thought we were a couple, but he rejected me! It seems that a few words can wipe out all my feelings!”

Mu Yixi said, “You hate Mu Yiqi, so you dragged me into the water too”

“You’re not a good thing either! I thought you were really helping me, but in fact you were just taking advantage of me.

Whether it’s Xia Weiwei or me, you don’t think we’re suitable for Mu Yiqi, don’t you” Lin Pei’er said bitterly, “Since I’m not suitable for Mu Yiqi, then you can take over!” She was not stupid, after Mu Yiqi rejected her, she thought a lot.

Although Mu Yiqi was hateful, she had always been his friend, while the president who had tried her best to assist her had played her as a fool, and the degree of hate she had towards him was not much worse than that towards Mu Yiqi.

Lin Pei’er’s self-esteem was severely damaged, and she hated this pair of brothers to death!

Mu Yixi laughed without mirth.

He looked at Lin Pei’er’s spirited face and said lightly, “Pei’er, for the sake of us being classmates for many years, I advise you not to do stupid things.

Don’t gamble your whole life for a momentary impulse.”

Lin Pei’er said: “President, don’t underestimate me.

My parents love me, and I am equal to 20% of the shares of the Lin family.

The Lin family will definitely choose a ‘suitable’ man for me.

Since the fate of marriage cannot be avoided, why can’t I choose someone I like Except for your lack of identity, you are stronger than others in other aspects.”

Mu Yixi said, “I don’t like you.”

Lin Pei’er said, “Didn’t Uncle Mu say this” She sneered: “I like you, how much is it worth I don’t like you, and I don’t need you to like me, I only need the identity of Mrs.

Mu.” Mrs.

Mu’s identity was enough to guarantee her a life of peace and happiness.

Whether he liked it or not, a man in the Mu family could have only one daughter-in-law in his life.

Loyal and loving to his wife, loving and caring for his children, wasn’t that all a woman could ask of a man Others couldn’t do it, but the Mu family men could.

That’s why the Mu family made women flock to them.

Marrying into the Mu family, Lin Pei’er would have already won half the challenge.

Mu Yixi shook his head: “You’re too naive.” It’s not a deal that you want and I want, using such a semi-compulsive method, any man who was a little temperamental wouldn’t be able to stand it.

If a husband wanted to challenge his wife after marriage, there were many ways.

“President, you are better than Mu Yiqi and more capable than him, so why are you willing to be subordinate to him because of your identity” Lin Pei’er said bewitchingly: “If you accept me, the Lin family will definitely ask the Mu family to improve your identity.

You will have enough bargaining chips to compete with Mu Yiqi for the Mu family…”

Mu Yixi laughed: “Lin Pei’er, you have made so many detours, the purpose is always Xiaoqi, my younger brother.”

“Brother…” Lin Pei’er repeated the title, bent her eyes and gritted her teeth: “I can’t take this blame.”

“You should know very well that if you and I are engaged, you will never have a chance to get Xiao Qi in your life.” Mu Yixi felt that he had underestimated a woman’s brain circuit.

For a man they could even cling to such a terrifying level.

In the last life, Xia Weiwei attracted all of Lin Pei’er’s firepower, so he didn’t realize that she had this kind of character.

This life really opened his eyes.

Lin Pei’er said, “I don’t want him, I just want him to have a hard time.”

Mu Yixi was silent.

Lin Pei’er stirred the coffee in the cup, and suddenly said: “Feng Weiming is going to drop out of school, it’s very sudden, right I heard that you two were planning to study abroad together.” She was different from Mu Yixi who didn’t join the student union after he was promoted to high school.

Lin Pei’er was still in the student union, and she was also in her previous position, secretary general of the student union.

So, she was well informed.

She was one of the first students to know about Feng Weiming’s withdrawal from school.

Mu Yixi raised his eyes and looked at her.

Lin Pei’er’s heart tightened.

Having said so much just now, Mu Yixi was tepid and showed no sign of anger.

But at this glance, he clearly revealed a sense of oppression.

Lin Pei’er also worked with Mu Yixi for a while.

This student council president had never been a vegetarian, and sometimes his tactics were so high that people didn’t know how they were beaten.

She was not tempted by him, precisely because of this fear.

For a while, she regretted that her attitude towards him just now was not good enough, and she shouldn’t have been so frank.

Lin Pei’er said in a vague way, “If…Ming Shao doesn’t mind, um, I…don’t mind…” That time in the hot spring hotel, apart from Mu Yiqi and Yan Yu, she had also seen Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming kissing.

Originally, Lin Pei’er thought she had become dazzled, but after she came back, she unknowingly noticed the relationship between Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming.

After more than two years, it was basically confirmed.

Some things couldn’t be hidden from the eyes of the conscientious.

Lin Pei’er didn’t like Mu Yixi.

If he was willing to cooperate with her and help her out, she didn’t mind turning a blind eye to certain things.

Anyway, two men couldn’t have children, it was much safer than him fooling around with other women.

Mu Yixi thought to himself: Based on this alone, Lin Pei’er was no longer qualified to enter Mu’s house.

No matter how cowardly the Mu family’s daughter-in-law was, she would never allow her husband to mess around behind her back.

In upholding the Mu family’s upright family style, in addition to the family education and teaching restraint to the Mu family’s men, the maintenance from the Mu family’s daughter-in-law was equally important.


“Mingming, Feng Weiming is not someone you can talk about.” When Feng Weiming was mentioned, Mu Yixi’s voice became an octave colder, and he didn’t seem to want to say more: “It’s good if you don’t regret the decision you made yourself.”

Lin Pei’er’s heart suddenly felt a touch of unease.

“If it were you, what would you do” Mu Yiqi looked at Yan Yu blankly.

Mu Jiurong asked him to marry a girl he didn’t like for the sake of his family.

Mu Yiqi was taught this since he was a child that he should do everything he could for his family, but at this moment, he only felt angry and wronged.

After quarreling with his father, he rushed out angrily, and for some reason, went directly to Yan Yu’s store to find him.

Over the past two years, his friendship with Yan Yu had grown by leaps and bounds.

Mu Yixi had Feng Weiming, his younger brother and lover, to take care of, so Mu Yiqi consciously retreated.

He transferred some of his small dependence on Mu Yixi to Yan Yu.

And because Yan Yu felt too “safe”, some things which Mu Yiqi couldn’t even say to his parents and brother, Mu Yiqi could tell Yan Yu, including his relationship with Xia Weiwei and his internship at Mu’s.

But today he had nowhere to vent the depression and frustration in his heart.

Yan Yu had always been quite indulgent towards this uninvited little brother.

After Qin He and Mu Yixuan fell in love, they came to him less often, and Mu Yiqi had filled this vacancy.

Moreover, Mu Yiqi’s character was more open and frank than Qin He, like a little sun that shone in the dark.

Yan Yu lived a dull life because of his experience from his previous life, and he also became a little happy to see people who lived so vividly.

Yan Yu thought that he would live through this life without any disturbances.

But at this time, he felt a little frightened.

Because he saw a very light affection for him in Mu Yiqi’s eyes.

It appeared abruptly and without warning.

Yan Yu had no idea when Mu Yiqi started thinking these thoughts.

Was it because they were too close, and he came and went here too often

Looking at Mu Yiqi’s appearance, it seemed that even he didn’t know it.

Yan Yu avoided his gaze subconsciously and said carefully, “Getting married and having children is a normal life experience.

This should also be in your life plan, right”

“Of course, I will have my own wife and children.” Mu Yiqi nodded.

After thinking about it, he added: “But, there are also my brother and Mingming…”

Yan Yu said, “There are no good results.”

“Yes, it’s too difficult…” Mu Yiqi was the one who has personally heard Mu Yixi, who was able to do everything with ease, say that it would be very difficult.

“Actually, that Miss Lin seems to be a good person from all I’ve heard from you.” Yan Yu said, “Why can’t you let go of your prejudice and try to accept it Love and marriage are always different.”

Mu Yiqi looked at him in surprise: “I didn’t expect you to be interested in this topic, Xiaoyu.

I always thought you were ready to become a monk.” He made a joke: “Does Xiaoyu have someone he likes”

“If I meet the right person, I will marry her.” Yan Yu said softly: “It is a very good thing to be able to build a family of your own.”

Yan Yu’s eyes were very serious, and Mu Yiqi nodded unconsciously: “You’re right.

I just hope that my future wife is someone I like…”

“This request is not too much.” Yan Yu lowered his eyes: “Talk to your father again.

Don’t quarrel.”

Mu Yiqi began to reflect on how rude he was to Mu Jiurong.

Mu Jiurong loved him, and if he spoke well, his father should understand him.

If he was stubborn, he could ask him if he loved his mother.

Father would not dare to say that he did not love.

Then he could argue.

Thinking of this and ignoring the strangeness in his heart, Mu Yiqi became cheerful again: “Okay, I will listen to you.”


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