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In the end, Feng Weiming did not fail Mu Yixi, and decided to study abroad in the United States.

Of course, as a good boy who did not forget his father as soon as he had a lover, Feng Weiming consulted Mu Jiuqing beforehand.

Mu Jiuqing was obedient to his son and always responsive to his needs, so he generously said that he could go to university wherever he wanted.

U.S. There was no problem with the United States.

How could the overseas Mu family be so strong but still let go of the American market Mu Jiuqing also had a company and real estate in the United States, and it was not a problem for himto live there for ten days to half a month from time to time.

Live together

Feng Weiming’s heart immediately filled with a very light guilty conscience.

Although he didn’t plan to hide his relationship with Mu Yixi, but under his father’s nose, he was dating, and also making out in the next room at night

At least there was a buffer in the United States, but in France…

Feng Weiming thought: Let’s still go with the United States.

Mu Yixi wanted to study abroad, and Mrs.

Mu was also quite supportive.

In fact, Mu Yixuan had the same plan.

As for Mu Yiqi, he couldn’t mention it for the time being.

Mu Jiurong had been staring at him closely recently, and without any further secrecy, he directly ignored Mu Yixi and locked Mu Yiqi in the small dark room.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were busy planning to go abroad.

While Mu Yiqi often worked overtime at the Mu family, and the time for the two brothers to meet drastically reduced.

Sometimes when they met, seeing Mu Yiqi’s tired face, Mu Yixi couldn’t say anything except pat him on the shoulder to cheer him up.

Whether it was from Mu Jiurong or Mu Yiqi, it was obvious that Mu Yixi would not be allowed to help him at this time.

Mu Yiqi lost three kilograms directly.

His face became so thin that his cheeks looked slightly sunken, his cheekbones started protruding, his face which had been similar to Mu Yixi became a little more angular, and he was much more silent than the cheerful and lively boy he was before.

Mu Yixuan said that he had lost weight in a flash of lightning, and the weight loss effect was so remarkable that her best friends would be jealous if they knew about it.

But behind the joke, everyone was a little worried.

Even Mrs.

Mu, who had never interfered with Mu Jiurong’s education of her children, told her husband in private that he had been putting too much pressure on Mu Yiqi.

Mu Jiurong said: “I can’t be lenient to him anymore.

Yirun has given up the right of inheritance, and Xiaoqi must become the next patriarch.

He needs to take on the responsibilities that he should bear.

In the future, the Mu family will be handed over to him.

You can’t go wrong.”

The children of Mu Yiqi’s generation were not in any way better than Mu Jiurong’s generation.

Mu Jiurong himself was a very capable person.

Although he was not as influential as Mu Jingwei, he had a unique vision, was determined to forge ahead, and had taken the Mu family to a higher level.

Mu Jiu’an might be a little careful and always trying to compete with Mu Jiurong, but his general direction was always good, and he would never lose the chain or hold himself back when he had go all out.

Mu Jiuqing was the most flexible and shrewd among the three brothers, almost turning the overseas Mu clan into his one-stop shop.

They had made the direct branch of the Mu family shine, and completely given them the right to speak.

But a large part of their future success depended on the next generation.

The new generation of the Mu family at home and abroad gradually grew up and began to compete with each other.

When they reach the age of eighteen, they would be tested by the family to decide the next candidate for the patriarch.

If Mu Yiqi couldn’t become a candidate, their line would lose face, and their decline would be just around the corner.

And Mu Yiqi didn’t even have a reliable helper among his siblings.

Like Mu Yirun, Mu Yiyun and others, even if they wanted to help, they were unable to help.

The only benefit of this generation of children was that they had enough self-knowledge.


Mu heard Mu Jiurong’s words and understood that Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan should help Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yixuan was a girl, naturally spoiled, and she couldn’t tell right from wrong at a young age, and Mu Jiurong won’t say anything if she didn’t stand up.

But Mu Yixi, his identity should have been cultivated to be Mu Yiqi’s right hand.

The Mu family had nurtured him.

What was rare was that Mu Yixi attached great importance to caring for his younger brother Mu Yiqi, and usually took care of him without any ambiguity.

Mu Yiqi also trusted and respected this brother.

But Mrs.

Mu never thought of cultivating Mu Yixi as a subordinate of Mu Yiqi.

She adopted Mu Yixi just for her own peace of mind and did not intend to ask for even half a cent in return.

This child suffered serious abuse when he was a child, but he did not blame others.

He had grown up to be filial to his elders and loved his younger brothers and sisters.


Mu loved him very much, and her love for him was no less than that for her own children.

She hoped that he would live happily and freely.

She did not want to let the family bind him.

The Mu family did not recognize him as the blood of the Mu family and should not put the responsibility of the Mu family on his head.

If Mu Yixi was interested in the Mu family and wanted to work in the Mu family in the future, Mrs.

Mu would leave him alone.

But Mu Yixi obviously didn’t want to rely on the Mu family and wanted to develop independently.

Not long ago, he happily told her that he wanted to study abroad and see the world…


Mu didn’t catch Mu Jiurong’s words.

Not to mention that she didn’t want to use her favor for repayment, she knew that her son, Mu Yiqi would definitely not want to pull Mu Yixi into the water, otherwise he wouldn’t work so hard to make achievements to get his father’s approval.

Mu Jiurong did not force her.

Who Mrs.

Mu was, he knew better than anyone else.

It was precisely because of this clarity that… the atmosphere of the Yilianyuan Mu Mansion became a little weird.

Everyone noticed it, but no one discussed it.

Finally one day, Mu Jiurong called Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi into the study together.

“I think you both know that Xiaoxuan and Qin He are in a relationship.” Mu Jiurong looked at his two sons and mentioned Mu Yixuan: “These two children have a stable relationship.

I talked to Qin He’s father Yan Kai and decided that we will wait for Xiaoxuan to turn sixteen and then we will let them get engaged first.”

When Mu Jiurong said the first sentence, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi’s expressions were still calm, but when they heard the “engagement” word later, the two brothers had the same black expression on their faces.

“Sixteen is too early!” Mu Yiqi couldn’t help saying.

It was settled at such a young age, what should she do if there was a problem in the future In a family like theirs, there was no difference between being engaged and getting married.

It was definitely not an easy thing to break up the engagement.

What’s more, the cute and well-behaved younger sister who was brought up with great difficulty would be taken away by a pig so quickly, and she would justly belong to the other person, which elder brother would be happy with this! Even if the future brother-in-law was a little friend who grew up together with them from childhood, it would not work!

Mu Yixi’s mind turned to come to a feasible plan for delaying the engagement.

“I can’t bear it either.” Mu Jiurong lifted his lips.

Mu Jiurong was equally angry when he thought that the baby girl who grew up in the palm of his hand would be given to another stinky boy, but: “This is not just the matter of Xiao Xuan and Qin He.” It was the matter of both Mu family and the Qin family.

In the generation of Mu Jingwei and Qin Shichang, the Mu family and the Qin family were evenly matched.

Although the Qin family lost its former glory because of unworthy descendants, its background as an aristocratic family was still there, and now there was Yan Kai who could be called a godly support.

The next patriarch of the Qin family would be Qin He.

Mu Yixuan’s marriage to Qin He meant a powerful alliance between two old aristocratic families.

This marriage was not only needed by the declining Qin family, but also by the Mu family which had a slightly frail new generation, so the two families were serious about it.

Mu Jiurong and Yan Kai had also communicated with each other about this matter several times.

When Mu Yixuan and Qin He got married, they would take 5% of Mu’s shares as dowry, and the dowry given by the Qin family would be 6% of Qin’s shares.

This was to open a path for the future cooperation between the Mu family and the Qin family.

Having a younger sister who would be the mistress of the Qin family was a plus for Mu Yiqi as a candidate for the head of the Mu family.

But in addition to cooperation, the Mu family and the Qin family had a lot of overlapping business co-operations, and there was still a very fierce competition.

Moreover, once Mu Yixuan and Qin He were married, the Qin family would have an advantage.

How to unite or fight after the exchange of shares had to be determined by means.

“If Xiaoxuan was interested in doing business, she will be no worse than you.” Mu Jiurong said.

He still knew a lot about his daughter.

Mu Yixuan inherited his shrewdness even more than Mu Yiqi.

If Mu Yixuan intended to engage in business, Mu Jiurong was not old-fashioned and would have supported her to the end.

Too bad she wasn’t interested.

In the past, the competition for the heir position was bloody, and everyone in this generation disliked it.

Maybe Mu Jiurong had just sighed, but Mu Yixi, who was used to theorizing conspiracy about him, thought he meant something.

Could it be that he wanted Mu Yixuan to think about the Mu family after marrying into the Qin family, and wanted to even encourage her to fight for power in the Qin family

Mu Yixi thought that the women of the Qin family were indeed very ambitious in their careers, which did not conform to the trend of men and women in this circle.

Such as Qin He’s mother Qin Zhengxin.

But he only hoped that Mu Yixuan would always be pampered and loved, would be able to do whatever she wanted to do, without the need to charge into battle like a man, or to engage in intrigue, she just had to live a life of peace and joy.

However, Mu Jiurong did not go into depth on this topic, but talked about another matter: “Xiaoxuan’s marriage has been decided.

Xiao Qi, your marriage with Lin’s daughter should also be decided.”

Mu Yiqi was shocked!

“Dad, I do not want to be with Lin Pei’er!” Mu Yiqi said quickly.

Mu Jiurong remained unmoved: “Do you have any other suitable candidates”

The marriage of Mu Yixuan and Qin He would cause the Mu family to lose 5% of Mu’s shares.

They didn’t think that the 6% of Qin’s shares were an equivalent exchange.

The marriage of Mu Yiqi and Lin Peier could make up for this loss.

Lin Pei’er would marry into the Mu family with 20% of the shares of the Lin family, and these shares had no hidden dangers, it was only a price to take care of Lin Pei’er.

At this point, the Mu family men could definitely guarantee a serious and responsible marriage.

Mu Yiqi was slightly lacking in ability.

With this marriage, it was equivalent to making a contribution to the Mu family and adding an advantage in his election as the patriarch.

Mu Yiqi’s face was ugly.

He could work hard in order to take on the responsibility of being a child of the Mu family, but even his freedom of marriage was gone, which was completely beyond his acceptance!

“Dad, I don’t like Lin Pei’er…”

“Miss Lin likes you very much.” Mu Jiurong said, “If you don’t have a better candidate than Miss Lin, you should learn to like her.

You are almost eighteen years old, don’t be so naive anymore.

Your mother and I came together like this back then.

Do you think me and your mother have it bad” He thought that he and Mrs.

Mu were the best example of a business marriage.

Not so good! Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi said in their hearts.

The two brothers were either in love or had been in love before, and they understood the feeling very well.

Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu had been husband and wife for many years.

Their intimacy and friendship were enough, but they always lacked a little affection that was usual between lovers.


Mu regarded her children as much more than her husband, Mu Jiurong.

That’s why Mu Jiurong, a man whose life focus was work, was satisfied with this situation.

Neither Mu Yixi nor Mu Yiqi wanted just respect like Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu had with their lifelong companions.

But the unquestionable tone in Mu Jiurong’s tone made Mu Yiqi a little scared!

Running away from home now, was it too late to quit Could Mu Yiqi lose his sense of responsibility

“Dad, I don’t want this…” Mu Yiqi tried to convince Mu Jiurong.

“You need help.” Mu Jiurong said, “Let me change my words.

There will be major projects for Mu’s and Lin’s cooperation in the future.

This cooperation will affect the development of Mu’s in the next ten years.

If you get married, and we become a family, then many things would be better negotiated.

Except for your ‘dislike’, everyone, including you, will benefit from this marriage.

Do you understand what I mean”

In other words, Mu Yiqi had to want this marriage, and he had no choice.

Totally forced!

“I refuse!” Mu Yiqi slapped the table!

“If you are not suitable to be the heir, I will have to choose to train Xiaoxuan.” Mu Jiurong said calmly.

Mu Yixuan had decided to study jewelry design abroad and cultivating her to take over the Mu family was equivalent to breaking her dream.

“Dad, you are being unreasonable!” Mu Yiqi slammed the door angrily!

“Irritable and willful.” Mu Jiurong shook his head: “Spoiled.”

Mu Yixi didn’t say a word from beginning to end, bur when he heard Mu Jiurong’s criticism of Mu Yiqi, he said: “If Xiaoqi did not even have the courage to resist, and would only obey you, I’m afraid you will be even more disappointed, right”

“How can he resist” Mu Jiurong said, “There are many ways to make a person bow their heads.”

“Including threatening one’s son with his sister’s future” Mu Yixi said slightly sarcastically.

Mu Jiurong said: “Your grandfather is right, you are all spoiled and need to bear some pressure.

Without the backing of the Mu family, what are you children Don’t just enjoy the benefits and not take responsibility.”

Mu Yixi now understood that today’s show had been for him.

Mu Jiurong threatened Mu Yiqi with Mu Yixuan, but in fact, he was threatening him with Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan.

Because he cared about them.

Mu Yixi could pretend not to understand and not accept the move.

In Mu’s house, as long as Mrs.

Mu did not speak, no one could force him to do what he didn’t want to do, not even Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan.

But if he didn’t accept the move, Mu Jiurong would implement everything he had just said to the end.

Because he didn’t think his decision was wrong.

To give up a perfect marriage partner for so-called love- which had not even appeared, was an extremely stupid and childish idea.

And the Mu family had to be taken over by one of them.

If Mu Yiqi couldn’t do it, then Mu Yixuan would have to be responsible.

This was the responsibility of those born with the golden spoon.

Could Mu Yixi watch Mu Yiqi lose his freedom of marriage, Mu Yixuan lose her dream, and then Mrs.

Mu being sad about it

After a long silence, Mu Yixi asked, “What do you want me to do”

At the same time, in the study of Mu’s old house, Mu Jingwei was playing chess with Feng Weiming.

Although it was strange to be called by Mu Jingwei to play chess with him, Feng Weiming still accompanied him patiently, and didn’t release any water at all.

“Xiao Weiming, Xiaoxi is upright and you are transparent, proud and independent.” Mu Jingwei said slowly.

Feng Weiming glanced at him, as if to say: I don’t think I’m bad.

Mu Jingwei smiled and said: “Grandpa didn’t say it’s bad.

Otherwise, Xiaoxi, who has eyes at the top, won’t like you.”

Feng Weiming’s hand paused slightly, and he fixedly looked at Mu Jingwei.

“Don’t be nervous.

Grandpa is very open-minded.

This is a matter for you young people, and it has nothing to do with me, this old man.” Mu Jingwei twisted a chess piece: “If you can be together forever and be together until you grow old, it is not a bad thing.

But your temper is there, it’s not easy to change.

Do you believe that Xiaoxi is the same as you”

Feng Weiming said coldly: “He’s very good.”

Mu Jingwei nodded in agreement: “Although he has a lot of small thoughts, but his nature is good.

It is good for Jiurong’s wife, Xiaoqi and Xiaoxuan.”

Feng Weiming put down his chess pieces, straightened his back and asked, “Grandpa, what do you want to say”

Mu Jingwei said, “You guess, if he were to choose, would he choose you, or Jiurong’s wife, Xiaoqi and Xiaoxuan”

Mu Jiurong: “The marriage between the Mu family and the Lin family is imperative, but it doesn’t have to be Xiaoqi.”

Mu Yixi: “Lin Pei’er likes Xiaoqi.”

Mu Jiurong: “Liking never matters.”

Feng Weiming looked at Mu Jingwei and said word by word, “We agreed to go abroad to study together.”

Mu Yixi: “…I will marry in the Lin family instead of Xiaoqi, if that’s the answer you want.”

Feng Weiming: “I trust him.” He won’t give up their relationship so easily…


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