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Another weekend suitable for dating…

Feng Weiming, who was wearing a low-key and straight white sportswear, was carrying a tennis bag, and silently looked at Mu Yiqi, who was also wearing a gray sportswear and carrying a tennis bag.

Mu Yixi was also wearing sports clothes, but the color was different, it was black.

He went downstairs with a tennis bag on his back and saw Mu Yiqi and Feng Weiming standing face to face, he couldn’t help laughing.

The clothes of the three brothers were all made by the same designer, and the styles were similar, with only slight changes according to people’s personalities.

If only Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming walked together in the same sportswear, it looked like a couple’s outfit, but with an extra Mu Yiqi, it became a small team playing together.

Mu Yixi walked to Feng Weiming to stand side by side with him, and said briskly, “Let’s go.”

Feng Weiming moved, and Mu Yiqi moved with him.

Feng Weiming glanced at him and looked at Mu Yixi inquiringly.

Add a 100,000-volt light bulb to a date between two people

Mu Yixi smiled and shook his head, then nodded again.

What’s the meaning

Feng Weiming didn’t know why, and curiosity arose in his heart.

Mu Yixi patted him and motioned him to leave, Feng Weiming suppressed his doubts and left.

The three brothers went all the way to the indoor tennis court in the city.

Waiting at the entrance of the tennis court was the ever soothing and leisurely Yan Yu.

He was not wearing sports clothes, instead he was wearing a white shirt and jeans, looking casual, and only brought himself without any sports equipment.

Everyone greeted each other and walked into the tennis court together.

They booked a separate VIP court and closed the door after entering.

Mu Yiqi immediately dragged Yan Yu to the novice training ground and said in a serious manner that he wanted to teach Yan Yu to play tennis.

Yan Yu had a good temper, but there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes.

Only Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were left in the huge venue.

Feng Weiming looked at Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi said with a peaceful smile: “Come on, Mingming, let’s play! It’s just the two of us…” When it came to the last five words, the ending sounded a little ambiguous and he ignorantly provoked the other party.

Feng Weiming said lightly: “Comparing the same as usual”

Mu Yixi’s smile expanded: “Yes, as usual.”

Feng Weiming’s eyes flashed with competitiveness.

Their latest couple events were competition of sorts.

Grades, taekwondo, swimming, football, basketball, tennis, calligraphy, musical instruments, etc.

The winner could make a request to the loser.

The last time they had a calligraphy competition, Grandpa Mu Jingwei judged their “homework”.

Mu Jingwei circled more characters in Mu Yixi’s calligraphy that he thought was better written than Feng Weiming’s, so Mu Yixi won.

As per Mu Yixi’s request, the two were locked in the room, and Feng Weiming had to take off his clothes one by one in front of him.

The last time when Feng Weiming won at the piano, he asked Mu Yixi to “serve” him for half a day by pretending to be a British butler.

However, those who “served” him were elated, while Feng Weiming, who was “served”, was physically and mentally tired.

The daring “butler” diligently served the “master” to the bed, and when Feng Weiming thought of Mu Yixi lying under him…he blushed, and his eyes became bloodshot.

Because of the thickness of his face, Feng Weiming was tossed around even if he won, so he became more and more courageous.

Feng Weiming was very serious about finding a way to really hit Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi was in pain but also happy.

Feng Weiming was a good opponent and had made rapid progress.

He had the experience and blessing of the previous life, and he must spend more and more effort to maintain the upper hand.

If Feng Weiming was an enemy, Mu Yixi would only find it difficult to deal with him, but Feng Weiming was also his lover, this difficulty must be prefixed with “interesting”.

Always loving each other and then trying to kill each other, never get bored – seeing all kinds of emotions on Feng Weiming’s indifferent face, whether it was joy, anger, shame or frustration, Mu Yixi thought it was incredibly beautiful.

Here, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming picked up the racket and fought happily, while there Mu Yiqi frowned at Yan Yu and sighed.

Mu Yixi opened up to him about his relationship with Feng Weiming, and naturally he did not let Mu Yiqi go.

He dug out everything he knew, including the specific time and place when he saw Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming kissing.

Yan Yu was also exposed by him.

At that time, Yan Yu first saw Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming kissing, and then Mu Yiqi followed his gaze.

After having known each other for many years, they all knew that Yan Yu was not a talkative person, but it was about his brothers.

Afterwards, Mu Yiqi immediately reminded him and told Yan Yu not to mention it to anyone.

Yan Yu agreed without hesitation.

Mu Yiqi promised Mu Yixi to cover for him and Feng Weiming.

Although he didn’t say how he would cover for Mu Yixi, he was dating Feng Weiming.

Mu Yiqi followed after thinking about it.

He was afraid that it would be boring if he was a light bulb between them.

When they got to the tennis court, Mu Yiqi was quite interested, and pulled away Yan Yu to let Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming get along alone.

But in the face of the vague atmosphere of ambiguity flowing between his brothers, Mu Yiqi still felt a little bad.

He didn’t know if what he was doing now was right or wrong!

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming had embarked on a wrong path that could not be tolerated by society.

As one of their closest people, he not only did not stop them, but also helped them.

He was full of anger when he was fooled by his brother, but now he calmed down and thought back, and he couldn’t wait to scratch his head and hit the wall.

There was a regular, gentle snapping sound around him.

Mu Yiqi looked up and saw Yan Yu was practicing serving.

Just now him saying that he wanted to teach him to play tennis was just an excuse.

When he came to the novice training ground, after he pretended to teach him the serve, his eyes couldn’t help but be aimed at the tennis court.

He asked Yan Yu to practice with his racket, and he sat down and began to fret.

Thinking of Yan Yu, from seeing Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming kissing to now acting as a “cover board” at his request, his attitude was as peaceful as ever, as if all he knew was that a pair of kittens were getting along, and it was not a shocking news.

The wealthy brothers were bent.

So, Mu Yiqi couldn’t help being curious about his mentality.

“Raise your arms a little more…” Mu Yiqi walked to Yan Yu’s side to guide him.

Yan Yu followed his words.

He suffered hardships in his childhood, and long-term malnutrition hindered the growth of his bones.

Even though he was 20 years old, he was only 1.76 meters tall, half a head shorter than Mu Yiqi.

He didn’t eat much, so his body looked thin and weak, and he was more afraid of the cold than ordinary people.

At this time, Mu Yiqi and the others wore short-sleeved clothes, and he had to wear long-sleeved clothes.

Playing in a shirt and jeans was as unprofessional as it could be, but he had a special temperament.

Mu Yiqi noticed his fingers.

Yan Yu’s fingers were thin, white and long, his hand was one size larger than a woman’s hand, but more beautiful, and it was very beautifully buckled on the black racket handle.

“I’m sorry, I have troubled you.” Mu Yiqi whispered.

Yan Yu’s acquaintance with them was entirely because of Qin He’s face.

His personality was very similar to Feng Weiming’s, neither was sociable, but Feng Weiming was proud and indifferent, while Yan Yu was quiet and indifferent.

Apart from being a little warm to his father Yan Kai and his younger brother Qin He, Yan Yu was friendly and polite to everyone else.

But he was very secretive, and Mu Yiqi only discovered it after getting to know him.

But at this time, Mu Yiqi was already familiar with him, and deeply felt that he should go out to socialize more instead of acting autistic in a small shop every day.

Mu Yiqi, like Feng Weiming, had been invisible since he was a child, but he couldn’t control it.

Fortunately, Mu Yixi was in charge.

When it came to Yan Yu, Yan Yu’s temperament was too soft and docile, and he couldn’t stand up as the older brother, and could not get him under control.

No matter how gentle and polite the mouth was, sometimes his younger brother would be overbearing and drag people away, and it was easy to use.

Yan Yu never lost his temper and spoiled Mu Yiqi invisibly.

Thankfully, Mu Yiqi was not a character who could not measure up.

“It’s okay.” Yan Yu said, “You taught me to play tennis.”

Mu Yiqi sighed: “Xiao Yu, you are so nice.”

Yan Yu: “Xiao Qi is also very good.”

“Don’t be like my brother and coax me.” Mu Yiqi said depressedly.

“I’m telling the truth.” Yan Yu said softly.

Compared with Qin He and Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi was indeed a pure character.

“Then tell me the truth, what do you think of my brother and Mingming Are you not surprised to know they are together” Mu Yiqi asked in a low voice.

Yan Yu said: “This is their business.”

Mu Yiqi: “They are both boys!” This was the point!

Yan Yu smiled and said, “Then you think of one of them as a girl”

Mu Yiqi glared at him: “I’m serious!”

Yan Yu felt that he was like a little animal with his hackles raised, so he restrained his smile and comforted: “I was wrong…” He tilted his head and thought for a while: “However, the Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming I know are not the kind of people who make decisions without taking responsibility.

More importantly, they are not the type of people who would easily change their own decisions.” Especially Mu Yixi, who had a similar background to him, he wouldn’t do stupid things just for the sake of a relationship.

Mu Yiqi wanted to say that if they, especially their mother, Mrs.

Mu, insisted, Mu Yixi should be obedient and return to the right path.

But Mu Yiqi rolled around in his mouth without saying it, and he even thought it was wrong for him to think so.

Seeing that Mu Yiqi couldn’t turn a corner, Yan Yu said slowly: “It’s a rare thing to meet someone you like, and the person you like happens to like you too.

Don’t miss it, don’t leave any regrets… Besides, who can say what will happen in a lifetime How can you just believe that the future will definitely develop in a bad direction” Maybe the two of them will have this episode, and they would separate to marry and have children in the future Feelings from a young age were more scattered at the end of the song, and less fruitful.

What would happen in the future was hard to say.

Mu Yiqi was stunned.

As a sixteen-year-old boy, he was very disgusted when someone preached to him in an adult’s tone and said some high-sounding words.

But Yan Yu gave him the feeling that he had gone through a lot of things, he had even been through a thousand sails, and his whole person showed a trace of alienation and sadness that came from seeing the world.

Although they were close at hand, the distance between the two seemed to be very far away.

For a moment, Mu Yiqi felt that he didn’t really understand Yan Yu.

This discovery made him a little uncomfortable.

It seemed that everyone had their own secrets that even those closest to them couldn’t learn, so they couldn’t do anything about their plight.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, who were having a halftime break after a game, noticed the movement on the novice training ground.

“What did you do to coax Mu Yiqi again” Feng Weiming asked.

From the moment he went out to meet Mu Yiqi, he had doubts, and concluded that it was the good deeds of Mu Yixi, who was a bad actor.

“What can I do” Mu Yixi gently wiped his sweat with a towel, unable to hide his smile: “Xiaoqi found out that we were together, and he said he wanted to protect us and cover for us!”

After a pause, Feng Weiming said lightly, “Actually, I never thought about covering it up.” He didn’t think it was a shameful thing to fall in love with Mu Yixi at all.

He believed that his adoptive father, Mu Jiuqing, would understand him.

“The national conditions are like this.

The time is not ripe, why bother to make it public” Mu Yixi said, “I don’t want my mother, Xiaoqi and Xiaoxuan to be pointed at.”

The domestic environment was indeed too closed, and it would be much better abroad.

The thought of going back to France to study flashed across Feng Weiming’s mind.

But it was too early to think about this now, Feng Weiming shook the tennis racket: “One more game”

Mu Yixi smiled: “Let me win again”

Feng Weiming sneered: “You can try it.” If he did not beat him up, he would not be named Feng!


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