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Mu Yiqi’s eyes widened, then he looked around nervously to confirm that no one was nearby, and then only he felt relieved.

He quickly pushed Mu Yixi into the utility room next to them, and carefully closed the door.

Mu Yixi was amused by his performance where he was acting as if he was facing a great enemy.

However, Mu Yiqi turned around and stared at him with a tangled face.

Mu Yixi immediately straightened his face and faced him with the same solemn expression.

“Brother, tell me that’s not true.” Mu Yiqi was still hopeful, hoping that when he saw Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming kissing, it was just an illusion, or they had just accidentally met mouth to mouth!

Mu Yixi said apologetically, “Xiaoqi, Mingming and I are seriously in love.” He didn’t expect that Mu Yiqi would get to know about his relationship with Feng Weiming so quickly.

He originally planned to let Mu Yiqi accept it step by step, as he knew that this incident would definitely impact Mu Yiqi’s three views.

He was really too careless that time in the hot spring.

He was a little overwhelmed by Feng Weiming’s promise of “willing to be the bottom after losing the bet” and the cooperation of his body response – as expected, Feng Weiming usually refused to make out with him outdoors.

It made sense.

Mu Yixi sighed in his heart.

A thunderbolt from the blue was not enough to describe Mu Yiqi’s feelings at the moment!

When he hadn’t yet gotten Mu Yixi’s personal admission, he could still delude himself, but Mu Yixi’s admission made him instantly stunned!

One was his brother, the other was also his brother, and the two boys were dating!

Forgive Mu Yiqi’s limited time abroad for this, but his understanding of this aspect was pitiful.

Whenever he had inadvertently heard of it, it was all done by the unworthy people in the circle.

It was a new way of playing; the goodness was all in unbearable pickled things.

Mu Yiqi, who had a correct view, had always held a disdainful attitude towards these messy things.

He never dreamed that one day, there would be Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming who would do such a thing!

“This is not a joke! You are both men!” Mu Yiqi was very broken: “How can two boys be together”

“Actually, yes.

There are many examples at home and abroad.

We also know some, but you just didn’t find them.” Mu Yixi said calmly.

“Don’t you like girls You obviously get along well with them.” Mu Yiqi couldn’t accept it.

In order to test Mu Yixi, he indirectly promoted today’s outing to a “date”, just to find out whether Mu Yixi liked boys or girls.

Mu Yixi, Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi got along happily and there was no sense of disobedience.

Mu Yiqi thought he had misunderstood before.

As soon as he put his heart down, Mu Yixi gave him a big thunder!

“Getting along well doesn’t mean I like them.” Mu Yixi said, the coldness in his eyes clearly showing his attitude.

It was entirely for Mrs.

Mu’s sake that he was friendly with Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi, as he would never embarrass Mrs.

Mu in front of outsiders.

His tenderness and thoughtfulness could be spilled without money, but whether it was true or false, only he knew.

Mu Yiqi went mad: “That even if it is a boy! It’s still Mingming!”

Mu Yixi shrugged and continued to let out thunder in the tone of “today’s fine weather”: “It’s obviously him who confessed first.

I didn’t hate him, so I accepted it.” He inadvertently revealed a hint of pride.

The opponent in the previous life confessed to him in this life, and it did feel too cool.

Mu Yiqi was completely shocked.

For the first time, he didn’t believe his brother’s words: “Impossible, how could it be possible…” Feng Weiming was always so indifferent!

Mu Yixi said calmly, “You can ask him for proof.”

So confident, it must be true.

Mu Yiqi’s three views instantly shattered to the ground.

He hugged his head and squatted down, like a monk reciting the scriptures: “No, no, how can you do this This is not right, men and men…”

Mu Yixi couldn’t hold back.

He had thought about the many ways in which Mu Yiqi might react, such as screaming in disgust, breaking off with them, threatening them to break up or he would tell the adults, etc., but he didn’t expect Mu Yiqi’s reaction to be so funny, he was acting as if he was half dead.

But he didn’t say a bad word to his brother.

Mu Yixi also squatted down, put his hand on Mu Yiqi’s shoulder, and said comfortably, “It’s no big deal, Xiaoqi.

I just like one person, and that person happens to be a person who grew up together with us.

He also happens to be a man.

If this is the case, will you hate me and Mingming, won’t recognize me as a brother, and won’t recognize Mingming as a younger brother”

Mu Yiqi’s head was still confused, and his three views are refreshed, but hearing this, he subconsciously said: “How is it possible”

Mu Yixi said lightly, “Then it’s over.”

“But, but have you thought about the consequences” Mu Yiqi said worriedly: “If you are found out, if it is found out about you falling in love…” No matter how ignorant he was, he knew that these kind of feelings were not accepted by society at all.

Once exposed, it would definitely cause an uproar.

With the family style of the Mu family, how could a scandal such as a cousin love be borne.

“I have no blood relationship with Mingming.

To be honest, we have nothing to do with the Mu family.” Mu Yixi said truthfully.

Both were nominally adopted sons and had no blood genealogy into the Mu family.

If the Mu family really wanted to restrain them, they had to weigh that fact a bit.

“Brother, how can you say that” Mu Yiqi was injured.

What was it, how did they have nothing to do with the Mu family

Mu Yixi patted his head: “Mom, you and Xiaoxuan will always be the most important people to me.

So, I will not hide from you, and I hope to get your support.

This road is going to be difficult enough for me and Mingming.

I don’t want you to be a part of this difficulty.”

Mu Yiqi suddenly felt sorry for his brother: “You know it’s going to be difficult…” He couldn’t go on.

“Because I like it.” Mu Yixi said as if it was a matter of course: “Like you liked Xia Weiwei before.

Did you think she was really suitable for a family like ours Or did you just want to have fun and never think about the future”

“I did not just want to play…” He really liked Xia Weiwei! He knew that Xia Weiwei was incompatible with the circle he was in, but at that time he thought, he just liked her! Because he liked her, he could stand in front of her and solve all difficulties for her…

Mu Yiqi fell silent.

Compared with him and Xia Weiwei, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were a perfect match except for their gender.

They were in love with each other, was it really wrong

After struggling for a while, Mu Yiqi insisted weakly: “Mom must want to see you get married and have children…” Just as his marriage had begun to be discussed about, so did Mu Yixi’s.

However, Mu Yixi was an adopted son, and his identity was slightly worse.

The families who liked him were not as wealthy and powerful as the Mu family.

The Luo family and the Han family were considered to be at the top level.


Mu got close to Mrs.

Luo and Mrs.

Han because she wanted to see the girls in their family.

That’s why today’s show came out.


Mu was of great significance to Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi would basically compromise whenever Mrs.

Mu was brought out.

“Mom will not be short of grandchildren.

You and Xiaoxuan will work harder, and let your children be filial to her in the future.” Mu Yixi patted Mu Yiqi on the shoulder and entrusted him with a heavy responsibility.

Even his mother couldn’t be used, his brother must really like him, and even like him miserably! QaQ… From childhood to adulthood, Mu Yixi took special care of Feng Weiming.

Feng Weiming often despised him but would never despise Mu Yixi… So, their unusual feelings were accumulated little by little, right Others were Qingmen Bamboo Horses, and they were Bamboo Horses[1].

Sure enough, growing up together was more dangerous! Either you end up being kidnapped (Qin He and Mu Yixuan), or getting together (Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming)…

Mu Yiqi thought he finally understood the truth!

“Xiaoqi, help me and Mingming keep it a secret.

If it is exposed now, Mingming and I will be finished…” Mu Yixi asked Mu Yiqi earnestly.

Mu Yiqi nodded weakly: “I won’t say it.”

“Give us a cover at ordinary times.

The three of us will not cause suspicion if we act together.” Mu Yixi said again.

Mu Yiqi felt that something was wrong, but his brother asked him for help so solemnly, and Mingming was also involved… He nodded without hesitation, patted his heart and said, “Don’t worry, I will protect you!” He would never allow anyone to gossip about his brothers!

Mu Yixi’s eyes were red, as he hugged Mu Yiqi and said, moved: “Xiaoqi, you are really kind!”

Mu Yiqi was a little shy and dizzy: “…Yes, yes.”

Mu Yixi lay on his shoulders and smiled.

His cute little brother!


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