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Early in the morning, Mu Yixi was dragged by Mu Yiqi to Mrs.


“Ma’am, the knights are at your command!” Mu Yiqi put a fist on his chest, bent over and said politely.


Mu couldn’t help laughing, and patted him lightly: “You’re just playing tricks… Didn’t you make it clear to your brother” She saw that Mu Yixi was also smiling but was obviously a little dazed.

“Big brother is definitely fine.” Mu Yiqi said immediately.

In terms of accompanying Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yixi must be even more enthusiastic than him.

“What” Mrs.

Mu glared at him and said to Mu Yixi tenderly, “Does Xiaoxi have any plans today”

It was the weekend and there was no need to report to Mu’s for the elite education, so Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming made an appointment to go together to the library to read books, and then watch a movie.

However, Mrs.

Mu and Mu Yiqi had other arrangements, and Mu Yiqi also brought him along.

Mu Yixi said seriously, “What arrangement does Mom have that you have to bring me with you I must not be missing.”


Mu laughed even more happily.

She was in her 40s, and she already had shallow fine lines at the corners of her eyes, but she was still beautiful and graceful, and her temperament was not as cold as before, so she looked much softer and more amiable.

Now that the children were all grown up, Mrs.

Mu deliberately relaxed her control over them, and they were not as close to her as they were when they were young, except Mu Yixuan who was a girl, so she could still hold Mrs.

Mu’s arm and act cute.

The three boys were well behaved to Mrs.

Mu, and at most occasionally said some naughty things.

Most of Mrs.

Mu’s life focus was on the children.

The mother and the child were no longer so intimate that they could talk about everything.

It was false to say that she was not disappointed, but this was a necessary process, and so Mrs.

Mu was constantly adjusting her mentality.


Mu would not force the children to accompany her, but she was quite happy when the children took the initiative to accompany her.

Today it was Mrs.

Mu who invited someone to go shopping.

After Mu Yiqi accidentally found out, he volunteered to sign up as a follower, and by the way, he also reported Mu Yixi’s name.

Although there was no advance notice, Mu Yixi did not say no at this time.

Taking advantage of the time while Mrs.

Mu’s appointment had not yet arrived, Mu Yixi went back to the room and told Feng Weiming.

Before going upstairs, Mu Yiqi seemed to know what he was going to do, and said, “Let it just be two of us today, don’t call Mingming.” Seeing that Mu Yixi turned to look at him, Mu Yiqi added: “Let him rest well after the holiday.”

Mu Yixi nodded, but a trace of suspicion flashed in his heart.

Feng Weiming was already dressed and ready to go out with Mu Yixi.

When Mu Yixi came up and told him the situation, he was stunned.

And he couldn’t even go out with Mrs.


Feng Weiming rarely stayed separately from Mu Yixi.

Although Feng Weiming’s face had no expression, Mu Yixi could feel his disappointment.

Mu Yixi held his hand a little distressedly, coaxed him gently for a long time, and kissed and rubbed him, until his face relaxed again, and then he reluctantly left.    

When he walked out of Feng Weiming’s room, he saw Mu Yiqi standing not far away, looking in a daze in his direction, so with a condensed expression, Mu Yixi raised his eyebrows, and asked: “Xiao Qi”

“Are you ready It’s time to go!”

Two tall and handsome young men who looked alike went out with Mrs.


The smile on Mrs.

Mu’s face was light and full of pride and satisfaction.


Mu had devoted herself to the Children’s Charity Fund in recent years.

One of her appointments was Mrs.

Luo and the other Mrs.


They were both ladies who held positions in the same foundation.


Luo and Mrs.

Han each had a daughter.

They were probably a little younger than Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi.

One was named Luo Yinna and the other was named Han Yuezhi.

They were both fair-skinned and beautiful girls.

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi didn’t know them, but they knew them.

Before the three mothers could introduce themselves, Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi could not hide their excitement and exclaimed, “President! Master Qi!”

After Mu Yixi entered high school, he was no longer the student council president.

Although the student union in the high school was interested in recruiting him, the reason why he ran for the student union president in junior high school was to give Mu Yiqi’s football team sufficient support.

After high school, Mu Yiqi no longer played football, so his interest had also diminished, therefore he didn’t plan to join the student council again.

The people who would call him the president should be students from the same junior high school, and they seemed to be the kind who were his fans…


Luo was cheerful and took the lead in laughing: “It seems that we don’t need to introduce you.


Mu, your two sons are amazing!”


Mu is very lucky.” Mrs.

Han agreed softly.

She glanced at Han Yuezhi, faintly resentful.

She didn’t like Han Yuezhi’s impatience.

Girls should be more reserved and not show all their admiration on their faces.

Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi’s hot heads cooled, and they greeted Mrs.

Mu politely with blushing faces: “Hello, Aunt Mu.”

“Oh, they are all good children.” Mrs.

Mu said with a smile, “You have to take good care of your two younger sisters later.”

Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi’s eyes lit up!

Mu Yiqi said, “Don’t worry, Mom, with big brother here, I promise to complete the task!”

Mu Yixi glanced at him and smiled softly.

The three mothers went shopping together and talked happily along the way.

Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi tried their best to pretend to walk beside Mu Yixi naturally one by one and chatted cautiously.

Mu Yixi responded mildly, and quickly made them release their restraints, such that they were talking and laughing together soon.

Mu Yiqi was left out in the cold, but he was not annoyed at all, he just stared closely at Mu Yixi, both relieved and tangled by his reaction.

When Mu Yixi turned to look at him, Mu Yiqi quickly turned his face away and pretended to be looking elsewhere.

Mu Yixi twitched the corners of his lips inexplicably.

When they went to the big shopping mall to look at the clothes, the three mothers and two girls were in high spirits, while Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi were completely reduced to carrying the bags for them.

The bolder Luo Yinna put on a new set of clothes and summoned up the courage to ask Mu Yixi’s opinion.

Before Mu Yiqi could speak, Mu Yixi apologized and said that he had no idea about the matching of women’s clothes.


Han said: “Men are born without the ability to dress and dress up, and this problem will always require wives to worry about in the future.” How could a girl ask a boy’s opinion in turn

Before Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi understood, Mrs.

Luo had already said, “Women don’t dress to please themselves.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, what’s the use without her husband’s appreciation” What if my daughter took the initiative When you see something good, you should take it first!


Luo and Mrs.

Han were arguing with each other, and they were also arguing in front of Mrs.


Although both of them had care for their images and didn’t use dirty words, as daughters, Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi felt a little helpless and embarrassed as they peeked at Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi looked like “I don’t understand what the two aunties are talking about”, and said to Mrs.

Mu, “Mom, I’m a little thirsty, I’ll take Xiaoqi and my sisters to the coffee shop opposite to wait for you. I promise we won’t drink coffee…” He winked mysteriously.

Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi, who had never seen Mu Yixi’s this side, couldn’t help laughing.


Mu smiled and said, “Go.”

For the whole day, Mu Yixi took good care of the two girls.


Luo and Mrs.

Han came out carrying many big and small bags, and they had become a pair of good friends again as they stood together holding hands.

They gave Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi a small gift each.


Mu also gave gifts to Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi.

When they parted, Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi were very reluctant to part, and they said in unison, “We will definitely be admitted to Ya’an’s high school and continue to support you, President!” They were now third-year students in the Ya’an High School Affiliated Middle School.

“Jiayou.” Mu Yixi said simply, but it was enough to inspire the two young girls.

Seeing the energetic looks of Luo Yinna and Han Yuezhi, Mrs.

Luo and Mrs.

Han were very satisfied with Mu Yixi.

Back at Yilian Garden, Mu Yiqi leaned on Mu Yixi’s shoulders and asked with interest, “Both are good! Do you like Luo Yinna more, or Han Yuezhi more” He winked at Mu Yixi and gave him a look that every boy understood.

Mu Yixi chuckled lightly, and Mu Yiqi felt a little weird in his heart.

“So, today you wanted to introduce a girlfriend to me specially” Mu Yixi asked.

Mu Yiqi quibbled: “I didn’t know Aunt Luo and Aunt Han would bring their daughters.

Come on, which one do you like”

Mu Yixi shook his head: “I don’t like either.”

Mu Yiqi didn’t believe it: “How could it be You were so gentle and so kind to them!”

Mu Yixi looked at him fixedly: “Xiaoqi, what did you see”

“What… what” Mu Yixi asked inexplicably, but all of a sudden, he understood what he meant! His eyes began to wander.

Mu Yixi pondered for a while, and said to himself, “We’ve always been careful, except for that time when we were a little excited… Xiao Qi, was it when we were in the hot spring That time in the stairwell” He asked tentatively.

Mu Yiqi’s face changed instantly!

Mu Yixi knew that he had guessed right.

He lowered his voice in distress and said, “Xiao Qi, you saw me and Mingming kissing.” He used a declarative sentence, with a positive tone.


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