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Chapter 6

Seeing that they were getting along fine, Mrs.

Mu happily said, “Are you guys done discussing Aren’t you guys going to introduce yourselves”


The three children were stunned.

Right, they hadn’t introduced themselves yet! Besides Mu Yixi that was acting dumb, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan both lowered their heads in embarrassment.

This was because their mother had told them to do so before, but the moment they saw Mu Yixi, they forgot.

In Mrs.

Mu’s eyes, this was disrespectful.



Mu said, “Then, Xiao Xi, you’re the oldest.

You can introduce yourself first.”


Mu Yixi’s face flushed.

He said softly, “My name is Hu...Mu Yixi.

I’m six years old.

Hi.” Mrs.

Mu had long changed his surname.


Mu Yiqi just remembered what his mother told him.

He coughed and acted proper like a little adult.

I’m Mu Yiqi and I’m also six years old.

Mother said that you’re five months older than me, so you’re the big brother.

But I think I’m the big brother.

Can I not call you big brother and call you Xiao Xi instead”


Mu Yixi glanced at Madam Mu and the latter smiled back at him.

However, she didn’t say anything.

He thought about it before nodding.



Mu Yixuan said in a soft voice, “I’m Mu Yixuan and I’m four years old.

You can call me Xiao Xuan.

Big brother Xiao Xi teddy, welcome.”


“Thank you Xiao Xuan.” Mu Yixi said sincerely.


Mu Yixuan sweetly smiled at him.


During their first meeting, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan both had a good impression of Mu Yixi.


“You guys are all good kids.

You guys have to get along and take care of each other, okay” Mrs.

Mu said softly.


“Okay!” The three children said in unison.


“I’m the oldest.

I’ll take care of them!” Mu Yiqi patted his chest and said responsibly.


“I’m the big brother.

I will take care of my younger brother and sister.” Mu Yixi thought this was hilarious, but expressed his loyalty.


Mu Yixuan huffed, “I, I…” She didn’t know what to say.

The smallest big brother teddy was also bigger than her.

Even more, she was the youngest too and usually the one being taken care of.

She normally thought that it was expected.

But at this time, it made her seem pretty useless.


“Younger sister can take care of big brother teddy.” Mu Yixi looked at the teddy bear in Mu Yixuan’s arms and slowly said.


Mu Yixuan followed his gaze and looked at the teddy bear.

When Mu Yixi thought that she would follow his words, she raised the teddy up instead.

“I don’t want big brother Xiao Xi’s teddy bear.

It’s your favorite teddy.

Let me return this to you.

Mommy, come and pick a teddy bear just like big brother Xiao Xi with me, okay” She looked up at Mrs.



“Of course, baby.” Mrs.

Mu patted her hair.

Her daughter took Mu Yixi’s favorite teddy.

She planned on talking to her and having her hand the teddy back later on.

Who knew that Mu Yixuan was more sensible than she imagined.


Mu Yixuan placed the teddy on Mu Yixi’s lap and happily counted on his fingers, “I will take good care of daddy dog, mommy rabbit, big brother teddy, big brother chick, and my little rabbit...more than big brother Xiao Xi and big brother!” She puffed out her chest and acted proud as though looking to be complimented.


“Xiao Xuan is so capable.” Mrs.

Mu couldn’t help but laugh.


Mu Yixuan stood next to Mrs.

Mu, her face flushed as she twisted her body.


“It’s that lively today Can someone tell me what happened” The mature and composed man walked in, with a slight smile as he asked.


“Daddy!” Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan called out in unison.


Mu Yixi raised his head and saw his birth father, Mu Jiurong, as expected.

Before the man opened his mouth, he already stood by the side.

However, everyone’s attention was on Mu Yixi.

Even more, Mu Jiurong observed him with a deep and profound gaze.

Mu Yixi pretended like he didn’t know, but had long recognized him.

He had encountered Mu Jiurong six years in advance in this life.

The other party’s face didn’t change much.

He was still handsome and composed, acting like a gentleman.

However, in reality, he was selfish, ruthless, and cold.

He and Mrs.

Mu and the children are from completely different worlds.


When Mu Yixi met Mu Jiurong’s gaze, he looked down as though frightened.

He hid the coldness in his eyes.


Mu seemed to have detected something.

She gently placed her hand on his shoulder, silently comforting him.

Mu Yixi’s heart felt warmed and he didn’t act startled anymore.


“You’re back.” Mrs.

Mu faintly said.

She persisted in adopting Mu Yixi.

Mu Jiurong didn’t object to it in the end.

However, his indifferent attitude revealed his disapproval.


Mu didn’t expect for Mu Jiurong to specially stay and look at him although Mu Yixi was entering the Mu Family today.

Now that he was back, it didn’t seem like he harbored any good intentions.

He observed the six year old child in that gaze, making even bystanders feel uncomfortable and unhappy.


Mu Jiurong nodded.

“I came back to see you guys.” He patted Mu Yixuan head and looked at Mu Yixi.

“This is your new big brother”


“Yes, he’s big brother Xiao Xi and big brother teddy!” Mu Yixuan said in a childish voice.


“Xiao Xuan, then introduce him to daddy, okay” Mu Jiurong asked.


Mu Yixuan said “oh.” She pulled on Mu Jiurong pants and said to Mu Yixi.

“Big brother Yixi, this is daddy!”


Mu Yixi looked shyly at Mu Jiurong before saying nervously, “H...hello…”


Mu Jiurong said, “Since you’re going to be living in our house and you are calling Xiao Xuan’s mother as your mother, you should change the way you call me.

What do you think you should call me Mu...Yixi”


The invisible pressure assaulted him.

Mu Yixi’s face paled and he subconsciously trembled, holding the teddy bear tightly and unable to say anything.

He gradually forgot about his grandmother, Hu Lijiao, in order to protect himself after he was injured.

He had no memories of his birth mother, Hu Qin.

Even more because she looked similar to Hu Lijiao, he seemed to be rejecting memories of her.


Mu treated him sincerely, so he accepted her and treated her like his mother.

He was very excited and delighted that Mrs.

Mu adopted him, but it didn’t mean that he lost his memory.

He knew that Mrs.

Mu wasn’t his birth mother in his heart.

The fragile him wanted to behave good and obedient, so that he could be acknowledged by Mrs.



If Mrs.

Mu’s representation as a gentle and kind mother led Mu Yixi to accept her without putting on any guard, then Mu Jiurong’s representation as a stern and strict father led Mu Yixi to fear him.

His father had been missing from his life and now that he suddenly appeared, it was expected for Mu Yixi to panic.

He was unable to confidently call out “father” like how Mu Yixuan and Mu Yiqi called him.


But if he called him “uncle,” then his status in the Mu Family would change completely.


This was Mu Jiurong.

No matter whether in his past or current life, he had never truly accepted Mu Yixi.

Even if they were blood related.


Because he didn’t accept him, he could ruthless test the waters and guard against a six years old.


“Jiurong.” Mrs.

Mu looked at Mu Jiurong, slightly blaming him for his action.

She patted Mu Yixi’s hair and said, “Xiao Xi, call him daddy.”


Mu Yixi looked over at Mrs.

Mu, his eyes teary.


Mu encouraged and nodded at him.

Mu Yixi looked down and clutched his teddy bear, saying weakly, “Daddy…”


Mu Jiurong stared at his black hair and finally said something after a long pause of silence.

“Since your mother brought you back, then listen to her.

Take care of your younger sister and brother.”


“...Yes, daddy.” Mu Yixi responded in a soft voice.


“Daddy, I’ll also take care of my big brother and young sister.” Mu Yiqi summoned the courage to say that, looking at Mu Jiurong in admiration.

Compared to being close to Mrs.

Mu, the little one could tell that Mu Yixi actually feared his gentle father on the surface.

However, seeing how Mu Jiurong “valued” Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi couldn’t help but part his lips, wanting his father to pay attention to him.


“Me, me too!” Mu Yixuan said this hurriedly, choking on her words.

She said softly, “I’ll take care of daddy dog, mommy rabbit, big brother teddy, big brother chick, and my little rabbit…” She raised her five fingers towards Mu Jiurong, swearing.

“I’ll take good care!” She was much closer to Mu Jiurong than Mu Yiqi to him.


Mu Jiurong glanced at his children and a smile floated on his lips.

He caressed Mu Yixuan’s face and said, “Xiao Qi and Xiao Xuan are good.

Listen to your mommy, okay”


“Yes!” Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan both nodded firmly.


“Then I’m heading back to the company.

I’ll come back for dinner.” Mu Jiurong said to Mrs.



“Okay.” Mrs.

Mu sent him out of the door.


After Mu Jiurong left, Mrs.

Mu gathered all the servants in the room over.


There weren’t many people in Yilian Garden.

Besides the family of four, the residents included Housekeeper Aunt Wang, driver Uncle Rong, cook Aunt Zhang, nanny Xu Qingli, janitor Sister Shu, and the gardener Uncle Chen.

However, he was an hourly worker, only coming two days a week.

Besides driver Uncle Rong, Aunt Wang could dispatch the servants as she saw fit.


Coincidentally, all the servants were here today.

Even driver Uncle Rong stayed.

The driver that drove Mu Jiurong back to his company was his assistant, Xu Zhao.


Mu specially did this for Mu Yixi.



Mu held Mu Yixi’s hand and stood by him.

She announced in front of everyone, “He is Mu Yixi.

Starting today, please address him as the elder master and Yiqi as the young master.

You guys must treat him as you would to Yiqi and Yixuan.

If you guys neglect him, I’m warning you guys right now.

Don’t blame me for looking into it later.”


“Yes, madam.” Everyone said in unison.

Clearly, they had been told this beforehand.

No matter what their genuine thoughts were, they wore calm expressions right now.


“Please look after me.” Mu Yixi’s gaze swept across all the servants, saying shyly as how Mrs.

Mu had taught him.


“It’s what we should do, elder master.” As the representative of the servants, Aunt Wang respectfully exclaimed.


Mu Yixi smiled gratefully at Aunt Wang.

The latter’s expression didn’t change but there was a gentle look in her eyes.


“You guys must have worked hard.

You guys can go now.” Mrs.

Mu slightly nodded.


Everyone returned to their positions.


Mu said to Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, “Xiao Qi and Xiao Xuan, take your big brother on a tour in his room, okay”


“Okay.” Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan said together.

Mu Yiqi tilted his head and added, “Is Sister Qingli coming too”


Each child in the Mu Family had a nanny.

They were fired after they were six years old.

Mu Yiqi’s nanny had left already;  only Mu Yixuan’s nanny was still here.

Mu Yixuan and Xu Qingli had a great relationship.

If Mrs.

Mu wasn’t here, Mu Yixuan couldn’t leave her nanny’s side.


Xu Qingli took a step forward, waiting for Mrs.

Mu’s order.

She was about twenty or so years old with long hair, wearing a simple short blouse and a skirt.

She was clean and good-looking, young and beautiful.


“Mhm, Qingli can go along too.

Look after the three of them.” It was clear that Mrs.

Mu treated Xu Qingli.


Mu Yixi held the teddy bear and raised his head to look curiously at Xu Qingli, his gaze confused and innocent.






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