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“Ah!” Lin Pei’er exclaimed a little, as she staggered and almost fell…しw0.

Mu Yiqi almost reached out to help her because of his conditional reflex, but then he thought that he should not give support to Lin Pei’er unrealistic fantasies anymore, and quickly retracted his hand.

Yan Yu was walking near the two of them.

Seeing this, he walked up to Lin Pei’er and asked softly, “Do you need help”

The group had come to the hot spring hotel early in the morning.

The mountain on which the hotel was built was about 200 meters high, neither too steep nor too high, but it was undeveloped and there was no special mountaineering road and the path was also quite wild.

There were only two girls in the group, Mu Yixuan and Lin Pei’er.

Mu Yixuan had Qin He as her boyfriend to protect her throughout the whole process.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, the two older brothers, followed them step by step.

The people remaining were Mu Yiqi, Yan Yu and Lin Pei’er.

Yan Yu was nineteen years old, the oldest of all, and he was automatically and consciously pressed last.

Mu Yiqi and him were only half an inch apart, almost walking side by side.

Especially when Lin Pei’er who was walking in front showed signs of slowing down, Mu Yiqi deliberately distanced himself from her and walked behind Yan Yu several times.

Yan Yu could see clearly the dark tide between the boy and the girl, and a faint interest arose in his heart.

Lin Pei’er was a pretty smart girl.

She was interested in Mu Yiqi, but at this time, she didn’t pretend to be weak, she didn’t entangle Mu Yiqi to protect her, but she showed a sharpness and strength different from ordinary ladies, however at the same time, she showed the fragility of a girl as well.

For example, she tried her best, but her physical strength was still not as good as that of boys.

She walked in the back position, her breathing was a little short, and she occasionally tripped over small branches and rocks, but she quickly managed to stabilize, creating a soft but hard-working image.

Yan Yu could see through it because Lin Pei’er’s legs were flexible and strong, and her steps were light.

Obviously, she was used to sports, and was not the kind of girl who would be tripped even when she climbed a mountain road.

Mu Yiqi was trying to avoid Lin Pei’er as much as possible and didn’t notice this.

But under Lin Pei’er’s deliberate calculation, he who was squinting at first, gradually he found it a little unbearable to be led by her, and he almost reached out to help her as she wished.

But Mu Yiqi’s unbearable heart was out of morality, not the love between a man and a woman.

With this kind of character, in the face of such a scheming suitor, it would be worse when Mu Yiqi really had a girlfriend.

Yan Yu had heard Mu Yiqi talk about what had happened with his brother Mu Yixi and his ex-girlfriend Xia Weiwei.

There had been no mention of Lin Pei’er, but when he saw her today, Yan Yu felt that apart from Mu Yixi’s reason, Lin Pei’er should not be free of credit in getting Mu Yiqi to break up with his ex-girlfriend.

Yan Yu had never been a nosy person, but Mu Yiqi was so pitiful that he was fooled, so he specially invited him, and Yan Yu could not really stand by.

As soon as Yan Yu spoke, Mu Yiqi breathed a sigh of relief.

The person Lin Pei’er wanted was not Yan Yu, so she said with a smile, “I can do it, no need to help, thank you.” Yan Yu got in the way, so Lin Pei’er was a little annoyed at first, but when she looked up and saw Yan Yu’s calm and peaceful face, her annoyance disappeared unexpectedly.

Yan Yu had a magical power that made people feel calm.

Lin Pei’er suddenly felt that she had worked hard for Mu Yiqi for a long time anyway, and she didn’t need to rush it now.

Lin Pei’er’s pace slowed down, and Mu Yiqi was not so alert anymore.

Lin Pei’er talked to Yan Yu, and as soon as Yan Yu’s soft and pleasant voice came out, the atmosphere slowly became harmonious.

Mu Yiqi listened to it for a while, and then naturally followed along.

The atmosphere of several people suddenly became unprecedentedly harmonious.

Mu Yixi listened to all the movements behind him and chuckled silently.

With Yan Yu here, it seemed that he didn’t have to worry about Mu Yiqi being duped by Lin Pei’er.

He continued following Qin He and Mu Yixuan, who were walking forward while holding hands.

Mu Yixi was now extremely displeased with Qin He, but he couldn’t show it in front of Mu Yixuan, so he had to turn his face away and look at Feng Weiming.

Feng Weiming walked obliquely in front of him without saying a word, not giving him a single look, even from the corner of his eye.

As a new couple, the response was indeed lukewarm.

However, Mu Yixi’s smiling face did not show annoyance.

Since the deep kiss at the dojo, their relationship had been settled.

However, in this regard, they were both new, and the couples around them are all male and female couples that could not be used for reference.

How to get along as a couple was a bit confusing for both of them.

Feng Weiming did not offer advice, but Mu Yixi followed his own ideas and took him to watch pornographic films (…).

At this time, computers had started to become popular, and each of the child in the Mu family had a high-end computer.

The speed of watching videos online could not keep up, but it was no problem to buy a small yellow disc and insert a CD- Rom.

So, while everyone was asleep, Mu Yixi walked into Feng Weiming’s room, locked the door, inserted the disk, and the two of them, each with one earplug, leaned against each other and watched.

The film was chosen by Mu Yixi, half of which was based on the knowledge of an elder brother, and the other half took into account the acceptance of Feng Weiming, so he chose a domestic film, the kind which was shot on a small scale.

But when Feng Weiming saw naked men on the camera, his face was already tense and he didn’t want to look at it, and his little face was very warm in the dark.

Mu Yixi was so happy that he almost burst into tears, because a certain part of his was very cooperative that night.

With Feng Weiming by his side, he already reacted when he watched the film! Miracle!

Mu Yixi didn’t pay attention to the humming sound in his ears.

He struck Feng Weiming’s hand while the iron was hot and pressed it on his own.

First of all, he said – Brother is not incompetent! (If he can’t stand up in the future, it’s definitely not his problem!)

Feng Weiming’s hand shrank as if it was scalded by the fire, and the whole person was not well!

Although Feng Weiming didn’t expect to be a virgin at the age of eighteen, there was a gap between his thinking and actual combat.

He was not mentally prepared yet.

How could Mu Yixi be so bold and start playing hooligan

Seeing Feng Weiming staring at him, Mu Yixi didn’t stop.

Feng Weiming was still young, he didn’t really plan to do anything, it was just that he had lived two lives, and his body reaction at this time was the most surprising.

He couldn’t wait to find out whether the reason was watching the movie or Feng Weiming.

So, he pressed Feng Weiming’s hand and rubbed it… and then was kicked out of bed by Feng Weiming!

Mu Yixi got up and watched the villain Feng Weiming complain first: “What’s the matter with you” The tone was very disappointing, as if to say: What’s the fuss about swelling This is a normal thing, don’t you dare to do it Who provoked it first!

Feng Weiming naturally couldn’t say “I’m not ready”.

Besides, he was the one who confessed first, and agreed to watch pornography together – it was unscientific for a couple to watch pornography together and do nothing.

Feng Weiming still had this common sense.

Now that he had kicked Mu Yixi out of bed, Feng Weiming did not admit that he was shrinking from the battle!

Feng Weiming’s head turned quickly, and after a while, he said sternly: “We haven’t decided on who is the top and who is the bottom on the bed.” Now that he had confessed, baby Feng already has some basic knowledge.

Mu Yixi was stunned for a moment and looked at him calmly: “I want to be the top.

What about you” Mu Yixi’s desire to control was very strong, of course he wanted to be the leading one.

Feng Weiming said without hesitation, “Top.”

Mu Yixi looked at Feng Weiming.

This extremely beautiful child was shorter than him and thinner than him, and his body shape was also not top material.

Just after this interaction, his hair was messed up, his eyes were moist, his face was flushed, his breathing was slightly short, the pajama buttons that were buttoned to the neck were half unbuttoned, and his pajama bottoms were also crumpled and crooked in an attractive direction.

This made people want to press and rub him well – Mu Yixi could bet that Feng Weiming had no concept of the specific operation of top and he was just arguing with him, because he didn’t want to continue doing it at the moment.

Mu Yixi felt that this was a great opportunity!

He said, “But we have to choose one.”

Feng Weiming nodded: “Yes.”

Mu Yixi asked, “How do you want to decide”

Feng Weiming said, “High school entrance examination results…” He hadn’t finished before Mu Yixi’s brows furrowed.

Feng Weiming was very clear that this was unfair, because his grades were at the top of the list all the year round, while Mu Yixi’s grades could only be considered to be in the middle, and it was very remarkable for him to be occasionally squeezed into the top ten of the grade.

Mu Yixi would definitely disagree if it was decided only by the results of the high school entrance examination.

So, Feng Weiming quickly added: “And taekwondo.”

Mu Yixi’s taekwondo was quite good, and he was already a third-degree black belt.

Although the two won and lost when they were sparring, Feng Weiming knew that Mu Yixi sometimes lost because he was not serious.

So, he just took this opportunity to let Mu Yixi compete with him seriously.

In this way, whoever won these two at the same time would be the top.

“Mingming, you are delaying time on purpose… You don’t want to do it” Mu Yixi asked suspiciously.

Feng Weiming had an advantage in the high school entrance examination results, and Mu Yixi could be slightly better in taekwondo if he is serious.

If both of them won one and lost one, the problem of top would not be solved.

Feng Weiming raised his chin and said coldly, “Are you afraid”

Mu Yixi shrugged and said thoughtfully, “Listening to you, I’m not in a hurry, I’ll wait for you to be ready.”

Feng Weiming knew that Mu Yixi was watching, however Feng Weiming felt a lot better when he said the understanding words, so he took the rare initiative to say soft words: “I don’t hate kissing…”

Mu Yixi smiled.

What was he waiting for

He bowed his head and kissed him…

But as soon as the high school entrance examination results came out, Feng Weiming thought: Oh.

Damn “I’ll wait for you to be ready”!

Mu Yixi, this nasty thing, was acting weak even in the usual exams!

No wonder Mu Yixi had beaten him every time in the dojo since watching porn with him!

– He’d been waiting for this day!

Feng Weiming was so angry that his teeth were itching, and he did not calm down until now, and regarded Mu Yixi as air.

Mu Yixi was so good-natured that he was almost never beaten or scolded.

He didn’t care when Feng Weiming could be eaten, however it was now certain that it he would be eaten since he had won, and everything else was unimportant.

Feng Weiming ignored him and walked away on his own.

Mu Yixi was bored and still went to tease him.

As if nothing had happened, he came to Feng Weiming’s side and walked shoulder to shoulder with him.

Taking advantage of the gap between his arms, he quickly stretched out his fingers to hook his.

Feng Weiming glared at him from the corner of his eye: Get out!

Mu Yixi smiled: Won’t get out.

Feng Weiming: Let others see it!

Mu Yixi: Don’t be afraid, no one will think of going there.

Feng Weiming hummed, trying to look away from Mu Yixi’s rude face.

Mu Yixi: Hey, Mingming, don’t act like a little girl.

Feng Weiming shot a cold look at him: You are a little girl.

Mu Yixi: Yes, yes, I’m just a little girl.

Feng Weiming: …

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