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In the dojo, Feng Weiming kicked Mu Yixi to the ground with a spin.

Because he didn’t wear protective clothing, Mu Yixi’s fall was so strong that his face wrinkled in pain.

Feng Weiming saluted him, then stretched out his hand.

Mu Yixi grabbed his hand and was pulled up, however this caused his neck and shoulders to twist: “No mercy, Mingming…” He couldn’t help but wonder again, did Feng Weiming really like him

Would the person who liked him take the opportunity to beat him completely without letting him go QaQ seemed to be the sense of Mu Yixi’s subtext.

Feng Weiming smiled at him sideways, and it was as warm and delicate as melting ice and snow.

He took Mu Yixi’s arm, leaned into his ear and said, “Of course I like you…” While Mu Yixi was lost in thought, a small hook kick brought him down again.

Mu Yixi was lying on the ground and looking up at Feng Weiming with a speechless face.

Feng Weiming said with a solemn face: “Too careless.

If the teacher knew about it, you would be embarrassed to tell others that you are a 3rd dan black belt, right”

Mu Yixi thought silently: You just can’t see me being promoted to 3rd dan…

As an academic bully, Feng Weiming had a very strong competitive spirit in his studies.

His learning progress of Taekwondo was not as good as that of Mu Yixi, and his notice of Mu Yixi’s intentional holding back in all aspects also made Feng Weiming feel a sense of anger in his heart.

Mu Yixi’s performance after his confession was a bit abnormal, and Feng Weiming felt that one yardage was one yardstick.

Such aberration actually disrespected him as an opponent, so he did not hold back his shots – in fact, Feng Weiming never had the consciousness to hold back even when fighting the person he liked, either.

The lion fought the rabbit with all his strength, not to mention that there were only opponents in the dojo, and all that mattered was either winning or losing, right

Why would he want to give up everything just because he liked someone

Feng Weiming did not agree with this kind of compromising love.

Mu Yixi stood up without arguing with Feng Weiming, and walked out of the dojo, shaking his head, then he went to the locker room.

Fortunately, the dojo was not open today.

They skipped class because Mu Yixi needed to adjust his mood under the successive “strikes”.

If other familiar students saw the gentle and graceful senior brother they admired showing such a slack head, they would surely be disillusioned.

Feng Weiming slowly followed behind him.

When he got to the dressing room, Mu Yixi had already brought out his towels and clothes.

Feng Weiming’s mood improved immediately.

He crossed his arms against his chest, and suddenly hooked the corner of his lower lip: “Do you want to take a shower together”

Mu Yixi was about to take his clothes into the dressing room to take a shower and change clothes when he heard the words, so he paused and looked at Feng Weiming.

Feng Weiming was wearing a white Taekwondo uniform with a black belt around his waist.

Because of the vigorous exercise just now, his shirt was open a little, and it was a little messy, revealing a small piece of fair skin, while the rest was belted.

His usually expressionless face was sweaty and flushed, such that it kindled a desire for beauty within him.

Mu Yixi threw the things in his hand suddenly, narrowed his eyes and approached Feng Weiming.

Feng Weiming raised his chin slightly, as he looked at him without smiling.

“Have you played enough I’m fifteen, not five!” Mu Yixi said viciously.

He knew that Feng Weiming was irresistibly beautiful, but he hadn’t thought about it yet.

Was it necessary to use this advantage to “bully” him so quickly He was so sure that he didn’t dare to touch him Fifteen-year-old boys did not have so much they could do together!

…For example, watching pornographic films together…

It was not good for bamboo horses to grow up together, so they still knew the bottom line.

Feng Weiming saw through Mu Yixi’s sternness at a glance and thought that Mu Yixi did not dare to touch a finger on him.

But Feng Weiming’s words weren’t all joking, he really didn’t mind doing something.

Feng Weiming grew up in China, but his thinking was more westernized.

Since he somehow liked the person, he wouldn’t hesitate, he wanted Mu Yixi to give him a happy answer.

No one could be sure of the future, so there was no need to consider the entire lifetime.

It was normal to fall in love before marriage, and it was normal to have some intimate encounters.

It was okay to say when there was no one whom he liked.

With someone who he liked, Feng Weiming wouldn’t be embarrassed as long as they were both eighteen years old.

After so many years, Mu Yixi was one of the very few people that he rarely refused to get close to – although he was helpless at first, but later he got used to it.


Thinking of this, Feng Weiming’s eyes became more provocative: “Don’t make me look down on you, Mu Yixi.”

“…Don’t you like Xiaoqi” Mu Yixi was very puzzled.

If Feng Weiming liked men, he thought that the first one should be Mu Yiqi.

No matter the last life or this life, how much he cared for Mu Yiqi almost went against his nature.

In the last life, he was an enemy, and in this life, Mu Yiqi had brought him one more look.

So, Mu Yixi could never believe that Feng Weiming would like him.

Feng Weiming said, “Are you rejecting me” If you don’t want to, you can say it directly, what are you doing talking about Mu Yiqi Mu Yiqi was his own younger brother, how could he like him His thoughts were not that messy.

Mu Yixi looked at Feng Weiming’s face, unable to say a single “yes”.

It was not an ordinary temptation to be able to pluck the high mountain grass from the Ya’an Affiliated Middle School with a nod.

Mu Yixi couldn’t help but breathe quickly at the thought of having the opportunity to suppress Feng Weiming.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s eyes light up, Feng Weiming suddenly had a sense of crisis.

“Take a shower, then go back.” Feng Weiming said, but as soon as he finished speaking, his waist was hugged by Mu Yixi and pressed on the locker to kiss…


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