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Mu Yixi knocked on the door of Mu Yixuan’s room, Mu Yixuan opened the door and when saw that it was him, her eyes lit up, and she smiled sweetly: “Brother!” Then she rushed over and hugged Mu Yixi’s arm, very intimately.

Mu Yixi’s belly full of anger was poked with a hole, and his dark face suddenly eased a lot.

There were many boys in the family, while Mu Yixuan was the only girl.

Thus, as her brother, Mu Yixi’s protection of her had always been especially meticulous.

In her brother’s eyes, Mu Yixuan would always be the soft and sweet little girl that she was when they first met, always holding his fingers and calling him Teddy brother.

But it seemed that in the blink of an eye, Mu Yixuan had become a slim girl, and she was in love with a stinky boy outside… (╰_╯)#

——Mu Yixi chose to forget his admiration for Qin He and the deep friendship they had forged while living together in the same dormitory for many years.

He wanted to break his neck for wanting to kidnap his sister away!

Sitting down in Mu Yixuan’s room, and after being carefully served a cup of scented tea, Mu Yixi asked in as light a tone as possible: “Xiaoxuan, what’s the matter with you and Qin He”

Mu Yixuan asked, but there was a suspicious blush on her smooth face: “Brother, what are you talking about”

Seeing her ten white fingers twisted together, Mu Yixi raised his eyebrows and looked at her with the meaning, “I know it all, no need to pretend, hurry up and be honest.”

Mu Yixuan said embarrassedly, “Brother, it’s not what you think.

Brother He and I have nothing between us.”

Brother He Huh, Brother He!

Mu Yixi snorted: “You don’t like him”

“Brother!” Mu Yixuan stomped her feet reluctantly and gave Mu Yixi a shameful look.

Mu Yixi was feeling sour.

When did his Xiaoxuan stare at him like this Just like Mu Yiqi, after liking someone, they threw him aside as their big brother.

“You really don’t like him Well, I’ll introduce him to a girlfriend.” Mu Yixi said.

“Brother, don’t!” Mu Yixuan finally got a little anxious, seeing this, Mu Yixi couldn’t hide his sadness as he looked at her.

Mu Yixuan guiltily stretched out a small distance between her index finger and thumb, and said shyly, “I… I like him a little…”

They really couldn’t blame Mu Yixuan for this!

Surrounded by three excellent brothers since childhood, Mu Yixuan’s aesthetic level had risen exponentially.

The most ideal boyfriend in her mind was actually Mu Yixi, who was tall, handsome, gentle and considerate, and also very responsible at critical moments.

Mu Yixuan had never forgotten that car accident which took place when she was eight years old.

She never forgot that moment of unparalleled security when she was protected by Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi was her male god, even surpassing her father Mu Jiurong in her heart!

Mu Yixuan didn’t show her thoughts – but her first crush was Mu Yixi, because Mu Yixi’s identity had always been of an adopted son.

Since he was an adopted son, he should not be related to her by blood, right However, Mu Yixuan did not have a shameful IQ.

Although she once wished that this was true, as time passed, some things revealed that Mu Yixi was her and Mu Yiqi’s half-brother.

And she was sure of this.

Mu Yixuan was “heartbroken”.

But she quickly figured it out.

What kind of girlfriends and wives, you may not be able to be with the person you like forever (she had seen it a lot in the upper class), but a blood relationship could not be cut off.

Mu Yixi treated her so well and loved her so much, he would definitely not leave her alone just because he had a girlfriend or wife! When she had a boyfriend or husband, and the other party dared to bully her, she could ask her brother to beat him up! In Mu Yixuan’s opinion, Mu Yixi was the most reliable of the three brothers in the family.

Mu Yiqi couldn’t be counted on, he was a little brother and a weak chicken! Feng Weiming was too slender and cold, with low force value.

Even knowing that he had learned taekwondo well did not change Mu Yixuan’s inherent impression of him.

In elementary school, Mu Yixuan was very well behaved.

She studied hard and made progress every day.

But once in junior high school, everyone seemed to have grown up all of a sudden, and her little girlfriends would bring up boys when they whispered in private.

Mu Yixuan’s several outstanding brothers were naturally frequently mentioned male gods, and there were many girls who were filled with shyness and cowardice as they communicated with Mu Yixuan in order to send love letters to them.

But one time, the other party who was to receive the love letter became Qin He, and Mu Yixuan was a little stuck.

Mu Yixuan and Qin He grew up as childhood sweethearts.

Before the age of four, Mu Yixuan and Qin He were not familiar with each other, but after the age of four, Qin He became the roommate of her three brothers, and it had remained so until now, and so Mu Yixuan and Qin He had gradually become familiar with each other.

Like the three older brothers, Qin He regarded himself as her protector, but it was not so conspicuous under the aura of Mu Yixi.

But when Mu Yixuan recalled carefully, there were many scenes of Qin He getting along with her in her memory.

He was not as meticulous as Mu Yixi, and sometimes seemed clumsy and helpless, but he was really good to her, very sincere and simple.

Mu Yixuan couldn’t even believe that she kept ignoring him.

She didn’t feel happy when someone liked him and wanted to ask her to give him a love letter…

Mu Yixuan only had a vague affection for Qin He, but she couldn’t help but start to think about her marriage in a vague way.

Yixuan was sensitive and precocious, and when she understood what her adults were worrying about, she was immediately embarrassed.

She wanted to scream: She was only thirteen! She never even had a boyfriend! She didn’t want to become a couple with others! Don’t decide to get her married so early!

Especially when she learnt that one of the candidates for her marriage was Feng Kun!

The well-known playboy, the villain who was at odds with her brothers, Mu Yixuan could not wait to die!

However, Zhong Ruizhen kept advocating for a marriage between her and Feng Kun, and Mrs.

Mu’s attitude was noncommittal.

This made Mu Yixuan very anxious!

Mu Yixi didn’t want to be too happy when he heard Mu Yixuan talking about Feng Kun with a look of contempt, but then he felt something was wrong: “You don’t like Feng Kun, why do you keep him in front of you”

Mu Yixuan looked pure and innocent as she stared at Mu Yixi.

“…Tell me, I promise not to be angry.” Mu Yixi drank tea calmly.

“Well, I didn’t know if Brother He likes me…” Mu Yixuan dragged her voice.

She had the restraint of a girl, so she couldn’t go directly to Qin He and ask him if he liked her, right Feng Kun was chasing after her, Mu Yixi and the others would definitely get to know, and they would tell Qin He a word or two at that time.

If Qin He felt the same about her as she did, he would definitely act.

Her brother He was not a timid boy.

It turned out that Mu Yixuan was right.

After Qin He found out, he found her as soon as possible, and pulled her to the edge of the woods to confess.

o(*////▽////*) q After she promised to be his girlfriend, Qin He was very happy, and said that he would confess to Mu Yixi and the others.

The alarm bell rang in Mu Yixuan’s mind, and she held Qin He back rationally.

Mu Yixi asked curiously, “Why stop Qin He from telling us”

Mu Yixuan blinked at Mu Yixi cautiously.

Mu Yixi smiled and said, “I promise I won’t be angry.”

Mu Yixuan was so frightened that she immediately blurted out: “Because you are too concerned about me, brother!”

Mu Yixi paused: “This… is not a good thing”

Mu Yixuan bit her lip and shook Mu Yixi’s arm begging for mercy: “It’s a good thing! Brother, you care more about me than my father…” and stared at her more closely than her father.

QAQ Mu Yixuan had an intuition.

If Qin He really ran in front of Mu Yixi and said that he was in love with her, her new boyfriend would definitely die miserably.

She didn’t doubt Mu Yixi’s determination to protect her at all.

So, she took Feng Kun as an experiment and tried Mu Yixi’s reaction.

As a result, Feng Kun was beaten into a pig’s head.


Although the “murderer” had not been found, it could not be inseparable from Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixuan didn’t want Qin He to turn into a pig’s head, she still liked his good-looking face.

“So, you’d rather watch me worrying about your affairs.” It was estimated that Mu Yixuan had surely seen Mu Yixi’s recent irritability, and she should also have known that it was because of her.

“I’m sorry, brother…” Mu Yixuan said guiltily, “I know you are doing it for my own good, but I’ve grown up and I know what I want.”

Mu Yixi didn’t speak.

“From childhood to adulthood, you have been very good to me and Mu Yiqi, caring about our food and drink, caring about our study, caring about our friends, more than our parents… You are the best brother in the world! “Mu Yixuan said, her eyes turning slightly red: “But, what about yourself Did you do something, not for us, but just for yourself”

Mu Yixi stared at her fiercely: ” Xiaoxuan, what are you trying to say”

Mu Yixuan was very careful as she thought how to express herself.

When she found that her feelings for Mu Yixi were a bit too much, she often pondered a lot by herself.

She had seen a lot of people of the same age with different mothers and fathers, but very few of them got along harmoniously, let alone those who loved each other like family.

Before Mu Yixi came to the house, her relationship with Mu Yiqi was not very good, because Mu Yiqi was always tired of her getting in the way, and she didn’t like to be disliked, so she also always made fun of him.

Feng Weiming had a cold personality and was difficult to get close to.

Mu Yiqi was afraid of him, and Mu Yixuan was not familiar with him, but with Mu Yixi’s continuous efforts and patience, they got closer little by little.

At that time, Mu Yixi was such a small person, and he had done his best for them silently.

From childhood to adulthood, he had the sensibleness that a child should not have and bore responsibilities that a child should never have to bear.

Why did Mrs.

Mu look at him with a hint of distress and guilt occasionally

He was just an adopted son, and since Mrs.

Mu adopted him, she would definitely treat him well.

If he wanted to repay her kindness, he could repay it when he grew up, there was no need for him to have such a big psychological burden.

Unless, unless he always felt that his existence was a mistake, and he was sorry for them…

After consciously thinking about it, Mu Yixuan let go of her feelings for Mu Yixi, and at the same time felt sorry for this brother.

She had been waiting for an opportunity to openly confess to him –

“I know you are our half-brother…” Mu Yixuan said softly: “But it’s not your fault, you don’t need to feel sorry for us, you don’t need… atonement…”

Mu Yixi was shocked and looked at Mu Yixuan in disbelief!

Mu Yixuan leaned on his shoulder and said in a muffled voice, “Brother, Mu Yiqi and I have grown up and know how to protect ourselves.

You should live your own life and have your own life…”


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