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In the clean and tidy restaurant, Xia Weiwei noticed that the boy sitting opposite was looking at her all the time, so she turned her head and asked coquettishly, “What are you looking at me for”

This boy’s name was Gao Yuanxiang, a second-year special enrollment student of Ya’an attached High School.

His appearance was not as flamboyant and refined as the children of the powerful families, but he looked quite good, and his character was gentle and considerate, approachable, and he was very comfortable to get along with.

Xia Weiwei received help from him, who was a third-year student when she entered the first year of junior high school, and they had become friends since then.

In the past few years, the two had not broken contact, and Gao Yuanxiang had helped her a lot in secret.

Xia Weiwei knew that he liked her, but for some reason, she never agreed to his obscure pursuit.

Gao Yuanxiang was not in a hurry and continued to use his water-grinding the stone skills to please her.

Even though he knew that she had become Mu Yiqi’s girlfriend, he never gave up, but it was inevitable that he was saddened, which made Xia Weiwei feel a little guilty, and so she treated him even better than before.

Gao Yuanxiang smiled lightly but was unable to hide his concern: “Weiwei, your face is not very good.

Is the pressure of the high school entrance examination too much”

Xia Weiwei’s heart warmed, and she lowered her head and shook it gently.

For special enrollment students, Ya’an was a good place to stay because tuition and miscellaneous fees were all free, in fact there was even a monthly living allowance, and you could even get generous scholarships for excellent grades.

However, in addition to normal exams, the special enrollment students were also subject to the last-place elimination system.

Students who ranked at the bottom of the grade for two consecutive semesters would be transferred to the poor class.

On the contrary, if the students in the poor class met the standard, they could be promoted to the good class.

From Gao Yuanxiang’s mouth, Xia Weiwei also learned that the purpose of Ya’an’s admission of special enrollment students was not only to improve the school’s overall performance in the city-wide examination, but also to reserve talents from all walks of life.

Many of the children of industry leaders were studying in Ya’an, and there was nothing more intuitive in examining the character of a special enrollment student than becoming their classmate.

Those special recruits who couldn’t get along with the powerful children were the stupidest.

Xia Weiwei also had her own restraint and pride at the beginning of their relationship, but after Gao Yuanxiang’s reminder, it was inevitable that there would be more worries in her heart.

She had fantasized about marrying Mu Yiqi, the eldest grandson of the Mu family.

He had an outstanding appearance and was worth a lot of money.

If she could really catch him, not only her, but also her family would become prosperous.

But Lin Pei’er’s appearance gave her a severe blow.

What if Mu Yiqi just wanted to play with her What if she gave him her most important body and heart, and he got tired of playing with it and kicked it away

Since the meeting in the movie theater, Xia Weiwei had felt the hostility of Lin Pei’er.

Lin Pei’er had the most appeal among girls.

She had just hinted that Xia Weiwei should be isolated and excluded without a trace.

And Mu Yiqi didn’t give her any reassurance at all, in fact he appeared in front of her even less often than before! Once she saw him with with Lin Pei’er, the two were happily talking about what they did together yesterday!

Xia Weiwei was upset.

The high school entrance examination was imminent, and she was in a very bad state.

Because she was not a very smart top student, but a seven-point effort and three-point smart one, trying to maintain her current ranking was not easy, and when she was disrupted by the love affair, her ranking had dropped a little.

Mu Yiqi didn’t even notice this and while dating her, he never cared about her studies.

It was Gao Yuanxiang who took the time to tutor her, until finally her situation got better.

Xia Weiwei didn’t know if it was a wrong decision to sacrifice time and energy for a relationship that she could not see the way forward for.

“Because of your boyfriend, Mu Yiqi” Gao Yuanxiang asked bitterly.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Xia Weiwei said suddenly.

She never admitted that Mu Yiqi was her boyfriend in front of Gao Yuanxiang.

Every time Gao Yuanxiang mentioned it, she laughed without saying a word.

But she remembered the harsh “she is my friend” when Mu Yiqi introduced her to Lin Pei’er in the movie theater that day.

If she couldn’t catch Mu Yiqi, she didn’t want to give up on Gao Yuanxiang.

The only way in which Gao Yuanxiang was worse than Mu Yiqi was his family background.

As for someone with a family background—the faces of Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi flashed across Xia Weiwei’s mind—she probably couldn’t stand tall in front of them…

Fortunately, she and Mu Yiqi had only reached the point of holding hands and kissing, and they didn’t go any further.

Xia Weiwei denied Mu Yiqi’s boyfriend identity for the first time, so Gao Yuanxiang’s expression showed an inexplicably surprised look: “You and him…” Broke up

“I have nothing to do with him.” After one sentence was spoken, saying the second sentence was much easier.

Xia Weiwei said flatly.

Gao Yuanxiang smiled and said: “Yes, the most important thing for you now is the high school entrance examination.

You should focus on the high school entrance examination.

I will continue to tutor you on weekends”

Xia Weiwei said: “Except you, who is willing to spend time to teach me”

“I will always be willing.” Gao Yuanxiang suddenly boldly stretched out his hand and placed it on the back of Xia Weiwei’s hand.

Xia Weiwei was stunned for a moment and then she looked at Gao Yuanxiang.

Gao Yuanxiang didn’t look away from her, but his ears were bloodshot.

Xia Weiwei blushed and didn’t break away from his hand.

“We are still students… don’t tell anyone about the tutoring.” Xia Weiwei said.

“I know.

We’ll make an appointment to go on a date when you go to high school in Ya’an…” Gao Yuanxiang said thoughtfully.

“It’s not a date, it’s a tutoring session!” Xia Weiwei said, her tone annoyed.

Gao Yuanxiang held her hand and nodded solemnly: “Yes, it’s tutoring.”

Xia Weiwei looked at him with a sweet smile and gave him a fake angry look.

Suddenly she heard the sound of dishes turning over.

The seats in the hotel were all card seats with high backs.

When she heard the sound, Xia Weiwei turned her head sideways and looked up to see Mu Yiqi with angry eyes that seemed to be on fire!

“Mu Yiqi!” Xia Weiwei exclaimed, her voice sharply changing.

She quickly retracted the hand being held by Gao Yuanxiang and stood up!

Mu Yiqi’s voice popped out between her teeth: “Xia Weiwei, you are doing great!”

“Yiqi, listen to my explanation…” Xia Weiwei panicked and stepped out of the seat to reach for him.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were also sitting on the deck on Mu Yiqi’s side.

Thinking of her words and reactions just now being heard by them, Xia Weiwei blushed, full of grievances and embarrassment.

“No need to explain!” Mu Yiqi shook off her hand: “I’ll stop here with you!”

He strode out of the hotel, Xia Weiwei wanted to chase, but Gao Yuanxiang held her shoulders from behind and asked worriedly, “Weiwei, Are you OK”

With this interruption, Mu Yiqi walked away, and Xia Weiwei couldn’t catch up even if she wanted to.

She suddenly felt that her heart was missing a piece, and she was filled with sadness.

She lay her head on Gao Yuanxiang’s shoulder and wept bitterly, so she didn’t see Gao Yuanxiang and Mu Yixi quickly looking at each other.

Today’s show was actually prepared by Mu Yixi.

Now that he knew Xia Weiwei’s existence, of course Mu Yixi couldn’t really wait for something to happen between her and Mu Yiqi before he started.

He had made arrangements from Xia Weiwei’s entrance.

He found the person who liked Xia Weiwei in the last life – Gao Yuanxiang and gave him money to take care of Xia Weiwei first.

Gao Yuanxiang was a child of a single-parent family.

The mother who raised him was sick and needed to spend a lot of money for her care.

Gao Yuanxiang was precocious and shrewd.

He deliberately approached her, and took the opportunity to get acquainted with Xia Weiwei.

In the past few years, Gao Yuanxiang had taken care of Xia Weiwei not only because of Mu Yixi giving him money, but because he also gradually fell in love with Xia Weiwei.

Gao Yuanxiang was unhappier than anyone else to see Xia Weiwei and Mu Yiqi together, but he also didn’t want to offend Mu Yiqi, so he set up a trap together with Mu Yixi, using Xia Weiwei’s words to let her “take the initiative” with Mu Yiqi and separate them in this way.

Xia Weiwei’s performance today was enough to seriously damage Mu Yiqi’s feelings for her.

With Mu Yiqi’s pride, it was impossible for him to bear such an insult.

Mu Yixi was very satisfied with this result.

He glanced at Xia Weiwei and Gao Yuanxiang, who “had lovers finally getting married” look, smiled vaguely, and pulled Feng Weiming out to chase after Yiqi.

When Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming found Mu Yiqi, he was breathing heavily while leaning on the tree trunk with one hand, his face full of anger, mixed with some loss and sadness, looking like his self-esteem was hurt a lot.

Luckily, they didn’t get too deep.

Mu Yixi whispered: “Xiaoqi…”

Mu Yiqi raised his head abruptly, gritted his teeth and said, “Brother, you did it on purpose!”


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