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The circle of the upper class had always been very small, and there were only a few families who could match with each other.

This circle might not have the sharpest political and economic vision, but it was extremely closed and conservative in the concept of marriage.

For example, as soon as their sons started growing up, marriage candidates for them were already chosen.

In terms of marriage, they advocated marrying women from high class families.

But it was still okay for boys to say that they would marry someone lower in class than themselves, therefore they had many choices, but girls had it a bit more difficult.

If they wanted to marry higher, the higher the family, the fewer eligible people there were.

Therefore, many families who loved their daughters started looking for their son-in-laws from an early age.

Those who concurred would come to an agreement when both the parties reached adulthood, and the in-law relationship between the two families would then be determined.

The wedding would be held once they reached the legal marriage age, and there would be very few changes in the middle.

The reason for that was that once they changed their minds, the two families would immediately become enemies, and they had been taught right from childhood that they must use all means to maintain the dignity of the family.

The Mu family was clean and upright, and they were prosperous.

Thus, in the circle, they were one of the first choice for marriage.

Mu Yiqi was the eldest grandson of this generation.

Although he had the eldest brother Mu Yixi on his head, Mu Yixi’s external identity was the adopted son of the Mu family, which did not affect Mu Yiqi’s status in the Mu family.

Mu Yiqi was outstanding in appearance, was cheerful and also graceful.

He had a good reputation in school.

He had been involved in the family business since he was twelve years old.

With his excellent ability, he was undoubtedly a popular candidate for son-in-law.

Just like Mu Jiurong at the beginning, Mu Yiqi also had several marriage candidates.

As for the final choice, Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu had one-third right over it, the overseas representative of the Mu family (Mu Jiuqing) had one-third, and Mu Yiqi only had the remaining one-third.

Although he had only one-third of the decision-making power, but because Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu were not authoritarian parents, and Mu Jiuqing respected the opinions of his elder brother and sister-in-law, Mu Yiqi still had considerable autonomy in his marriage.

This was also an important reason why he could be entangled with Xia Weiwei for nearly ten years in the past life.

Seeing her son’s firm attitude, Mrs.

Mu even taught Xia Weiwei carefully and helped her adapt.

It was a pity that Xia Weiwei was disappointing even after all that.

Lin Pei’er was the only daughter of the third branch of the Lin family.

Although she was only one of Mu Yiqi’s marriage candidates, she was very much loved by her family.

In order to increase her likelihood of being selected, her parents sincerely expressed that if Lin Peier married into Mu’s family, from the 5% shares of the Lin family that belonged to the third branch, 1% of the shares would be given to Lin Peier’s biological child.

Lin Pei’er herself was also a very good daughter.

She had outstanding looks and versatility, and she also liked Mu Yiqi quite a bit.

As a smart and precocious girl, she knew very well that Mu Yiqi was a good choice for her.

But she didn’t show her thoughts on her face like the other marriage candidates, instead she stayed near Mu Yiqi like a friend.

She was the secretary general of the student union.

In supporting the football team led by Mu Yiqi on behalf of the school, she assisted the student union president Mu Yixi a lot.

She was one of the few girls that Mu Yiqi treated as a friend.

Although Mu Yiqi had noticed that Lin Pei’er liked him, but since she had never made it clear and had also helped him a lot, and also they could be said to be childhood sweethearts, so when they met, Mu Yiqi couldn’t treat her coldly.

“Why are you here” It was such a coincidence that Mu Yiqi looked at her suspiciously, and then at Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming.

“Are you going to watch the movie too” Lin Pei’er said happily, “Do you also want to watch “Late Night” I heard that it was very scary, so I forced the president to watch it together with me.

But the president said that I was not his girlfriend, so he could not watch it with me alone, therefore he also brought Ming Shao along!” She whined slightly, but her eyes were shining, obviously there were two handsome guys who were going to watch the movie with her, so she was still very proud! In Ya’an Affiliated High School, apart from Mu Yixuan, who had a natural advantage, she was unique in having such an experience.

But she quickly added: “If I knew you would come, I wouldn’t want the president and Ming Shao!”

Her tone was light and natural, which quickly dispelled Mu Yiqi’s doubts.

The charming and playful words also made Mu Yiqi smile.

“You’re not my girlfriend, so I won’t see the movie with you alone.” Mu Yiqi said half-seriously and half-jokingly.

“Mu Yiqi, you’re so bad! It’s in vain that I like you so much!” Lin Pei’er squeezed her little fist and punched him, pretending to be angry.

Mu Yiqi laughed!

“Hey, who is she Is she watching the movie with you” Lin Pei’er looked at Xia Weiwei casually and asked curiously.

Mu Yiqi found that he had neglected his girlfriend, and subconsciously said, “She is Xia Weiwei, my…friend.” Reason stopped him and he swallowed the word “girl” back in time.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were tight-lipped, letting him know that it was okay.

But if Lin Pei’er knew, she would definitely be angry.

If it was accidentally leaked to his teachers and parents, him and Xia Weiwei would be in big trouble.

Lin Pei’er took Mu Yiqi’s arm and nodded to Xia Weiwei: “Hello, I’m Lin Pei’er.” Then she pestered Mu Yiqi and said, “Let’s watch a movie together I want to sit next to you! “

Mu Yiqi still remembered that his girlfriend was watching, so he refused and said, “No, you sit next to my elder brother.”

“Why not Are you afraid that your girlfriend…friend will be jealous” Lin Pei’er gave Xia Weiwei a suspicious look.

“No… hey, if you like to sit, you can sit.” Mu Yiqi said in order to cover up.

Lin Pei’er immediately showed a triumphant smile.

The two were familiar with each other and talking intimately, then Lin Pei’er dragged Mu Yiqi to the screening room with a smile.

Mu Yiqi only had time to give Xia Weiwei a soothing glance before he followed Lin Pei’er in.

Since Lin Pei’er’s appearance, Xia Weiwei’s whole body had gone stiff.

Lin Pei’er didn’t know her, but she knew Lin Pei’er.

She was first-class in matter of appearance, family background, and even brains, she was also the secretary-general of the student union, and the princess of the junior high school affiliated to Ya’an.

She was envied and admired by all the special enrollment girls, and she was called “Miss” by every one of them.

She was unattainable for them, similar to Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming.

Even if she spoke delicately, her every move showed good upbringing.

Even though she was standing so close to Mu Yiqi, no one would think that she was frivolous and shameless, instead she would be called innocent and cute.

Lin Pei’er made no secret of her affection for Mu Yiqi, looking at her as if she was looking at the dirt under her feet, indifferent and unconcerned.

Xia Weiwei felt insulted.

And Mu Yiqi, her boyfriend, allowed such a girl to approach him and denied that she was his girlfriend in front of that girl!

“Are you okay” A gentle voice sounded beside her, pulling Xia Weiwei back from her embarrassment and grievance.

As soon as she looked up, she saw Mu Yixi’s gentle and concerned face.

After growing up, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi still looked six points similar.

They didn’t go to the primary school attached to Ya’an, so those who didn’t know their background thought they were twins.

The two brothers always smiled tacitly and did not deny it.

However, their temperaments were quite different.

Mu Yiqi was sunny and bright, while Mu Yixi was gentle and kind.

The latter was more like a personable prince.

“I’m fine…” Xia Weiwei whispered with a blushing face.

“Yiqi and Pei’er went in, let’s go in too.

Did you want to watch “Late Night” Did you buy a ticket” Mu Yixi asked thoughtfully.

“Well… ah, the tickets are with Mu Yiqi!” Xia Weiwei thought, annoyance flashing across her face.

“It’s okay, take mine first, and I’ll buy another later.” Mu Yixi gave her his ticket: “Don’t be angry with Xiaoqi, Pei’er is like our sister.

Xiaoqi didn’t say you were his girlfriend because he was protecting you.”

Xia Weiwei, whose self-confidence and self-esteem had just been trampled by Lin Pei’er, looked at him gratefully: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.

As long as you are sincere to Xiaoqi, we all support you.” Mu Yixi smiled, his handsome face seemed to be glowing, which looked extremely attractive.

Xia Weiwei accidentally stared at him for a few extra seconds.

Mu Yixi still wanted to increase his presence, but Feng Weiming, who had been watching coldly from the side, suddenly grabbed his arm and looked at him with a sullen face.

After receiving Feng Weiming’s warning, Mu Yixi had to give up.

“Late Night” was a horror movie, especially suitable for boys and girls to watch together.

In the pitch-dark theater, the boys opened their arms and waited for the terrified girls to throw themselves into in their arms.

Even if they kissed, no one would accuse them of being immoral.

The atmosphere among Mu Yixi and the others was very strange.

Lin Pei’er was sitting next to Mu Yiqi, and she was really frightened.

She hugged Mu Yiqi’s arm and buried her face in his chest.

Her shoulders trembled with the terrifying sound effect, and she looked pitiful.

Mu Yiqi, thinking that his girlfriend was nearby, hardened his heart and wanted to push her away, but as soon as he touched her face, he felt a little wet, then he found that she was actually scared enough to cry, and his heart softened immediately.

After hesitating, he patted her head and comforted her softly by saying, “Don’t watch it, I’ll take you out.”

Lin Pei’er shook her head and said pitifully, “My legs are shaking, I can’t walk.”

The two of them were not a couple but looked like a couple.

Seeing that, Xia Weiwei, who was sitting in the back row, was so angry that she turned her face away and concentrated on watching the movie.

But the movie was really scary, and Xia Weiwei couldn’t stand it, so she involuntarily approached Mu Yixi who was sitting beside her.

Mu Yixi found out, hesitated for a moment, then he patted the back of her fisted hand, and said softly, “Don’t be afraid, it’s just acting.”

Xia Weiwei’s heart warmed, and she felt that in terms of tenderness and consideration, Mu Yiqi was really worse than Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi’s attention was mostly on Feng Weiming, who was sitting on the other side, because Feng Weiming was looking at him coldly as he courted Xia Weiwei, and the air pressure around him was very low.

Mu Yixi was very puzzled, Feng Weiming must know that he was acting, so he shouldn’t take it seriously, then how could he be so angry

After watching the movie, Lin Pei’er sobbed and asked Mu Yiqi to take her home.

Since it was the weekend, they all could go home.

“You can send Pei’er.

Mingming and I will send Weiwei.” Mu Yixi winked at Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi had no choice but to agree and he left as he made a begging gesture towards Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi smiled and signaled him to be rest assured.

Mu Yiqi and Lin Pei’er walked away, Mu Yixi stood to the right of Xia Weiwei and let her go inside the cab first, making a faint protective gesture.

Xia Weiwei couldn’t help but say, “President, you are really what you look like.”

“Oh, what do I look like”

“…a gentlemen.” Xia Weiwei thought for a while and said.

After watching the movie together, she found that Mu Yixi was very approachable and not as indifferent as she imagined, so she also let go of her fear of talking to him, and was not as restrained as she was at the beginning.

“Hehe, we are boys, we must protect girls.” Mu Yixi said seriously.

After that, he was kicked secretly by Feng Weiming.

Mu Yixi took advantage of the time when Xia Weiwei turned her eyes away and glared at Feng Weiming: What is up with you

Feng Weiming did not speak but kept looking at him a cold face, and his beautiful eyes seemed to be throwing knives at him.


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