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In the eyes of the elders of the Mu family, the division between men and women was nothing.

The men of the Mu family seemed to be born with a lack of affectionate cells.

They were always more rational than emotional.

They could be loyal to their wives, but when love conflicted with reality or interests, they would choose the latter without hesitation.

But Mu Yiqi was a little different.

When he met Xia Weiwei, he was innocent and pure, so he gave all his affection to her, and he couldn’t get out of it later.

As for Mu Yixi, who was committed to making Mrs.

Mu and her half-siblings live a happy life, he didn’t know how to pay them back.

Now that he knew about this relationship, of course he couldn’t sit back, and watch Mu Yiqi fall into the same pit as his last life.

So, Mu Yixi didn’t think there was anything wrong with his behavior.

If it was Feng Weiming and he had the experience of reliving his life, he would probably intervene as well.

However, Feng Weiming felt it was inappropriate: “That’s Mu Yiqi’s own business.

Even aunt didn’t ask.” Mrs.

Mu knew her son well, so the matter of Mu Yiqi having a puppy love, he estimated that she probably knew about it.

But even Mrs.

Mu didn’t intervene, however Mu Yixi, the eldest brother, paid close attention and planned to break them up.

It was really weird.

“That girl is not a good one.” After so many years, Feng Weiming was the person who knew his true temperament best.

Mu Yixi had many things that needed his advice and cooperation.

Facing Feng Weiming’s doubts, Mu Yixi couldn’t help revealing the truth.

Feng Weiming paused and asked, “How do you know”

Since Mu Yiqi joined the football team and he and Mu Yixi learned taekwondo together, Feng Weiming stayed with Mu Yixi most of the time.

His unsociable personality had remained the same, even in junior high school.

So, he didn’t have many very good friends.

He was unwilling to play together with people, except for Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixi.

Feng Weiming was assured because of his excellent memory that this was the first time he heard Xia Weiwei’s name from Mu Yixi’s mouth.

When Fu Yunzhao reported just now, he only gave a rough account of Xia Weiwei’s identity and background – it was rare to be able to even find out this, and as for Xia Weiwei’s personality, he didn’t mention a word about it, and it was estimated that Fu Yunzhao himself did not know much.

There had always been a clear distinction between the children of the powerful families and the special enrollment students in the Ya’an High School.

The children of the powerful families regarded the special enrollment students as scumbags, and the special enrollment students also thought that the children of the powerful households were without real talents and practical learning, so there were many contradictions between them.

How could Mu Yixi suddenly know so much about a special enrollment student

Although he had grown up, Feng Weiming’s skills in choking Mu Yixi were still there.

Mu Yixi was speechless for a while.

It was because he and Feng Weiming were so close at ordinary times, however Feng Weiming was sharp and clear, so he couldn’t hide it from him if he didn’t bother about ordinary things.

Moreover, Mu Yixi was too lazy to hide it.

“…She is a special enrollment student.” Mu Yixi reluctantly gave a reason.

There was no shortage of strong prejudices among them.

“Auntie doesn’t care about this.” Feng Weiming’s expression was almost unhappy: “You don’t care either.” Mu Yixi’s background was not honorable, and he didn’t care about his identity background at all.

Feng Weiming felt that Mu Yixi was treating him perfunctorily.

Mu Yixi had nothing to do: “My intuition”

“If you don’t want to say it, forget it.” Feng Weiming closed the book and stood up.

“Hey, Mingming, it’s not that I don’t want to say it, I just don’t know how to say it.” Mu Yixi took his shoulder.

Feng Weiming squinted at the face that was so close at hand.

“Wait and see, soon you will know that I am right…”

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming walked into the cinema, and soon they saw Mu Yiqi and Xia Weiwei walking together hand in hand.

Mu Yiqi also saw them, his eyes widened at first, he hesitated when looking at them, then as if thinking of something, he looked back at them confidently again!

Xia Weiwei was a beautiful girl with phoenix eyes[1] and melon seed face[2], tall and slender, with a bit of scholarly restraint between her brows.

Following Mu Yiqi’s gaze, she saw Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, and immediately shook off the hand held by Mu Yiqi, created half an arm’s distance from Mu Yiqi, and lowered her head slightly.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming approached them.

Mu Yixi smiled at them while Feng Weiming looked indifferent.

“Brother, Mingming.” Mu Yiqi greeted.

Since Mu Yixi protected Mu Yixuan when the car rolled over, Mu Yiqi no longer called Mu Yixi “Xiaoxi”, but instead called him big brother seriously.

“You can really do it, Mu Xiaoqi!” Mu Yixi glanced at Xia Weiwei and looked at Mu Yiqi mockingly.

Mu Yiqi’s face was originally like a dead pig who was forced to pretend to be calm and not be afraid of boiling water[3]– he had been told by Mu Yixi more than once not to fall in love early.

At this time, Mu Yixi was not angry or shocked, but showed him an indescribable expression that he could not understand, so his heart was suddenly relieved, and his face was not tense anymore.

“I’ve always been better than you and Mingming!” Mu Yiqi couldn’t help being a little nervous.

He received love letters earlier than Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, and also fell in love earlier than them! In addition to sports performance, the biggest point of comparison between boys was girls.

No matter how popular Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were with girls, they were not as popular as him!

Mu Yixi punched him: “Is it okay to hide it from us If I didn’t happen to meet you today, wouldn’t you tell us You are with somebody of the opposite sex! This is inhuman!”

Mu Yiqi was beaten.

Resisting, he begged for mercy and said, “I know I’m wrong, brother!”

Even if the teenager in the second phase of the middle school obviously committed a mistake, he hated others criticizing him the most.

In this era, puppy love was shouted at like a rat crossing the street.

It was rare to see a big brother who understood him and was his best brother.

Mu Yiqi was instantly moved.

During this period of time, their estranged relationship was suddenly pulled back.

Mu Yixi patted his head, snorted lightly, and said with a smile: “Won’t you introduce her to me and Mingming”

Mu Yiqi’s hand was thrown away by Xia Weiwei just now, and he didn’t hold back because he knew that she was thin-skinned, but the tone of the introduction still showed a hint of pride: “My girlfriend, Xia Weiwei.

Weiwei, this is my eldest brother, Mu Yixi, this is my other brother, Feng Weiming.

You should have heard of them.”

Xia Weiwei’s face turned away.

Being introduced by Mu Yiqi in public, she couldn’t say what she originally wanted to say.

Of course, she knew Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming.

The former was the most popular student union president in the history of Ya’an Affiliated Middle School (because the football team led by Mu Yiqi needed the most adequate resources, Mu Yixi ran for the student union president and fully supported him), and the latter was recognized as Ya’an Affiliated High School’s most beautiful boy and the first genius, however except for the few people in the same dormitory, it was as if he did not take anyone in his eyes, and was an unattainable male god.

Compared with Mu Yiqi’s cheerfulness and generosity, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were more attractive, but also more difficult to approach.

Before dating Mu Yiqi, Xia Weiwei was a person who would not even be able to appear in their eyes.

But now, Xia Weiwei said “Hello” to them with a voice like a mosquito, causing Feng Weiming to glance at her, while Mu Yixi smiled at her tenderly and kindly, and Xia Weiwei’s face turned red all of a sudden!

“Yiqi!” A sweet voice sounded in surprise!

Then a pretty figure floated over with a fragrant wind and hooked her arm around Mu Yiqi’s arm.

“Pei’er!” Mu Yiqi exclaimed in surprise.

Lin Pei’er, one of the Mu family’s fiancee candidates for Mu Yiqi, looked up at him with a clever smile.


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