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After Xu Qingli went abroad, Mu Yixi felt an undercurrent in Mu’s house, which quickly subsided.

Including the Yilian Garden and the Mu family’s old house, all the servants who could get close were sorted out, and a few people disappeared quietly, replaced by new more respectful and cautious faces.

The atmosphere of the entire Mu family was solemn.

But Mu Yixi felt that even the air was fresh.

He could finally put down his cautiousness and be a carefree child.

Soon after, Mu Yixi, Mu Yiqi and Weiming had to sit for their entrance exam.

Ya’an Affiliated Primary School entrance examination followed the pattern of the city’s unified examination, and people who did not pass the test would not be admitted into Ya’an Affiliated High School.

About one-fifth of the vacant seats would be reserved for gifted students with average family background but outstanding achievements.

Mu Yixi and the three of them were all promoted to Ya’an High School with excellent grades, and Feng Weiming’s grades ranked first in the city.

Given his level, the school had asked Mrs.

Mu and Feng Weiming whether he would like to skip a grade.


Mu respected Feng Weiming’s decision, and Feng Weiming shook his head without thinking.

After entering junior high school, the three Mu brothers and Qin He, who also successfully entered the school, were still arranged to live in the same dormitory.

The “Four Little Masters” of Ya’an Primary School became the “Four Little Masters” of Ya’an High School.

Less than two months after school started, Mu Yiqi received the first love letter in his life.

He was stunned! Shy! When he got it!

Because Mingming’s popularity was very high (Feng Weiming was the most sought after because of his appearance, little girls couldn’t help blushing and stuttering when they saw him), he had received many love letters, but neither his brother, nor his friend (Qin He) received them.

Mu Yiqi’s self-esteem, self-confidence and vanity were greatly satisfied, and he felt that he was a big step ahead!

Mu Yiqi returned a letter to the other party very seriously and happily, and then stayed away from the female classmate.

= =

Because he was so embarrassed thinking that his female classmates liked him and wanted to be his girlfriend, so he was too shy to know what to do, and whenever she accidentally glanced at him, he would immediately turn his eyes away and stiffen.

The female classmate received a reply letter which contained the words, “Mom and brother said it’s wrong to be in early love”, “We should focus on studying”, “You’re fine, but I’m sorry I can’t have a girlfriend for the time being”, and then looking at Mu Yiqi’s ruthless rejection face, red-eyed, she and her team of friends rushed to cry, and she did not dare to approach Mu Yiqi again.

Mu Yixi, who was staring at the various conspiracy theories of the female classmates, was blinded by the innocent and young feelings of the children.

But Mu Yixi had become relieved too early.

Mu Yiqi, who in the first grade of junior high school, was so shy because of a love letter, the same Mu Yiqi, in the third grade of junior high school, entered the rebellious period and fell in love early!

“…It’s Wei Weiwei from the third class, special enrollment.” One of Mu Yiqi’s little friends, Fu Yunzhao said in a low voice.

Mu Yixi was sitting on the steps.

At the age of fifteen, he was 1.75 meters tall, slender, handsome in appearance, stable and gentle in temperament, and looked like a modest gentleman with a good temper.

Mu Yiqi’s friends liked Mu Yiqi, but somehow, they were afraid of Mu Yixi.

When Mu Yixi had to find them for something, almost no one would say no to him.

After entering junior high school, although students still lived on campus, they were no longer as confined and closed in as they were in elementary school and could freely enter and exit the school gate.

The scope of activities of Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi had also become inconsistent.

Mu Yiqi joined the school’s football team and continued to sweat on the green field, and once even wanted to make it a career.

However, he and Mu Yixi had been in contact with Mu’s business since they were twelve years old.

The Mu family had high hopes for him.

Mu Yiqi also knew that this idea was not realistic and had never mentioned it in public.

His love of football followed the enthusiasm of today and tomorrow, so that later when he was injured too much, hurting the tendon on his leg, he became completely insulated from the sport.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming chose taekwondo in their spare time.

Compared with hobbies, they preferred substantive things that could enhance their personal strength.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were each other’s best sparring targets.

Of course, compared to Feng Weiming’s tireless efforts, Mu Yixi would occasionally let him beat him.

This was based on the fact that Feng Weiming couldn’t beat him, and Feng Weiming was very persistent in learning.

If he couldn’t win all the time, he would practice harder.

Mu Yixi had a hunch that when Feng Weiming could really beat him, he would definitely not end well.

Therefore, Mu Yixi decisively chose to pretend to lose to coax others.

Mu Yixi couldn’t follow Mu Yiqi and watch him, so naturally he had to find a way to grasp Mu Yiqi’s movements.

Mu Yiqi’s little friends had become his godly ears.

This was also approved by Mu Yiqi.

No, no, no, when Mu Yiqi just got to know that his friends “whispered” to Mu Yixi, he was so angry that his head smoked, and he went to question Mu Yixi with a dark face.

However, just as he was questioned, Mu Yixi’s tears came down: “I’m sorry, Xiaoqi, but I’m the eldest brother, and I have the responsibility to take care of my younger brothers and sisters.

If I don’t know what you are doing, I will be very worried, so I can’t help asking everyone, I won’t interfere with you, I just need to know… You are Xiaoxuan’s brother, and you should take good care of Xiaoxuan, do you know how she is today, balabala…”

Mu Yiqi, who had not seen his brother cry for many years suddenly went weak: “Okay, big brother, if you want to ask, just ask!” Surrender…

Mu Yixi openly asked Mu Yiqi’s friends to report his movements regularly.

But about having a puppy love, Mu Yiqi covered it up tightly, and Fu Yunzhao also got to know it by chance – he saw Mu Yiqi sneaking people to see a movie, he checked it out later, and then immediately told Mu Yixi.

“I see, thanks for your hard work.” Mu Yixi nodded to Fu Yunzhao.

“It’s okay, it’s wrong to fall in love early.

Young Master Xi, you also care about Young Master Qi.” Fu Yunzhao could speak quite well.

It was also a last resort for them to lean towards Mu Yixi behind Mu Yiqi.

If Mu Yiqi was the kind of person who would try his best to help others if others asked him for help, Mu Yixi would silence others if someone provoked him, but he would be humane in helping others.

But they were really brothers, and he always did the right thing for the good of Mu Yiqi and for his own good, it was undoubtedly smarter to choose Mu Yixi.

Fu Yunzhao reported to Mu Yixi and left, his back suddenly light from the load.

Feng Weiming, who was reading a book sitting near him, looked on with cold eyes, and said to Mu Yixi: “Don’t you think you care too much” Now, even after they had become adults, he was still racking his brains so as not to take away even half of Mu Yiqi’s brilliance, working hard for Mu Yiqi secretly, without taking any advantage…

Feng Weiming had a blood relationship with Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, so Feng Weiming naturally hoped that the three mother and children would have a good life, so he used to be vigilant about Mu Yixi’s existence.

After so many years, Feng Weiming believed in Mu Yixi’s sincerity, but gradually felt that he had gone too far.

It was not really that simple anymore.

It was more like he thought treating them well as the purpose and meaning of his existence.

Such selfless dedication was quite inconsistent with Mu Yixi’s own character.


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