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Tang Yanhua knelt down in front of Mu Jingwei and Grandma Mu, but it was Grandma Mu and Mrs.

Mu who she was beseeching.

She had served the Mu family for many years, and she was well aware of the nature of the Mu family’s men.

They looked gentle and decent, and seemed to be very kind to everyone, but in fact, they were extremely cruel and cold-blooded in one aspect.

What Xu Qingli did this time deeply offended them!

Not because of hurting Mu Yixuan, but because she played the Mu family like a monkey, and actually came up with this method to get the Mu family’s gratitude and attention.

Tang Yanhua didn’t know that her daughter’s purpose was much more than that.

In the final analysis, everything her daughter did was to get Mu Jiurong.

She was still glad that Mu Yixuan was not hurt too much, otherwise there would be absolutely no room for turning this matter around.

“…She was young and ignorant, and she didn’t follow the rules well.

She was afraid of being fired because she couldn’t contribute, so she took the risk.

She definitely didn’t mean to hurt the young lady…” Tang Yanhua said tearfully, but this was utterly belittling to Xu Qingli.

“Silly child, why did you think so” Grandma Mu was also angry at Xu Qingli.

But seeing Tang Yanhua, who had been with her for so many years and was like a sister to her, crying and kneeling because of her daughter, she couldn’t bear it again.

But she was not one of Mu Yixuan’s biological parents and was also not the master of Mu Jiurong and Mrs.


If Xu Qingli was really let go, others would follow suit, and they would kill first and save later, and the thief would shout to catch the thief, wouldn’t the Mu family be a mess and the children would be put in needless danger

“It was my fault, please punish me.” Xu Qingli was dazed by her mother deliberately belittling herself, but she also knew that this was not the time to be self-willed.

Things had come to light, and she must minimize the bad influence.

Tang Yanhua had defended her, and she must put on an expression of extreme remorse and deeply admit her mistake.

It had to be said that Tang Yanhua really got the pulse of the Mu family men.

The reasons she gave were also reasons they could accept.

Xu Qingli was not as capable as Xu Zhao, and she would definitely lack a little to get their attention based on the mutual affection of the Mu Xu family, so she came up with this idea to increase her weight.

Then they would think that Xu Qingli was more capable.

After all, no irreparable damage was caused.

Looking at the two men of the Xu family who had passed away, the treatment of Xu Qingli would probably amount to a small punishment and a big admonition.

It looked severe, but it was actually tolerant.

As the head of the family, Mu Jingwei said, “Jiurong, it’s about your children, you and your wife decide!”

Mu Jiurong looked at Mrs.

Mu, who quickly said, “I will listen to you.”

Mu Jiurong pondered for a moment, then he said to Xu Zhao, who looked embarrassed, “A Zhao, within this year, send your sister abroad!”

This had the meaning of expulsion!

Everyone was surprised!

Leaving one’s hometown was a very serious thing in this day and age.

Especially if the new patriarch of the Mu family spoke in person, it was a very severe punishment.

Tang Yanhua immediately burst into tears.

To let her daughter leave her was like separating her flesh and blood while digging out her heart!

“Brother Jiurong, please…” Xu Qingli was really sad.

She looked up at him in disbelief and pleaded.

“Jiurong, have you really decided” Grandma Mu couldn’t help but ask.    

“Go out and see the world, don’t limit your eyes.” Mu Jiurong said lightly: “When you are about to get married, the wedding should be held in China.”

Now everyone was relieved.

Tang Yanhua thought that Xu Qingli already had a stable boyfriend.

Did the eldest young master mean that her daughter could stay in the country after getting married

If this was the case, the punishment for Xu Qingli this time was definitely light.

After figuring this out, Tang Yanhua glanced at Mu Jiurong gratefully, and then at Xu Qingli’s eyes that had suddenly changed.

She wanted her daughter and her boyfriend to get married sooner.

If Xu Qingli noticed Tang Yanhua’s expression, she would definitely be very repelled.

However, Xu Qingli didn’t have time to pay attention to her mother for a while, her face was turning pale, and she was disturbed by what Mu Jiurong seemed to mean.

What did he know

… He knows, and he wants to expel her from the country or ask her to marry

A faint resentment rose in Xu Qingli’s heart.

Everyone didn’t know that Mu Jiurong’s disposal was the most severe punishment for Xu Qingli, in fact they even thought that Mu Jiurong really treated Xu Qingli as a sister and took into account the affection between them from childhood to adulthood.

Grandma Mu didn’t need to intercede for Tang Yanhua and Xu Qingli now, so she did not say anything.

Xu Zhao had no position to say it, and others would not say it, but they fully respected Mu Jiurong’s decision.

Uncle Rong took Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu back to Yilian Garden.

The couple sat in the back seat.

Mu Jiurong patted Mrs.

Mu’s hand lightly and asked, “Are you satisfied”


Mu pursed her lips and smiled but did not answer.

Mu Jiurong didn’t plan to expel Xu Qingli from the country at first, in fact he just planned to expel her from the Mu family and forbid her from entering their house in Yilian Garden.

But Mrs.

Mu said to him, “You were drunk that night, and when Xu Qingli sent you back, she left a lipstick mark on you…”

Mu Jiurong’s expression changed immediately.

Wanting to get the attention of the Mu family and being interested in him were two completely different things.

The former could still be tolerated on the merits of several generations of the Xu family, but the latter directly threatened his marriage and family.

And if he let a woman who had plans for him get close to him…

The experience of being played in Hu Qin’s hands was Mu Jiurong’s greatest shame, he would not allow anyone to do that to him again.

“You always knew” Mu Jiurong stared at his wife.


Mu glared at him slightly and shook her head: “I’ve never been sure.

I didn’t see her with my own eyes… I just felt something and after she left, I found a lipstick mark on your neck.” Her tone turned cold.

“Zhen’er, you know me…” Mu Jiurong’s lips curled up as he said softly.

“I didn’t expect her to be this kind of person, she has no shame.” Mrs.

Mu’s brows flashed cold anger, and it was rare to see her swear so rudely: “Are you sure that when she did such a thing, her purpose was really that simple Being with you”

It was not a pleasant thing to be adored by a woman who he didn’t like, even a little bit now.

The corners of Mu Jiurong’s upturned lips were pulled down: “I remember.

Don’t worry, I will protect you and the children.”

“I don’t want her to appear in front of me again.” Mrs.

Mu leaned on Mu Jiurong’s shoulder and said coldly.

So, Mu Jiurong drove Xu Qingli far away.

His wife rarely made demands of him, so every time she asked something of him, he tried to satisfy her.


Mu did not say a word of thanks to Mu Jiurong.

No matter how others interpreted Xu Qingli’s behavior, Mrs.

Mu only remembered that she had gone against her child.

Xu Qingli coveted her husband, so she could slowly think about how to bypass Grandma Mu and deal with her.

But daring to reach out to her child, Mrs.

Mu would never tolerate it! Thinking about Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan who had almost died, Mrs.

Mu even wanted Xu Qingli to die.

Deportation alone was not enough to completely relieve her hatred.

Didn’t she like Mu Jiurong

She would never get him.

Even if she, the current Mrs.

Mu, died, Mu Jiurong would not give her a second look.

Mu Jiurong asked Xu Qingli to either go abroad or get married and in this manner, he cut off her paths without hesitation.


Mu could have done nothing to make Xu Qingli more uncomfortable than this.

After she finally got close to Mu Jiurong through unremitting efforts, she completely beat her back to her original shape and forced her to stay far away, with a remote identity.

This is how it should be.


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