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Chapter 4

Ever since that day, Hu Qin still didn’t give up and made a fuss a few more times.

She even hired a lawyer, wanting to challenge Mrs.

Mu, but the latter kicked them all out bluntly.

Hu Qin couldn’t even enter Mu Yixi’s ward, so don’t mention trying to achieve them by acting like his mother.


The doctor said that because Mu Yixi was abused, he severely feared his abuser and anyone similar to them, in reference to his grandmother, Hu Lijiao and his birth mother, Hu Qin.

Whenever he saw them, it was a repeat of mental abuse to him and this would further hurt him.

The doctor warned and suggested to Mrs.

Mu that they must separate the victim from the two relatives to prevent shocking him.

Otherwise, if the victim repeatedly looked upon this memory, it might cause him to have a mental disorder or something similar of the sorts.

Based on the doctor’s observation of Mu Yixi, as long as he didn’t see his grandmother or birthmother, under Mrs.

Mu’s care, he would still be under a calm mood.


“He’s a very strong child.

Please protect him.” The doctor said this seriously to the police.


Even though the police had seen many similar cases, they couldn’t help but feel compassion towards the victim.

This was the natural feeling that people had towards children.

Even more, Mu Yixi was definitely one of the pleasing ones of the victims.



Mu kept on reflecting on her mistakes.

That day, she had silently allowed Hu Qin to enter the ward.

It was true that she wanted to adopt Mu Yixi, but she must obtain her husband, Mu  Jiurong’s approval if she wanted to bring Mu Yixi into the Mu Family.

She and Mi Jiurong were respectful to one another, but that was it.

Mu Jiurong focused on his career and spent most of his energy on his work, the remaining on his family.

He spent most of his energy on his children and rarely on Mrs.


That was the style of high class families.

Mu Family members had an okay relationship with one another as well.

Thus, Mrs.

Mu didn’t complain much about it.

Mu Jiurong also gave her face normally.

He normally didn’t object to any decisions she made.

Even when she wanted to adopt Mu Yixi, his illegitimate son, this time, he hadn’t rejected her idea.

In reality, his silence and indifference towards her decision led Mrs.

Mu to know that he must’ve known about Mu Yixi’s existence.

However, he just didn’t want to acknowledge his son because he wasn’t eager for his birth since he was a product of Hu Qin’s schemes.

It represented humiliation to him.

He wouldn’t do anything to Mu Yixi, but he’d treat him indifferently and coldly.

Mu Jiurong sent people to monitor Mu Yixi to prevent his existence from impacting his legal family.

As the one benefiting from this decision, Mrs.

Mu couldn’t criticize her husband’s action because he was protecting her and her children.

On the other hand, she realized that he could be ruthless and do nothing even though he knew that his other son was being abused and living under terrible conditions.


Mu didn’t want to argue over this point, but she felt apologetic towards Mu Yixi.

Therefore, she tried her best to compensate him.

She couldn’t accept a child with a similar face as her son being tortured once again and dying.


Mu Jiurong didn’t stop Mrs.


He just told her that Hu Qin returned.


News of Hu Qin’s mother, Hu Lijiao, abusing Mu Yixi had garnered a lot of attention.

The police couldn’t just let go of Hu Lijiao because of Mu Yixi’s wishes anymore.

But considering that Hu Lijiao was Mu Yixi’s only relative, they went to find his birth mother, Hu Qin.


If it was just Hu Lijiao, Mrs.

Mu would definitely go according to her plan.

After Mu Yixi was arranged to be placed in the orphanage, she would adopt him through legal means.

However, Hu Qin came back.


Mu was forced to consider another stance.

In her heart, no matter one’s personality, once they become a mother, they should treat their child differently.

She didn’t know how Hu Qin was as a mother and why she left Mu Yixi for six years or Mu Yixi’s impression of her mother, but she wasn’t Mu Yixi’s real mother despite him calling her “mother” in the end.


Mu would be blamed for everything if Mu Yixi grew up and thought that she purposely caused him to be separated from his mother.

Therefore, she gave him the choice.


If her great and meticulous care towards Mu Yixi still couldn’t be compared to his feelings for his unfamiliar mother, Mrs.

Mu felt that there was nothing more to say.

She would let go.


However, Mrs.

Mu didn’t expect that the “meeting” she deliberately set up would lead to Mu Yixi’s intense reaction! Hearing the doctor’s diagnosis of Mu Yixi, she regretted her decision greatly.

When he cried and begged her to save him, Mrs.

Mu’s heart felt bitter.


Damn his choice!


This child was hers and no one could steal him from her!


Since she made her decision, Mrs.

Mu immediately reacted swiftly and decisively.

She won’t let Hu Qin have any opportunities to be near Mu Yixi anymore.

Since Hu Qin dared to talk about law, the Mu Family had a whole team to go against her.

Hu Qin had disappeared for six years and she hadn’t assumed the responsibility of a mother for even a day as well as the fact that Hu Lijiao had abused Mu Yixi were both great points to bring up in court.


Since Hu Qin said that she was taking advantage of her status to bully her, she’d show her!


Mu Yixi hugged his teddy bear with his left hand and lifted his right hand to touch the corner of Mrs.

Mu’s lips.

Her smile deepened and a dimple revealed itself; it made her beautiful.


“Hm” Mrs.

Mu looked at her.


“Mommy is very happy” Mu Yixi asked.

For the past few days, Mrs.

Mu seemed energetic and in high spirits.

She was pretty already, but there was a brilliance that made her face lit up.

He guessed that it had to do with Hu Qin and the others.

Hu Qin placed benefits as her priority, and she viewed him as her property.

Her instinct told her that because Mrs.

Mu attached importance to Mu Yixi, she could gain something out of this.

With that, she didn’t easily give up.

However, it has been quiet these days.

It must be because Mrs.

Mu stopped them from coming over.


Mu came from a wealthy background and after she became the Mu Family’s madam, everyone affirmed her performance.

She was definitely intelligent and capable.

However, she easily suffered losses because of her pride and kind heart.

She was proud and believed that there was no need to explain anything and she was always kindhearted to people close to her.


Mu didn’t plan on being polite towards Hu Qin and the others.

She had her own ways of dealing with this.

He didn’t feign madness in vain now.


“Xiao Xi is getting discharged today.

Mommy is very happy.” Mu Yixi’s condition was steady now and he just needed to recuperate.


Mu decided that he’d be discharged today and she’d bring him back to the Mu Family.


“As long as mommy is happy.

I like it when mommy is happy.” Mu Yixi said.


“Good child.” Mrs.

Mu ruffled his hair.


Mu Yixi lifted his hand and covered the hair that Mrs.

Mu touched, smiling shyly.



Mu appeared to be cold, but she didn’t put up her guard against children.

After she became familiar with him, some actions were an instinct to her.

She would hug and kiss his forehead.

Each action contained her love towards him.

As a person used to this since they were young, they might not think so.

However, it was different for Mu Yixi.

In his past life, when Hu Qin was pretending to be a kind mother, she would also approach him.

However, the precondition was that he had done something to satisfy her.

She trained him like a pet.

When he entered the Mu Family, he was already twelve.


Mu watched him grow up, so she naturally wouldn’t be that intimate with him.

At most, she would gently pat the back of his hand when she was happy.



Mu Yixi noticed that he wasn’t against pretending to be a six years old again.

He got to experience a mother’s love towards a child.

He even took pleasure in this!


“Madame, everything is packed up.” The amiable middle-aged woman, Mu Family’s female housekeeper, Aunt Wang said.

She had been packing up Mu Yixi’s things.


When Mu Yixi entered the hospital, he didn’t bring anything.

Yet, when he left, he had two large suitcases.

One contained the clothes, books, and daily items Mrs.

Mu prepared for him.

The other bag contained the gifts that Mrs.

Mu, doctors, nurses, police, lawyers and etc.

gave him.

The teddy bear that Mu Yixi was carrying was gifted by Mrs.



“Thank you for the hard work, Aunt Wang.” Mrs.

Mu slightly nodded.


“Thank you Aunt Wang.” Mu Yixi clutched the teddy bear and said politely and seriously.


“You don’t need to thank me, Young Master Xi.

This is what I should do.” Aunt Wang glanced at his pale fingers.

After Mu Yixi was injured, he feared and guarded against strangers.

Besides Mrs.

Mu, even Aunt Wang who he frequently saw made him nervous.

Mu Yixi clearly recognized that his attitude was off, so under Mrs.

Mu’s guidance, he tried to overcome this.

It made people feel bad seeing such a young child trying hard to be polite although he was scared.

Aunt Wang couldn’t help but soften her tone towards him as well.


Aunt Wang was originally Mrs.

Mu’s nanny.

She had worked in Mrs.

Mu’s maiden home, the Fang Family, for many years.

Later on, she followed Mrs.

Mu to the Mu Family.

She was Mrs.

Mu’s most trustworthy aide.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s face, she knew that this child must have some sort of relation with the Mu Family.

Seeing that Mrs.

Mu insisted on adopting him and bringing him into the Mu Family, she couldn’t help but worry.

But during this period of time, either Mrs.

Mu or her was the one taking care of Mu Yixi.

Since she had gotten along with him for a while, it was difficult for Aunt Wang to have bad feelings towards this pitiful and sensible child.


Mu Yixi’s heart brightened.

He was very satisfied with Aunt Wang’s attitude.

In his past life, she hadn’t given him a good attitude.

Ever since he entered the Mu Family, she guarded against him.

She would secretly watch him as he talked to Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan as though scared that he might do something to her two young masters.

Because of Aunt Wang’s attitude, Mu Yixi felt humiliated, believing that what Hu Qin said about “no one in the Mu Family treats you sincerely” was correct.

Even the servants didn’t place him in their eyes, isn’t that right Now that he thought about it, with how on guard he was when he first entered the Mu Family, it’d be strange if Aunt Wang wasn’t apprehensive of him.

In reality, it wasn’t that hard to please her as he imagined.

Like Mrs.

Mu, Aunt Wang had a soft heart.

As long as she was comforted by his presence, he could do anything.


Mu Yixi smiled faintly at her.

Besides Mrs.

Mu, he was afraid of everyone else.

He spoke from experience.

However, this would make Mrs.

Mu protect him even more and show more concern, making Aunt Wang treat him kindly.


As expected, Aunt Wang returned a gentle smile.



Mu Yixi knew that it wasn’t wrong to be soft towards women.



Mu and Aunt Wang helped Mu Yixi sit on the wheelchair and they covered his legs with a quilt to keep him warm.


“Let’s go.” Mrs.

Mu said to Mu Yixi.


“Ok.” Mu Yixi nervously clutched the teddy bear.

In a soft voice, he said, “Mommy, let’s...go home…” He said the last word softly as if scared that Mrs.

Mu might correct him.



Mu looked gently at him and said, “Right, go home, to our home.”


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