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Hearing a knock on the door, Feng Weiming opened the door, and when he saw who it was, he closed the door immediately!

“Don’t use this trick every time.” Mu Yixi complained, walked in with the door panel, and climbed onto Feng Weiming’s bed familiarly.

The bed was set by Weiming, and when Mu Yixi lay in the warm bed, the chill that he had been feeling just now was completely dissipated, and he was so comfortable that he almost groaned.

Seeing Feng Weiming’s stern face wherein he did not approach him but glared daggers at him with his eyes, Mu Yixi beckoned, and said warmly, “Come here, be careful of catching a cold.”

Feng Weiming still glared at him severely.

Mu Yixi said, “I apologize to you for the previous incident.

I was in a bad mood, so I angered you.

Forgive me”

He said sincerely.

Tonight, he saw Gu Ling at the wedding banquet first, and then met Hu Qin and Hu Anqi, which was really beyond his expectation.

They evoked many bad memories for him and made him deeply feel the shadow behind the prosperity of the Mu family.

It happened that he had little strength and couldn’t do anything at all.

When he was extremely depressed, Feng Weiming just became the scapegoat.

Mu Yixi couldn’t control it for a while and lost his temper at him.

Feng Weiming had never been the one to be submissive, so when he angered him, he ignored him completely with a cold face when they returned home.

Feng Weiming’s unilateral act of showing a cold shoulder towards Mu Yixi often happened, and it was usually because Mu Yixi deliberately or unintentionally did something to provoke Feng Weiming.

But after a while, the two would speak again.

Over time, everyone did not take it seriously.

But Mu Yixi knew it was different this time.

If he didn’t say things in time, Feng Weiming would not easily forgive him.

Moreover, to be honest and ridiculous, since his first life, the only person who Mu Yixi could really talk with the mentality and method of his twenties was only Feng Weiming…

Due to this, Mu Yixi did not want Feng Weiming to be truly offended.

“Speak clearly.” Feng Weiming asked for an explanation.

“Come here first.

Don’t make trouble with your health.” Mu Yixi patted the pillow.

Under his leadership, Feng Weiming had started laying down with Mrs.

Mu (when she told a story at night), with Mu Yiqi (with the courage to tease Mingming as his little brother), and with Mu Yixuan (joining in the fun), and when they went to Mu’s old house during the Spring Festival, Feng Weiming, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi had slept together, so Feng Weiming’s bottom line was pushed back again and again, and his habit of cleanliness was much milder than before.

Even when Mu Yixi occasionally crawled on his bed uninvited, Feng Weiming could barely endure it.

Feng Weiming: “Who is making trouble” He was unwilling to climb into the bed.

Even if he and Mu Yixi were lying on the same bed, there was a gap in the middle, indicating that the line was drawn.

Mu Yixi couldn’t laugh or cry, and habitually tucked him in a quilt, and wrapped the person tightly, before slowly repeating: “What you saw tonight, you have to help me keep it secret.”

“Why” Feng Weiming asked.

“As you can see, one of them is my biological mother and the other is my half-sister.” Mu Yixi said: “They came to me for another purpose.

I need to know their purpose.

I don’t want my mother to be worried.”

“What can you do” Feng Weiming was very suspicious.

He was just talking about things.

Now they were all students in a closed boarding school, staying at school till Friday.

When returning to Yilian manor on the weekend, Mrs.

Mu would look after them.

If Mu Yixi’s biological mother and younger sister did not live in Yilian manor, it would be almost impossible for them to see Mu Yixi without being caught.

“If you know that someone is going to hurt your most important person, but no one will believe you.

What would you do” Mu Yixi did not answer the question.

Just as he knew that Xu Qingli was not good and Xu Zhao would betray them in the future, but he had no evidence, so he couldn’t do much now.

He could only watch the situation develop, secretly embarrassed.

Feng Weiming did not hesitate to say: “If the most important people you are referring to are Aqi and Axuan, I can help you.

But if you refer to them, if they need the protection from an eight-year-old child, Mu’s direct bankruptcy is also fine.”

Mu Yixi was struck dumb.

But when he thought about it seriously, he thought it made sense.

Because he was originally an adult, he had been trying to deal with the hidden dangers of Mu’s family with an adult’s thinking.

But at this stage he could simply worry about it.

Just as Feng Weiming said, if Mu Clan fell so easily in Mu Jiurong’s hands, he and other people, either overtly or secretly, would not have had to plan for so many years in his previous life.

And Mu Shi didn’t fall down at that time, just changed the person in power.

Besides, if Mu Shi and Mu Jiurong fell, did he really care As long as Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were intact.

When his current body grew up, with his ability, couldn’t he provide them with a worry-free life Even if it was not as good as the one in Mu family, it won’t be much worse.

Mu Yixi still had this confidence.

The same reason could be why Hu Qin came to him at this time, she certainly didn’t think he could do anything.

She probably just wanted to make a fool of him when he was young and coax him to stand on her side, so that she could use him in the future.

It was kind of ridiculous that he was in a hurry now.

Having been a carefree, happy and comfortable child for more than two years, he had also deteriorated.

It was only Feng Weiming, a real child, who saw the situation clearly.

Mu Yixi couldn’t help but glance at Feng Weiming more.

Although it was difficult to please him, he looked pleasing to the eye and had a good brain.

It was a good thing to have him.

“Have you seen enough” Feng Weiming said unhappily, taking out what Mu Yixi had said about him tonight and stabbing him.

“Not enough.

Obviously, you are the most beautiful!” Mu Yixi smiled.

Feng Weiming’s face turned black.

He least liked people saying he was beautiful! This had not changed.

Mu Yixi did it on purpose!

“Thank you for listening to me, obviously.” Mu Yixi said emotionally after amusing himself.

Feng Weiming turned his head and glared at him slightly.

Mu Yixi used this skill of hitting with a stick then giving a sweet jujube thoroughly.

Feng Weiming was already too lazy to get angry with him.

He used to stretch his foot out to kick him, but Mu Yixi would take the opportunity to rush him to play with him.

However, Feng Weiming’s force was not worth his, and he was exhausted physically and mentally every time.

Later, Feng Weiming also learned to behave, and no longer did anything to him.

——He was going to learn Taekwondo!

Feng Weiming didn’t speak up, and Mu Yixi didn’t bother.

He closed his mouth as well, rolled around in the quilt slightly, and pulled a part of the quilt over.

Feng Weiming: =_=

Mu Yixi continued to roll and rolled onto Feng Weiming’s body.

Before Feng Weiming reacted, he rolled off again, and he was far away.

Feng Weiming: (╰_╯) #

Mu Yixi turned his head to look at his expression, smirked under the quilt, his shoulders trembled with laughter, and all the depression of the night was gone.

The muscles in Feng Weiming’s mind broke, and he finally couldn’t help but rush over, riding on him, and moving him left and right through the quilt: “Are you only three years old this year”

Mu Yixi wailed exaggeratedly and said something which stopped him in one sentence: “Do you want to know what I mean by the last words”

Feng Weiming’s beating stopped.

He immediately understood what Mu Yixi was referring to.

He saw Mu Yixi meeting his biological mother and sister, Mu Yixi threatened him not to let him speak out, Feng Weiming didn’t like his attitude towards him, and asked him why.

But Mu Yixi said that he would tell Xiaoqi his true relationship with Xiaoqi…

Feng Weiming was nervous all night because of this sentence.

He was not sure what Mu Yixi knew.

Seeing that Feng Weiming’s eyes were at a rarely seen loss, Mu Yixi raised his hands in a surrender posture: “Don’t worry, I promise I won’t say anything.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Feng Weiming’s mouth had gone hard.

Mu Yixi deliberately said: “You and my mother are related, right I mean, a blood relationship”

Feng Weiming’s face was sullen, and a flash of shock quickly flashed in his eyes.

How would he know!

“I guessed.” Mu Yixi said softly.

As a former enemy, Mu Yixi had a deep understanding of Feng Weiming.

After getting along for a long time, Mu Yixi knew better than anyone that he was definitely not the kind of person who overflowed with love.

On the contrary, he cared for very few people.

Feng Weiming had no sense of belonging to the Mu family.

The only thing he cared about before was Mu Jiuqing, his adoptive father who spent countless thoughts on him after adopting him.

But a year ago Mu Jiuqing did something that Feng Weiming could not accept (no one knew what it was), so he unilaterally broke with Mu Jiuqing, and he still hadn’t reconciled with Mu Jiuqing until now.

Feng Weiming stayed in Yilian manor and was being raised by Mrs.

Mu as a son.

His temperament gradually changed a bit, and he was not as rejecting as before.

Many people thought that he had realized that Mu Jiuqing was not sheltering him from the wind and rain anymore, that he was sent under the fence and had to recognize the situation clearly, so he became sensible.

Mu Yixi scoffed at this.

Living in Yilian manor and receiving preferential treatment from Mu Jiuqing, Feng Weiming felt at ease because he knew that his uncle Mu Jiurong had received benefits from his adoptive father Mu Jiuqing.

Since it was an equivalent exchange, why would Feng Weiming feel ashamed

Feng Weiming changed only because he was willing to change.

One of his biggest changes was in his attitude towards Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, he respected and was close to Mrs.

Mu, and he also paid close attention to Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan.

Others might not find it strange, because Mrs.

Mu had always been very good to Feng Weiming! Feng Weiming had become sensible, and it was normal to want to return one or two things.

If it was Feng Weiming, before the break with Mu Jiuqing, no matter how good Mrs.

Mu and the others were to him, he would not take the initiative to supervise Mu Yiqi’s studies, and still manage it everyday.

To put it simply, Feng Weiming used to treat Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan as three familiar strangers.

Only Mu Yiqi was a bit better.

Now Feng Weiming treated them as relatives.

That was a completely different attitude.

Mu Yixi guessed that in the process of breaking with Mu Jiuqing, Feng Weiming learned something about Mrs.


After Feng Weiming lost Mu Jiuqing as his adoptive father, he involuntarily approached Mrs.

Mu and started looking for family affection from her——If Feng Weiming had ever looked in the mirror, he would know that the way he treated Mrs.

Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan was the way he treated his relatives.

Although he was cautious and not affectionate enough, Mu Yixi understood the feeling.

He guessed it was Mrs.

Mu’s side, because Feng Weiming’s attitude towards Mu Jiurong had not changed.

Looking at Feng Weiming’s reaction, Mu Yixi felt that he was right.

This also explained why Feng Weiming defended Mu Yiqi so much in his last life.

Mu Yixi asked, “Your parents are related to the Fang family” The Fang family was Mrs.

Mu’s natal family.

Feng Weiming turned away from Mu Yixi and got back into the bed.

Mu Yixi guessed that the answer was yes.

“Well, I won’t ask.

I will keep it secret.” Mu Yixi said, “You have to help me keep secrets about my affairs.”

“Are you finished” Feng Weiming said coldly: “Get out after you finish!”

“No, it’s cold outside.” Mu Yixi covered himself with the quilt, turned around and turned his back to Feng Weiming.

“I don’t want to sleep with you.” Feng Weiming said annoyed.

Mu Yixi: “Zzzzzzzzzzz…”

Feng Weiming: (╰_╯)#

“Hey, you dare to kick me! Want to fight, right” He rolled over in the bed, “%¥#@*¥@#%……”


Obviously, you just didn’t learn well!” The pillow fell on the floor, and the quilt was kicked out of the bed.

Mu Yixi rolled Feng Weiming’s hand back and pressed on him triumphantly.

Feng Weiming glared at him from the corner of his eyes, and suddenly his white teeth flashed–

“Hiss! Feng Xiaoming, you are a dog!”

They started fighting again for three hundred rounds!


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