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Chapter 17

The whole family went on vacation in name, but in reality, Mrs.

Mu brought the kids along while Mu Jiurong had to handle some matters with Mu Jiuqing.

Because they hadn’t found a suitable nanny for Feng Weiming and it turns out that the latter wasn’t against Mrs.

Mu, Mu Jiuqing requested her to take care of him.


Mu naturally agreed.

On the other side, Mu Jiuqing told his son, “Take care of the guests on father’s behalf.”

Although Feng Weiming was unwilling since he didn’t like communicating with people, Mrs.

Mu was Mu Jiuqing’s relative.

She wasn’t an outsider.

Even more, she also invited him over and took good care of him.

Feng Weiming was indifferent but he knew his manners.

As a result, he didn’t reject them.

He expressionlessly nodded, “Okay.”

“Good son.” Mu Jiuqing ruffled Feng Weiming’s soft and light brown hair, immediately receiving a cold gaze.

However, as his father, he was delighted.

Only “Third Master Mu” or Mu Jiuqing would act so childish in front of his son.

This was because his indifferent son was too cute and handsome! He didn’t feel good if he didn’t tease him!

Feng Weiming quietly turned around and ignored him.

A few days before they arrived, everyone was trying to adjust to a different time zone.

The adults were somewhat better, but the kids couldn’t sleep well at night.

During the day, they were on the verge of falling asleep.

But everyone knew that they had to get used to it, so the kids tried hard not to sleep.

Otherwise, their vacation would be gone to waste.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were used to this.

Under Mrs.

Mu’s care, Mu Yixi also acted sensibly.

The kids stayed in the villa.

Feng Weiming was a good young master.

He generously opened the arcade and reading rooms.

There were all sorts of books and study materials in the reading room.

There was so much content in there that was enough for him to read from three to thirty years old.

There were all sorts of toys and games in the arcade room as well.

There were simple to intellectual types of games.

But because Feng Weiming wasn’t interested in it, the games were just left in the room.

He enjoyed staying in the reading room more.

Mu Yixi, as the two siblings’ best companion, was also pulled into the room.

Feng Weiming watched as the two siblings started fighting over ‘stealing’ Mu Yixi to their side.


Mu Yixi comforted them easily with a few simple sentences.

The three ended up playing together.

Out of politeness Mu Yixi invited Feng Weiming to join them as well.

The latter remained unmoved.

He indifferently plugged in his earbuds and started learning French, not caring about his surroundings despite Mu Yiqi and the others causing a ruckus.

Next, Feng Weiming brought them to see the two dogs he raised at home.

One was an evil tyrant.

He was purely black with a spot of white on his chest.

He had a thick and solid body with short legs.

His eyes were golden and he wore a ferocious expression.

His name was Caesar.

The other one was a Samoyed.

He had a triangular face with snow-white fur.

He was elegant and noble, half closing his eyes.

He was delicate and small.

His name was Louis.

The two dogs were both male and grew up together.

They were really friendly to each other.

The housekeeper was worried that Caesar might startle the guests at home.

This had happened before.

After all, normal people couldn’t accept Caesar’s appearance.

Therefore, he was temporarily locked up.

Louis volunteered to be locked up with him as well.

When everyone came to visit them, Caesar was lying on the ground, looking at them calmly and in alertness.

He wagged his tail every now and then.

Meanwhile, Louis played with his tail and rolled around on his stomach.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were stunned by the two contrasting dogs.

Especially Caesar.

They had never seen a dog like this before!

Feng Weiming personally unlocked the cages and released them.

The housekeeper widened his mouth.

Seeing that Mrs.

Mu didn’t object to this, he swallowed his words.

He knew how much this indifferent young master adored the two dogs.

They just had to lock it temporarily because they had no choice.

Hearing the sound of the cage unlocking and seeing Feng Weiming, Louis happily let go of Caesar’s tail and sprinted over like a ball of snow!

When Louis stood up, he was half the size of an adult.

He appeared to be bigger than the skinny Feng Weiming.

It seemed like he was about to pounce on Feng Weiming with how energetic he was.

The bystanders all glanced in shock, worried.

“Sit.” Feng Weiming said.

Louis slowed down to an emergency brake, stopped right in front of him.

He cutely stuck out his tongue, wagging his tail and acting cute.

Feng Weiming patted his head to reward him.

Louis wagged his tail even more happily, rumbling as if acting cute.

At this time, Caesar also walked out of the cage calmly.

Paired with his ferocious appearance, he appeared to be aggressive and assertive.

Even the courageous Mu Yiqi couldn’t help but take a step back, a bit nervous.

Mu Yixuan directly hid behind Mu Yixi, her soft hands clutching her big brother’s clothes tightly.

Mu Yiqi was clearly stronger than Mu Yixi, but Mu Yiqi subconsciously trusted and relied on Mu Yixi more.

Not letting her down, Mu Yixi also extended an alarm over in front of her, not taking a step back.

Caesar looked back and forth between his master and outsiders, grumbling as if preparing to unleash his anger.

In the end, he seemed to have recognized the one that was the weakest and easily bullied, walking straight towards him.

Mu Yixuan who was originally peeking her head out from behind Mu Yixi was nervously and curiously glancing at Caesar.

Seeing that his sharp gaze was locked on herself, she immediately widened her eyes in fear.

She shockingly called out, “Big brother teddy, he’s coming.” Right now, she was hidden straight under Mu Yixi’s shadow.

She didn’t dare look at Caesar anymore.

“Don’t be scared.

Big brother will protect you.” Mu Yixi said like a knight protecting a princess.

He didn’t need to look back to feel Mu Yixi’s admiring gaze on him.

“I’ll also protect you!” Caesar had a strong imposing manner.

Mu Yiqi’s legs felt like jello but seeing how brave his big brother was, he also felt the need to do something.

He straightened his chest and stood next to Mu Yixi.

Caesar squinted his eyes and smacked his lips as though saying: just you

He fearlessly continued walking ahead despite there being an extra small boy blocking his way.

He walked fiercely and swiftly, bringing along an invisible type of pressure.

Caesar was closer and closer to them now.

Mu Yiqi was more and more frightened, his heart in his throat.

Caesar barked threateningly.

Mu Yiqi trembled and unexpectedly blurted, “...Woof!” without thinking.


Mu and the housekeeper (and Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi) were enjoying the show when they heard him woof.


Mu laughed loudly as the housekeeper lowered his head and chuckled.

Feng Weiming slowly said, “Caesar.”

It was just a simple address, but Caesar paused his vigorous steps and turned around, leaving Mu Yiqi and the rest behind without a care at all.

He walked steadily towards Feng Weiming.

He calmly raised his short but thick claws when he arrived by Feng Weiming’s feet.

He seemingly waved his paws in front of him, but knew about his young master’s mysophobia, so he didn’t touch him.

Then, he stood by Feng Weiming.

His expression was still ferocious as if being a loyal guard.

“Ah, Brother Mingming, he is so obedient!” Mu Yixuan popped out from behind Mu Yixi again after realizing there was no anger, forgetting how scared she was a moment before.

She started calling out towards the majestic Caesar by Feng Weiming.

“Caesar is the best.” Feng Weiming placed his hand on Caesar’s head, a bit moody.

“Mingming, you did this on purpose!” Mu Yiqi shouted with his face read.

He was about to break down after recalling how he barked like a dog.

Caesar was obedient to Feng Weiming, so why did he allow Caesar to just scare them like that Even more, Feng Weiming just had to call out Caesar’s name after he barked like a dog.

Mu Yiqi felt attacked.

He understood now!

Feng Weiming looked down and kept quiet.

Caesar detected his young master’s mood.

He looked up and thought about it, sticking out his tongue to lick Feng Weiming’s palm.

He who had mysophobia didn’t react, allowing him to lick him.

Seeing that Caesar was licking the young master, Louis immediately turned around happily and joined in on the fun.

He wanted to lick him too, but Caesar slapped his paw to the side.

However, Louis happily returned and changed to licking Caesar instead.

If Caesar could reveal an expression besides one of ferociousness, his expression right now must be: =_=.

Feng Weiming thought that it wasn’t like he could say he wanted to scare Mu Yixi instead.

His Caesar was cute and smart, but his appearance was very deceiving.

He remembered that Mu Yixi made him unhappy, so he wanted Caesar to bully him back.

Caesar was clever.

He quietly raised his chin and Caesar went for Mu Yixi.

Who knew that everyone thought Caesar’s target was Mu Yixuan.

Even more, Mu Yixi wasn’t frightened.

Even more, he acted like a big brother.

Besides that, Mu Yiqi tried to show off like Mu Yixi, even barking.

In order to prevent Mu Yixi from continuing to lose his face, Feng Weiming called Caesar back.

But Mu Yiqi thought that he was purposely trying to tease him.

As adults, they just found the previous scene cute and funny.

However, since his son was so angry that he was about to cry as if taking a great blow to his dignity, Mrs.

Mu felt like she shouldn’t laugh at this time.

Therefore, she came to save the day.


Then they heard Mrs.

Mu say, “...Woof!”

She and everyone else looked at Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi tilted his head cutely.

“Is that how you bark Was Caesar playing with us...

Woof!...Woof!” He barked twice, glancing at Caesar with bright and sparkling eyes.

“Caesar, Caesar, come here…” He revealed a look of adoration and admiration.

Feng Weiming paused and lightly patted Caesar.

He looked at him before walking towards Mu Yixi slowly.

He stood in front of Mu Yixi and glanced up at him.

He wore an extremely ferocious expression, but his golden-yellow eyes were very gentle and peaceful, unlike his young master.

Mu Yixi shyly extended his hand, hesitating for half a moment.

Then he patted Caesar’s fur under Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan’s nervous gazes.

Caesar calmly let him pat him, his tail wagging occasionally.

Louis always wanted to be involved in everything, so he ran over.

Because Feng Weiming didn’t order him to sit, he pounced on Mu Yixi and enthusiastically greeted him with his saliva.

“Ah, Louis!” Mu Yixi called out in shock, trying hard to duck.

Everyone laughed right then!

Even a small smile floated on Feng Weiming’s lips.







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