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Chapter 16

Eleven hours on the plane was very boring and dull to children.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were considerately calm and unflustered, however.

When Mu Yiqi couldn’t sit still and wanted to stretch his body, he specially walked over to the two boys, noticing that his elder brother and younger brother sat next to each other harmoniously.

It was unbelievable.

Feng Weiming wore a Sleepy eye mask and had a thin quilt over him.

He was sleeping properly (probably).

Meanwhile, Mu Yixi opened [The Petit Prince].

Mu Yiqi remembered this story.


Mu had given him that and he liked it very much.

He slightly turned his body towards Feng Weiming and softly read it to him.

Seeing Mu Yiqi, Mu Yixi smiled happily before lowering his head to continue reading the story.

Mu Yiqi was shocked!

Not just with the atmosphere, but mostly because—

“You recognized all the words in there” Mu Yiqi was really shocked.

Of course, he didn’t forget to lower his voice in case he disturbed Feng Weiming’s sleep.

Mu Yiqi heard Mrs.

Mu tell him the story of [The Petit Prince] frequently as well.

However, to a six years old boy who didn’t recognize all of the words, reading it was a very hard challenge.

Mu Yiqi had learned how to read for a while and was praised as being clever and smart at a young age.

However, he only recognized ⅓ of the words in the story.

Mu Yixi shook his head.

“I remembered it from when mommy told us the story.”

“Oh…” Mu Yiqi understood.

“Xiao Xi, you’re amazing.” He mimicked Mrs.

Mu’s encouraging tone.

Mu Yiqi remembered when Xu Qingli mentioned that Mu Yixi didn’t do well on his homework.

He automatically thought of it as him needing to give Mu Yixi more encouragement.

Mu Yixi shyly smiled.

“Thank you Xiao Qi.

I will work harder.”

Although Mu Yixi was the big brother, Mu Yiqi thought that he was more like his younger brother, a good younger brother who he’d never had before! Mu Yiqi glanced at Feng Weiming with lingering fears.

The contrast was in front of their eyes.

Mu Yiqi wanted to continue chatting with Mu Yixi, and the latter clearly didn’t mind either.

The two brothers were about to continue talking when a clean and slender hand suddenly reached out from under the quilt, covering Mu Yixi’s mouth right on the spot.

“Stop talking.” A clean childish voice ordered with a tint of annoyance and sleepiness.

The strength coming from his hands wasn’t powerful.

His hands were soft, a tint of faint hazelnut paste spread, causing Mu Yixi to become quiet.

Mu Yiqi immediately covered his mouth, widening his eyes as he looked around.

He glanced at Feng Weiming who kept the same position as he covered Mu Yixi’s mouth.

He thought that if he continued to chat with Mu Yixi and disturb his sleep, Feng Weiming would definitely take off his eye mask and glare coldly at him.

Mu Yiqi didn’t want to offend Feng Weiming, so he lifted his index and middle fingers, indicating that he was going to slip away.

Mu Yixi smiled and gestured “ok.”

Mu Yiqi walked back to his seat, turning his head to look at him every few steps.

The surrounding quietened down.

Feng Weiming slowly withdrew his hands but Mu Yixi clutched it.

He tried to struggle free, but failed.

He tilted his head over as if questioning: what are you doing

Mu Yixi took out a napkin and slowly wiped the palm of his hand which had previously covered his mouth.

In a gentle voice, “There’s saliva.”

Feng Weiming’s hands froze.

Clearly, he was only half conscious before, so he hadn’t thought of this question.

After Mu Yixi reminded him, his mysophobia quickly flared up.

Mu Yixi let go of his hands after wiping it.

Feng Weiming quickly withdrew his hands as if he was bitten by a poisonous snake.

As though it wasn’t enough, he quickly slipped under the quilt and was determined to not take his hands out anymore.

“Do you still want to listen to [The Petit Prince]” Mu Yixi picked up the storybook again, asking in a brotherly manner.

Feng Weiming felt wronged.

He never said that he wanted to listen to it.

Mu Yixi just kept on reading it.

Because the voice was somewhat pleasant and he didn’t find it annoying, he didn’t stop him from reading it either.

Subconsciously he even fell asleep.

Yet, Mu Yixi didn’t need him to respond.

In a clear and low childish voice, he began to start reading [The Petit Prince] again.

“A long time ago, there was a small prince.

He lived on a planet that was about the same size as him.

He hoped to have a friend…”

In order to express how much he hated Mu Yixi acting on his own initiative, Feng Weiming quietly turned around and ignored him.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming spent the entire plane ride bantering and arguing with one another.

But in outsiders’ eyes, Mu Yixi had taken good care of Feng Weiming.

He was a shy but considerate big brother.

Meanwhile, Feng Weiming always wore a stiff and beautiful face.

Though he was indifferent and quiet, he appeared unruly and dominant when compared to Mu Yixi.

He only knew to suppress his nice and kind big brother.

Therefore, Mu Yixi received many compliments from Mrs.

Mu to the flight attendants.

Feng Weiming was speechless.

From the start, he didn’t really hate Mu Yixi.

Feng Weiming was a child with a meticulous mind.

The moment he interacted with Mu Yixi, he detected a type of strangeness coming from Mu Yixi that didn’t fit his age.

Because Mu Yixi was an expert in disguising and he was too young, Feng Weiming didn’t really see through anything Because he was a bit worried of his stupid cousin who treated him quite well, Feng Weiming broke his rules and agreed to live in the Yilian Garden, so that he could observe Mu Yixi.

He and Mu Yixi didn’t interact that much.

He didn’t approach Mu Yixi nor did the latter have the intention of approaching him either.

However, Feng Weiming could still feel the sincerity coming from Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi when they interacted with one another.

This calmed Feng Weiming down and he was surprisingly curious about Mu Yixi now.

Clearly, Mu Yiqi took care of Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan the most.

However, to Feng Weiming, it seemed like Mu Yixi was the one taking care and being lenient on them.

It was strange.

Feng Weiming definitely didn’t feel envious seeing how Mu Yixi got along well with Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan.

Feng Weiming didn’t object to Mu Yixi sitting next to him on the plane anymore.

Then, he became muddle-headed because of Mu Yixi.

From outsiders’ perspectives, Mu Yixi took good care of him and he knew that for himself as well.

He didn’t even need to say anything and Mu Yixi already ordered the food he enjoyed eating the most.

He paid attention to the temperature and read him [The Petit Prince] (a story he never heard of before).

Even more, he coaxed him to sleep.

He was gentle and considerate, not any worse than the nanny that had taken care of him for a year or so.

But Feng Weiming just didn’t like him.

He didn’t know whether he didn’t like Mu Yixi or how he took care of him.

But in short, he just didn’t like him.

However, he felt like he was making a fuss out of nothing by acting like this.

He shouldn’t be like this.

Feng Weiming’s indifferent state of mind was suddenly challenged.

Therefore, he became even colder towards Mu Yixi.

He didn’t want to play with him at all.

After getting off the plane, the car sent by Mu Jiuqing was already outside waiting.

Mu Jiurong went along with Mu Jiuqing and brought the family to the villa Mu Jiuqing had purchased in France.

Mu Jiuqing traveled all over the world at a young age.

Therefore, he bought properties in a few countries that he often traveled to.

After he adopted Feng Weiming in France, he specially bought a villa for him to live in.

Even more, he tried his best to stay in France to accompany him.

He made sure Feng Weiming didn’t lack anything.

Mu Jiuqing really treated Feng Weiming well to the point the Mu Family were questioning whether Feng Weiming was his illegitimate son or not.

But he wasn’t.

However, there must be a reason why Mu Jiuqing would treat a boy whose background was unknown that well.

Mu Yixi had investigated deeply before, but he was unable to find out the connection between Mu Jiuqing and Feng Weiming.

By the time they arrived at the villa, it was already 10pm.

Mu Jiuqing was inside waiting.

He and Mu Jiurong were similar in height.

He was a bit skinnier than Mu Jiurong, but he was still a handsome guy.

He had a candid temperament, but acted noble and generous.

Compared to Mu Jiurong’s gentleness and profoundness, Mu Jiuqing was more refined.

Mu Jiuqing stood up to welcome them after he saw them come.

He faintly smiled and greeted, “Big brother, sister-in-law, welcome.”

Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu nodded.


Mu said, “Sorry for bothering you, Jiuqing.”

“Treat this as your own home, sister-in-law.

You don’t need to be so polite.” Mu Jiuqing respected Mrs.

Mu a lot.


Mu had great relations with people within the Mu Family.

Even Mu Jiuan who had fought Mu Jiurong openly and covertly treated her considerately politely.

Therefore, Mu Jiuqing was comforted in letting Mrs.

Mu take care of his treasure for a few days.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan chirped, “Uncle!”

Mu Yixi also said, “Hello uncle.”

Mu Jiuqing left the house at a young age and he wasn’t that close to his two big brothers.

However, he treated the kids kindly.

He walked over and patted each one of their heads.

“You guys are all good kids.

You’ve grown up and become more handsome and beautiful1 This must be Xiao Xi right You’re very cute too!”

Mu Yixi bashfully smiled.

Feng Weiming looked at him subconsciously.

His body was lifted up when he wasn’t paying attention.

“Why do you keep on looking at your big brother How come you don’t look at your father” A voice wearing a hint of a smile said in Feng Weiming’s ears.

Feng Weiming looked over to see his adopted father, Mu Jiuqing, pretending to be upset.

He looked down and said calmly, “Father.”

Mu Jiuqing didn’t mind his son’s cold face at all.

He kissed his son’s soft and fair face, feeling the little one stiffen immediately.

He couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“Did you have fun with your brothers and sisters these days” Mu Jiuqing asked.

Feng Weiming held in the urge to wipe his face.

Otherwise, his father would definitely kiss him again.

He reluctantly nodded.

Mu Jiuqing said to Mrs.

Mu, “This child is reserved and shy.

Sorry to trouble my sister-in-law these days.”

“It’s no trouble.

Mingming is very well-behaved.

Xiao Xi and the rest got along well with him.” Mrs.

Mu didn’t dare take credit.

“Oh” Mu Jiuqing raised his brows and glanced at Feng Weiming.

His son is indifferent and aloof.

He rarely got along with kids his age.

Only Mu Yiqi was able to get a reaction out of him.

But his son had never played around normally ever.

However, Mrs.

Mu wouldn’t lie.

If she said they got along well, then they did.

Feng Weiming wrapped his arms around Mu Jiuqing’s neck and buried his head in his neck.


He clearly didn’t want to talk about it.

Mu Jiuqing was even more shocked.

Did something happen that he didn’t know

However, since his son said he was tired, he naturally needed to let him rest.

Mu Jiuqing said, “Big brother, you guys must be tired.

Just place the luggages here and go rest.

We can talk about the other matters tomorrow.”

Everyone agreed.

Mu Jiuqing called the housekeeper over and brought them to settle down.

Meanwhile, he personally carried his son to his room.


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