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Chapter 15

Mu Jiuqing treated Feng Weiming, his adopted son, as treasure.

He carefully took care of him.

His nanny, driver, and bodyguards, were all carefully chosen by him.

The reason why Feng Weiming returned all of a sudden was because the nanny taking care of him got into an accident.

Mu Jiuqing was unable to find a suitable candidate to replace her, and also had urgent business matters to handle domestically, so he brought his adopted son to the residence, requesting his parents to take care of him for a few days.

Mu Jiuqing had been very busy during this period of time.

He flew back to France again now.

He originally planned on personally returning to pick up Feng Weiming after handling the matters.

However, after finding out that his elder brother and sister-in-law would be going to France for vacation, he handed the task of bringing Feng Weiming back to France to them.

Mu Jiurong and Mrs.

Mu didn’t mind.

They were going to head out in a few days.


Mu invited Feng Weiming to Yilian Garden.

Although she knew that Feng Weiming didn’t like crowds, it wasn’t good for a young child like him to be alone and indifferent.

He still had a long life to live.

She had three children at home and they all had considerately okay personalities.

They’d be nice companions for him.

Feng Weiming and Mu Yiqi had gotten along well either way.

However, Mrs.

Mu was prepared to be rejected.

Although Feng Weiming was young, he had his own thoughts.

If he didn’t want to come, no one could change his opinion.

Even more, he never stayed overnight at his uncle’s place.

Unexpected, Feng Weiming thought about it before replying faintly, “Okay, sorry to trouble aunty,” after receiving the invitation.

Mu Yiqi was delighted! He thought that he had the best relationship with Feng Weiming, but the latter always treated him indifferently.

This made his proud self not want to approach him sometimes.

This time, Feng Weiming broke his own rules and decided to live in his house.

Mu Yiqi thought that he was responding to his previous efforts.

Besides Mu Yixi, this big brother, he also got another companion.

His days in the future would be interesting and refreshing! Mu Yiqi looked forward to this.

But he quickly realized the difference between reality and expectation.

In Mu Yiqi’s imagination, Feng Weiming would follow them and play along.

However, that didn’t happen.

Instead, Feng Weiming acted like a warden.

His body followed an orderly schedule.

Besides that, he wouldn’t play any games with Mu Yiqi or Mu Yixi.

Instead, he’d coldly stand by a corner and watch them, making Mu Yiqi’s hair stand up.

“What does Mingming want to do” Mu Yiqi scratched his head and asked Mu Yixi.

Mu Yixi returned an innocent and confused expression, probably saying: I’m not close to him.

I really don’t know...

“Go ask him.

This is the first time he came to our home.

He probably isn’t used to it which is why he is acting like this.” Mu Yixi patted Mu Yiqi’s shoulders like how a big brother would do, encouraging him.

Because of Feng Weiming, Mu Yiqi felt embarrassed towards Mu Yixi.

Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi were both Mu Yiqi’s playmates.

Originally, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were supposed to become friends under Mu Yiqi’s guidance.

However, Feng Weiming clearly disdained Mu Yixi.

Not only wasn’t Mu Yixi angry, he even spoke up for Feng Weiming.

He was really kind and generous.

Mu Yiqi felt as if he was losing face for Mu Yixi.

He subconsciously wanted to make it up to Mu Yixi.

He listened to Mu Yiqi’s suggestion and summoned the courage to ask Feng Weiming, “Mingming, why do you keep looking at us Come and play with us!”

Feng Weiming stared fixated on him for a while before saying coldly.


Mu Yixi swore that a disdainful expression flashed through Feng Weiming’s clear eyes.

Mu Yiqi was unhappy.

“Mingming, that’s rude.”

Feng Weiming responded, “Stupid.”

Mu Yiqi: (ToT)

He ran towards Mu Yixi, asking for comfort.

Feng Weiming was being too excessive! He liked his big brother better!

Mu Yixi gently and kindly welcomed Mu Yiqi into his arms.

He comforted Mu Yixi’s hurt feelings, a clear contrast to Feng Weiming’s indifference and heartlessness.

Feng Weiming glaced at the pair of brothers that got along happily, his expressions coldening some more.

Up until they were about to head out, Mu Yiqi was conflicted.

He wanted to approach Feng Weiming, but was scared.

In contrast, his relationship with Mu Yixi improved drastically.

Mu Yiqi would even play doll with Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan which he despised in the past.

After Mu Yixi tried to trick him into how playing doll wasn’t that bad, Mu Yiqi didn’t mind playing it either.

His relationship with Mu Yixuan had also gotten a bit better.

He wasn’t as biased anymore, thinking that sisters were delicate and would drag him down.

He thought that Mu Yixuan was considerately cute as he watched her play doll with Mu Yixi.

The Mu Family got on the first class cabin as they got on the plane.

The seats were spacious and comfortable.

Each row sat two people.

Mu Jiurong and Mu Yiqi sat next to each other.

Then, Mrs.

Mu sat with Mu Yixuan.

After that, it was Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, this surprising pair.

As the nanny, Xu Qingli, and Mu Jiurong’s assistant and also Xu Qingli’s big brother, Xu Zhao, both sat on the second to last row.

The last row sat two bodyguards.

One for Mu Jiurong and the other for Feng Weiming.

Neglecting the uncle, Mu Jiurong, the only partner Feng Weiming could accept was Mu Yiqi.

However, that stupid fool, was scared to approach him.

He sat next to his father instead.


Mu needed to take care of the youngest Mu Yixuan.

Feng Weiming naturally needed to let the girl.

He strangely found Xu Qingli unpleasant to the eyes.

The extent was much more serious than how he felt towards Mu Yixi.

In the end, Feng Weiming reluctantly allowed Mu Yixi to sit next to him.

Feng Weiming was small.

He was delicate and exquisite.

He was like a ball sitting on the navy blue plane seat, giving people the urge to hug him into their arms and cuddle him.

However, his small self was about to make people feel the air around them was freezing.

He sat next to the window.

Mu Yixi sat next to him for a good fifteen minutes.

He either looked out the window or ahead, making Mu Yixi feel like he was invisible.

After he was reborn, only Feng Weiming made him feel the same in both lives.

Mu Yixi was a bit annoyed at first, wanting to provoke him.

He wanted to stop Mu Yiqi from having a great relationship with Feng Weiming.

Mu Yixi had to act like he was great friends with Mu Yiqi while trying to steal his attention in secret.

Even more, he easily won Feng Weiming because of his advantage in age.

He got Mu Yiqi to be distant from Feng Weiming.

He could tell that Feng Weiming clearly treated Mu Yiqi differently than the others, but not the fierce protection he held until later in the future.

Feng Weiming was quite angry at how Mu Yiqi couldn’t distinguish the situation (although one couldn’t tell).

Mu Yiqi didn’t treat Feng Weiming in a special manner.

He just thought of him as his younger cousin who was hard to deal with, but had to take care of.

If Mu Yixi continued to shift Mu Yiqi’s thoughts, his status in Mu Yiqi’s heart would quickly surpass Feng Weiming’s.

However, when Feng Weiming arrived at Yilian Garden, the first thing he said was to Xu Qingli coldly, “Servant, move out of the way.” He knew that Xu Qingli was trying to curry favor, so he refused to let her come close or touch him.

Xu Qingli was in an awkward position right then.

She attempted to act stupid like she didn’t hear it when the bodyguard that always followed Feng Weiming rudely showed her off.

With the Xu Family’s status in the Mu Family, only Feng Weiming dared to give Xu Qingli attitude without care.

Mu Yixi was quite stupid to act serious with Feng Weiming who meant no harm to him (he was Mrs.

Mu’s loyal fan.

Those who went against Mrs.

Mu were his enemies).

After the plane steadily flew into the sky, the flight attendants started giving out breakfast.

The reason why Mrs.

Mu chose this airline was because the breakfast made was okay.

Both Mu Yixuan and Mu Yiqi were able to accept it.

Feng Weiming didn’t even need to ask when Mu Yixi already got a glass of warm milk without sugar and almond bread for him.

The temperature of the glass of milk was only slightly burning.

It was suitable to drink it like that.

Mu Yixi ripped the almond bread into pieces.

There was a thin layer of original hazelnut paste on the soft bread.

It looked very delicious.

Mu Yixi quickly and skillfully prepared the breakfast, placing it in front of Feng Weiming.

With a faint smile, “You can eat now.”

Feng Weiming looked expressionless at him.

He could accept the breakfast Mu Yixi chose for him and the way he chose to handle the bread too.

Even more, he wore disposable gloves when he ripped the bread into pieces and added the hazelnut paste.

It was convenient and clean.

He considered Feng Weiming’s mysophonia as well.

The latter couldn’t even find any faults.

In the past life, Mu Yixi was able to deceive the intelligent Mrs.

Mu and win against tons of people, snatching the Mu Company for his own.

He naturally had his own ways.

Mu Yixi even knew Feng Weiming’s likes and dislikes, although he despised him.

“...I don’t want milk.” Feng Weiming reluctantly tried to pick faults despite it being perfect.

Mu Jiuqing and the nanny weren’t here.


Mu didn't watch him either, so he expressed his opinion.

“They have Yoplait yogurt here, do you want it” Mu Yixi asked.

He knew that Feng Weiming liked yogurt, but the Yoplait brand was very sweet.

Feng Weiming who didn’t like sweets probably wouldn’t be able to accept this.

As expected, Feng Weiming shut his mouth and wore a cold expression.

Mu Yixi ordered hot chocolate and a croissant for himself.

He added honey paste on it.

It was incredibly sweet.

Mu Yixi smiled happily.

Feng Weiming slightly moved, staying far away as if he could avoid that scary scent like that.

The two were taught to keep quiet while eating, so they stopped talking and focused on eating breakfast.

During this time, Mrs.

Mu turned around to look at them.

Seeing that they got along well and knew how to take care of themselves, she turned back around to continue taking care of Mu Yixuan in satisfaction.

When they were done eating, the flight attendant came over to tidy things up.

Feng Weiming suddenly said coldly, “I heard that those who like sweets are bad guys.”

Mu Yixi was covering Feng Weiming’s legs with the thin quilt when he heard the words.

His hands itched to pinch him.

“Sleep.” Mu Yixi said in a firm tone, covering the quilt to his neck.

Feng Weiming glanced at him.

His eyelashes flickered like a fan.

They were incredibly beautiful.

Mu Yixi thought: if the brat didn’t talk and just sit there quietly, he would be quite a pleasant view.

What a pity.


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