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Chapter 12

The crisis vanished in the air just like that.

Although Mrs.

Mu didn’t tell the kids that Mu Yixi was an illegitimate son, her performance convinced Mu Yiqi.

To Mu Yiqi, he was just worried that Mrs.

Mu might be hurt, thus the intense reaction.

He didn’t dislike Mu Yixi.

Even more, he liked him.

Since Mrs.

Mu genuinely accepted Mu Yixi and his family didn’t quarrel because of his existence, then Mu Yixi wasn’t an illegitimate son.

The little Mu Yiqi didn’t care then.

In affluent families, kids like Mu Yiqi were able to accept lots of things easily.

He didn’t have a lot of understanding about illegitimate sons, so he didn’t make any connections.

He only regarded Mrs.

Mu as a priority.

Mu Yiqi was also comforted by Mu Yixi trying to protect Mrs.


After that, Mu Yiqi even went to apologize to Mu Yixi.

“It’s my fault for insulting you before getting a clear understanding of the situation.” The little boy pursed his lips and said this, glancing at his weak and miserable little big brother nervously.

He was really scared that he wouldn’t forgive him.


Mu said that Mu Yixi was his only big brother in this life.

It was the truth.


Mu only gave birth to him and Mu Yixuan.

Mu Yiqi’s father, Mu Jiurong, was the head of the family.

He had two little brothers.

His second brother, Mu Jiuan, also had one son and one daughter.

The son was five years old and the daughter was four years old.

They were both younger than Mu Yiqi.

The third brother, Mu Jiuqing, still wasn’t married.

He only had a five years old adopted son.

He hid him from the public.

Now that Mu Yixi came to the Mu Family, he was everyone’s big brother despite being younger by a generation.

Mu Yiqi was quite worried that he hurt his big brother’s feelings and he won’t play with him anymore.

Mu Yixi responded by extending his arms and hugging Mu Yiqi.

He said generously, “It’s okay.” He didn’t hold a grudge at all.

Mu Yiqi thought that this new big brother was awesome.

He wasn’t stingy at all.

The two brothers happily played with each other again.

Mu Family had the habit of taking the whole family abroad for vacation while the kids were on holidays.

This year was no exception.

Although there was an extra family member now, Mu Yixi naturally went along.

They went to France this year.

Mu Yixi was rather excited.

In his past life during this age, Hu Qin had been raising him.

Every day, he either studied or was brainwashed.

He never got to go out and play around like a normal kid.

After he entered the Mu Family, although he went on vacations with Mrs.

Mu and the others, he had lots of thoughts inside, so he wasn’t interested in playing or enjoying himself at all.

He sometimes reluctantly played with the rest, but he was unable to experience the worry-free happiness of his childhood.

It was different now.


Mu protected him.

Even more, people weren’t on guard when talking to him because he was young.

Mu Yixi also had a lot of hidden trumps.

With someone to depend on, he wasn’t as dispirited and depressed as he was in his past life.

He became much more relaxed.

Sometimes, he pretended to be a child and could even temporarily forget that he was actually an adult.

He lived carefree days.

Naturally, he was in a better mood as he went on vacation with Mrs.

Mu and the others.

France led Mu Yixi to think of someone.

When he thought of how he could see the weak and young him, Mu Yixi was delighted.

But before going to France, Mu Yixi needed to pass an obstacle first.


Mu planned on taking him to the Mu Family’s residence to meet his grandparents.

Their grandfather, Mu Jingwei, was already sixty-one years old.

After his sixtieth birthday, he officially retired and handed the Mu Company to his oldest son, Mu Jiurong, and his second son, Mu Jiuan.

Right now, Mu Jiurong had majority of the control over the company while Mu Jiuan assisted him.

Mu Jingwei brought his family to Mu Family’s residence and enjoyed his later years there.


Mu Jingwei was known during this time.

Back then, he was an influential and essential figure.

Even though he retired, he still held a lot of influence over many people.

He was a very peculiar man.

He was different from people his generation that say that they were going to retire, but in reality, criticized their grandsons’ every move.

He actually retired and stopped managing the company.

He brazenly left the generations of hardwork to his sons to handle.

The trust funds he set up was enough to maintain the Mu Family’s offsprings’ lives even if the Mu Company collapsed.

But if they wanted more, they needed to earn it themselves.

In his past life, Mu Jiurong and Mu Jiuan fought for the ability to have a say in the company.

In the end, Mu Yixi beat them all up.

As the head, Mu Jingwei stayed silent and just watched it, however.

Up until death, Mu Yixi didn’t understand his grandfather’s thoughts.

When he was scheming to steal the Mu Company, he spent half his efforts guarding against him.

After he achieved his goal, he realized that it was unnecessary.

It felt like he was punching cotton.

Because he couldn’t see through Mu Jingwei, Mu Yixi was quite apprehensive of him.

Now that he was reborn, Mu Yixi had confidence that he could deceive Mu Jiurong.

However, he was forced to give it his all when facing Mu Jingwei.

The two siblings, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, also tagged along.

The nanny, Xu Qingli, didn’t come along because she had other matters to attend to.

They arrived at the residence along with Mrs.

Mu during the afternoon.

The residence was in the neighboring city of Xin’an City’s suburbs.

It was in a village called Ningxiang.

The Ningxiang Village used to be known as Zhuangyuan Village.

As time passed, people moved away from the village and it became remote, deserted.

Because people’s beliefs changed later on, the call for nature increased and the lands here became high in demands.

It was waiting to be developed.

Mu Family had already regarded Ningxiang as a treasured place and set their homes there.

After a century of development, Mu Family became Ningxiang’s most well-known family.

With the residence there, the villagers were able to live peaceful lives and could protect the culture there.

It was a special scenery in big cities.

Mu Family’s residence was in the center of Ningxiang Village.

There was a huge courtyard with green tiles and short walls.

Trees and flowers bloomed everywhere.

There was a small bridge inside with flowing water.

There was a pavilion with interesting and appealing decorations.

When they walked in, they felt as though they were washed of their annoyances.

They became calm and peaceful here.


Mu held Mu Yixi’s hands in one and Mu Yixuan’s in the other.

Mu Yiqi barged into the room and said happily, “Grandfather, grandmother!” After that, he just recalled the elite education he had been receiving.

He hurriedly pursed his lips and pretended to walk elegantly.

Mu Jingwei and his family were in the front courtyard.

Mu Jingwei was wearing his presbyopic glasses as he cut the tree branches.

Grandmother Mu was sitting in the pavilion, enjoying the coolness.

She was fanning herself with a fan every now and then.

Hearing Mu Yiqi’s voice, the two elders both turned around at the same time.

They both laughed in unison seeing him trying hard to be an adult.

When Mu Yixi saw them, Mu Yiqi acted as though he had been lifted from a prohibition.

He became playful and carefree like he had been back then.

He was climbing up Grandmother Mu’s back of the chair and talking to her.

He was radiant with delight.

Grandmother Mu smiled and looked at him.

Mu Jingwei placed his hands behind his back and stood to the side, smiling.

Everything seemed harmonious.


Mu respectfully came to greet them.

Mu Yixuan also greeted her grandparents in a soft voice.

Mu Jingwei and Grandmother smiled, acknowledging it.

They incredibly adored Mu Yixuan.

Then, their gazes naturally landed on Mu Yixi.

Mu Jingwei stood up straight.

He was tall and sturdy.

Even though he became older, his figure didn’t change much.

He naturally gave off a dignifying and powerful imposing manner.

When Grandmother Mu was younger, she was a well-known well-bred young lady.

She was beautiful and had an elegant temperament.

Her smile faced.

She was still kind and caring towards Mu Yiqi, but she became eminent and unapproachable.

They had been astute their entire lives, used to containing their expressions.

The clear change in attitude was done on purpose.

They clearly expressed their feelings regarding Mu Yixi’s existence.


Mu was slightly stunned.

She was about to introduce Mu Yixi, but now she found it hard to part her lips.

She brought Mu Yixi back to the residence after telling the two elders about it.

They said it was okay which is why she brought him over.


Mu didn’t expect for her parents-in-laws to reveal this kind of attitude however.

Mu Yixi shyly greeted, “Hello grandmother and grandfather.” He held Mrs.

Mu’s hand, half-hiding behind her.

He appeared to be really nervous and afraid, but he tried his best to keep his manners.


Mu calmed down and said, “Mother, father, this is Xiao Xi.

I mentioned him to you guys before.”

“Why are you so shy Lift your head so we can see you.” Grandmother Mu said.

Mu Yixi shook a bit.

Under Mrs.

Mu’s encouragement, he shyly lifted his head to look at Mu Jingwei and Grandmother Mu.


Mu observed him for a moment before saying in an unclear tone, “You look really similar to Xiao Qi.

Those that don’t know would’ve thought you gave birth to a set of twins.”


Mu’s heart slightly tightened by the similar words she’d heard before.

“Yeah, we look really alike, right He’s also my big brother, but he’s smaller than me.” Mu Yiqi said, scrunching his nose.

He ran over to Mu Yixi and pulled him out from behind Mrs.

Mu’s back.

“Don’t be afraid.

My grandparents are very nice!”

Mu Yixi faced him, his expression softening.

Mu Yiqi pressed his face next to Mu Yixi.

He smiled and said to Mu Jingwei and Grandmother Mu, “Grandparents, look at us!” Then he wore a comic face.

Mu Yixi laughed at the sight.

His silhouette made Grandmother Mu think of Mu Jiurong.

She became silent right then.

“Does Xiao Qi like Xiao Xi that much” Mu Jingwei asked.

“Yes!” Mu Yiqi nodded firmly.

“I also like him!” Mu Yixuan understood this, saying it in a soft tone.

She was just begging for someone to notice her.

Her impatient expression was quite cute.

Mu Jingwei and Grandmother Mu didn’t expect for the kids to have such a great relationship.

They looked at Mrs.

Mu strangely.

They naturally knew that Mu Yixi was an illegitimate son.

This had happened in the Mu Family before as well.

However, because Mu Family had a strict upbringing, the chances of this happening was slim.

Yet, the one that was subjected to this had to be the outstanding eldest son, Mu Jiurong.

Mu Jingwei and Grandmother Mu found it quite surprising.

They didn’t know how to handle this.

As the one in the wrongs, they valued Mrs.

Mu’s reaction.

Although the child was innocent and pitiful, there were rarely any legal wives that viewed illegitimate sons pleasant to the eyes.

They didn’t want to influence the eldest son’s family because of an unknown child.

Mu Family was still wondering why Mrs.

Mu actively decided to adopt Mu Yixi.

Yet, no matter Mrs.

Mu’s motive, Mu Jingwei and Grandmother Mu made it clear that they were on her side.

They didn’t expect Mrs.

Mu to be really forgiving and generous, not holding grudges to Mu Yixi, however.

Grandmother Mu felt fortunate but regretful at the same time.

She acted proper, but when Mu Yixi raised his head, Grandmother Mu’s heart softened a bit when she saw his appearance similar to that of her eldest son.

It was the eldest son’s fault for causing this scandal.

But since it had happened already, Grandmother Mu was selfish and didn’t want their bloodline to wander about outside.

It sucked that she couldn’t say this out loud with her position.

After all, Mrs.

Mu gave birth to her eldest grandson and granddaughter.

The pair of grandchildren were the most important to her in her heart.

Grandmother Mu didn’t want an unknown child to influence their status.

Therefore, their opinion is priority.


Mu had a kind and generous heart while Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan loved their new big brother.

Grandmother Mu was extremely satisfied with this result.

But seeing that Mrs.

Mu wasn’t jealous or anything, it also showed that she didn’t care about her husband that much.

In short, marriage by business didn’t meet people’s expectations.

Other than that, Mrs.

Mu was flawless as a daughter-in-law.

Grandmother Mu secretly sighed and praised, “You guys are good kids.

Go inside and don’t just stand foolishly outside.”






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