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Chapter 11

To students, vacation was freedom.


In the past, Mu Yiqi would return home in a happy mood, eager to eat, drink and be merry.


However, it was different this time.

The newly Second Young Master Mu came home wearing a handsome and cute face.

He even walked home steadily and earnestly than usual.


Mu Yixi thought of his past life when he saw Mu Yiqi.

That year, the twelve-years old Mu Yiqi acted like a proper young man.

His behavior and conduct was so much better than kids his age.

The two similar brothers would always be put together and compared.

Mu Yiqi originally hated how he paled in comparison against Mu Yixi.

But who knew that before he was six, Mu Yiqi was just a normal, playful, and mischievous boy It was because of Mu Family’s education that restricted his behaviors.


These were the hardships heirs faced when they were born in rich and powerful families.


With a different mindset, Mu Yixi glanced at Mu Yiqi in a brotherly manner.

He felt a bit bad for him.


However, when he didn’t receive a response as he smiled and greeted Mu Yiqi, the feelings had changed.


He could tell that Mu Yiqi instinctively wanted to return a smile.

They only meet on the weekends, but the two brothers had a great relationship.

Mu Yixi had the intention of coaxing him, so he naturally did his best.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan both liked the new big brother.

They were good and kind children, naturally returning the friendly gestures.

He suddenly thought of something and Mu Yiqi forced himself to stop smiling.

He tried his best to give Mu Yixi a cool expression.

Then he turned around and refused to look at Mu Yixi.

However, he still couldn’t help but look from the corner of his eyes at him worriedly.


Mu Yixi smiled inside, revealing a weeping expression on the surface.


As expected, a tint of helplessness flashed by in his eyes.

He was very scared of people crying in front of him.

Every time Mu Yixuan cried, he would let her have her way.

He even made his new big brother cry now… QAQ.


What should he do He felt very guilty.


In order to keep his heart hardened, Mu Yiqi walked upstairs stiffly, purposely ignoring Mu Yixi’s existence.


Mu Yixi followed over and asked grievingly, “Xiao Qi, Xiao Qi, why are you ignoring me” His legs haven’t fully recovered yet, so he was limping.

He almost fell a few times.


Mu Yixi turned his head to the side, ignoring him.

However, he subconsciously slowed down.


The two kids walked slowly into Mu Yixi’s room.


Then, Mu Yuqi was shocked when he didn’t see his room’s decorations.

I was clearly not going to be friends with him anymore.

Why did I walk into his room


Because his attention was on Mu Yixi, afraid that he might trip and fall, he subconsciously was brought to the wrong room.


Mu Yiqi was now standing in front of him, teary-eyed.

He was confused.


“Get out of my way.” Mu Yiqi said coldly and expressionlessly.


Mu Yixi sniffled and extended his arm, looking at him stubbornly.

“Why are you ignoring me Mommy said we need to be polite.”


Mu Yiqi jumped up like a dog whose tail had been stepped on.

“My mommy isn’t your mommy!”


Mu Yixi widened his eyes, seemingly saying: how can you hurt me like this


Mu Yiqi wasn’t experienced enough.

He felt uncomfortable after seeing Mu Yixi’s expression.


“You’re a mistress’ child.” Mu Yiqi tried his best to wear a taut face.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s confused expression, he explained, “A mistress is a villain.

They destroy families and hurt mommies’ feelings.

You’re a villain’s child.

I don’t want to play with you!”


If Mu Yixi was just pretending and teasing Mu Yiqi before, then he was serious right now.


To the public, Mrs.

Mu said that he was her adopted son.

Although people couldn’t help but question his and Mu Yiqi’s overly similar appearances, it could also explain why the indifferent and reserved Mrs.

Mu wanted to suddenly adopt a child.

It was because he was very similar to his son.

She couldn’t accept a boy whose appearance was that similar to her son’s to endure such hardships.

At the same time, it was also to protect Mu Yixi.

After all, on any occasion, having the title of an illegitimate son wasn’t good.

She didn’t want Mu Yixi to shoulder that title as he grew up.

Plus, her kids were born in an affluent family.

They were familiar with the term, ‘illegitimate son.’ Mu Famiy’s education led its children to be against illegitimate children and affairs.

If they knew that Mu Yixi was an illegitimate son, the three siblings probably wouldn’t be able to get along well.


Even Mu Yixi “didn’t know” his real status.

He only thought that Mrs.

Mu adopted him out of kindness.


Where did Mu Yiqi get the news from Why did he believe this firmly and without a doubt He’d ‘sentenced’ him without explanation.


Mu mYixi was confused.

“Who’s a mistress Why is she a villain Why am I a villain’s child”


“Your mommy is a mistress.” Mu Yiqi said upsetly.

He knew this truth was shocking too.

He originally quite liked Mu Yixi and was very happy to get a new playmate.

But his mother would destroy his family and make his mommy upset.

Mu Yiqi needed to protect his mommy!


“I never saw my mommy before.” Mu Yixi said upsetly, “I’ve only seen my grandmother before.

She always beats me.

Mommy adopted me.” He asked worriedly, “How did you know my mommy is a mistress How are you sure that I’m a mistress’ child”


Mu Yiqi felt miserable as he listened to this.

He couldn’t help but think back to Mu Yixi’s weak state.

At that time, he thought that he should be the big brother.

He was born in a happy family.

He didn’t know that Mu Yixi lived a tragic life.

He didn’t have a mother and he was also beaten up by his grandmother.

When facing Mu Yixi’s interrogation, he felt very restless and apprehensive as if he had done something wrong.


“Someone told me.” Mu Yiqi refuted weakly.


Mu Yixi said upsetly, “If Xiao Qi believes him, he must really like Xiao Qi.

He must be Xiao Qi’s best friend.”


Mu Yiqi acted as though he had just eaten a mouse.

This was because not only wasn’t the person his best friend, but his biggest enemy— Feng Kun.

The two of them were enemies as children.

However, luck was not on their side and they had been classmates from nursery to elementary school.

The two families had a close relationship as well, so they met often.

They were frequently compared, leading the two to hate each other some more.

In school, they were the leader of their own little group.

Under their influence, the two groups frequently fought.


To kids, vacation was something they had been looking forward to.

Mu Yiqi was no exception.

His heart had been soaring in the sky, but Feng Kun just had to pour a cold bucket of water on him right now and tell him that Mu Yiqi was actually his father’s illegitimate son.

This stunned Mu Yiqi and ruined his good mood.


Mu Yiqi knew what an illegitimate son was.

His playmates were all from affluent families, and they had lots of quarrels at home.

Don’t mention how the parents each had their own lovers outside, but it was also very common for the legal and illegitimate sons to study in the same school too.

Everyone discusses Mu Family’s upright and honorable manner enthusiastically.

Mu Yiqi was proud of his parents’ great relationship and how united the family was.

Therefore, Mu Yiqi didn’t mind Mu Yixi being the big brother nor did he think further.


Then someone suddenly told him that the happy family he believed in was just an illusion.

The father he admired was actually the same as those womanizers that had been gossiped about.

Mu Yiqi naturally exploded right then!  


He deeply thought that he was lied to.

He couldn’t intervene with the adults’ actions.

However, he had treated Mu Yixi kindly.

Although they weren’t blood-related, he genuinely treated him like his big brother.

However, Mu Yixi was actually a mistress’ son that destroyed his family.

Even more, he hid the truth from him, playing him like a fool!





Mu Yiqi was going to cut relations with him.

He won’t play with him in the future!


Mu Yiqi had originally planned to act cold towards Mu Yixi the moment he returned home.

However, Mu Yixi’s words made him touched and hesitant.


Mu Yixi asked in a sobbing tone, “Did I make mommy upset” It seemed like he couldn’t help but wish to vanish right there had Mu Yiqi nodded at his question.

He never wanted to hurt Mrs.


It was clear how much he respected and looked up to Mrs.



Mu Yiqi calmed down and couldn’t help but reflect.


Mu Yixi knew nothing.

He had never seen his birth mother before and he was also abused by his grandmother.


There was no evidence behind this.

He trusted his enemy’s words completely.

He came back home and fought with his new big brother…


Then, Mu Yixi gave him a deadly blow.

“Let’s go and ask mommy.

I don’t want to be a bad guy’s child.

I don’t want to hurt you guys…”


Mu Yiqi felt incredibly guilty.

Seeing Mu Yixi’s teary eyes, he also began to tear up.

He stammered.

“Don’t, don’t cry.

It’s my fault...sob, let’s go find mommy together.”


Mu Yixi was stunned.

He had originally tried to gain the upper hand by crying, but now he glanced at Mu Yiqi who was sniffling and crying, not knowing what to do.

He had never made Mu Yiqi vry in the past.

What should he do He didn’t know how to comfort him.


“What’s the matter” Mrs.

Mu came searching for them.

Seeing Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi sobbing, she was slightly stunned.


“Mommy!” Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi pounced on her at the same time, asking for help.


“I don’t want to hurt mommy!” Mu Yixi kept on repeating this sentence.


Mu Yiqi felt very bad.

He angrily told Mrs.

Mu what happened.

“Feng Kun said that my big brother is an illegitimate son…” He looked up at Mrs.

Mu, wanting her to give him a firm response.



Mu was unhappy inside.

The Mu Family hadn’t made Mu Yixi’s existence public.

What could Feng Kun, a child, know He definitely heard this from his mother, Zhong Ruizhen.

She wanted him to gossip about it in order to influence the two children’s relationship.



Mu carried one child in one hand.

She gently patted Mu Yixi’s back, comforting.

Then she asked Mu Yiqi about the details.

Finding out that the two brothers just wanted to protect her, her heart softened to puddles.


“Does Xiao Qi like Xiao Xi” Mrs.

Mu asked.


Mu Yiqi said, embarrassed, “...I do.”


“How about Xiao Xi Do you like Xiao Qi” Mrs.

Mu asked again.


“I do!” Mu Yixi said this whilst choking on his words.



Mu had them look into the mirror.

The two similar faces reflected on the surface of the bright mirror.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixi both felt a strange feeling as if an invisible string had tied them together.



Mu said seriously, “Look at how similar you guys are.

This is fate.

You guys are destined to be brothers and inseparable.

Don’t mind what others have to say.

As long as you guys acknowledge each other as family, you guys are family.

Xiao Qi only has Xiao Xi, this one big brother, in this life.

Xiao Xi only has Xiao Qi, this one younger brother, in this life as well.

Mommy is very happy to have you two babies.” Mrs.

Mu kissed both Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi’s face.


Don’t mention Mu Yiqi, but even Mu Yixi who had the mindset of an adult glanced at Mrs.

Mu, incredibly touched.



Mu pulled their hands and linked them.

“Don’t fight with each other, okay”


“Understood, mommy!” Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi both nodded firmly.


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