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Chapter 1998: The man with the brushesTranslator: GodBrandy

How long am I going to stay in this urn

At this time, there was nothing Song Shuhang could do.

Aside from waiting, the only thing he could do was pray.

“Senior White, Senior White Two, please bless me.

Let me leave early.” Song Shuhang sincerely sent prayers with his consciousness.

I dont want to stay in this urn for thousands, or maybe tens of thousands, of years.

He had only been here for one day and it already felt too long.

He could not imagine living there for a thousand years.

In the future, when he really became a big shot, he might consider closing up for a hundred or a thousand years, but he had yet to reach that level.

After some prayers, Song Shuhang began moving around in the urn.

He began studying the bone of eternity, and although he could not understand its structure, he could feel its surface with his consciousness.

If he got tired of studying, he would delve into every corner of the urn and enjoy the outside scenery from different angles.

Shuhang began to discover a pattern.

Just like a planet, the Sages urn orbited around something.

Similarly, the white horse, the network of virtue, and the big eyeball all had their own orbits.

Song Shuhang was able to see them whenever their orbits crossed each other.

After passing by the white horse another three times, the urn encountered something new.

It was a bodhi tree shining with boundless light.

Under the tree, there was a silver-white man sitting with his legs crossed.

A long towel was wrapped around his waist.

However, the man was not chanting scriptures.

He was holding a bucket of strange paint in one hand while carefully painting his silver body golden with his other hand.

There was a set of brushes beside him, some big, some small.

It was a man who owned several brushes.

Song Shuhang looked at the man curiously.

Does this man have any relationship with a past Wielder of the Heavens Will

He now had some vague guesses about this world.

Aside from the Scholarly Sages urn, the white horse, the big eye, and the network of virtue should all be phantoms left behind in this world.

Song Shuhang guessed that each of them was a mark left in this world by the Wielders of the Heavens Will after achieving eternity.

These marks orbited around this world over and over again.

The white horse was likely to correspond to the seventh Wielder of the Heavens Will, the other half of Senior White Two.

The Virtuous Network was related to the predecessor of Wielder of the Will White, who was likely the creator of the virtuous lamias cultivation technique.

The big eyeball should belong to the second Wielder of the Will, the predecessor of Wielder of the Will Striped Dragon.

So, which Wielder of the Heavens Will did the silver-white figure belong to

Was it the fourth or the fifth Wielder of the Heavens Will

Or was it the original form of the liquid metal ball

Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball could assume a human form, and it also had the same color as this silver-white man.

The more Song Shuhang thought about it, the more he felt it was likely to be true.

So, he quickly shifted the focus of his consciousness and kept quiet.

After all, unlike the other Wielders of the Will, Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball was still active and had yet to retire.

Perhaps its “mark” had something special to it.

At this moment, the man with the brushes suddenly pulled off the towel around his waist.

“Its not easy to paint this place,” he said.

He grabbed one of the smaller brushes and pondered for a moment.

“Why dont I cut it off If I cut it off, it will be easier to paint this place.”

Song Shuhang was stunned.

“No, I cant do that.

Although it can regrow, if I cut it, I wont be able to explain it to others.

I cant just say that it was cut off when I was fighting an enemy.” The man with the brushes struggled.

After a while, he started using the small brush to paint his waist carefully.

Song Shuhang: “…”

“Yo, Sages urn.

We meet again.” The man with the brushes suddenly waved towards the Sages urn.

When he was waving, his hand froze.

Song Shuhang could sense that the man had discovered him.

This was rather awkward.

After being stunned for a moment, the man quickly put away all his brushes.

Then, he sat cross-legged under the dazzling bodhi tree with his hands clasped together.

“The body is the tree of enlightenment.

The mind is the stand of a bright mirror.

Wipe it constantly and with ever-watchful diligence, to keep it uncontaminated by the worldly dust.

“All conditioned phenomena are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow, like dew or a flash of lightning; thus we shall perceive them.”

The man exuded the aura of a senior monk.

The man opened his eyes, looked at the Sages urn, and said to Song Shuhangs consciousness in it, “Benefactor, have you reached enlightenment”

[What kind of enlightenment am I supposed to reach with this nonsense] Song Shuhang really wanted to say it out loud.

However, he was in the form of consciousness and was unable to speak at the moment.

“Benefactor, your comprehension level is too low.” The golden man shook his head gently.

“Everything you saw just now was a dream, an illusion.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

He could now confirm one thing, this man was different from the phantom left by the Wielders of the Will.

Similar to the Scholarly Sage, he might have entered this world through other means.

Moreover, Song Shuhang found that he could communicate with the man without problems, and the other party could read his thoughts without him saying a word.

Needless to say, it was the good old mind-reading technique of big shots.

“No, its not called the mind-reading technique.

Its called the Heart-Linking Miraculous Telepathic Technique.” The man put his hands together and smiled kindly.

“Benefactor, you can call me Great Master.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Great Master… Can I ask you a question”

He wanted to know if there was a way to get out of this place.

The golden man smiled slightly, “Benefactor, feel free to ask.

Although you are rather clumsy, this penniless schola… I mean, this penniless monk will definitely answer you seriously.”

Song Shuhang was thankful that he did not have a physical head right now, or he would definitely have a headache.

After adjusting his mental state, he asked, “Great Master, can I ask you if…”

The golden great master quickly replied, “Friendzoned.”

Song Shuhang: “”

The golden great master said, “Eh Werent you going to ask me about a girl”

Song Shuhang: “…”

“That wasnt it Anyway, I can swim.

I have something to do today.

I have no money.

I like salted bean curd.

My identity is a secret, and so is my age.

I dont teach techniques.

I dont accept apprentices…” the golden great master said in one breath.

Song Shuhang: “…”

The golden great master smiled slightly and continued, “Is there any other question that you need this penniless scholar to answer”

Song Shuhang: “…”

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