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Chapter 56: Three Graves 19

"Of course this is stupid.

They don't know the rules at all.

How can they directly ask! Generally this kind of website has very high rejection, and internal members have a fixed chat room." Wang Chao said with a sense of justice, "Right! boss, take a look at the previous comments, is it clear that this live broadcast is charged"


Xing Conglian heard this, glanced at Lin Chen, and said, "I will adjust the content of the screen forward."


Lin Chen knew that he(XC) was worried that he(LC) would be psychologically uncomfortable when he watched Xu Haozhen jump off the building, so he said, "Don't worry about me.

If you repeatedly receive stimulation, the psychological threshold will become higher and you will not be so easily emotionally excited."


Xing Conglian frowned, but still in accordance with the words, he slowly dragged the video to the beginning.


"I'm afraid that not only charges, but also rewards are given." Xing Conglian pressed the pause button, pointed to a message in an unknown language, and said, "Here is a reward of 10 bitcoins, asking for more violent scenes."


"Oh my God! Local tyrants!" Wang Chao heard the words, stretched out his hand to cover the part of the the suicide screen, and then carefully checked the message, "It's really 10 bitcoins, 25,000 yuan!"


"The exchange rate is so high" Lin Chen was somewhat Accident.


"Yes, Bitcoin is a universal electronic currency for deep web.

Because it is encrypted, it has good anonymity and a lot of users, so the exchange ratio between it and real currency has been continuously increasing..." The voice of Wang Chao is cold, he paused, and said, "From the side it also reflects that the business in the underground world is getting better and better, haha."


"Wait, you just said that you offered a reward of 100 bitcoins on the forum" Xing Conglian suddenly thought of something, "You just spent two hundred and fifty thousand of laozi’s money"


"Boss, please read the messages carefully, don't pay attention to such details, okay!" Wang Chao became annoyed and said, "In order to solve the case efficiently, what does it mean to spend a small amount of money!”


“Well, I will spend money, if it's useful,” said Xing Conglian.


Wang Chao: "..."


"So, someone asked for more violent content, did he get the entrance" Lin Chen interrupted the conversation between the two, and brought the topic back to the point


More violent content


If this website is not only on-demand, but also invited to perform the pictures requested by the audience, it means that when the bounty can satisfy the owner of the website, there will be more violent and bloody content than the live broadcast of three people jumping off the building


Lin Chen didn't dare to think anymore.


"I'm afraid, money talks." Xing Conglian pointed his finger across another message “this man said, this time live is very satisfactory, more exciting than the last one of burying alive …."


Lin Chen looked at the screen, and that was another language’s indistinguishable message: "What kind of language is this Is there any related content before and after"


"Norwegian, I remember there is another message that mentions the word being buried alive."


Lin Chen was a little shocked, Xing Conglian's language ability seemed to be too much.


After all, he himself has never had any achievements in linguistics, and his English proficiency was only improved after he was enrolled in various documents in the university.


Therefore, faced with such a god-man Xing Conglian, who was proficient in Russian, French, Arabic, and even a small number of Norwegian languages, he was not sure what to ask for a while.


Xing Conglian focused on the short, flowing conversations, and then stopped abruptly: "Here."


However, after he finished speaking the two words, he stopped, as if the content of the message in front of him was unspeakable.


"What did he say" Lin Chen asked.


Xing Conglian glanced at him, shook his head slightly, stabilized his breath, and said, "He said, the last time he saw the buried alive, he shot."


As if a cold breath ran down his spine to the top of his head.

Lin Chen was speechless for a long time.

He looked at the dark website as if he saw a bottomless world of darkness.


He suddenly understood why Wang Chao would avoid dark networks like a snake and scorpion.


After all, this is an unregulated underground kingdom, a kingdom of countless violent criminals and psychopaths.


"Therefore, these three cases are really deeply related." After a long time, Lin Chen finally spoke.

He said, "The problem is, what about next time"


Judging from the live broadcasts they have mastered, in each live broadcast the level of violence continues to rise from the three people buried alive to the jumping off the building.

Among them, there must be the deep intentions of the live broadcasters in order to grab more benefits.

The problem is that this is a case where information is not equivalent to other cases.

Victims are waiting from beginning to end.

The case happened without any resistance.


Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, the campus of Yongchuan University is still quiet and serene.

Sometimes young men and women holding books pass by under the shade of the trees.

They laugh and laugh, relaxed and comfortable, but perhaps among those students, some have penetrated the internet world.

On the dark side, there are people wearing double identities, performing dramas at the cost of life for those hungry perverts on the dark web, while some of the remaining people are lucky and don’t know what exactly is happening.


Darkness breeds in this campus.


"Can you still contact the person who gave you the entrance to this website" Xing Conglian knocked on the table and asked Wang Chao.


"Probably if I have money.

I might have to spend hundreds of thousands to try it out" Wang chao asked tentatively.


Xing Conglian was noncommittal, and only said: "You try to enter their private forum.

It would be better if you can determine the time when the next live broadcast will start." He paused and asked Lin Chen again, "Do you have any ideas"


Lin Chen held the coffee cup, took a sip, and took his gaze away from the boys and girls on campus.


"There are two questions.

First, why did the incident happen on the campus of Yongchuan University; second, what is the motivation that makes them willing to give up their lives"


It’s a suicide not murder, that was more creepy because of willingness.


"Why" Wang Chao said dejectedly, lying on the table, "Are there any clues that I can look up to, other than letting me go fishing for law enforcement


Xing Conglian thought for a moment, and said, "Now it's quite certain.

An alive burial incident is also a suicide, and as you inferred before, the deceased dug up the grave with his own hands, so there must be someone who will cover them with the last handful of soil..." 


In other words, there are witnesses or accomplices.


"But it is also possible that person, or those people, has committed suicide.

"Lin Chen said coldly. 


The incident came to a dead end again.


Like the dead Cheng Weiwei, it is very likely that the person who covered the last layer of soil with his own hands might be dead before he is found out.

The corpse can no longer speak.


That person, maybe Jiang Liu, maybe Xu Haozhen, maybe the boy who jumped with them, or maybe even the three of them together.


"Ahhh, my head hurts so much" .

Wang Chao thought for a long time, and couldn't help but hit his head against the table, very distressed. 


When it comes to deep web, he seems to be chained, and he has a great power that cannot be used.


"Actually, there is another clue that is not a clue."


Lin Chen held the boy's forehead and took out three pieces of thin paper from his pocket.

That was exactly the profile of the personality test he pulled out from the archives of Wang Shishi, Jiang Liu, and Xu Haozhen.


"Although we are now It is no longer possible to communicate with the deceased, but they still leave some psychological marks.



"What is this" Wang Chao craned his neck and watched Lin Chen line up the three sheets of paper on the table.

Some numbers and the zigzag lines connecting the numbers were printed on the paper, which looked like an electrocardiogram..


"MMPI, by far the most widely used in the world" The personality test is mostly used to identify mental illness.

" (T/N The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is a psychological test that assesses personality traits and psychopathology.)


"Yes, yes, it's okay to commit suicide what is it if it is not a mental problem"


Lin Chen staring across the psychological file in front, said "Unfortunately, these results of personality tests when they enrolled in the school shows that the three of them psychologically are very healthy."


"Are you sure..." Wang chao quipped.


Hearing what Wang Chao said, Lin Chen lowered his eyes and looked at the data again.


In fact, when he saw the three personality curves for the first time, he was also very surprised, no matter what it is hypochondriasis, depression, psychosis or delusion, mental weakness...The indicators of the three girls are all within the normal range, and the only one that is close to the abnormal value is the si* item, which is what he has always felt very, very weird.

(*T/N it is in english in the raws)


"How do you look at this "Xing Conglian asked suddenly.


"It's very simple.

The upper line is 70 points, the lower line is 30 points, and 50 is the middle value.

The closer to 70 points, the more abnormal.



"Then what does this si mean"


"Social introversion."


"Socially introverted character" "Xing Conglian touched the stubble on his chin, "This item seems to fluctuate greatly.

It's very close to 70, what does that mean."


"It means that the three of them are introverted, timid, withdrawn, not sociable, easy to give in, and nervous..."


Thinking of the generous and cheerful girl who was pushing a cup and changing cups in the Tian Ren Club that day, Xing Conglian's eyes flashed an incredible look: "This is not like Xu Haozhen."


"But it is the same as their state when they enrolled.

I have watched their self-introduction videos when they enrolled.

How can I say it is very cowardly and introverted."


"But if they are all introverted girls, how can they dare to do those deviant things" "


"No, in fact, the personalities of the three of them have undergone major changes during college.

This is the only clue I can grasp now.



"What made them change" Xing Conglian is keenly aware of the key.


"In fact, this question should be asked like this.

Does the reason that prompted them to change also the one caused them to commit suicide" "Lin Chen said.


Is there such a thing


It can make you full of vitality, make you a new face, and make you feel live a new life every day, but at the same time, it is as evil as a drug, and it will make you willing to give your life for it.


"Let's go back to the rooftop and have a look.

"Lin Chen said at last.


When three left the cafe, Wang Chao deliberately fell to the end.

When the revolving door turned, he suddenly grabbed Xing Conglian and are separated from Lin Chen by a glass door.


"Boss, I'm afraid it is a major transnational case, do yo need to notify ICPO"


"Not for the time being" looking at Lin Chen's back, Xing Conglian said.


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