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“Fei Qing is the one who contributed the most to our emperors victory of the throne.” King Qi gritted his teeth and said, “Fei Qing ruined everything for me—my children, my subordinates, everything! Ive now become an idle king and am under house arrest in the capital.

I cant take a step out because of your brother!”

“Youre still a king! You still have so many people serving you!” Fei Xinlan said.

“Thats because His Majesty wants to illustrate his magnanimity.” King Qi scoffed.

“Does he have the guts to let me out of the capital He wont.

He will only put me under house arrest and monitor my every move.”

“All this pent-up hate of mine If it werent for Fei Qing formulating a plan for His Majesty, how would we have failed Back then, when I found out that you and your father had come to the capital from your hometown, I leaked the news to the Black Lotus Sect.

Unfortunately, the Black Lotus Sect was incompetent! They actually failed to intercept you.”

“The attempted interception the day before we reached the capital was because of you” Fei Xinlan was surprised.

It was a close call.

Thankfully, Wang Jiuyan arrived at the critical moment with his men! If he had been any slower, the entire convoy wouldve been finished.

“But you guys still survived.” King Qi nodded.

“Its good that you survived; I can vent my anger.


Yu, Ill have to trouble you to use your saber technique tonight to carve a Nightmare Map on Miss Fei.

This is also the first gift Im giving her!”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Other than King Qi and Fei Xinlan, there were also two people sitting on both sides of King Qi.

Of these two, one was a white-haired elder—Liu Yunchen, a famous expert in the capital and also King Qis master.

The other person was a black-robed man, but this man was blind! He had a saber at his waist, and his aura was evil and terrifying.

He was Yu Tianxing, a mysterious expert King Qi had recently recruited.

“Miss Fei, dont worry,” the blind black-robed man said.

“Although Im blind, my mind can see! I wont hurt your body.”

Fei Xinlans face turned pale.

Carving a Nightmare Map on her body with a saber

“A fair-skinned body and a Nightmare Map.

Just the thought of it is beautiful.” King Qi looked at Fei Xinlan.

“Miss Fei, you must be looking forward to it.

Dont worry; there will be a second and third gift waiting for you.

You will be a rare source of entertainment for me in the future.”

Fei Xinlan couldnt help but tremble, and her eyes were filled with despair. King Qi is a lunatic!

Huh The white-haired elder—who had been eating and drinking calmly—and the black-robed blind man looked out the hall seriously.

The two experts looked out of the hall at the same time, startling King Qi.

“I was still discovered! My mental strength is indeed ordinary.” A voice sounded.

At the same time, a blurry figure rushed into the main hall.

The guards on duty at the entrance shouted as they attempted to stop him.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The six guards fell to the ground with bloody holes between their brows.

“An assassin!” the other guards in the hall exclaimed.


“Protect His Highness!”

These guards were all qualified experts, and their voices were extremely loud.

The voices instantly spread throughout the entire residence, seemingly awakening the residence in the dark night.

Some of the guards who had already gone to bed woke up with a start, and they got to their feet.

There were only a few guards on patrol, and most of them were eating dinner or resting.

However, the appearance of the assassin made everyone in King Qis residence stay on their toes.

“Protect His Highness.” The guards rushed frantically in the direction of the main hall.

The maidservants in the main hall hid to the side in fright.

King Qi calmly stared at the masked cyan-shirted man in the hall without panicking.

He had many personal guards around him, as well as the two super experts, Master Liu and Mr.


“Dont worry, Your Highness.

Leave this person to me.” The blind black-robed man instantly moved.

His telepathy could completely lock onto Xu Jingming, and he instantly turned into a blurry black shadow that lunged at Xu Jingming.

A terrifying saber beam lit up!

This saber beam gave off an evil feeling and affected ones mind.

It enveloped Xu Jingming like a nightmare.

“Nice!” King Qi praised.


The blind black-robed man stopped and stood still in a daze.

There was a bloody hole between his brows, and with a bang, he collapsed.

He had stopped breathing, and his blood dyed the ground red.

This scene silenced the entire main hall.

A super expert, Mr.

Yu, was killed in one strike

The spear in Xu Jingmings hand didnt seem to have moved at all as he glanced at the blind black-robed man. This person has probably just become a super expert.

Its no wonder he couldnt even withstand a single strike of mine.

After consuming the Ice Flower Spirit Liquid, Xu Jingming was in an excellent state, and his actual combat bonus was nearly 50×! He was much stronger than those who had just entered the super realm and had their actual combat bonus increased by about 20×! Coupled with his spearmanship in Light Rays, he was extremely fast to begin with.

This spear technique! Liu Yunchens eyes widened, having clearly seen the attack.

The masked assassin moved the spear in his hand, and his speed was visibly much faster than the blind black-robed mans.

The latters saber technique appeared extremely laughable in front of such a spear technique.

“The enemy is strong.

Evacuate His Highness!” The white-haired elders figure was like a ghost as he appeared in front of King Qi.

“Master Liu, be careful!” King Qis face turned pale as he immediately fled out the side door under the protection of his personal guards.

King Qi was a third-rate expert after all, so he was quite fast at escaping.

The personal guards were all first-rate experts, but they were focused on protecting their king and didnt attack Xu Jingming.


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