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Chapter 995: He Didnt Mention It

After she finished speaking, Mrs Yang smiled.

“You didnt see the expression on that old womans face at that time.

I reckon that after we leave, shell definitely ask about Sergeant Lus family background.”

“Oh, right! After you guys went home yesterday, did that old woman make things difficult for you” Mrs Lin asked.

“She is very difficult.

I thought that one Mrs Ge was enough; I did not expect to meet Old Madam He.

Perhaps your feng shui does not match each other”

“Thats not the case.

I dont know about Old Madam He, but Major Hes wife seems nice.

Shes not as arrogant as her mother-in-law, and she would always say hello.

She seems easy-going,” Jiang Yao said.

“Old Madam He will leave after the New Year, so well just have to bear with her for now.”

Then, Jiang Yao laughed softly.

“As for yesterday, she did wait for me and Xingzhi to come back.

Her face was dark when she asked why we prevented her from sending gifts to your house.

Xingzhi acted as if he didnt see her; he didnt even reply to her.

Instead, he pulled me into the house.”

“So that old woman scolded me so fiercely last night because of this matter I was wondering why I heard her loud voice when I was home last night.” Mrs Yang was amused as she asked Mrs Lin, “What did she send to your house”

“What else could it be A bag of vegetables.” Mrs Lin felt very helpless.

“Commissar Wus wife told me that the old woman always buys her son snacks and toys from time to time.

She couldnt resist it at all.

The old woman managed to teach her son some bad habits.

The kid had dared to ask for things whenever he saw anyone.

Commissar Wu was so angry that he beat his son to discipline him.

He told the child that he would beat him again if he were to take anything from Old Madam He.

Luckily, the child managed to ditch that bad habit.”

People like Mrs Lin were annoyed when they saw Old Madam Hes dirty tricks.

However, that old woman could not feel their disgust at all.

On the contrary, she even continued to think of new ways to continue her tricks.

As they chatted, Jiang Yao drove the car to Tianjin.

First, the four of them went to the market to get some fresh vegetables.

After that, they put them in Jiang Yaos car and went to the street that sold New Years goods together.

Lu Xingzhi had told her that Tianjin City was especially lively a few days before the spring festival.

There was a long street with almost no end in sight, and they sold all the New Years goods that anyone would want.

Everyone in the urban area would always go to that street to join the fun.

“Jiang Yao, do you want to buy some couplets” Mrs Lin was a little surprised to see Jiang Yao in front of the couplet stand; she seemed to be choosing between a few items.

“Didnt Sergeant Lu tell you that someone in the army would always write couplets”

“Every year during the New Year, Sergeant Lus house is always the most lively.

He has been writing couplets for us for a few years now.

His handwriting is very outstanding.

Last year, I asked him for a few more to send them back to my hometown.

My parents praised the handwriting on the couplets.

With him around, you wont ever have to buy any couplets,” Mrs Yang said with a smile.

“This year, we will still have to trouble Sergeant Lu to help us with our couplets.”

“Really” Jiang Yao shook her head.

“He hasnt mentioned that to me.”

“Sergeant Lu keeps a low profile and doesnt like to show off.” Mrs Lin burst out in laughter.

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