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Chapter 930: Next Door to You

“What” Jiang Yao did not hear the hidden smile in Lu Xingzhis words.

“I still have the clothes I bought for you the other day.

If you are willing to wear it on my birthday, then it will probably be the best birthday present Ive ever received.”

Lu Xingzhi said that solemnly; Jiang Yao wanted to smash the phone in her hand when she heard it.

“In your dreams!” Jiang Yao replied through gritted teeth.

“Yes, even in my dreams, I think of how you will look after you wear it.

Its gorgeous.” Lu Xingzhi answered her decently; it was as if he was answering an earnest question.

In terms of shamelessness, most of the time, Jiang Yao was no match for Lu Xingzhi.

However, Jiang Yao could also not resist him when he wanted to act like a hooligan.

Therefore, Jiang Yao chose to hang up the phone and throw it on the table before burying herself in the blanket.

Her small face was so hot that it felt like it was burning.

She did not expect that he would think of such embarrassing things all day long, even when she was not by his side.

The phone on the table beeped and vibrated to indicate that Jiang Yao had received a new message.

She reached out slowly to touch it before opening it to take a look.

Lu Xingzhi sent her an MMS message.

It was a blurry photo of him with a transparent jar with plastic stars.

His incredibly sexy thin lips held a hint of an unruly smile.

He was probably lying on the bed after a shower; he was wearing a bathrobe, not a nightgown.

The chest area of the bathrobe was wide open, and his chest muscles and a small portion of his abdomen could be seen on the MMS message.

Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi must have sent her that photo on purpose.

He knew that she could not resist his manliness, so he wanted to seduce her so that she would look for him in the army earlier than they expected.

That man was unbearable when he was sultry, but when he was flirtatious, it would make ones blood swell with arousal.

Jiang Yao thought that if she were to send that photo to his brothers, it would surely tarnish his reputation.

‘Lu Xingzhi, what a foxy man you are!

Jiang Yao put her phone away and did not reply to him.

However, she already had an idea in her mind.

She knew what she wanted to give him for his birthday.

The inspiration came from the glass bottle in his hand.

He seemed to like the plastic stars that she made.

Even though they were not made for him, he could not put them down.

Chen Xuyao caught an overnight flight and then took a train to Yuan City.

When he arrived at the hotel, the sky was gray.

He did not know that Chu Sheng and Jiang Yao were staying in the same hotel, but he knew Jiang Yaos hotel and room number.

When he saw a man in front of Jiang Yaos room, he guessed that he must be one of the bodyguards that Lu Xingzhi had hired for Jiang Yao.

When the man heard his footsteps, he looked at Chen Xuyao with a guarded expression.

It was night time, and an average person should be asleep, so the man looked at the newcomer with sharp eyes and killing intent.

There was not the slightest hint of fatigue or exhaustion.

Ordinary people would subconsciously retreat from him the moment they saw his eyes.

Chen Xuyao did not want to wake Jiang Yao, so he went to his room to rest.

He only called Jiang Yao after he woke up at around eight in the morning.

When Jiang Yao received Chen Xuyaos call, she was having breakfast at the hotel buffet with Ah Lu.

Jiang Yao smirked when Chen Xuyao told her his room number and then asked about Chu Sheng.

“Shes in the room next to yours; only a wall that separates you two,” Jiang Yao replied with a smile.

“I knocked on her door just now, but she was probably still sleeping, so she didnt hear me.

So, I came down to have breakfast with Ah Lu.

Since youre awake, you can go and call on her.

Ah Lu and I will wait for the two of you on the third floor.”

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