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Chapter 926: Stand for Justice

At that time, she did not think that she would need it so soon—such as the ointment for bruises.

Mr Jiang had a slight concussion, and the hospital told him to stay in the hospital for a night of observation.

Even if people knew Jiang Yao was the Divine Doctors student, she could not tell Mr Jiang that he was fine and not to stay in the hospital.

Those who did not know her would feel a child down their spine if they heard that.

After all, others might not know what she knew.

Jiang Yao guessed that the Chai family would send someone to spy on Mr Jiang after the attack.

However, she did not expect that they would arrive so quickly.

They had managed to block the hospital entrance when Jiang Yao, Ah Lu, and Big Ke were about to leave.

The moment Jiang Yao saw the 30-year-old man who led the group, she was confident that he was Chai Xianglong.

Chai Xianglong was from a wealthy family, and he did not look ugly as well.

He might look similar to Huang Chengjings refined appearance, but his clothes and hair made him look younger.

It was a pity that he had such bad behavior.

“Is that lawyer one of your people” Chai Xianglong had heard that the lawyer had a woman superior, so he was not surprised to see Jiang Yao.

However, he had not expected to see a beautiful woman, so he looked at her with a playful gaze.

“Who is Mr Jiang to you”

Ah Lu and Big Ke immediately shielded Jiang Yao behind them.

Their eyes were filled with vigilance and warning.

Chai Xianglong had brought seven or eight people with him; the weather was cold, but they wore black suits and trousers.

Perhaps they had watched too many Hong Kong movies, so they had become retarded.

They might freeze to their deaths while they waited for her.

Their suits might even restrain their movements in a fight.

“Wow, not bad! You even know to bring bodyguards with you.” Chai Xianglong Glanced at the three people in front of him, but he did not think they matter at all.

Yuan City was his territory, so why would the other party bring two bodyguards

If it were not because of the recent trouble, he would have a taste of that gorgeous woman in front of him.

“Little Lady, you want to stand for justice Yuan City is my familys territory, so dont interfere in our affairs! Otherwise, Mr Jiang would not have been beaten up so badly tonight.

There are so many people dying in Yuan City every day; who cares if one or two more people die with them”

Chai Xianglong looked a little evil and ugly when he threatened other people, but he was completely unaware of it.

“I dont care what relationship you and Mr Jiang have with the Zhou family.

If you know whats good for you, just name a price and lets settle it.

If you continue to cause trouble for me, I might lose my patience and kill them all.”

Chai Xianglong did not intend to wait for his opponents reply.

He got back into his car and left with his entourage.

Jiang Yao sneered as she watched the car drive away.

Zhou Xiaoxia was her roommate, and since she was already in Yuan City, she would control that problem.

“Director Jiang, we should be extra careful in the future.” Ah Lu reminded her.

“That is not a good person.”

Big Ke said, “His men are all martial artists.

They seemed like professional fighters and bodyguards, and the Chai family probably trained them.”

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