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Chapter 921: She Ran Away

“Sister Chu is not a psychiatrist.

When she was studying abroad, she focused on criminal psychology and was quite good at it.

I couldnt find another female psychiatrist, so the captains brother mentioned Sister Chu and wanted her to try.” Chen Jiaxian scratched his head.

“When I saw Sister Chus photo, I felt that she is a girl with a strong sense of affinity.

I thought that maybe Xiao Cheng would let Sister Chu get close to her.”

“Criminal psychology” Jiang Yao was speechless.

It was an eye-opener.

She did not expect Chu Sheng to have learned such a solid major.

However, after she learned that little fact, Jiang Yao felt even more puzzled.

Why did Chu Sheng only open a small teahouse and not work anywhere else after she returned from abroad

Chu Sheng had probably guessed Jiang Yaos surprise and perhaps even the doubts in her mind.

However, she did not offer any explanation.

She looked at Zhou Xiaocheng and walked toward her.

However, she did not immediately interact with the young girl.

Instead, she raised her hand and touched Moe in Zhou Xiaochengs arms.

When Chu Sheng and Chen Jiaxian arrived, Jiang Yao and Zhou Xiaoxia left the house.

Then, she brought Ah Lu and Big Ke to the hotel to meet with the lawyer, Mr Jiang.

While they were in the taxi, Jiang Yao took out her phone and sent a text message to Chen Xuyao to ask about the situation between him and Chu Sheng.

Why did he say that he would go to Nanjiang City to look for her, but in the end, nothing had happened

Chen Xuyao called her a few seconds after she sent the text message.

“I dont really want to talk about it.

Chu Sheng promised to go to Nanjiang City with me to meet you after she arranged some things at the tea house.

However, she disappeared the next day.

I dont know where she went in hiding.

Ive searched everywhere in Jindo City, but I couldnt find her.

Her tea house is not even open anymore.” Chen Xuyao sounded upset and annoyed.

“Its been a few months, and I still havent found her.”

Jiang Yao would never guess that Chu Sheng had avoided Chen Xuyao.

However, sometimes one could not avoid ones fate in the world.

Chu Sheng had been hiding from Chen Xuyao for a few months.

She did not expect to meet her in Yuan City that day.

“Why are you asking about this so suddenly” Chen Xuyao asked casually.

“I saw Chu Sheng.” Jiang Yao smiled as she boasted.

“Youve been looking for her for so long; I didnt expect to run into her by chance.

You owe me a big favor.”

Suddenly, Jiang Yao heard the sound of glass smashing onto the floor.

Then, Chen Xuyao cursed in a low voice and called for his assistant to help him to tidy his desk.

Then, he said, “Please, Jiang Yao, dont tease me.

Did you see Chu Sheng Where did you meet her”

“Im in Yuan City now,” Jiang Yao told him the truth.

“Also, I have a result for the matter you asked me to do last time.”

“You checked her over” Chen Xuyao was pleasantly surprised.

“How is she Is there a way to treat her” He was even more astonished that Chu Sheng would let Jiang Yao examine her.

“Yes,” Jiang Yao replied.

If it were someone else, it might not be a difficult task.

Since it was Chu Sheng, then it would be much more challenging.

The system scan showed nothing wrong with Chu Shengs vocal chord and that she was in good health.

Therefore, Chu Shengs inability to speak could only be due to psychological reasons.

Under normal circumstances, if one could not speak due to psychological reasons, they could always get a professional psychologist to provide guidance and treatment.

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