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Chapter 891: As Long As She Wasnt Ugly

“If you have no relationship with her, why did you agree to the engagement You saw Chen Lanyings photo, so you must have thought that she was pretty too, right” After Jiang Yao said that, she snorted sourly.

“I saw Chen Lanying.

Shes beautiful.”

“Whats so pretty about her I cant even remember what she looks like now!” Lu Xingzhi growled; he was so anxious that he was a little angry.

“I agreed because my mother was in a hurry to get a daughter-in-law.

She called me every single day.

I only agreed because I was tired of being tormented.

When my mother sent me the photo, I didnt even look at it at all.

Fourth Brother took those photos to look at them, and coincidentally, I had something to do at that time.

When I got back, he had already lost the photos, and I didnt even know how he lost them.

Fourth Brother told me that Chen Lanying looked average, so when my mother asked me, I told her the same thing.”

Lu Xingzhi had agreed to the engagement because he felt tormented by his mothers enthusiasm.

He had to get her a daughter-in-law, and so he told his mother to get someone she thought was suitable.

He would agree to marry her as long as there was no conflict between the woman and his mother.

He did not even care if he did not get along with her.

After all, he was in the army, and he had no intention of bringing anyone there with him.

At that time, he only had one thought.

He just wanted to marry someone who got along well with his family.

If they needed him to have a child, then he would give him one.

He would do that willingly.

It would be fine as long as the woman was not ugly.

He did not want an ugly child; he was afraid that he would not be able to love an ugly child.

“To put it bluntly, at that time, I wanted to marry a wife and leave her at home to take care of my parents.

So, it did not matter if my mother liked Chen Lanying, Chen Hongying, or Chen Luying, as long as she wasnt ugly, I would agree to the marriage.” Lu Xingzhi was very frank about that.

“You were still young at that time, so I didnt dare to think about marrying you.

That was why all those things happened.

However, after I thought it through, I managed to resolve that quickly, too, right”

Jiang Yaos tone was indifferent.

“You resolved it Didnt the Chen family reject you because they looked down on you and didnt want you as their son-in-law If youre in the countryside, youre second-hand goods now!”

A marriage annulment was never a good thing in the countryside.

People would always see a problem, no matter if it was because of the man or the woman.

Therefore, Jiang Yao did not exaggerate.

Lu Xingzhis heart was stifled, and all sorts of feelings surged in his heart.

“I pretended to be disabled so that the Chen family would break off the engagement on their own accord.

Are you looking down on me too”

There was an indescribable pity in his last question.

It sounded the same as the tone he had used in Rong County.

Other than pity, there was also a bit of grievance.

Lu Xingzhi had been unusually tardy when it came to the Chen familys matters.

It was rare that he did not resolve it immediately and decisively.

“I asked the Chen family to take the initiative to withdraw the engagement for the sake of their family and Chen Lanying.

I dont like Chen Lanying.

To be honest, if I were to break off the engagement, it would be very damaging to her and her familys reputation.

I guess I had to give them a chance to bring it up themselves.”

However, Lu Xingzhi did not expect the Chen family to drag things out for almost half a year.

Plus, Chen Lanying continued to send him letters too.

Lu Xingzhi had lost his patience, so he found a few people to help him with that trick.

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