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Chapter 882: A Country Bumpkin

“Xiaoxiao.” Mrs Lu pulled the furious Lu Xiaoxiao behind her.

After all, Lu Xiaoxiao was still a girl who had yet to get married.

She could not let other people think that Lu Xiaoxiao was a girl with a poor upbringing.

Even though she did not think there was anything wrong with what her niece had said, there were things that only she could say.

Jiang Yao was angry, but she knew what Mrs Lu meant.

She reached out and tugged at Lu Xiaoxiao before she gave her a look.

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoxiao had a bad temper, but she was not stupid.

When she saw the look on Jiang Yaos face, she stood beside her obediently, but she kept that pout on her face.

“Auntie, just because you dont know something doesnt mean that it doesnt exist.

Tell me, have you ever stepped out of the city at your age How many times have you been to the city How much do you know about the medical industry” Jiang Yao threw a few questions at the fat woman.

“I have not traveled far, but I have eaten more salt than you!” The matchmaker could not answer Jiang Yaos question.

In fact, she had only been to the city a few times.

She did not have any relatives or friends there.

When she needed to introduce people, she would find them in the county.

It was expensive to go to the city, and it would also cost money.

Why would she go to the city when she had nothing to do there Furthermore, a hospital visit needed money.

If she could, she would stay away from there for the rest of her life.

However, she was unhappy because a young woman had contradicted her.

She was older, so she thought she would know better than those young people!

She was unconvinced.

She did not expect Jiang Yao to still have something to say to her.

“Even if you had eaten all the salt that I should eat for the rest of the year, your knowledge wouldnt improve.” Jiang Yao mocked her mercilessly.

“Im young, but that doesnt mean I dont have knowledge.

Lets talk about culture.

Im younger than you, but I understood culture more than you do.

I still know what I could and could not say.”

“Thats right! My sister-in-law is a student at Nanjiang City Medical University.

It is one of the best schools in the country.

She is also an honor student and the schools new student representative.

If she said that there is a paternity test, then she must be right! She will become a doctor after she graduates.

If you go to the hospital, dont you need my sister-in-law to treat your illness So, if my sister-in-law says that theres something wrong with that childs body, then something must be wrong!” Lu Xiaoxiao knew that her sister-in-law was a good student and a good person.

She was not the kind of person who would talk nonsense.

“Whats so great about a university student Can they look down on others” The matchmaker was so angry that her face turned red.

She turned toward Mrs Lu and said, “A country bumpkin will always be a country bumpkin.

She may think that shes amazing because shes in a university, but how can she talk to other people like that Look at your daughter-in-law.

I told you that I would introduce a lady from the city to your son, but you refused.

Look at you know; your daughter-in-law is embarrassing you everywhere.”

Those who were not stupid would know that the woman was unreasonable.

She clung to Jiang Yaos identity as a country bumpkin so tightly; she even called her that.

Her words implied that Jiang Yao was from a lower-class family, and therefore, Jiang Yao was a vulgar person who did not know how to respect others.

“Yes, if my daughter-in-law talks to others like this, it is indeed her fault.

But what if the other person is inhuman Do you think shes stupid” Mrs Lu smiled.

She was a teacher, after all.

So, no one would blame her.

Those few words had confused that fat woman.

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