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Chapter 825: Drive them out

Gu Haoyu and Lu Xingzhi drove their cars back to the hotel.

When they arrived, Lu Xingzhi asked Manager Sun to drive the vehicle away; Gu Haoyu would drive him to the airport later.

“Why did you suddenly add a condition for the Zhu family to withdraw their jewelry company withdraw from Nanjiang City” Gu Haoyu thought Lu Xingzhi probably added the new condition on a whim because he did not mention it the previous day.

“Jiang Yao is preparing to open a jewelry company.

Whats wrong with having one less competitor in Nanjiang City If I can drive them out, why would I keep them around to cause trouble for Jiang Yao in the future” Lu Xingzhi felt that Gu Haoyus question was a little silly.

He had not added it before because Jiang Yao had not decided on anything, but she had already thought things through and decided to open a jewelry company.

Since Jiang Yao wished to open a jewelry company in Nanjiang city, then why would he not want the Zhu family to withdraw from the market in Nanjiang City

He did not feel that there was anything wrong if the Zhu family gave his wife the market.

Gu Haoyu was rendered speechless by Lu Xingzhis rhetorical questions.

Each of his answers sounded as if there was nothing wrong with it, like he should have done the same thing.

Lu Xingzhi decided to eat something as he talked to Gu Haoyu in the hotel.

It was about time for Gu Haoyu to send him to the airport anyway.

Before the plane took off, Lu Xingzhi sent two messages to Jiang Yao.

One was to inform her that he had boarded the plane, and the other was another message.

Jiang Yao was in class when she received Lu Xingzhis message.

As she sat in an inconspicuous position, she could look at her phone discreetly.

She opened the first text message and glanced at it.

In her reply, she told him to message again when he had reached the army.

Then, she realized that there was another text message from her husband.

She opened it and saw the short content.

[My dear wife, you can start thinking about the gift youll give me for my birthday.

Cant wait.]

After she read the text message, Jiang Yao was confused.


Lu Xingzhis birthday

She blinked as she put the phone away.

Then, she scratched her head.

She only realized that she did not remember his birthday!

Jiang Yao knew that if Lu Xingzhi found out that she was not thinking about his gift, but instead, about the date of his birthday, he would probably jump out of the plane to settle the score with her.

Unfortunately, Jiang Yao really did not know Lu Xingzhis birthday!

She could not even remember her own birthday, let alone someone elses.

Her family would usually celebrate their birthdays based on the lunar calendar, and she could never remember hers.

She could memorize Lu Xingzhis ID card number, but that did not mean that she remembered his birthday.

It seemed like she was the worst wife in the whole world.

After she thought about it for a long time, Jiang Yao still could not come up with any idea at all.

If she remembered correctly, it might be in February.

Jiang Yao retrieved her phone and sent a text message to Lu Yuqing to ask her about Lu Xingzhis birthday.

Luckily, Lu Yuqing replied to her very quickly.

[That kid really knows how to pick a date.

His birthday is on Valentines day.

Why Did he ask you for a present]

After she read the text message, Jiang Yao silently put her phone back.

Lu Yuqing sure did know her brother—just one message, and she had guessed her brothers action correctly.

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