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Chapter 819: In Theory

Lin Shunhe was nervous when everyone stared at him.

He looked at the case in his hands awkwardly.

Then, he chuckled as he turned to Professor Ouyang and said in a joking tone, “Professor, isnt my case a little too difficult Its even harder than Jiang Yaos.”

Professor Ouyang nodded and admitted frankly.

“Yes, in theory, the case you have is harder than Jiang Yaos.”

Lin Shunhe heaved a sigh of relief after he heard that.

He wanted to say that Professor Ouyang was too protective of his student, but the older man did not give a chance to say that.

Professor Ouyang said, “Jiang Yao is only in her first year, but youve been working for so many years.

If I gave you the same case as Jiang Yao, wouldnt that be underestimating your skills then”

Professor Ouyangs words made Lin Shunhe choke.

He was so angry that he wanted the professor to look down on him and give a simpler case instead of one so complicated that he did not dare say a word.

He was not confident with his answer at all.

If he were to open his mouth so quickly and said a word, the crowd would laugh at him.

Unfortunately, Jiang Yaos answer had been so beautiful that everyone applauded her effort.

If he did not have the same perfect diagnosis, he would lose his dignity.

“You look like you dont have an answer!” Professor Ouyang was not someone who knew to keep ones dignity.

When he saw Lin Shunhe continued to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead, he took back the case unhappily.

“When I saw your resume, I thought you were a skillful doctor.

I didnt expect that you dont even have the courage to speak! I dont know why your boss would hire a doctor like you to work in the hospital.”

Professor Ouyang glared at Jiang Yao when he said the last sentence—she was Shengqi Hospitals shareholder, which meant she was Lin Shunhes boss.

Jiang Yao felt wronged.

Ever since she took over the hospitals administration, she had made all the departments work in accordance with their original settings.

She did not make any personnel changes, and the recruitment process had remained the same.

After he took the case file from Lin Shunhes hands, Professor Ouyang handed it to Jiang Ya.

“Take a look.

Tell me what you think, dont worry about being correct.

You dont even have to face the patient.

If you dont even dare to make a bold diagnosis, dont be a doctor anymore.

Dont embarrass your teacher either.

When you are at the hospital, no one can explain and guide you to a diagnosis.

If you dont say anything, who knows what youre thinking”

Professor Ouyang criticized Jiang Yao inexplicably.

She did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Even though Professor Ouyangs words sounded rough, it was also very reasonable.

When Jiang Yao lowered her head to look at the medical records, her surroundings became quiet again.

It was as if the students were afraid that they would disturb Jiang Yao if they made any noise.

Therefore, even their breathing was naturally much lighter.

Lu Xingzhi stood next to Jiang Yao.

When he lowered his head, he could see the medical records in Jiang Yaos hands.

He swore that he had studied for so many years, but he could not understand the various symbols and numbers on the medical records.

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